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Another day, another NOURISH BOWL👅🌿✨ eating healthy doesn’t have to boring, bland or unsatisfying in any way. There’s so many endless different ways of cooking & preparing fruit, grains, legumes + veggies. Endless different combinations, herbs and spices to try. So many different cuisines which base their meals around plant foods, a wealth of recipes online, in books and still waiting to be created…the limit is only your imagination!🌟
In my bowl: baked sweet potato + pumpkin, spicy falafel (recipe is in my Ebook!), greens and steamed veg, with a generous drizzle of homemade BBQ sauce😋 #eatmoreplants

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3 good things

- my work friend took a recipe book from the shelf and she’s short sighted so during our half hour break I had to read it out to her as she kept mental notes she didn’t even need a pen I was impressed she’s also going to bake me a bacon and egg pie for when I see her again next Saturday and tonight I was reminded of how much it means for both her and I to have a woman to work alongside and talk with amongst all these men and even tho she’s like 58 she told me if I ever leave this place before her she’ll hate me forever so we made a pact that we have to resign at the same time which sucks for me bc I want to leave but…. Looks like I’ll be juggling 2 jobs at once lads

- I sweated a lot n even tho I hate work I felt good for being physically active n when I lifted the boxes of nine 1.5Ls with ease compared to when I could barely carry them above my head when I first started…I was like…. Whoa.. She’s powerful

- I was listening to this slow song and I thought I was in the mood for it but my body lied to me so I played this fast paced n happy tune n now I’m 🌞


The Yashim detective series features an intrepid Turkish sleuth who whips up marvelous feasts in between solving crimes. In the novels, new dishes pop up often enough to leave readers perpetually ravenous, and many readers wrote author Jason Goodwin to beg for the recipes. Now they have them – Goodwin’s new cookbook is called Yashim Cooks Istanbul.

Assassin’s Steak Tartare: Popular Detective Series Gets Its Own Cookbook


I am having a book signing, artist talk and a cooking demo at George Mason library in Northern VA next Saturday March 25th. It’s a free, public event. I’ll be making Kimbap and there’ll be tasting for Korean food including Kimbap and Japchae. You’ll also ask get a chance to ask me any questions about Korean food and comics, and get your copy of Cook Korean signed. Hope to see you there!

George Mason Meeting Room, 7001 Little River Tnpk, Annandale, VA 22003

Event: March 25, 2017, 12 PM
Ring In 'Lemony Snicket' On Netflix With A Series Of Unfortunate Recipes
In the children's books, food is practically a supporting character. So why not welcome the poor Baudelaire orphans with a delightfully miserable repast while binge-watching the new show?

The rather unfortunate Baudelaire children cooked and ate some interesting meals throughout the Series. Enjoy the Netflix series with tastier versions of what the Baudelaire children would eat (and yes, this includes Aunt Josephine’s chilled cucumber soup).

Protection bath (powder)

You will need: salt, eggshels, 15 rowan berries, 1 rose thorn, rosemary, (strom water),

phase of moon: waxing or full moon

best day: Thursday

Gather your ingredients and grind them thoroughly. During grinding your ingredients to powder, visualize your goal. Bless it. Charche it - under waxing, or full moon light - if you want.


Bring to a boil storm water (or water with storm water/water with storm salt). When water boils add your blend and stir clockwise. Visualize your goal. Bless it - whisper or scream - whatever you want, feel that power inside you. Feel the clouds of steam. Add your “potion” in bath.


Sprinkle around object or build, which you want protect. Add around flower pot for enchant your flowers (flowers with thorns are best). Sprinkle yourself. Draw sigils. Add into candle, or sachet/mojo bag.

Vegan Resources:

These are the most helpful ones out there! Feel free to add to the list!!


  • Animals: Earthlings
  • Environment: Cowspiracy
  • Health: Forks Over Knives


Wondering about:

  • Nutrition on a vegan diet - Vegan for Life or Becoming Vegan
  • Being a vegan athlete - Thrive or Eat & Run
  • Living a vegan lifestyle - Mainstreet Vegan and The Kind Diet
  • How it helps the animals- Eating Animals
  • Why it is the best way to live (and SO IMPORTANT)- The World Peace Diet

Research on Plant Based Diets:

  • Eat to Live
  • The China Study
  • How Not to Die


  • Oh She Glows blog & book
  • Minimalist Baker blog
  • Farm Sanctuary book