As readers have probably picked up from the tapir photo, I spent most of yesterday at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. Overall it’s a facility I think well of - I think my earliest memory of an aquarium is their central tank, and I’ve visited multiple times over recent years and spent a lot of time chatting with staff and volunteers. However, there was one aspect of the visit that left a sour taste in my mouth that I want to talk about more at length. The way educators in the Wild Wonders presentation handle the concept of “reduce, reuse, recycle” left my companion and I incredibly uncomfortable, due to the presentation’s heavy association of the topic with law enforcement and the utter absence of alternate solutions for audience members not able to spend the money on fancy reusable items. It came across as authoritarian and out of touch with the potential socio-economic demographics of visitors - so much so that those issues overshadowed my ability to enjoy the inclusion of unusual educational animals like aardvarks and bald eagles in the program.

The premise of the show was this: a visitor arrives in a desert town where single-use items are illegal looking for interesting animals to see, but finds herself in trouble with the sheriff’s deputy showing her around because she uses disposable items such as water bottles and plastic bags. In between random animal appearances, the visitor is pursued and repeatedly arrested by the deputy for her single-use items, and then given something better to use instead. At the end of the show, after the visitor appears to have learned the error of her ways, the two sit down to eat their packed lunches together - the visitor is horrified to find she has packed her food in disposable containers, while the sheriff smugly pulls out an identical lunch that has been packed entirely in reusable items. There were a number of reasons that I found this messaging discomfiting.

For one, the main message conveyed regarding reusable items was very authoritarian. During the pre-show, the audience was educated about how much damage since use items can do, and then told to say a pledge along with the presenter in which they swore off all single-use items forever and affirmed a commitment to reusable items. That itself felt a little weird, but then the show took it even further by having the consequences of the use of disposable items be punative actions by authority figures. The visitor was not really educated about the ban on single-use items before going off on her adventures, and was arrested by the deputy for her crime without any dialogue that addressed her potential knowledge (or lack there or) regarding why disposable items were so bad. The deputy would then harangue her and give her an appropriate reusable item instead. This happened three times during the course of the show, in the same pattern: visitor would happily run off in an adventure with an inappropriate item, the dog playing the sheriff would “report” the illegal use to the deputy, the deputy would chase and arrest the visitor. This particular scripting effectively communicated to the kids in the audience that a) using disposable items is always bad, without exception b) it is totally acceptable and normal for authority figures to take punative action towards people using disposable items c) being chased and arrested is within the scope of punishment for repeated use of disposable items and d) ignorance of why single-use items are bad is not acceptable and will not be taken into account. That’s not how you convince kids to want to save the earth - that’s how you scare them into complying. (It also came off as insensitive and unaware of current events, as chase scenes, lassoing of “the culprit”, and arrests were played off for laughs by an entirely white cast).

For two, there was no awareness in the entire script of how income differences might effect the audience’s ability to comply with their conservation solutions. All the item offers as better solutions to single-use items were expensive: the pre-show involved replacing plastic straws with reusable metal ones, and items the deputy showed off were a reusable fabric tote, heavy plastic water bottles, recharable batteries, and a decorative fabric lunch bag and matching sandwich pouch. There was exactly zero mention of alternatives that did not involve spending money on eco-friendly items. I really expected some mention of how plastic grocery sacks or disposable water bottles could be saved and re-used instead of being thrown out, but there was nothing like that in the messaging - framing indicated that purchasing eco-friendly items was really the only acceptable action. I’m sorry, but not everyone can afford that, which means there are now potentially kids in the audience who may think their family is bad (and maybe potentially at risk for being arrested) for not owning reusable items because they can’t afford the up-front cost of purchasing them.

For three, I really don’t think public shaming of people for single-use items is an appropriate message to pass on to kids. The whole show kind of yucked it up, encouraging the audience to sympathize with the beleaguered deputy, placing them in opposition against the visitor who just didn’t get how awful and harmful her choices were. At the end, though, you saw the visitor sit down and pull out her lunch from a sack - just like many kids do every day. It’s been made clear the visitor has learned the value of reusable items from her multiple arrests. Then she pulls out her food, and sees how the packaging has failed yet again… and is not met with sympathy for a choice she didn’t realize was inappropriate when she made it. She’s shamed, yet again, and this time for a past choice she can’t rectify. How many kids do you think will sit down for lunch soon - maybe a packed lunch at a day camp that they have no control over - and see that it’s packed with disposable items and feel bad about that? I know the goal is that kids go home and talk to their parents, but there’s a couple problems - not only was that discussion never explicitly encouraged, not everyone can afford Tupperware or cloth sandwich baggies for their kids to take to school. The presentation set kids up to feel bad about how they engage in a common routine they may have no power to influence, and taught by example that it’s okay to shame and punish other people who use the wrong items.

