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Saki’s BoS: Protection Powder

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Hey guys!

I was going crazy in my corner without a little magic so today while I was doing my usual dinner cooking and I found myself cracking some eggs. I thought that instead of disposing of them, I should make powdered eggshells. Though, I had no spells to use them for. So I browsed Tumblr a little, found some recipe and spells for anything & everything. Then stumbled into a correspondences list for household ingredients. Ah-ha! I had my ingredients, and a purpose for them. So here it is: a protection powder, super easy to make and with ingredients you probably already have!


  • Powdered Eggshells
  • Salt
  • Bay Leaves
  • Dragon’s Blood Powder (I used incense)
  • A Jar

How to make:

Into a mortar, or as I did it, with a cereal bowl and a nail polish bottle, grind all the ingredients together. Store into a jar.

Cheap, easy, efficient. That’s how I like my craft.

Confessions from Undergrad

I’m going to let you guys in on a secret. I was a terrible student while getting my BA. I only took good notes in one class, fell asleep watching assigned videos, had no idea how to read effectively, had study marathons, and highlighted everything in my text books.

So you guys don’t make my mistakes and so you can learn from my own I’m going to let you know what I did wrong and how to do things right.

Note taking: Don’t copy verbatim

Taking notes doesn’t help if they make no sense to you, my biggest mistake was I would never put things in my own words. I would just copy things down verbatim from my textbook. When I went back to review them later they never made any sense. They also had no sense of organization, it was a jumbled mess and I couldn’t find anything.

Note taking: Do put things in your own words and organize them

Putting notes in your own words helps two ways. One, it makes sure that you understand the concept and you’re not just a parrot. Two, it will make way more sense when you’re reviewing later if it’s in plain English and not academic jargon.

Having a organization system for your notes means that you’ll be able to find the information you need when you need it so you don’t waste valuable study time finding what you need. The tactic I have now is hand write a sloppy copy version of my notes and then organize everything in OneNote. I’m also considering doing a neater version of the handwritten in case I don’t feel like staring at a computer screen anymore. Also repeatedly rewriting information helps me retain it better.

Reading: Don’t cram it in all at once

Reading textbooks and academic journals is the hardest part about studying for me, and I’ve been a bookworm my whole life. I even read history books for fun! But I swear textbook people phrase things in the most complicated way possible just to sound smart. More often than not while reading I found myself zoning out and not actually taking in any of the information. I had no idea what was important and what wasn’t 

Reading: Do read the intro and summary first

The introduction and summary in a chapter, or the abstract if it’s a scholarly article, will tell you the main points that you need to focus on and what they want you to get out of the reading. I have also recently found that breaking up the reading into smaller, more manageable chunks improves my focus. If I can’t process what I’m reading I put it away for 5-10 minutes and do something else.

Studying: Don’t cram and don’t be vague

Multiple studies have shown that studying for hours at a time reduces how effective it is and how much information you actually retain. Cramming a semesters worth of information in twelve hours for a test is not likely to get you an A. I used to do this so often, I would literally spend all day working on an assignment only to realize what I was writing made no sense. I’ve also found that when it comes to setting goals for how much you want to accomplish in a study session being vague is a recipe for failure. In undergrad I would write things in my day planner like “reading” or “discussion posts.” Not helpful when you have four chapters to read.

Studying: Do study in small chunks over time and be specific

You see it all over tumblr. Take a break every 20-30 minutes of studying, it helps you be more effective. Since I’ve started doing this I have to tell you it works. My writing is more clear and I can retain more effectively. Personally I read in between phone calls at work so I usually get 3-5 minutes of studying and then 5-10 minutes of getting yelled at by people that hate insurance. Having clear guidelines for what I want to accomplish in a study session or on that day has also helped reduce the amount of pressure I put on myself and allow to be more realistic. Instead of just “reading” I’ve started doing, “Read part one of chapter 2.” 


I am no help here. I can’t and probably never will be able to highlight effectively. What I’ve started doing instead is putting post-it notes in my books to mark important pages or to document questions that I have while reading. I think this is because I can’t bring myself to deface a book, even for academic reasons.

