Soulmates feel one anothers’ pain AUs


  • ‘I came to stop this street fight because that really big punch you just recieved made me scream at a cashier. Also are you injured?’ AU
  • ‘This public toilet has a knuckle-shaped hole in the wall, is this anything to do with you? Because five minutes ago it felt like my knuckles were on fire’ AU
  • ‘Holy shit you just got stabbed, you need help but also god my stomach feels like it’s exploding’ AU
  • ‘I think you’re my soulmate because you’re biting your lip and mine’s hurting now’ AU
  • ‘I just banged my knee on that table over there and you hissed in pain, dude I think we’re soulmates’ AU


  • ‘Please don’t touch that flame, I’m/we’re in a public place and I don’t want to scream’ AU
  • ‘Why do you insist on taking out staples by hand?’ AU
  • ‘Please don’t hurt yourself, I can’t stand seeing you in pain and nor could I stand the pain myself knowing why I feel it’ AU
  • ‘For the love of God use oven gloves next time, my boss was about to promote me when I swore in their face’ AU
  • ‘I can feel your stress headache is everything okay?’ AU
  • ‘I came to find you at work to tell you to stop knocking so violently on your coworker’s office door’ AU
  • ‘Why must you get a tattoo whilst I’m trying to sleep?’ AU

its 3am and im petty but honestly the only “”“shocking”“” truth about the humans in the film was that they were originally gonna be jelly aliens with /hints/ to originally being human descendents and i had to look at fucking concept art of one of them with whipcream tiddies and nipple rings but no sir ee Bob u wont see an edgy matp/a/t theory on the lost jelloalien nipplerings of wall-e NO. u can only recieve tjis kind of content from Me.

Lets get this celebration started!

So, welcome to the start of the ABO week - we’re going to have a blast.

What’s happening this weekend?

  • Saturday/Sunday please send in gifs and I’ll write a small drabble for you! Please bare with me on how long it takes to respond though. (Submit your gifs please!!)
  • Send in your ABO headcannons via ask to inspire me, you may see them in a fic by the end of the week OR you will recieve a drabble of some sorts!
  • FMK with ABO characters Ask
  • ABO (Alpha, Beta, Omega? kind of like FMK) with different characters! Ask

Things to take note of!

  1. This is open for multiple fandoms! (SPN, Marvel, HP, send me any others if you’d like and I will try to answer)
  2. I will post when I open ship requests - THEY ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED
  3. This is all for fun - I may have to take breaks but I will try to write everything I promise to just now - they may take their time but I want to do these things justice.
  4. At some point during the week there will be an Alpha takeover!
  5. If I cannot find inspiration in what I am sent I may not write anything for it.
  6. I would prefer not to be flooded with anons - if I am I will be answering the asks/submits from users first and therefore anonymous requests may not be completed.
  7. And finally please pay attention to how you are to send things to me - its so I can stay organised and not feel too swamped as I’ve started exams.

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Wrong Number

A/N: Hey y’all! Requests are closing soon so make sure that if you have a request to request it! Thanks for all the requests I’ve recieved so far!! This is more of a texting fic than anything so brace yourselves.

Pairing:George Washington X Reader

Request:(anon)  a modern! gwash x reader where the reader tries to confess to gwash over text but accidentally texts “king” george and george eacker before getting the number right and eventually texting gwash with “WHY IS EVERYONE’S NAME GEORGE”

T/W: none hun (unless a bit of king george X samuel seabury is a trigger) 

Word Count:823 (SO SHORT MY BAD)

Time Period: Modern

Contact Names: So the contact names are all just George…..

You took a sharp deep breath as you sat on your couch, your phone at the ready. You had promised yourself to confess your love for…. George Washington. He is by far the best person you have ever met. Just thinking of him makes you blush. 

Now, we all know that confessing over text isn’t the best descision but it was the only way you could do it without becoming a flustered mess. It has happened before.

2 weeks before

You sat in the coffee shop awaiting your ‘best friend’ George Washington. Today was the day you were going to attempt to confess your feeling for the guy. You sat, your hands fidgeting. 

Finally George walked in looking great as always. He took the seat in front of you. “Uh. George can I tell you something?” You said as confidently as possible.