None of the things listed above are good takeaways from an educational program. Compliance through fear of authority, compulsory spending to achieve moral status, and negative treatment of those who can’t or don’t act similarly are not acceptable messaging for door yo be teaching the kids who are in their audiences. This is especially true when the script of a supposedly animal-based program focuses more heavily on teaching these lessons than on the animals in the presentation.

What I was taught when being trained as as an educator is that motivating an audience to engage in behavioral change that is uncomfortable or inconvenient requires utilizing the power of positive emotion. You don’t go to the hassle of remembering reusable bags on every grocery trip because you’ll get in trouble if you don’t - you do it because you love leatherback sea turtles and want to reduce the number of bags that might be mistaken for delicious jellyfish when they end up in the ocean. While kids might change their behavior temporarily because the rest of their life has conditioned them to automatically obey authority figures, at some point they’re going to realize nobody is going to arrest them for not carrying a reusable water bottle, and they’ll stop caring - at best. At worst, they realize that they’ve been manipulated by the cool educators at the zoo with the animals they liked so much, and they’ll write off any future messaging as a result.

I was truly blown away by how much this program differed from my other experiences at Point Defiance. I’ve seen Wild Wonders shows in previous years and adored them both for their quality animal training and their strong conservation message. I got neither from this current script - overall impression was that the animals made quick appearances to keep the attention of the audience during transitions between scenes. I’m not sure why this year was so different - I don’t know the facility from anything but the public side, nor know staff there to ask, so I won’t hazard a guess. Overall, it felt like the whole production really missed an opportunity to use incredibly cool animals - hello, aardvarks?? - to inspire kids to get involved and to spread awareness of the ways people of all ages and income can modify their usage of disposable items to become more sustainable.

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Hello! ''Tis me again. Could you write some general romance headcanons like you did before for MTMTE Megatron (maybe a bit of before and after the war?), Fortress Maximus, Optimus Prime (from tfa and/or tfp, or even IDW if that's easier), Prowl (IDW or tfa), Soundwave, Rung, Heatwave (rb), and Grimlock (rid15 or IDW). I'm so sorry there's so many. Your headcanons are flufftastic though and I'm crying from the cuteness

It’s only 8, lovely(Made 9 by me but shhh)! I don’t mind a lot of characters~ Rescue Bots isn’t on the list of continuities I do, buuuut! You’re a committed follower and I have seen RB, so I make the exception for you. Also I hope it’s okay I did TFP Soundwave? You didn’t specify and he’s like… My favorite soundwave–
Aaaaaaaaaaa thank you so much! You’re too nice to me!


Megatronus(bot! s/o only)
~Despite his demeanor and time in the pits he’s a surprisingly gentle and careful lover.
~Finds it an honor that his love chose him.
~He enjoys casual PDA, quick kisses, hugs, forehelm bumps. Mostly he just enjoys holding your servos.
~However, in certain company, he only allows for quick kisses or a hug, sometimes not even that.
~In other company he’ll keep an arm firmly wrapped around your waist, keeping you to his side. He wants them to know you’re his and that either you or him will kill them if anything happens to either.
~In private he’s prefers the more intimate affections. Such as holding you in his lap, arms wrapped firmly around your midsection, placing gentle kisses to your plating.
~He enjoys getting your opinions on his writings and even practicing speeches in front of you. He’s absolutely overjoyed if you clap for him and he takes all your suggestions and critiques in stride with an appreciative smile.
~Sharing a berth is about the same regardless of your size, he usually recharges on his back with you pulled into his side.
~He does understand, however, if you’re bigger and it’s uncomfortable for you to be pressed into his chassis with pedes hanging of the berth so he’ll compromise and you two will sleep face to face with his arm wrapped around you and legs tangled together.
~He likes dates where you just share energon at your home and talk about your days, but he also enjoys walks.
~Regardless of what you do for your dates, he likes to talk about your days and plans for tomorrow and just general things.
~He is elated to become Conjux with you and takes the whole thing very, very seriously.
~He takes his time in going through it all and, when you reciprocate, he picks you up in an almost crushing hug and swings you around, laughing.
~Unfortunately your relationship is doomed from the start. When the war starts, you grow apart, he’s not the mech you knew and he scares you.
~If you meet again after the war he’ll ask for your forgiveness, but never ask you to take him back. He understands that’s not what you two need. He will also readily understand if you are unwilling to forgive him.