Ooh, I’m lovin’ all this rain (which isn’t very often in the city of Angels). It’s just an excuse to eat more warming foods. So today we’re having a vegan version of Hoppin’ John. I found this recipe in @EatingWell’s magazine last month. But instead of cooking with oil (because I don’t) I used vegetable broth, and I added more chopped collard greens and ½ cup more water. It turned out delicious. (Even my meat-eating roommate approved). Recipe on tumblr. Link in bio. And big-ups to for helping me decide which photo to post! If you’re not familiar with it’s a fun app that helps you with daily decisions from what dish to eat to what shirt to wear. Just post up a couple of items your undecided on and let your friends and the Swell community help you decide! So much fun.

Vegan Oil-free Hoppin’ John


¼ - ½ cup vegetable broth (for cooking)

2 medium orange bell peppers, chopped

4 cloves garlic, minced

2 tsp. ground cumin

1 tsp. smoked paprika

1 tsp. cayenne pepper

1 tsp. salt

4 collard green leaves, stemmed and chopped

1 14 oz. can chopped tomatoes

2 cans unsalted black-eyed peas

1 ½ cups water

Heat a large pot for a minute then add vegetable broth (broth should sizzle). Add bell peppers and garlic and cook for about 6 minutes. If pot begins to look and sound dry add a bit more broth but just enough to keep the vegetables from sticking to the pot. Add in spices and give the veggies a quick stir then add collard greens and cook until they soften (about 2 minutes). Next, add black-eyed peas, tomatoes and water. Bring to a boil, and then reduce heat and simmer covered for 15 minutes.

Hot Chocolate Spell Peace and Positive Energy

There was a LOT of negativity bouncing around my house today, and i wanted to do a little something about it, but being a lil’ baby hedge/animal witch, there is only so much i can do without raising suspicion from my VERY religious family. It seems to be working, so i thought i would share it with you!

I started by cleansing all the dishes i was going to use. For me, that means washing them, and imagining all the negative energy rinsing away from them, and then i infuse with positive energy/positive intentions. I know not everyone does it like that, but that just works for me.

Next, since i mainly practice sigil and herb magic, i drew a sigil in honey on the bottom of my pot. (This was actually found on tumblr, but i can’t find the original designer now, so if you know who drew it originally, please tag them!)

Basically stands for “I will only allow positive energy into my presence”

I make all my hot chocolate homemade with milk, baking cocoa and sugar, and i don’t really have a recipe for it, since i just eyeball everything. But my bacis formula is

1 Cup Milk

1 Tablespoon Baking Cocoa

½ Cup Sugar

I usually adjust it to taste, because i like mine super chocolaty.

After that, i added in a dash of cinnamon, ground cloves, and just a weeeeee bit of allspice., for good health, positive energy and luck. You really can’t taste them since i did a HUGE batch, but they do add a nice little pop of flavor.

After this, i stirred for several minutes counterclockwise to help banish negative energy, imagining all the bad vibes swirling around into nothingness. Then i stirred for an equal amount of time clockwise,infusing it with some good intentions and positive energy. I let it simmer for a few minutes

Then dished out and voila! It tastes pretty good, and my whole family is drinking it, so hopefully it is working!



These are some of my MUST HAVES as far as my low carb/ketogenic diet goes.

The pork rinds are great if I’m craving chips (or BBQ sauce!)

The plant based protein is obviously great to keep my protein up each meal AND plants have plenty of fiber which naturally makes this choice of protein powder low in net carbs (2g per serving)

Heavy whipping cream has 0 carbs but is a great alternative to creamer in coffee and makes omelettes (a low carb favorite of mine!) extremely fluffy and more pliable.

This weird hourglass looking tool is my “Vegetti”. I use it most commonly with zucchini. What it does is makes your veggies into a “pasta”. It gives you options between thin or thick “noodles” and is SO simple.

Guacamole!! These come packaged in their serving sizes already! They’re only 100 calories. I believe 4 net carbs per serving as well. I dip pepperoni chips in it for the crunch (I will make a snack recipe list at a later date with that recipe on it!) I found these at Aldi!

My favorite ❤ Fiery Sriracha hummus! I found this gem at SAVE A LOT! !! Low carbs, flavorful, spicy. It is just delicious!

Okay so the reason I put this brand of salmon is because they come in preweighed portions- each at about 4oz. Plus they have always tasted delicious!

Here’s my other favorite! Breyer’s Carb Smart Ice Cream and fudge pops! They taste- no lie- no different than regular Breyer’s Ice Cream. It’s delicious and soft. Found at Walmart and I have heard for those down south that Kroger has them.

