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Redamancy - noun: the act of loving in return. Although I'm a big Karamatsu Girl, Ichi has been my favorite since I first watched episode 5 back in 2015. His character resonates with me, from his love of cats to his struggles with social interaction and expressing his feelings. Because I relate to him, I want him to be able to share his feelings and know that he's not alone in the world. This mix is intended to begin with an apathetic tone and gradually work its way into something more hopeful. (Criticism is encouraged b/c it still feels kinda sloppy to me.) Track art by Seansenpai: Inspired by this post:

It’s 11:06 here on the East Coast as I’m posting this so 4/4 isn’t over yet!!

what are you making today, cannibal queen?

she presses a tool into my hand. a hammer. i’ve seen her use it to bash in the heads of her victims. she likes to dine on tongues. dinner of the moonglazed eyes of restless lovers 

there is a lip stick stain on the handle, rusted in my small hands.

i want to try something different today, she tells me. she smiles, all sharp teeth for ripping apart lungs, stealing the breath from them. i wonder if she can hear the pendulum clock in my chest. when i’m around her time goes faster. less days till she eats me. she feeds only on the living, gives her love to the dead. 

something new? i say. my voice trembles. she takes the hammer from my shaking hands and presses a kiss to the handle. there’s kerosine on the floor.

cooked meat, she says. matches tumble off my tongue. i strike the first light. for her i set myself on fire.

-wlwoc poetry network prompt– put your music on shuffle for five songs and use each song as a prompt!

#2- Help I’m Alive- Metric