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I keep coming across this realization:

“Why aren’t I using recipe book templates for spells?”

We just got a bunch of neat planners in at work and some of them are recipe books. I flipped through one of them the other day and they’ve got all these cute little templates for things and because the pages are removable it wouldn’t be hard to make custom templates for spells and other content. 

Problem is. 

…I generally do all mys spells (and most recipes) by feel (or taste) and don’t really keep a written record. 

So I thought I would pass that along to the witchy planner persons in my life!

Mermaid Dust!

Hi people! Tonight i bring to you this little DIY for getting beautiful Mermaid Dust done!

💙Mermaid Dust correspondences are:

As is strongly related to water, is useful for emotions, relationships, healing, psychic abilities, exorcism and purification. It can be used for love, luck and protection too! Also, it works perfectly fine as an extra boost for any spell.

💙This is how you make it:

✨ You’ll need sugar (love, luck, healing, purification), mint (exorcism, protection, healing), eggshell powder (protection) and glitter on the color of your choice (for making it more “personal” to you. I use turquoise.) and crystals of your choice (optional)

~I recommend aquamarine, sodalite, emerald, citrine, pink quartz, amethyst, green quartz, tourmaline, hematite and/or clear quartz.

✨The amount of each thing i use is approximately the following, but you can use as much as you want and give it your own texture!

~¾ Sugar.

~2/4 Eggshell powder.

~2/4 Mint.

~¼ Glitter.

✨Then, put it all together and stir to mix it!

✨Once that you have something like this, put it on a jar or any type of container that you prefer, and use some crystals to charge it!

✨Here i’m using two pieces of aquamarine, one sodalite, two tourmaline, one pink quartz and one citrine.

✨Now, here comes something important. I leave it for a whole lunar cycle, from full moon ‘till the next one (or you can do it from the very start of the cycle, on new moon, ‘till the next new moon, choose based on your correspondences of which type of moon energy you want the dust to keep), on a closed wooden box with amethyst and clear quartz, so it can be properly charged. Another good idea is that, on a full moon night, you leave it outside surrounded by the gems you want it to be charged with.

✨At the end of the cycle, you can say a little chant of your choice when taking the dust out of the box or taking it inside home again or out of the windowsill… you understand my point lol.

💙Extra: As this is not safe to eat. If you want to make some eatable mermaid dust, i recommend using colored sugar (you can easily make it with white sugar and food colorant). Put it in some container, then put that inside your container with mermaid dust or surround your sugar container with a circle of mermaid dust (be careful not to mix it!) and leave it for a night, preferably on full moon. Next day you’ll have some dealicious mermaid sugar/dust for any healing spell, love spell, or any type you want to do!

You can make as much as you want of this, and is useful for almost everything! i really like it ♥

Well, hope you enjoyed this DIY!!!♥

have a blank notebook but don’t know what to use it for? here’s some ideas!

bullet journal - obviously!! but if you already have one here are some more ideas… 

dream diary - i love looking back on my dreams, but do it in the morning before you forget them!

food journal - write down everything you eat for the day, maybe include water too!

memory book - write down your favorite memories to always look back on!

quotes journal - one place for all of your favorite quotes!

reviews journal - try a new restaurant? movie? book? food? write your review, how was it? did you enjoy it? would you do it again?

gratitude journal - write down everything your thankful for. 

daily journal - journal (almost) everyday. include anything you want, what you did for the day, what you ate, who you were with.

brain storming book - write down all of your awesome ideas in one place!

books of lists - if you love writing lists maybe you need a specific book to just write down all of your favorites!

recipe book - keep all of your favorite recipes here, or even recipes you want to try. 

wishlist book - keep a book of everything you want.

letters book - this could be rough drafts for letters, or letters you wish you could send to someone but know you’ll never have the courage to.

things to look up - have a space for everything you don’t want to forget to look up later or research more. 

news headlines book - write down the headlines from the day/week or important events that happened, how you felt about it. this will be interesting to look back on!

doodle book - are you a doodler when you’re talking on the phone or just watching TV? keep all of your doodles together!

let me know if you guys try any of these out! i’d love to know what you think xx


Samin Nosrat has become known as the chef who taught Michael Pollan to cook, after the famed food writer featured her in his book Cooked and his Netflix show of the same name.

Now, she’s sharing her wisdom with the masses in her new, illustrated cookbook called Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking. The key to good cooking, she says, is learning to balance those elements and trust your instincts, rather than just follow recipes.