I will make more good food buy posts in the future as I discover more!

Happy eating!

I am still very much Off Tumblr For Travels (my laptop is having a great deal of trouble even keeping this page open long enough for me to write my post), but (a) my little brother found out today that he got a super amazing job working for a musicians’ union and I had to brag about it, and (b) I had a really lovely evening with my dad and wanted to document it.

We cooked dinner together for Mom—my recipe, chicken with a fresh peach glaze over spinach—and for the first time ever, he was my sous-chef! It turned out fantastically well, and I felt really good about how much progress I’ve made cooking-wise in the past half-year.

We’ve been going for walks in the evenings lately (I run laps around the reservoir and occasionally catch up with him on his three-times-around stroll so we can walk together), but I was feeling a bit under the weather, so instead we went over to the clubhouse of their apartment complex and played nine-ball at the pool table there. (He won four of five games but very kindly claimed that three of them were flukes.)

When I was feeling a bit better, we grabbed an old book of his and walked together out to the free lending library (one of those little pop-up newspaper stands where you can leave or take any books you like) to make a donation. On the way back, we hiked up some exposed rock just visible under the tall, dry grasses and watched from high atop the rocks while the sun set over distant mountains.

And then we walked home and made some extremely overboozed cocktails and got a little tipsy and talked about the history of webcomics.

It was a really, really, lovely day.

smallg0als-deactivated20170525  asked:

Hey I want to eat more plant based/vegan/vegetarian because I want to care more about my ecological footprint. Do you have any good guides/resources to start?

Hi !! I’m sorry, I just saw this ask omg, but yes I can help you out! I hope it’s ok if I post this publicly since it could provide good resources for others as well. 

Here is a link that I think is helpful to learn about veganism and what it really is. It also has some helpful links about finding vegan foods, and how to properly go about transitioning to veganism. Also wonderful links about environmental aspects of the movement

Choose Veg is full of good resources on vegan foods and starter kits. Here’s a free vegetarian starter guide that you can have mailed to you! 

There are also a lot of vegan food blogs that can be found right here on tumblr that I love and have actually gotten my lazy ass to try and branch out and make fun recipes lol. Also a good tip I think is to remember that substitutes, while they certainly aren’t necessary or accessible to everyone, can be really good when transitioning! Here’s a wonderful list of some really tasty substitutes, so keep an eye out for vegan brands such as these.

Transitioning to a more eco friendly, plant based diet is different for everyone. Some people rely heavily on substitutes, and some never touch em. If you think vegan cheese tastes nasty the first time around, go without dairy for about a month or two and try it again lol, your tastebuds will change significantly. Don’t be afraid to try foods two or even three times! It takes a lot of getting used to, but once the food habits are formed, it’s smooth sailing from there, trust me.

I hope this helped you out, have a nice day bud!


Shoegaze Film

Zenit-e, Helios 44-2 lens w/ Kodak Color +200 (souped)


I am from Novosibirsk and I work as a freelance artist/illustrator, shooting film is my favourite hobby. I like how abstract film is and the colour effects in photography. For this set I used purple film recipe (CGSF: …found here on our blog!!), but I’ve changed the proportions.

I choose to shoot film mostly because of the interesting possibilities and unexpected results it brings. So my advice to people who are too afraid to try shooting on film is; don’t worry too much about your pics, set yourself free and have more fun while shooting, you’ll have so many more better shots that way!


Check out Yulia’s amazing artwork on her Tumblr and take her as an example to try to let go and go crazy with your film experiments. Check out the rest of our film soup collection here and if you have some pictures to share give us a holler!!

Super (WhoLock) Market

Manager: Welcome to the grand opening of the Super (WhoLock) Market!

Sherlock: John, what are we doing here?

John: Shh

Manager: Our store has everything your heart desires! Just be sure you don’t dwell on your dreams and forget to live…

Dean: Wait, what-



Doctor: Hello, I’m the Doctor, I work in a shop now. I’m here to help. Look, they gave me a badge with my name on it in case I forget who I am. Very thoughtful as that does happen.

Dean: So uh, where’s the pie?

Doctor: Isle 3, probably about ¼ the way down.

Sam: Look at all this salt! There’s an entire isle of salt!!!

