recipe domination!!!


Overjoyed to bake with Dominic Monaghan! I’m a huge fan of all of his work, especially his character Merry from Lord of the Rings! Loved having afternoon tea with him and chatting about LOTR, animals and his show “Wild Things” on the Travel Channel. ☕️🌎💕

We made homemade caraway seed-cake muffins on Nerdy Nummies! These Middle-Earth treats are described in The Hobbit and are one of Bilbo Baggins’ favorite recipes. We also made raspberry jam because Bilbo’s dwarf friend “Bifur” loved it with these muffins. 

The Hobbit holds a very special place in my heart. Growing up my dad would read me this series as a bedtime story


The Trio | 14 January 2014 - 7 June 2016 

Zosia: Diggers? It’s your first day on AAU; in fact…
Dominic: Are you scared? You’re scared them scary boys down on AAU are going to flush your sandwiches down the toilet, send you out for a tin of tartan paint?
Zosia: Left-handed screwdriver?
Dominic: Recipe for ice cubes?
Arthur: Sometimes change is a bit erm, and I’ll miss you.