Nosrat’s own formal culinary education came at Chez Panisse, the legendary restaurant in Berkeley, Calif., founded by Alice Waters. She first went there as a diner, then asked for a job and got one, working her way up. And it was while cooking at Chez Panisse that Nosrat had the revelation that eventually led to this cookbook — that salt, fat acid and heat are the fundamental elements to good food.

“The elements and the tenets of professional cooking don’t always get translated to the home cook,” she tells NPR’s Rachel Martin. “Recipes don’t encourage you to use your own senses and use your own judgement. And salt, fat, acid and heat can be your compass when you maybe don’t have other tools.”

Nosrat frees her readers to use their own senses instead of measuring cups.

She says we should salt things until they taste like the sea – which is a beautiful image, but also sounds like an awful lot of salt.

An Illustrated Guide To Master The Elements Of Cooking — Without Recipes

Illustrations: Courtesy of Wendy MacNaughton

Laurel’s Guide to Grimoires

A while back I made a post about how I organize my Grimoire/Book of Shadows and for a long time since then I’ve wanted to a sort of 101 for creating a Grimoire/Book of Shadows. Be warned, this will be a long post! As always, this is merely my opinion, my word is not law.

(UPDATED 4/24/17; All updates are marked)

Originally posted by ephemeralsyzygy

-The Grimoire Basics-

What is a Grimoire?

As my own personal definition, a Grimoire is simply any book used by a witch in his/her/their own personal practice. There is no limit as to what a Grimoire can or cannot be, as each one is as unique as the witch who wrote it.

How do I use a Grimoire?

A grimoire is used to document, or keep track of, any magickal information that is relevant to the practitioner.It serves to log everything you need to know in your own personal craft. 

-Types of Grimoires-

These are my own personal “styles” of grimoires that I have made over the years. These are not the only “kinds” of grimoires, merely suggestions.

- “Textbook” Grimoire: This is a grimoire that is set up to serve as a reference book, a book strictly for spiritual or magickal information. 

- “Practical” Grimoire: This is a grimoire that can serve a practical purpose, such as a recipe or spell book. Often more portable than a standard grimoire.

- “Inspirational” Grimoire: These are often called inspiration journals. They are filled with spiritual images, quotes and writings to serve as a sort of “bible.”

- “Memory Keeping” or “Journal” Grimoire: This is a grimoire that serves to be a personal record of thoughts and feelings pertaining to spiritual activity in your life. 

-Grimoire Keeping Methods-

- Blank bound or spiral bound Notebooks
    - I’ve actually seen someone tape composition notebooks together to get             a “thick” book.
- Recycled or used hard/soft cover books
- Binders
- OneNote/Tumblr/Internet
- Computer Folder/Flash Drive/Memory Card

-How to make a Grimoire-

I recommend that if you are starting a grimoire or are a relatively new witch, don’t even bother buying a nice, expensive, fancy journal. Most of the time (unless you’ve already done one or two grimoires before and you know exactly what you’ll be putting in this grimoire), that book will sit on a shelf and collect dust. Many new witches get excited to have a “fancy” grimoire and then become terrified of “messing up” in it which results in that book never being used. We’ve all been there, done that.

That being said, here are the basic steps I followed when making my “permanent” grimoire.

- Decide on your Grimoire Keeping Method
 - Gather the information that you would like to put into your grimoire (this can sometimes take a very long time, it took me years), although if the “write as you go” method is more comfortable for you, then go ahead.
- Organize your information. If you’re a perfectionist like me, this might take a bit. It’s also completely natural to change up your organization style later on.
- Protect/Consecrate your Grimoire. This is completely optional, but it can also be a fun “witchy” way to bond with your grimoire.
- Put all your information in your book in anyway that you desire. I found it useful to “plan” out the book before I started writing in all the information. This way I knew exactly what pages were going where.
- Decorate your Grimoire. Also, completely optional. Some people like decorating with flowers and ribbons and pictures and stickers. Other people prefer straight to the point text. Either way works perfectly fine.

A quick note for those who suffer from the perfectionist complex: don’t sweat it. We all want our books to be “perfect” but after writing about six grimoires I’ve learned that grimoires really don’t ever become “permanent” because our preferences change as we grow. If you’re worried about it being perfect, starting “planning” pages in a cheap journal. Take note of any mistakes or things you want to change. You can always create another grimoire later. Don’t let that pesky perfectionism hold you back. And if you make mistakes, try to work with them and turn them into something else instead of scrapping your book to start over.

I used to dream of having a huge, Charmed-like Grimoire, and now I prefer the small, sloppy, scrap book, messy-writing kind of grimoire. Don’t sweat it.