Sherlock: Doctor, I’m planning a meeting with my nemesis and I’d like to make some tea for the occasion. What brand do you recommend?

Doctor: Try the Moriartea, it’s a best seller around here.

John: Jam jam jam jam jam…

Cas: They have honey here, made from bees! Sam, Dean look!

Dean: That’s nice Cas. Hey why isn’t there apple pie?

Doctor: Apples are rubbish, I hate apples.

Sam: Hey Sherlock, where did John go?

Sherlock: My guess is he’s probably having another row with one of your machines.

Cas: Angel food cake… hm.

John: *pointing to a wall of thick darkness* Hey what’s over here in this section of the store?

Dean: There’s another section? Hey do they have apple pie over there?

Doctor: No don’t go over there!

Sam: Why not?

Doctor: In that section you will find things like shock blankets, pizza, nutella, and… fangirls.

*dramatic music*

Dean: You don’t mean-

Doctor: If you go in there, you will never come out alive.

*more dramatic music*

Sam: Hey, uh, where’s Cas?

*screaming from fangirl section*

Doctor: *pulls out his screwdriver and scans section* There’s high radiofantivity going on in there. We need to evacuate.

Dean: *scanning with EMF meter* I’m getting some kind of weird signal. It’s not looking good.

John: But what about this Cas?

Sherlock: I would deduce they already have him.

*rumbling sound*

Doctor: There’s one thing I do an awful lot of.

Dean: What’s that?

Doctor: Running! We’ve got to move out!

*everyone runs as fangirls emerge from the darkness*

John: It’s the end!

Doctor: No. *dramatic zoom in*

It’s tumblr.


Hope you enjoyed it! Kinda random, but I found it to be fun to write!

Grocery shopping tips!

1) Plan a menu - so much easier to buy healthy food when you know exactly what meals you will be making. You can decide if you want to substitute or change recipes to make them better fit in your lifestyle.

2) Breakdown your grocery list by department. I usually categorize by dairy, meat, produce, and other. This will help you stay focused and buy less junk / impulse buys. You can avoid the cookies on sale if you are on a mission :)

3) Your list should resemble your family’s plate for the week. I aim to have ½ of my plate produce, ¼ lean meat, and ¼ other (whole grains typically). So your grocery list should be roughly in that same proportions.

I found this cool little grocery list on Pinterest that originally started her on Tumblr based on the logo in the corner :)

Eat up!



put me in coach, i’m ready to play

PR Director Emma Swan moves to Pittsburgh intent on restarting her life. But playboy shortstop Killian Jones is making her job a hell of a lot harder with his antics. CS AU. [Tumblr | AO3 |]

Chapter 3

Friday night dinners at the Nolan’s household are a longstanding tradition, having started back in his rookie days when Mary Margaret caught sight of him after practice and declared him scrawny and – he’s practically malnourished, David. Look at him. How is he supposed to play shortstop if a stiff wind will blow him over? How about I make him some of that pot roast? The recipe your mother gave me? – an apparent liability to the team.

She invited him over and he found himself returning weekly, stuffed to the brim with fine, home cooked meals and armed with enough leftovers to get him through the week. The nutritionist delivered several less-than-friendly missives to Mary Margaret after he spent a bit too much time in the facility cafeteria praising the mac and cheese from the night previous, but luckily it only endeared him more.

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Hullo, Doctor Who Tumblr here. So you’re #NewToWho and want to start watching the show, but you keep hearing people talk about numbered doctors and flying blue boxes and maybe it all seems just a bit confusing, especially since there’s over 50 years of episodes to consider! With all of time and space, every episode that’s ever happened or ever will, where do you start?

Well, don’t worry because we’re here to help;


The first question you may be asking is “What is Doctor Who, exactly?” The show follows the story of the Doctor, an alien Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey who travels through all of time and space in the TARDIS, a time machine disguised as a big blue telephone box, saving the universe from enemies like the Daleks and the Ice Warriors. His current travel companion is Clara Oswald, though he has a long list of friends and companions who have shared journeys with him. Instead of dying, the Doctor is able to regenerate into a new body, taking on a new personality with each regeneration. Twelve actors, plus John Hurt, have played the Doctor thus far. Doctor Who celebrates change, creativity, and compassion, taking its viewers on adventures throughout the universe and teaching them the value of bravery and friendship.