“Of course Y/N. Anything.” He smiled. His smile made you blush like a madman.

“I-uh. I like coffee!” You said nervously, taking a sip of your coffee.

“Ookayy…..” George said, chuckling softly as you began to blush even more.

That memory alone makes you flustered. You grabbed your phone off of the counter next to you and sank into the couch cushions as you pressed in the pin. Your heart began beating out of its chest. You were nervous. Very Nervous

You finally got to Georges’ contact. Or so you thought…..

Y/N: Hey George! Can I talk to you about something. Just here over text. :)

And Send. He responded almost immediately catching you off guard a bit.

George: Sure.

You were a bit puzzled by his shorter message, considering George always sends you longer replies in at least a full sentence. You shrugged it off telling yourself that he was probably feeling lazy.

Y/N: I love you. There I said it! :))

You texted back, your hands shaking while typing every word. You became flustered before checking for a new message.

George: You do know that I am Samuel Seabury’s boyfriend. Correct? Also…. I do believe we hate each other. Also correct?

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. You had accidentally texted George Frederick. The “king” of the school. You and him have always had a rivalry since you met as children which has never really died down.


You typed back frantically. The look on your face was absolutely priceless as your arms flailed around out of utter embarassment. You quickly changed his contact to “George Frederick” so that this would NEVER happen again.

George Frederick: Mhm.

You were practically scarred and almost decided to give up. Practically. Almost. But not yet. You went to the next George, believing this was the only other George in your contacts. Boy were you wrong.

Y/N: Hey Georgie! Can I talk to you about something? Okay nevermind i’ll just say it. (or text it. Whatever.) I LOVE YOU.

Your phone pinged seconds after you texted, your eyes widening at what he said.

George: Knew you’d come around eventually babe. ;)

You were disgusted until you realized….. This isn’t the George you were looking for.

Y/N: ugh which george is this?

George: Eacker, baby.

You groaned, nearly throwing your phone against the wall. You didn’t even answer him back. You just changed the contact name to “George Eacker (Reminder: Never Text).” You finally found the George you have been looking for, making sure this was the last George in your contacts. 


You typed, frustrated at the fact that you just confessed your love to 2 people that weren’t the ones you loved. 

George: I don’t know dear. Pretty good name. Is it not?

You laughed at his response. Now, this is the George you know and love.

Y/N: Very good name. Btw I love you. :)

You internally cursed yourself because of the stupid way you conffesed, giggling at his next text.

George: wait what

Y/N: Do I really have to type it again?

He never did respond this time. Instead, he took the 20 minute drive to your apartment, using the spare key you gave him to come in. You whipped your head around to find him standing there. You jumped up and attempted to make yourself presentable, completely forgetting that you were wearing some random onesie.

He chuckled quietly at your choice of clothing which made you blush.

“G-george why are you here?” You questioned, giggling slightly. He smiled at you, walking dangerously close to you.

“I just wanted to say i love you too. Oh! I also wanted to give you this!” He smiled, pressing his lips to yours.

At first you tensed up but soon melted into the kiss, smiling against his lips. He pulled away, picking you up by your waist and twirling you around.

“You do not even know how long I’ve wanted to do that.” He smirked.

“Trust me. Me too.” You smirked back.


Hello everyone ~

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Long time to no see, right ? I hope you’re fine ! I missed you so much, you my mutuals and you my followers. I disappeared since july (? I don’t remember well) because I was at hospital, my health was really fragile and I needed rest and I didnt go to my computer or social medias since… I’m so sorry to didnt upload, I really wanted to do. Thank you to understand this ! I will try to comeback step by step ~ Tumblr changed a lot, and lot of my mutuals changed their names. Please can you dm me who you are ? haha I gained a lot of followers too (I didnt expect this since I’m in a hiatus) but thank you so much ! I recieved a lot of messages too, I can’t anwser you one by one, but thank you for your support ^-^

I love you, see you soon <3

Carry On Countdown (December 3)

CRACK - Snowbelove

I’m sure it’s been done before, but this is basically the GTL version of the epilogue of Carry On. Based on the Harry Potter epilogue. There’s a post somewhere out there that’s something like “I feel bad for Cath because she probably lives in a world where Simon and Agatha are married with badly named children” and this is my take on it. (If anyone can find that post for me, it’d be much appreciated)


The family walks through the gates of Watford. It’s a beautiful fall day, crisp and clear. Ready to recieve the next generation of magicians.

