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Y’all are requesting spell jars I already have, and i realized they are properly buried in my blog so here’s what we have so far (plus the other posts like recipes and tutorials) 

Updated – March 14th 2017


L G B T Q  S E R I E S

O T H E R  P O S T S 

Cleansing & Calming Salt

Here is a quick recipe I made for some salt to cleanse my crystals/spell jars and also charge them with some calming energy at the same time!


  • Salt (cleansing & purifying)
  • Lavender (calming, relieves anxiety)
  • Chamomile (calming, soothing)
  • Rosemary (anti-depressive)

Simply mix the salt and herbs (I used a mortar and pestle but you could just mix in a bowl) and use however you like to use salt for cleansing. Feel free to substitute for herbs with similar correspondences, or for whatever intent you would like the salt to have!

Bonus tip!

Add to a spray bottle for an easy way to cleanse and calm whatever space you’re in with a quick spritz!

Spells for Money, Wealth, and Prosperity

Updated: July 6th, 2016

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Homemade Fertilizer

Can’t afford to buy fertilizer or just want to make your own? Here is my magic plant juice recipe (proven to yield awesome results)!

You will need:
- A clean jar
- Banana peels
- Egg shells
- Used coffee grounds OR tea bags
- Coffee filter / paper towel (for straining)

1. Chop up banana peels.
2. Clean egg shells of any remaining yolk and/or film.
3. Collect used coffee grounds (or used tea bags, if you don’t drink coffee).
4. Place all of these in your CLEAN! jar.
5. Top with water. Close jar and shake it up nice and good.
6. Leave it alone in a cool, dark place for about a week.
7. Strain the solids.
8. Keep refrigerated. Or don’t. Personally I just leave it a cool, dark corner of my studio. Just make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight.

* Use fertilizer full-strength on plants that really need a boost. Otherwise, you can dilute it with water.
* Banana peels are full of macronutrients like potassium and magnesium, eggshells add calcium, and coffee grounds add nitrogen.

Now go forth and get your plants drunk and happy!!!

I just made my biggest spell jar yet. It’s a Happy Home spell jar using whateven-isaesthetic’s recipe and I added rose petals, lavender, St. John’s Wort, alfalfa, hyssop, strawberry leaves, and eucalyptus. It’s not done yet tho, my mom went to bed so I have to wait until tomorrow for her to seal it for me. I’ll post a picture when it’s done.
Of course when I opened my window to burn some incense, someone hit a skunk, so now everything stinks, but it’s getting covered up by the scent of Jasmine so it’s ok. I really hate living so close to a busy road ugh r.i.p. to the skunk tho


I made a new home blessing jar recipe because I will be moving into a new apartment next month! We’re very nervous for the new place and just needed an extra spiritual boost. My recipe is in the photo set, I did add a few things like black salt, eggshells, and red peppers. I hope this is helpful to some of you guys!


after dark maple nice cream ;) ALSO I’m so thankful that my favorite cookies on the planet are vegan!!

Maple Nice Cream:
2 frozen bananas, broken in pieces
handful of ice
½ cup almond milk
1 tbsp vanilla extract
handful of chocolate chips
2 tbsp pure maple syrup

(on top/stirred in: chocolate chips and broken up biscoff cookies - yes! they’re vegan!!)

I was having difficulty finding where to start with my Book of Shadows.  A lot of the resources I found online are for Wiccan BOS, which I don’t follow, so a lot of the information was superfluous to me.  I was just going to save this privately, but figure perhaps there was someone else that was struggling with where to start as well. Ill make more posts as I expand on this, but in the mean time here are some ideas for chapters in your BOS.








Odes to Deities

Reference Index, Including:





The Elements and their correspondences

Moon phases

Deities and their Correspondences

Sigil references

Peanut butter day


Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

Peanut Butter Caramel Twix Bars


Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Cake

Ritz Stuffed Peanut Butter Cups

peanut butter reese’s cheesecake {in a jar}


More recipes here

Really nice recipes. Every hour.

Show me what you cooked!

New witchy blog!

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- fairy garden aesthetic/photography - Sigils/Sigil creation

Berry Cherry Smoothie 🍓🍒
1 cup strawberries, frozen
1 cup dark tart cherries, frozen
¼ cup blackberries, frozen
¼ cup blueberries, frozen
2 bananas
2 tbsp coconut sugar
1 cup sambazon acai juice
¼ cup toasted coconut (to garnish)

Put all ingredients except toasted coconut in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour mixture into mason jars, and top with toasted coconut. Makes 2 servings.

Disabled Witch Tip #29

Glitter jars for time outs, meditation, and calming anxiety.

I’ve seen various recipes (recipes?) for glitter jars, so I thought I’d teach you guys how to make them. They’re sensory toys good for people with anxiety disorders or autistic individuals.


  • A 500 ml jar or plastic bottle
  • A jug of warm water
  • 60 ml glitter glue
  • 3 drops of gel food coloring
  • 60 g - 80 g glitter


  1. Fill a 500 ml glass jar or plastic bottle a third of the way with warm water.
  2. Add glitter glue.
  3. Stir glitter glue and water until combined.
  4. Add about 3 drops of gel food coloring.
  5. Add glitter of your choice.
  6. Top off the jar or bottle with more warm water. Leave a small gap.
  7. Glue the lid to the jar or bottle (optional).