~He’s a bit rougher than he used to be, more likely to do certain things without first asking you.
~He’s wholly against PDA except for servo holding when the situation allows it and maybe a passing hug or two. You can get away with a kiss to the cheek occasionally.
~However in private he is very affectionate, he believes it means more if only you get to see how much he loves you.
~In private he likes to be as gentle as he can, which is surprisingly very.
~He’s slow and careful with every touch, regardless your size or species.
~Even despite his carefulness he’s still a bit rough, he’s got a certain degree of numbness to his servos and, therefore, can’t always gauge how much pressure he’s using.
~He gently demands that you /tell him/ if he’s hurting you, he doesn’t want to and the communication helps him learn how certain pressures feel in his arm instead of his servos.
~His favorite kisses are to the forehelm/head and he likes to gently press forehelms together.
~He adores when you sit in his lap and let him place his chin on your shoulder and arms around your midsection whether you’re bot or human, though if you’re human he’ll either use massdisplacement or hollomatter.
~Sharing a berth is out of the question if you’re human, he doesn’t move much, but if you move and then he moves and he’s just too paranoid about hurting you for that.
~However if you’re a bot and smaller than him, which is more likely, he’ll always kind of wrap himself around you and hold you close to him. It doesn’t matter if your back, front, or side is to him, he will have himself wrapped around you.
~If you’re bigger than him it’s kind of the same thing only it’s a little harder for him to do it and, most of the time, he just ends up laying across your chassis with your legs tangled together. Sometimes he wants you to hold him, though. Only sometimes and he never says it out loud, just kind of pushes his back into you until you get the hint.
~Date nights are a must, they’re always quiet, but rarely the same. He may take a walk with you through the halls and just enjoy each other’s presence in silence or he may plan something with food/energon and music and dancing. It depends on how much time you have together and your moods.
~He always makes sure you get two date nights a week if he can manage it.
~Conjux is all but out of the question for him. He’s afraid of having someone that close to him considering what he’s done and who he is. He doesn’t want you to suffer with him simply because of his own wrong doings.
~You may both sit down and have a conversation about it and come to the conclusion that it could be a possibility in the future, but that is entirely in the air.

~He’s gentle and caring and always wants to be with you when he can.
~He’s very understanding with you, no matter what you’re doing.
~He tries to be as protective of you, to the best of his ability. He would go down fighting for you, not before trying to either run with you or talk them down.
~He likes keeping you in his lap and running his digits through your hair or gently massaging your helm.
~He’s a worrier, so if you’re in field a lot he waits, antsy and impatient, for you to get back.
~If your human he worries about you getting stepped on or seriously injured just being around the ship.
~If you’re bigger than him than he absolutely adores being picked up, held, and cuddled by you. It makes him feel very safe and protected in your arms.
~Also if you’re bigger than him he likes sitting in your lap and playing with your servos.
~His favorite show of affection is gentle forehelm/head touches and kisses.
~He’s not against PDA, but try to keep it to a minimum because he gets super embarrassed.
~Dates with him can either be perfectly planned or a bit spontaneous.
~If he you want to go out and explore the world they’re currently landed on, he turns that into a date quickly. However most of the time he plans his dates with good energon/food, soft lights that resemble candles, and gentle music.
~He likes casual and relaxed conversation during your dates, how your days went, stories from your sparklinghood/childhood, what you’re planning for tomorrow, etc.
~Recharging with him is different depending on the height and species.
~Humans don’t recharge with him. He’s absolutely terrified he will roll over and kill them.
~If the bot is the same height or smaller he faces them and tangles himself in their limbs, pressing their cheekplates together until he’s asleep. Then his helm may fall to their chassis or back away from them.
~If the bot is bigger it depends on how bad his day was, he may demand, very gently, to be held and cuddled, he needs the comfort. Otherwise it’s the same as above, he just wraps one leg around their waist and ends up with his helm to their chassis.
~Conjux is a bit of a scary concept to him, not because he doesn’t love you enough to be Conjux with you, but because he’s honestly afraid to tell you everything about him and he couldn’t imagine being Conjux with you /without/ telling you about his mistakes and secrets.
~He does eventually come clean, slowly, and he’s elated when you simply kiss him, “The past is the past, my sweet. You can’t change it, only learn from it… And you’re doing great.”
~He definitely cries when you become Conjux.