Things to put in your Grimoire

- Correspondences
- Sabbats, Esbats and any Holidays you celebrate
- How to cast spells
- Spells and Rituals
- Divination
- Astrology
- Herbs and Recipes
- Crystals
- Topics you’d like to learn about later.

@cosmic-witch has a HUGE list of topics here

How to organize your Grimoire

This post details my own personal Grimoire Index. However the best way to organize your grimoire would be whatever works best for you. I personally like having everything divided into matching sections. However, if you write spells a lot, you may want spell writing notes in the front, while correspondences would be better in the back. It’s all up to personal preference. 

 Witchy-Woman’s Grimoire Organization

TripleVirgo’s Grimoire Index

 My Tips on Grimoire Organization

(UPDATED 4/24/17)

Other Grimoire Tips

- Intention Cheat Sheets. When you want to write a spell, nothing sucks more than having to flip back and forth all over your grimoire to find the information you need. My advice is to make “cheat sheets” for each of your intentions. Pick an intention, such as Money, and write down anything that corresponds to that (colors, herbs, moon phases or zodiac signs, crystals, incense, etc) this way the next time you want to do a spell for Money, you can just flip to your cheat sheet and be done. (UPDATED 4/24/17)

- Incognito Grimoire: Find a generic book that you like at a Goodwill or second hand shop. Write your witchcraft notes/correspondences in the margins and spacing. Use markers or crayons to draw pictures and symbols. You can also glue blank pages into the book so you have more space to write anything you want. This way your Grimoire can sit in plain sight on your bookshelf when you have company over and no one will be the wiser.

- So You Don’t Think You Can Grimoire: Tips and ideas for witches who struggle with the “My handwriting is terrible and I can’t draw” complex. (UPDATED 4/24/17)

- Scrapbook Altars

- Create a Magickal Memories Folder

This post will probably be a “masterpost” of sorts that I’ll continue to add to as the inspiration strikes. If anyone has any ideas or grimoire-related topics they’d like to see, feel free to share!


a healthy start
hello loves! today i wanted to share with you some of my favorite pinterest overnight oats recipes to try for yourself. super easy to make and very delicious! hope you have an amazing day :)

things that make neil feel real:

  • dan’s facebook photo albums
  • being spun around until he’s dizzy whenever he sees matt
  • having to clean up cat litter :(
  • the fond hair ruffle wymack gives him when he comes to visit palmetto
  • that one time all of the foxes managed to get together for a reunion (and the repeat cuddle pile that followed)
  • allison’s vague tweets that are very obviously about his friends
  • team game night (also known as neil trying not to nod off in the corner but loving the time spent with his family anyways)
  • articles about how far the foxes have come
  • stadiums filled with thousands of exy fans cheering him and his team on
  • being part of kevin’s acceptance speech as he’s inducted into the hall of fame
  • being able to sign his name on official documents
  • drinking pricey fruit smoothies (and pretending not to notice whenever andrew steals a sip)
  • having a ring full of keys that he actually uses and a ring full of keys that he can’t bring himself to give up
  • waking up in the morning and feeling like he’s home

things that andrew finds himself living for:

  • weekly skype calls with nicky
  • an amazon account that’s used to send impulse buys to the other minyards (including but not limited to: chemistry cat sweatshirts, a kevin day limited edition operation game, a recipe book of various chocolate desserts)
  • letters from renee, written in her barely-legible handwriting and usually covered with animal stickers
  • hot chocolate and phone calls with bee
  • robin slowly upping her stats and the way she’d excitedly call to tell him (as if he’s the one who actually cares)
  • the occasional opportunity to blackmail kevin into letting him skip court practices using embarrassing photos from their college days
  • making the team’s nutritionist cry
  • volunteer charities that work to help kids stuck in the foster care system/abusive households
  • the hilarious expressions of surprise on the foxes’ faces when they see him take care of his nieces at their reunion
  • the tea place a few streets down that trade him pictures of his and neil’s cats doing dumb things with whatever desserts they have left over
  • waking up in the morning and feeling like he’s home

no offense but i’m tired of su’s weak-ass representation. lars is filipino through the picture of a recipe in a book, connie is indian through a picture frame of her mom’s wedding. like if uncle andy can be outwardly xenophobic then why can’t any character actually mention their fucking race

Y’know, I’ve been wanting the show to have Lars be a baker ever since I saw his voice actor on Cupcake Wars! I’m so glad they ended up doing it, too, ‘cause it’s a very endearing quality for him. Something he’s passionate about and good at, but shy and embarrassed about (I think it could be a good outlet for him if he could let himself enjoy it)

It’s sweet that Sadie already knows about his baking, and apparently convinced him to have Steven try out his cake. Means he baked for Sadie before. It’s also cute that he keeps a book of recipes under his mattress.

