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you wanted sads but i’m bad at sads

When Alfred finds Matthew in the parking lot, soaking wet and curled up against the side of his car, he doesn’t quite know what to do. He’s seen the man around the company before, of course, but he has never been formally introduced. The parking lot is empty- Alfred had worked late, much later than anyone else, and his car is the only one left. How had Matthew gotten to work?

“Um,” he starts. “Are you okay?”

It’s clear on closer inspection that the man had been crying. Something about his expression- so dull and lifeless- worries Alfred something terrible. Matthew doesn’t respond at first.

“No,” he says softly. “Not really.” 

Alfred hesitates- he’s never been the type to abandon anyone in need of help. He offers Matthew his hand. “Well let’s get you out of the rain at least. I’ll drive you home.”

After a moment’s hesitation, Matthew reaches up and takes his hand.  He’s shivering from the cold and he refuses to meet his eyes. Still, he murmurs a quiet thank you before slipping into Alfred’s car.

“Sorry about the wet,” he tells him.

“Not a problem.” Alfred says as he shuts his umbrella and slides into the driver’s seat. “So where do you live exactly?”

“…I used to live in an apartment downtown,” Matthew says, voice strained and barely audible.

“Used to…” Alfred repeats. “But where do you live now?”

“I guess nowhere.”

Now, Alfred turns to him. “This isn’t a drug thing is it?” He knows that Matthew must make enough to keep up an apartment without getting evicted.

“No,” Matthew says without looking up. “No.”

“I’ll take you to my place then,” Alfred says back.

Matthew doesn’t want to speak but after a long period of coaxing out answers, Alfred realized he’d been fired. He’d lost his apartment in the process because he’d been sleeping with his boss.

Well, it’d be more accurate to say that his boss’s wife had caught them having sex. The apartment was one his boss kept to be closer to work and it’s where Matthew had been living the past few months.

“You can’t be fired for no reason you know.”

“Yeah but I’m sure if I fought it…well it wouldn’t end well.”

Alfred concedes the point. “Well you can stay here until you’re on your feet again. I can help you find a new job. Just no more eating where you shit alright?” He smiles, trying to lighten the mood. He reaches over and squeezes his hand.

Matthew looks up uncertainly. “Right. None of that.”

“Why don’t we make some huge ice cream Sundays and watch an action movie,” Alfred suggests. Of course, that’s the clichéd response to a bad break-up right? But well, it sounded fun to him.

“Yeah,” Matthew says after a moment. “I’d like that.” 

It’s the first time in two hours that his smile has touched his eyes, and it makes Alfred’s heart beat just a little bit faster. 

The British Isles is a proof of intelligent design, as god knew that he had to separate you from us on the mainland to keep us all sane.
—  The Norwegian Rechive/Peridottir suffering upon being told that the British call the midday meal either lunch or dinner, and the evening meal dinner or tea. Not shown - the loud AUUUUUUGH that was her primary response.

my phone remembered the last time I was on Rechive’s tumblr page (which was yesterday) I was reading her merman-in-a-tank AU, and it didn’t update yet!!! I rushed back to work to get a pen and paper and took hours to write it down before my phone would update tumblr and realize Rec’s tumblr is gone

SO HERE YOU ARE! Merman-in-a-tank AU, brought to you by Rechive last year


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rechive replied to your post: IT IS PAST MIDNIGHT. WHY IS IT STILL SO HOT??? I…

What’s the temperature? D:

Too goddamn hot. *sitting with all the windows open, in shorts, tank-top and with a cold drink, and is still too hot*

It was over 25 degrees during the day - I stopped looking at the temp. when we suddenly and unexpectedly acquired extended family for our barbecue, but I know a lot of heat got trapped in the house and it just won’t dissipate now.

rechive-deactivated20130930  asked:

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1. The person I like and why I like them: Weeell, I don’t have a serious crush going on right now, but there is a little something. I like them because they’re absolutely precious and funny and share my sense of humor, and did I mention very attractive. Mostly it’s a friend-crush though.

5. Weird things I do when I’m alone: Not gonna lie, I have been known to run around naked when I’m alone in the house. It’s very freeing. Mostly though I just have impromptu jam parties of singing and dancing.

10. Something I’ve lied about: Well, I lie in the morning all the time when I say I’ve gotten out of bed when I haven’t. Pun not intended but still proud of. 

15. Lyrics that apply to my current situation/mood: Cough Syrup by Young the Giant has been my theme song for a while now, although currently I have slight undertones of Shake it Out by Florence and the Machine. 

20. Press ctrl+v and post

the person i like and why i like them. Haha boring sorry

25. 5 Things within touching distance: My dog, my computer, my blanket, the couch, a pillow, the coffee table. Not much exciting. I’m a couch hermit.