Fortress Maximus
~He’s afraid of how big he is, he’s going to hurt you! This is an especially aggravated fear if you’re human.
~Mostly he likes to keep you on his shoulder, there’s no way you’re bigger than him so even if you’re a bot as well you’re still probably sitting on his shoulders.
~PDA makes him nervous and a bit embarrassed so it’s pretty much just servo holding.
~He won’t fight you if give him a kiss or hug him as long as you warn him about what you’re going to do. If you don’t warn him sometimes he panics and he might throw you.
~If you’re human he’ll straight forget you’re on his shoulder if you stay quiet and you /will/ scare him scrapless if you talk suddenly. He almost screams.
~Also if you’re human he rarely holds you in his servos for very long, only long enough to deposit you somewhere else. He’s scared he’ll drop or seriously injure you.
~He’s not very good at dates, but he tries.
~The first few dates are awkward because he’s so unsure and he’s trying /too/ hard. You have to reassure him that you could just take a walk around the Lost Light and it would be perfect.
~From then he doesn’t try as hard, but he does his best to do things you would enjoy together.
~It takes a long time for him to think about sharing a berth with you and won’t do so until after you’re Conjux. He doesn’t want to let someone that close that might not stay.
~Sharing a berth is out of the question if you’re human, even if he doesn’t move much. He won’t recharge because he’s so nervous about it.
~Sharing a berth, however, is interesting. He’s so big and he takes up so much room you need a /giant/ berth.
~He keeps you on his chassis and holds you close, arms wrapped around your waist.
~He finds it’s easier to recharge with you there and your weight on top of him.
~Conjux is probably the scariest thing about relationships, but the moment he knows you’re the one, he’s going for it. He doesn’t even begin to allow himself to overthink about it, you’re the most important thing in his life.
~He’s crying when you reciprocate, but he’s going to pretend he’s not and don’t say anything he might snap at you! He’s fine!


Optimus Prime
~He’s the leader and a Prime so he doesn’t have a lot of time to spend with you and that absolutely kills him.
~He does his best to at least make an hour a week to be with you and only you. Ratchet does the best he can to make sure he gets that hour.
~He’s not overtly affectionate, he either doesn’t have the time or needs to uphold himself properly.
~He’s not against PDA, however. Just keep it to a low minimum of servo holding and maybe a quick kiss or two, cheek or lips.
~However, in private, he is very, very affectionate.
~He holds you to him and kisses you where he can reach, shoulders, helm, lips, wherever he can get so he can show you how much you mean to him. Even if you’re human he’ll kiss your head a lot, may even use massdisplacement or hollomatter just so he can kiss you everywhere he wants.
~In private he rarely lets you get away from his hold, keeping you against his chassis.
~Dates are nearly impossible, so you can’t expect them much. Even in that hour he tries to make sure he gets a week he won’t plan anything, he doesn’t want it to fall apart and be completely ruined.
~However if he knows you’ll get a chance for a date he’ll make sure it’s simple, dinner and maybe a movie. He might dance with you, he likes to slow dance.
~He doesn’t recharge much so you might be hard pressed to recharge with him. Most of the time you’re forced to drag him to berth or he’ll flat skip recharge.
~If you’re human he won’t even allow you to stay at the base for the night. He loves you, but it’s not safe for you to stay and you have family you need to see. Just be back in the morning.
~If you’re a bot and you /actually/ get him to berth he’ll lazily wrap an arm around you, he can only sleep on his stomach or side, if he’s careful, so, no matter the size of you, you’re usually curled into his side with his arm around you.
~However if you’re smaller than him, similar to Arcee’s size, he may keep his arm off you. He doesn’t want to accidentally hurt you by pulling you into him too tightly.
~He won’t be Conjux with you. End of discussion. This is war and he doesn’t want to commit so much to you for you to just lose him or vice versa. It would be hard enough just to lose you, but to lose you as a Conjux would kill him.
~However, after the war, he would happily become Conjux with you. And by happily I mean he will cry and you’ll swear he’s not a Prime anymore, but Orion Pax again.