Your next question may be “What is a Whovian? What qualifies me to be one?” A Whovian is a member of the Doctor Who fandom, simple as that. And, well, are you a Doctor Who fan and do you want to be a Whovian? Then good news, you already are one! That’s the great thing about Who, it doesn’t matter if you’ve watched for 50 years or 50 minutes as long as you’re excited about Doctor Who and other Doctor Who fans. We might be a little biased but we think the Doctor Who fandom is pretty great! Whovians produce original music, write fanfiction, make gifsets and edits, create amazing cosplays, and have so much enthusiasm towards the show that they love. Plus, it’s incredibly global! Even if you live on a tiny island somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, there’s bound to be at least one other Whovian there with you.

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Everlark, meeting online au (perhaps meeting on tumble ) :)

meeting online au

Also requested by prisspanem and amenityeverlark and of-the-nephilim.

Thank you to the ever beautiful mrsbonniemellark for proofreading! And her sister (shakeitoffswiftstyle) for helping me brainstorm usernames!


Katniss logged in to her tumblr, scowling when she saw a message in her inbox.

Tumblr was not for messaging, that is why she left Facebook. She didn’t even dare Twitter. No. She was content hitting reblog on pretty pictures and browsing Pinterest.

The ask was from user “ImAGoudaBaker” and said, “Hey! I just stumbled on your blog and I think it’s really cool! Keep up the good work! ;)”

A winkey face?

She clicked on the blog to see more, and found recipes, a few poems, and a lot of sketches and paintings that the blogger said they did themselves.

Having sworn to go no further than the main page, she forged on and clicked on ‘My Artwork’. Her breath was stolen away.

The first painting was of a forest, from the eye of the hiker amidst the towering trees.

The next was a painting of a meadow, which was breath taking. A willow tree blew in the breeze on the edge of the clearing, and it was titled, ‘Deep in the meadow, under the willow’.

A second glance showed a shadow that was unmistakably female under the willow tree.

Next was a rough sketch of a single dandelion in the spring, surrounded by dandelions going to seed blowing away in the wind around it.

There was no color, and very little detail yet, but when she stared at it, she saw colors, and she saw the individual seeds blowing in the wind, could smell the grass outside of the picture.

It was captioned, ‘Rough draft, stuck in my head. Should I continue? And if so, what should I call it?’

She hit the reply bubble at the bottom and typed, “Yes. Please do. And I think…. ‘Rebirth.’”

After hitting follow and going back to browse her dash for a few minutes, she got another message, this time a fan mail.

ImAGoudaBaker: That title was staring me in the face the whole time and I didn’t even…. Thank you. Sometimes I can’t words. :P

Katniss smiled and hit reply.

HuntingHavarti: Haha! I know how you feel. Words are not my strong suit by any means. Your piece just brought that to mind.

ImAGoudaBaker: Well, thank you, none the less. You may not be good with words, but you have a keen eye, and that can be just as good.

HuntingHavarti: So, you’re a baker?

They messaged for weeks, despite Katniss’ protest of tumblr as a messaging service, learning about each other, finding they had a lot in common, even the state they lived in.

Agreeing to meet in person made her stomach flip, but it was also exhilarating. They would meet at his family’s bakery a few hours drive from her.

When he asked how they would find each other, she said, “I’ll find you.”

ImAGoudaBaker: How? You don’t know what I look like! What if you walk up to some creep and say, ‘Are you AGoudaBaker?’ And he says, ‘I’m alright.’ And you wind up with some…. Creep?

HuntingHavarti: You’re name is Peeta Mellark. You’re a painter. You’re a baker. I’ll just look for a Mellark Bakery apron splotched with paint or icing and double knotted shoelaces.

When she walked into the bakery later that week, the smell of cheese was her first thought. Then dill. Cinnamon. Yeast. Her stomach growled.

As she eyed some cinnamon rolls a voice behind her startled her.

“You should really try those. I made them myself.”

Spinning around to face the voice, Katniss was met with what must have been the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen and blonde curly hair that shined like the sun.

“I, uh,” her voice was somewhere else. “I’m sorry. I’m not really in the mood for sweets.”

“Well, then you should try these. My brother made them. They are called ‘cheese buns’. And he even made them special today. He used a havarti instead of the normal cheese.”

Katniss hesitated. “Your brother? There are more of you?”

The guy laughed, nodding. “Yeah. Three, in fact. Peeta made these.”