How To Use:

If a child or an adult is enduring anxiety problems, this is a great tool to re-establish focus and calm. Sit the person down (or sit yourself down) with the glitter jar and shake it up thoroughly. Focus on the swirling colors and light while you work on keeping your breathing steady and remain still with the jar until all of the glitter settles again. Repeat until you feel calmer.

As with tarot cards or any other object in your practice, they are tools. You are the one who fills the tools with intent. A glitter jar can be a magical tool in your practice like any other if you need it. One way to add magical intent is to draw a calming or focusing sigil on the bottom or top of the jar with a permanent marker. Another way to add magical intent is to write yourself a mantra to chant while your focusing on the colors as they move and settle.


*Requested: You were sitting alone at the bonfire but Gally had taken a liking to you earlier, and decides to keep you company and you instantly become his weak spot.*

You sat up and gripped the jar in your hands. Newt had told you it was Gally’s special recipe drink. You moved the jar around, watching the brown liquid move around and sighed. You knew this bonfire was for you, but you had no friends and everyone else seemed to be with their different groups. You watched as Gally wrestled another boy, and you couldn’t help but wonder if there was anything that could make him come undone. 

“We don’t need a girl.” the boy said loudly and you stared in awe at his anger.

“She’s useless; look at her. She’s got no muscle and there’s nothing for her to do.” he said and you grew angry at him for underestimating you.

“We can’t just send her out into the Maze or to fend for herself.” Newt stood his ground and even that made you upset. You weren’t an object and you were standing right next to them.

“If you have a problem, why don’t you say it to my face?” you said with a new confidence you hadn’t had when Newt first helped you out of the Box as the others had watched.

“Oh, so Greenie here wants to contribute to the conversation now?” he asked and you crossed your arms.

“Yes. Because the conversation is about me and you know nothing about me, you don’t know what I’m capable of.” your eyes met Newt’s and he shook his head slightly, as if telling you to shut up and take it. You didn’t want to shut up and take it. Who the hell did this guy think he was? You had already been informed that Alby and Newt were the ones in charge.

“You don’t know anything about yourself either. Not even your name.” he sneered and you clenched your jaw.

“At least I know I’m not a jerk. At least I know my place instead of being under the impression that I’m in charge.” you said and attacked what you knew was his slight insecurity. You saw the way he had talked about Alby and Newt being in charge, and you could clearly see that he wanted to be the leader.

“Hey, Greenie.” Gally said, walking over to you and sitting down, panting after clearly winning the wrestling match that just went down.

“Hi.” you said quietly and the two of you sat and watched the fire for a little while.

“Good job today, telling that guy off.” he said and you could tell he was watching your face from out of the corner of your eye.

“Thanks.” you said and turned and smiled. You could tell Gally was a tough guy, super angry and a little full of himself. But when you looked at him and smiled, he smiled back.

“You enjoying my drink?” he asked and gestured towards the jar in your hand.

“I actually haven’t had any of it yet.” you said and held the jar up closer to your face before pushing it towards him.

“You must be thirsty from all that wrestling though.” you said and you looked into his eyes, and he seemed to be in a trance before he snapped out of it, mumbling a quiet “yeah” before taking the jar from you and taking a few big gulps. He handed the jar back and you took a gulp, and instantly felt the burning sensation. You didn’t flinch, clenching the muscles in your body as you felt it go through your body.

“Impressive, Greenies tend to spit that klunk right up.” he said and you could tell he was interested in you.

“Well, you guys don’t  know me.” you said and took another swig.


“Hey, Y/N.” you heard and looked up. Gally was standing in front of you, a smile on his face.

“Hi.” you said, infatuated by him but not showing it.

“Did you want to eat supper together tonight?” he asked and you could tell he was nervous by the way his fingers were tapping his thighs as you stood up and swept the dirt off of your hands. He had been nervous and gentle around you since the bonfire night of your arrival.

“Absolutely. Just the two of us?” you asked innocently, but you just wanted to watch him fidget more.

“Um, well, if you want- then uh-” he stuttered and looked down.

“Yes.” you said and smiled before he scratched the back of his head, chuckling nervously and walking away.

Newt was watching the whole interaction and chimed in as Gally walked away, “Shuck, Y/N, you’ve got Gally wrapped around your finger. I’ve never seen him show any weakness.. who knew it’d be a girl?”

Witch Spell Jar for Self-Love/Self-Healing

I apologize if any of the meanings of the stuff in the spell jar are incorrect, this was researched very quickly because I was slightly breaking down and I had to have a small spell jar to help myself and I was very down this week. This is also my first spell jar so I apologize in advance if anything is false. Let’s just jump right in.

Things you’ll need

Eucalyptus for healing (in this case it’ll be used for mentally, not physically healing)
Rosemary for love (in this case it’ll be used for attracting self love)
Cinnamon for love, happiness, and healing
Rose Quartz for positivity and love

This’ll be vary vague instruction so I apologize.

In the order from left to right (or any you feel is best), place the cinnamon, rosemary, eucalyptus, and the rose quartz in the jar. Seal the jar with candle wax of either a yellow, red, or pink candle. White candle wax will also work fine.

Good luck and I apologize for any incorrect information or any vagueness. I had quickly researched stuff because I needed to make this jar for myself.

Please remember that any spell jar, spells, glamours, potions, etc. are NOT subsitutions for actual medicine.

Feel free to add or subsitute or remove anything. Good luck, and blessed be.