A blonde boy tuggs at his father’s arm impatiently.
“But when do I get into Watford!? I wanna go noooowwww!!”

“Maybe they won’t accept you, and you’ll be stuck as a normal forever!” His sister, a pretty first year with her bronze hair in braids teases him relentlessly.

“Motherrrrr! She’s poking meeeee!”

Agatha scolds both of her children.
“Lucy Ebeneza! Stop teasing your brother! And you’ll get to go next year, Davy. Now go say hi to Auntie Penny and Uncle Micah and Reese.”

Penny comes along, Micah and Reese in tow.

“Can you believe that we’re back again? Jamie and Morgan are already in the dining hall. Robyn decided to stay home this year, by the way. She’s sleeping over with a friend. And Is that Trixie and Keris? Ugh. Reese, Cherry, I have a mission for you. First of all, stick together. Second, I want you to destroy little Snowdrop. Who names their child Snowdrop, anyways?”

“A pixie and her wife, apparently.”

Micah nudges Simon, gesturing quietly.

“Is that Basilton? And his wife Ophelia, of course. They have a kid?”

“I suppose.”

Simon looks up, detangling his son from his limbs.
Baz stands beside his son, talking softly. Simon manages to sneak by, close enough to hear a bit of their conversation. Old habits die hard, he supposes. And they might be plotting.

“Be careful, Malcom. You’ll make your friends and enemies and allies here, so choose wisely.”

“Father, but what if I don’t choose the right people? And I’m stuck with them forever?”

“You’re a Liu-Grimm-Pitch. Pitches always get what they want.”

“You sound like great-aunt Fiona.”

“Crowley, I hope not. Snow? Is that you?”

Simon is slightly embarrassed to get caught. He gives Baz a curt nod, which is returned, and makes his way back to his family.

“Okay, Lucy and Reese. You have a new opponent besides Snowdrop. You see that boy there? With black hair and gray eyes? That’s Malcolm Pitch. Watch out for him, and make sure you beat him in all your subjects.”

“Simon! Stop trying to get them to have an arch nemesis before they even enter the dining hall!”

Agatha sounds somewhere between amused and exasperated. She kisses Simon on the cheek, then turns to the gaggle of children.

“Alright everyone! Let’s go get some tea! There’s snacks and scones, so let’s go!”

The brood heads towards Watford, smiling and laughing. Simon hasn’t had to use the Sword of Mages in years, and all is well.

**The End**

Please forgive me…

A friend of mine, Kt, worded it better on her Facebook than I did here so I’m going to share what she said.

Instead of students having to suffer by not having extracurricular activities, concerts, grad events, and dances, the Nova Scotia government has decided to suspend ALL students from attending schools under the guise that teachers would allow children to be completely unsupervised and uncared for under their work-to-rule strike. The idea was that schools would be opened but what was not outlined in the teacher’s contracts would be undone. Students would recieve their lessons and thats it.

But now families are scrambling to find child care for Monday- for who knows how long. Children with special needs who rely on their educational assistance and who thrive on routine will now be stuck in the house. Parents will either need to take time off work to watch their young children, find some sort of babysitter ($$$), or risk leaving their young children home alone because they may have no other choice. Imagine being a single parent, low income, and having to risk losing your job, not being able to pay the bills, limiting the little Christmas money you had saved up, all because the Nova Scotia government decided they wanted to take control of the situation.

Not to mention children are losing their education. Teen kids- I promise you- are going to get into mischief because they have nothing to do and they will be wildly unsupervised for 9 more hours a day. Students who didn’t bring their books home on Friday? Tough luck. No going to your locker under this lock down. Forget having counselling services available for mentally ill students who depend on their support systems, forget graduating students being able to contact their trusted teachers when they have worries about university and college. Students who don’t have a stable home life are now at MORE risk because somewhere they may have found as their safe space is now taken away. And the breakfast and lunch programs that some children depend on? Guess theyre going hungry another 5 days a week.

What an incredibly irresponsible decision brought about by the Nova Scotian government. To put politics before the education and wellness of students is appalling.

