0 Reasons Why you Shouldn't be Eating Pie This Week.

Over here in the UK we often think of pies as savoury treats. We’ve got pork pies, steak and ale pies, chicken, bacon and leek pies… Mmmmmmm. BUT there are of course, loads of different versions including classic sweet like apple pie, sweet potato pie, lemon meringue pie. 

Then there’s the question of exactly what a pie is. It’s a tough one and we’re not going to answer it! Does it have to be a case, or can it just be the top? What pastry should it be? Shortcrust, puff, filo? Does it even need to be pastry?!?! We have shepherds pie topped with mash and in the US there’s even pie that aren’t really pies, like Boston cream pie (that’s definitely cake right?!). 

Anyway, this is something that dates thousands of years… is there really even a wrong answer? (probably). We’ve put together a list of pies that we hope that you’ll be able to use to celebrate pie week, so when you do cook these, let us know by uploading to SORTEDfood, Instagram or Twitter! 

Here are some of our favourites from SORTEDfood: 

Pork Pies (get the recipe)

Lemon Meringue Pie (get the recipe)

Chicken & Chorizo Puff Pie (get the recipe)

Curried Cottage Pie (get the recipe) 

Whoopie Pies (get the recipe)

Chicken Pot Pie (get the recipe)

Sweet Cherry Pie (get the recipe)


Save Game’s Dragon Age Cocktails

Cocktail/Shot Combo recipes for every DA party member (they forgot Awakening but whatev) and every single one sounds delicious and the accompanying articles are so perfect I want to cry. 

(Varric’s sounds like heaven nnngh. And “Asschabs” is on my bucket list.)

They decided not to go with “If you smell what The Rock is cooking” when providing his personal cookie recipe and I think this is a real show of integrity even if that would be exactly the most appropriate situation to use that line