• Chocobros: *loses Ignis in the crowd* shit
  • Noctis: Don't worry I got this *shouts* LEIDEN POTATOES!!
  • Ignis: *comes rushing trough the crowd* Thats it! I have come up with a new recipe!
  • Noctis: found him

when you say welfare recipents should be drug tested youre saying “i think drug addicts dont deserve to eat or live.” it really doesnt matter if most welfare recipients are drug addicts or not (which btw, they arent.) they still deserve help you are fucking cruel if you think drug addicts like being addicted and just want the state to support their habit.
My Father, the YouTube Star
I always knew my father loved food. I just didn’t know he’d been showing hundreds of thousands of people how to cook it.
By Kevin Pang

My dad makes enough in each month’s ad revenues to take my mom out for a nice lunch. Making the clips is a lot of work. The two of them test each recipe a half-dozen times before committing it to film. Dad is behind the camera and editing the footage; it’s usually my mom’s hands demonstrating. They don’t speak in the videos. They say they’re embarrassed by their spoken English and feel more comfortable using onscreen text, in Chinese and English, for instruction. Writing and translating this adds several more hours of work.

“Why?” I asked during one of our weekly phone conversations. “Do you want a show on the Food Network or something?”

“You really want to know?” my dad asked in Chinese. “Your mom’s great-grandmother used to cook amazing Shanghainese food for her. She would dream about it. But when your mom was finally old enough to ask for the recipes, her great-grandmother had already developed dementia. She couldn’t even remember cooking those dishes. The only thing your mom had left was the memory of her taste. We’re afraid that if you wanted to eat your childhood dishes, and one day we’re both no longer around, you wouldn’t know how to cook it.”

Imagine Mulder asking Scully if she has any plans for Christmas.

Imagine her saying Bill invited her but she doesn’t really feel like it. Mulder takes it as a “I might come over”. He spends the next month learning how to perfectly cook a whole turkey for two. He tests three recipes of mince pies and walnut cake. For Christmas Eve, he buys French wine and champagne and prepares eggnog. He spends a week looking for the nicest tree in the neighbouring forest and finds The One which he cuts down on a Sunday afternoon before dragging it back to the house. She wonders why he looks in pain the next day.

On The Night, the table is already set by 5pm, her present under the tree. He tries not to think about how he may have read too much into her hesitation, how perhaps Tad O'Malley invited her to a DC socialites and politics dinner party and she agreed from lack of better, more promising plans. He tries not to stand near the window and watch the gates. It’s 9pm and he started the whisky he only intended to open with her at midnight. He feels like a fool, he now firmly believes he has disappointed her too much before for a Christmas miracle to save him. He imagines a car door slamming shut and footsteps on the porch. There’s a knock. He gets up anyway to check. She’s here, wearing a black dress, pink cheeks and a Rudolph nose, a gift bag in her hand. “Pace yourself with that drink or you’ll never be awake to open your present” is all she says before stepping inside.


Hello from Los Angeles, a city where it rains every day! For real—it’s rained almost daily for the past week, and I couldn’t be happier. We need this moisture so badly, so desperately that it would take a few months of regular rain to even begin thinking about saying things like, “This rain is great for the drought,” and “Let’s take a long hot bath (not together, tho)”. I’m loving every minute of it, despite the fact that I’m also running around like a maniac finishing up holiday gifts—most of which are actually very belated thank yous to the crew that helped test recipes for the Kale & Caramel cookbook. I’m also getting over a cold and generally feeling so, so exhausted. All I want to do is cuddle up with a bowl of soup and a blanket and have the people I love tell me stories and rub my back*. Is that so much to ask? (*ALSO WORLD PEACE.)

To fulfill at least one small part of that fantasy, I made this earthy, delicious cream of shiitake mushroom and caramelized leek soup from Jennifer Farley’s new book The Gourmet Kitchen. The book feels like one you can truly rely on—that book you can pick up when you’re looking to make just about anything, and it’ll have your answer. I came in search of a wintery soup, and a wintery soup I found.

Read more and get the recipe (and the giving guide) here!