Journey to Dravania Forelands (Part I/II)

Trinity recieved a message from her tribe, the Vaths in The Forelands to come back to the village as soon as she could. Not knowing the true reasons behind this call, she invited us all to join her. Some time ago she had offered Tomo and I to some day show us the place she grew up and the dragons living in the zone. Something that we both were so excited to see for first time.

We all packed and used the company airship to get fast to Tailfeather. Our last trip to Ishgard hadn’t been as nice as planned, so the leaders of the company prefered to skip the walking, and save money.

The first thing we noticed was the nice fall temperature, not too warm, not too cold. Perfect to move without those uncomfortable thick winter coats we had to use in the snow. And we got to see first hand some of this people habits, like eating chocobos, something that made Tomo really sad. Kinji told him to try and search for a little Chocobo that they could buy and rescue that he could use as his company chocobo when we headed back to the house.

We decided to rent some chocobos to fly to the shrine where some of the more pacific dragons stayed. It was the first time some of us flied in a chocobo. I know most of them had fun but I couldn’t do much than hug Kinji being afraid to fall down and admire the views from the sky. Dravania’s woods had nothing in common with The Shroud, trees were few but big. The golden and red colours reminded me to the autumm season in The Shrouds. There is a big river that crosses the land, it starts in the mountains next to some gigantic ruins with water falls in the north. I’d like to explore them more in the future.

Once we got to the shrine we got to meet some of this pacific Dragons. I was really impressed and scared by their size, Dragons are such magestic creatures! They allowed us to walk around, even before we knew Tomo was alredy stepping inside the shrine in front of the gigantic Aetherite, so we decided to follow him.

Inside there were tons of dragons living together, they all were so different in colour, shape and even size! I found a really small one who allowed me to pet him. His skin reminded me of reptiles, it was rough but still warm. Kinji told me to be carefull not to get burned, it seems some of them can produce fire!

Following Tomo, we got to the top of the shrine and we could enjoy the views once more. I was glad to have both my feet in the ground this time, the height of the building didn’t scare any of us to stay on the walls. 

Once we finished our tour around the shrine, Trinity proposed us to get closer to the wild dragons. We found a group of them close to The hundred Throes, a place full of beautiful water falls and an abandoned ancient ruin. We got in a fight with some of them when Aries was taking a rest near the water, dragons are really dangerous creatures. That was just before Trinity recieved a call to her linkpearl, the Vaths asked her to come back as soon as possible.

We all went to her village, we didn’t want to make them wait. It was… a curious place. Reminded me of some ant terrariums I had seen in my childhood in the markets, but in big scale. Vaths made us feel welcomed during the few time we stayed there, they’re appearance is scary but the ones living in this village were like a big family. They had small houses and even merchants.

We waited for Trinity to talk with the leader. She came back nervous and worried, it seems two of them, the ones that she considered her family were lost since days ago. They had gone to hunt and bring food to the village but they never came back. They had sent some hunters to look for them, but came back without any news. Trinity wanted to go to look for them alone, but Aries and Kinji decided to go with her, we couldn’t let our friend do this alone. For her own security and because we all cared for her after all.

eshidu  asked:

Are Kimet above eating smaller birds? Or is that like if i ate a tiny, less evolved human?

It’s recieved in a similar fashion to humans eating monkeys (and chimps/apes once you get talking about psittaciformes). No, it’s not cannibalistic by any means–and there are some cultures that partake in it (perhaps even under medical pretenses), but for the most part, it’s an unsettling poposition haha!

Holiday Cards!

Could anyone like this if they’re willing to recieve a Christmas card from me?

I got a whole bunch of cards, and I’d like to show my holiday spirit by sending some cards. I saw some people doing this on the dash and it’s a really cool idea. ❤

small things to add to a hand written letter:

  • a teabag of your favourite tea
  • heart shaped note with cute drawings
  • stickers on the outside of the letter, and inside
  • handmade paper doll
  • small print or postcard
  • a sketch or a little painting or a poem
  • glitter or sequins or pearls or buttons
  • small candies or bubblegum
  • cut out magazine pictures or articles
  • folded paper, like origami
  • textile like small ribbons or clothing patches
  • coins or flat things found in a souvenir shop
  • pressed flower or leaf