Also! Really really cool that this kind of confirms that Lars is Filipino! Since ube rolls are from the Philippine’s and Lars refers to it as his family’s cake. I remember a lot of folks theorized about that before so it’s really cool that they’ve confirmed it.

The Cool Kids are so sweet? Like, the set up this potluck for fun, then invite Steven, Lars, and Sadie. And they really don’t even know Sadie at all, but they weren’t going to leave her out. And they didn’t judge Lars for acting like a nervous dork, they thought his whole “Bingo, Bongo” thing was really cool. And they were very excited Sadie brought plates. And then have an impromptu jam session with someone they only just officially met that day. Just, very sweet and cute kids.

It’s hilarious to me that Buck brought assorted fruit but it’s just whole fruit, not cut up or anything, that can’t be eaten whole like that. It’s like he just got fancy fruit and was like “I don’t know what to do with this.”

Also, Buck was wearing the Guitar Dad shirt!

Anyways! Very cute episode.

littlegreenwomen  asked:

headcanons re: jake and amy's cooking habits? how on earth do those two survive?????


  • We know from canon (3x12) that Amy likes to follow recipes because they’re just like following instructions!! 
  • Charles gives them one of the best, most basic recipe books as one of his many housewarming presents. (He tells them no kitchen is complete without a copy of this bad boy, but tbh he just cares about Jake’s overall health and would rather not eventually receive a phone call about an impromptu ER visit for accidental poisoning.)
  • The first chance she gets, Amy takes a crack at making mac and cheese. (It seems simple enough, and also she’s 100% sure Jake would eat anything that belongs on a kid’s menu.) 
  • While she does love following instructions, she still struggles super hard at differentiating salt from baking soda from other white powder-y substances. 
  • The mac and cheese turns out TERRIBLE because she uses confectioner’s sugar instead of flour. (The consistency is all wrong, and - “No, Jake, you’re not supposed to like it. This wasn’t meant to be dessert for dinner. Stop eating that! Let’s just order pizza.”
  • Jake has a lightbulb moment halfway through his bowl of sweet mac and cheese, and he runs off to grab Amy’s precious label maker. 
  • Amy’s confused, but she helps him figure out how to use it, and he proceeds to label all the condiments and basic ingredients in their fridge/pantry. He adds extra “NOT TO BE SUBSTITUTED WITH …” labels to each thing just to make the point super clear. (He also makes an “Amy’s Boyfriend” label for himself and sticks it on his forehead. Amy tries to scold him for being wasteful, but she can’t fight the grin spreading on her face.)
  • Her success rate in the kitchen actually does improve with the new label system, and her next batch of mac and cheese is pretty darn decent.
  • Of course, Jake has to go and dust his bowl with a generous helping of powdered sugar just for laughs. 
Manifestation Tea - Edible Spellcraft

Manifestation is a type of psychic energy. It is the ability to bring about our thoughts and desires; whether it is the manifestation we project when casting a spell or the daily manifestations of actions that bring us success, love, or good health. Manifestation is the energy that fuels our actions and brings about change. Here is a simple tea recipe you can follow to increase the strength of your will and boost your powers of manifestation.

You Will Need

  1. Nettle (dried) – 2 cups
  2. Rosehips (dried) – 2 cups
  3. Cinnamon chips – 1 cup
  4. A mason jar (or other airtight container)
  5. Infuser
  6. Tea Cup


If it is part of your practice, cast a circle. As you sit with your ingredients before you, centre yourself. Ground yourself in the present moment by focusing on your breath, the sensations of your body, and your connection to the earth.


Mix the nettle, rosehips, and cinnamon chips together in your container. (I do all of my mixing with a wooden spoon, infusing my work with natural energy, but you may use the tool most linked to your craft). Mix the contents in a deocil (sunwise) direction. Repeat this chant as you mix:

I focus power
Lend strength to me
I manifest
So mote it be

Continue mixing until you feel the energy has been infused into your tea and seal the jar.

When you are ready to use the tea, fill an infuser with your mixture and steep in boiled water. Repeat the charm three times as it steeps. Drink in good health.


  1. Whenever working with edibles, be aware of any allergies you and those you consensually share it with may have.
  2. Label your jar or container so it is clear what it contains.


Nettle: associated with Mars, Fire, and masculine energies; often times used by our foremothers as a torch to illuminate their rites; its use in spells connects us to our lineage
Rosehips: associated with Venus, Water, and feminine energies; soothing agent when a woman is on her menstrual period.
Cinnamon: associated with the Sun, Fire, and masculine energies; boosts psychic energy