Today i made some oatmeal-banana-cookies ! They are really delicious and a healthy snack :)
-2 big bananas(smashed)
-1,5 cup of oatmeal
-some milk
-honey( even if you like it sweeter)
-raisins(even if you like)
-some sunflower oil
Mix all the ingredients and form the cookies. Bake the cookies 10-15 min (200 degree)
Leave the cookies cool down and enjoy :)

Habe heute diese leckeren Hafer-Bananenkekse gebacken . Supereinfach, superlecker, supergesund !
Rezept :
-2 große Bananen( zerstampft)
-1,5 Tassen Haferflocken
-ein schuss Milch
-etwas Honig(wer es süßer mag)
-Rosinen nach Geschmack
-ein schuss Sonnenblumenöl
Alle zutaten mischen und auf einem Backblech die Kekse formen . Bei 200 grad 10-15 min Backen . Dann abkühlen lassen und genießen ! :)


Vegan and gluten free dinner and dessert last night. Roasted chickpea pasta with a caper lemon “butter” sauce and brownies with cream cheese icing.

The more I’ve tested recipes, the more I’ve realized eating animal free is more delicious than I thought. Plus I lost a few pounds without even trying. Bring on the brownies!

It is my hope, as I approach the twilight of my years, or at least the afternoon tea, that some of this information will be of use to those people who look on me as a beacon of rectitude an’ knowledge.

I have tested the recipes and hardly any of them make you throw up.  As for the etiquette, well, I have done my best.  Life is full of little tricks and if you’re allowed to go around again, well, they don’t let you take the notes you made the first time.  I hope my efforts will provide you with a sketch map.

But really, etiquette is a state of mind.  You never know what tomorrow will bring.  It might hold a problem no one has yet had to face.  So therefore you need to get your mind right for when you venture into areas where no book is going to help you.  Remember: someone had to be the first person in the world to eat an oyster.

In that case, my advice is to try a nice open smile, although this admittedly won’t get you far with shellfish.  I do find it gets me out of trouble with people nine times out of ten, and even if it does get me into trouble it’s generally int'resting trouble and leads to warm memories.  You couldn’t buy them for money.

Gytha Ogg
Tir Nani Ogg, The Square, Lancre

–Terry Pratchett, “Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook”


Potion Magic 101

@witchy-wondering messaged me over the weekend asking for my thoughts on a good starting place for those interested in pursuing the art of magical potion making. Instead of responding privately, I thought it would be best to share my thoughts in a post with the hopes that others may find some use from it. It should be noted, however, that these instructions assume that the reader has some previous magical experience (i.e. you can formulate an intent) Again, these are just my thoughts. There are as many ways to approach this as there are witches in the world. For those that may be interested, I will also be putting together some simple potion recipes for others to test out. I will be working on these later this week!

The Physical Requirements

You will need to obtain a boiling crucible, mortar and pestle, wooden spoons, funnels, fine sieves (for straining liquids), and glass vials (clear and dark colored). One important note: eventually, you may find yourself constructing brews with poisonous ingredients – it is highly recommended that you obtain a separate set of tools just for these types of concoctions so that cross-contamination does not occur. Make sure these utensils are clean for each use. Obviously, don’t ingest poisons.

You will also need to obtain ingredients – these can be anything that call out to you, but usually herbs or roots of some sort. Gemstones are also popular, as are animal parts (bones, skin, etc.) The list of potential ingredients goes on ad infinitum. I suggest obtaining a book of correspondences and using it as reference when you start collecting your ingredients. The reference books may be useful for the neophyte Witch, however, feel free to use your own correspondences if you are comfortable doing so. As discussed in a previous post, get creative here. Use the page of a dictionary for wisdom, use a feather for travel, play with it and have fun. Think about the application of the brew before gathering ingredients. Is the brew going to be ingested? Used to anoint? Poured on the earth? Depending on how you intend to use the brew, that will dictate the ingredients that may be used.

The Mental Requirements

As with all forms of magic, your potion making will be more effective with some degree of mental preparation. For me, a brief breathing exercise is all I really need to center myself for magical work. I wrote a Witch’s Middle Pillar Exercise that utilizes elemental powers instead of the Judeo-Christian influences of the standard exercise which has become one of my preferred methods of mental preparation. Again, this step will be unique for each Witch.

