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Cinders to Castles - A spell for a royal confidence/recovery boost

A quick and easy spell inspired by Cinderella’s transformation, it is meant to help the caster experience a positive change in confidence, both mentally and physically. This can also be used to help you recover from a bad experience!


  • Water (preferably river, moon, or vase water - but any cleansed water will do)
  • Incense (preferably related to the intent, like pine. Sandalwood is a good general replacement  too - but any will do!)
  • Sea glass and/or clear quartz
  • Glitter (optional)


  1. Set the sea glass and/or quartz in the water
  2. Focus on your strengths, whether it be things you know about yourself, or strengths others have pointed out in you, let that fuel the fire that burns away your weaknesses (or negative experiences) 
  3. Begin burning the incense, watch the smoke wind upwards, and send your weaknesses (or negative experiences)  with it, letting them dissipate 
  4. Let the incense burn out - or put it out when you feel ready
  5. Take the ashes from the burnt out incense, rub your hands together, covering your hands in the ashes. If you want, you can also smear some on your face and arms (do not put near eyes, mouth, or nose!)
  6. If you have the optional glitter, mix it in to your water
  7. Finally, use the water to wash away the ashes, while saying the following:

“Cinders and ashes are but a disguise,

from out of these ashes, a [ * ] will rise!”

*Traditionally “Princess” but can be replaced with any 2 syllable phrase (ex: ”new Prince”, “Princex”, “new me”)