Before she could say anything, the man was hollering to the back, “Hey! Peeta! Get out here!”

“What do you want, Rye?” A younger version of the man before her came out of the back, wiping his hands on a towel, his apron smeared in icing and paint on the t-shirt he wore underneath. His eyes met Katniss’ and she was surprised to find everything about him more breathtaking than the older version before her.

“This young lady doesn’t know what she wants, but is considering the cheese buns. Why don’t you tell her about them since you made ‘em.”

Peeta was around the counter in a heartbeat and in front of Katniss just as fast as Rye was behind the counter and in the back.

“Well, what exactly do you want to know?”

The paint, the icing…. And those eyelashes. How did they not tangle when he blinked?

A quick glance down confirmed it. “You double knot your shoelaces.”

He glanced down, too. “Yeah, can’t risk them coming untied in the back. Cookies might go flying. So anything you-“

He stopped short, realization growing in his eyes.

“Are you AGoudaBaker?” Katniss asked quietly, grinning shyly.

“Well, that depends. Are you HuntingHavarti?”

Send me one of these prompts!


I finally finished it!! It’s a tad sappy though…. oh well! Hope you enjoy! And maybe this time I won’t wait like… 3 weeks before updating to chapter 6. Because the next one is… SEX. yikes. All other chapters can be found here

SFW 1756 words

Present Day

“Miss Helbig…. Grace…. Miss Helbig…” Grace heard from a distance as she began to gain consciousness. She groaned and opened her eyes slightly, blinking while she adjusted to the harsh hospital lights. “Miss Helbig, can you hear me?” She heard a man’s voice ask to her right. When she turned her head and saw the man in a white doctors coat, everything came flooding back.

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If you wonder if this post is for you, the answer is YES!

As usual, I’m a bit late to the tumblr party, but I’ve been inspired by @everlarkedalways to spread the happy. Plus, it’s always the right time to say something nice and to express gratitude to all of you who have made this community such a fun and engaging place to be. Whether you realize it or not, I’ve noticed and appreciate all of you: my followers, someone I follow or anyone who’s ever messaged me or liked or re-blogged a post. We’ve shared notes, opinions, recipes, advice, baked goods, exercise, laughter, and support; not to mention a love for THG, Everlark and a good story, well-told in words or with pictures.

Frankly, I joined tumblr so that I could stalk a handful of my favorite authors and never really intended to post anything. I’m not a big deal around here and fly under the radar most of the time. But over the years I’ve been welcomed and included in a way that I never expected and have found a fun and supportive retreat here. I’ve chatted with many of you, met one of you in person, and a precious few of you even know my real name ;) Regardless, I count all of you as friends and am grateful for your presence daily.

At the risk of leaving someone out, and I’m truly sorry for that, I wanted to shout out to many of you who have inspired me and made my life just a little richer in one way or another:

@absnow @ackennedy7 @alatarielgildaen @allhailthehutch @alonglineofbread @alwaysameiko @andshewaits @andthisisthewonder @angylinni @apromptdisregarded @arbyeatscheesebuns @argyledpenguin @ashyblondwaves @beanshidhfromdistrict7 @birdlovesafish @bitcheslovesprinkles @bleedtoloveher @bubblegum1425 @chele20035 @chelziebelle @dandelion-sunset @dandelionlass @deinde-prandium @dianaflynn22 @dorsalfinnick @erstwhilemagic @everlarkficquestions @everlart @everybirdfellsilent @famousscreamus @feminist14er @fnurfnur @gentlemama @ghtlovesthg @hashtagpeeta @hutchhitched @iamseemaree @izzysamson @jeeno2 @jennagill @jhutchmyanchor @infinitegraces @kismetff @kleeklutch @lastleaf @lifeisshiny @lollercakesff @loudman1 @icbiwf @louezem @loupeeuk @mega-aulover @norbertsmom @notanislander @mitchesbcray @ombradellaluna @papofglencoe @peetasbunmyoven @peetaspenis @penelopeweaving @pookieh @porchwood @shellibug @shesasurvivor @sohypothetically @solesofwind @sothereff @keeptheearthbelowff @sponsormusings @spookiestkika @swishywillow @tanbwrites @the-tesseract-wrinkling-time @therebelliondies @thesagaciousowl @titania522 @toastbabies @verde04 @twilightcakes

Much love,