The Magical Requirements

When it comes to actually brewing a potion, the parts are never as important as the whole. This should be kept in mind at all times. Ingredients should always be contributed while maintaining concentration on how they “fit” into the potion’s end goal. It’s challenging to hold this concentration, but the rewards are worth the effort. Beginners may find it easier to limit the number of ingredients they’re using. It’s far easier to “manage” three ingredients than it is eight. With practice, a Witch could work up to more ingredients, thus adding more complexity to their brews.

After brewing, remember to empower the brew. My preferred method involves programming energy into the brew using my hand or my wand. Some may prefer chanting a spell over it, allowing it to bask in the moon’s light (or sun’s light), elemental empowerment, and so on. For me, the simple, but very final gesture, of waving my wand over the potion seals ties everything together.


seokjin’s the pastry chef who works at the new bakery on fifth street and every day he sees this one high school kid walking home staring at the window display with the hungriest look in his eye and you know the kid’s kind of cute so one day when seokjin sees him practically salivating over the new cheesecakes, seokjin grabs a batch of some test recipes he’s working on and gives them to the kid for free on the condition that he lets seokjin know if they’re any good, or how jeon jungkook becomes seokjin’s personal taste tester and also how kim seokjin accidentally gets a giant human puppy

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Scenario of yata and fushimi making a chocolate together on a valentine day??

Hmm I wonder who they’d be making chocolate for. Maybe Yata asks Fushimi to come help him make it and he’s all evasive as to who he’s making it for, like he makes some excuses about how Anna wanted to make chocolate and Yata was going to help her but he wants to test the recipe out first and make sure it works. Fushimi doesn’t get why he has to come help because it’s not like he knows how to cook and Yata’s all just shut up and help me already. He asks Fushimi what kind of chocolate he likes and Fushimi is spectacularly unhelpful, just shrugging and being like whatever. He doesn’t like chocolate that’s too sweet but that’s about it, he doesn’t care if it’s dark or milk or white and doesn’t see why it even matters, Yata sighs and is like okay we’ll just make a little of each. Even though Yata called Fushimi over to help it turns into Yata trying to teach Fushimi how to make it and he keeps giving Fushimi instructions and having to watch to make sure Fushimi doesn’t mess up because Saru can’t cook his way out of a paper bag. Fushimi keeps teasing Yata about it the whole time like so are you planning to give this to a girl, how bold of you virgin and Yata tells him to shut up it’s not like that. At some point Fushimi’s whisking chocolate all bored and slow and Yata yells at him to put some effort into it so Fushimi flicks chocolate at him. Yata gets annoyed and grabs a spoon, tossing some melted chocolate back at Fushimi. They’ve got some nuts and little candies around for toppings and they end up throwing those at each other too and just generally make a mess. Somehow they still manage a few decent chocolates and Yata’s pretty proud of himself, Fushimi just shrugs because he doesn’t see why he had to be here for this. Then Valentine’s Day rolls around and Fushimi’s at work when he’s informed that someone dropped off a package for him. Fushimi assumes that it’s another one of the random anonymous chocolates he’s received from various members of Scepter 4 today (the fan club has been busy) and then he opens the box and there’s a little note saying ‘You’re an asshole, but I hope you like these :D’ and of course inside are the chocolates he and Yata made. Later on Yata asks Fushimi if he liked them and Fushimi flushes a bit as he looks away and mumbles that they were good.

My name is Katie and I’m celebrating my one-year anniversary of being vegan! I’ve lost 60 pounds so far, and I am 40 pounds away from my goal of 100 which I hope to reach by Christmas. My fitblr ( is intended to document my transformation and include the good, the bad, and the ugly. I write product reviews, personal diary-type blog entries, recipe testings, and Living Better Tips. I also reblog inspiring quotes, yummy recipes, any basically anything that seems relevant to the topic of eating well, staying active, and taking care of yourself. I want to live a healthier lifestyle so I can grow into the best person I can be and to inspire others to make proactive changes in their lives! :)