~He’s damn hard to read to most people, but never for you. You can read him very well and that’s something he loves about you.
~You find it easy to read his subtle body language and gauge his reactions and you always know how to react in turn.
~You can have full conversations with him and no one understands /how/. There’s nothing on his visor, no mashed audios clips, he’s just standing there and you’re talking. No one understands. That’s how you two like it.
~He’s completely against PDA, especially in front of Megatron.
~He may let you get away with leaning on him.
~If you’re human you can lean into his foot or, if you have the ability, he ignores you as you climb up his body to rest in any spot you fit that’s not dangerous if he moves. He’ll use his tendrils to move you if it’s dangerous.
~He still isn’t overly affectionate in private.
~He mostly likes to just hold you to his chassis, which can get awkward if you’re bigger than him because he’s like… All arm. You somehow make it work.
~He absolutely loves to nuzzle his helm to your helm/head, shoulders, or stomach, always gently. You know he loves it because there’s always a little heart emoji on his visor.
~The closest thing you’re getting to a date is leaning on him while he works and conversing in your own special way. Other than that, he’s just not the dating type. He’d rather just cuddle up in your berth.
~He also likes to tickle you with those damn tendrils, regardless of your species or size.
~You always share a berth, even if your human. He doesn’t move at all so there’s no issue in you getting hurt unless you fall off him and then that’s your problem, not his. If your bot it doesn’t matter what size you are he demands to be the big spoon, it’s easier on you both because he’s 90% lank and arm.
~If you move while recharging sometimes you may wake up with an elbow in the side or in a strange and compromising position. If he’s been awake before you, he has a picture of you.
~He also takes pictures of you constantly; everything is cute. He’s got quite the database of pictures of you, a lot of them are hyper focused on you and, therefore, very aesthetically pleasing.
~He’ll want to be Conjux with you, but he’s a little scared to do it considering the war. He eventually decides that he would rather die a thousand deaths with you in his spark than die even once without you.
~When he disappears your comfort is taken in that you can still feel him in your spark. He’s not dead.


~He’s either extremely understanding or extremely annoyed with you and there is rarely an in between with him.
~Usually if he’s annoyed he just tells you he’s too aggravated to talk right now and he’s going to cool down. That way he never just storms away. Usually you agree it’s a good idea too cool.
~If it’s something like tripping over yourself and therefore tripping him up or tripping off his servo causing him to have to scramble to catch you he’ll just make sure you’re alright and then gently smile at you.
~Generally speaking he’s more likely to take a partner who’s calm, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t take a partner that is more rambunctious and ready to party/fight. It just means he’s more likely to get drug out of his comfort zone.
~PDA isn’t something he’s huge on, but if you take his servo or kiss him he’ll return the gesture. He does like to keep you in his lap if he’s sitting though or to be in yours if you’re bigger.
~He won’t let you get too touchy in public, don’t wrap an arm around him he’ll slink out of it and give you a look.
~He gets super embarrassed if you kiss his face in public and will definitely duck so you miss and end up kissing open air.
~If you’re human he likes to keep you on his shoulder, which means he can’t duck! You’re free to kiss his face all over where you can reach and make him a blushing, stuttering mess.
~His dates are generally very, very quiet and always just the two of you.
~He likes candle lights and starry night walks. Conversations come and go easily and there’s never any awkwardness between the two of you.
~Sharing a berth is completely different depending on you and you’re species and height.
~If you’re human he keeps you either against his neck or on his chassis, he doesn’t move so there’s no worries and it won’t be a particularly painful drop if you happen to roll of him yourself.
~If you’re a bot yourself and smaller than him he likes to either be the big spoon, though he’ll let you be the big spoon if you ask, or recharge face to face in a tangle of arms, legs, and chassis. Sometimes you have a bit of trouble separating in the morning.
~If you’re bigger than him he still likes to be the big spoon but he’s far more likely to settle on being the little spoon. He still likes to face you and tangle up together, however sometimes it ends up with him just being on top of you.
~If you move in recharge there’s a chance you might push him off the berth and he’ll never forgive you. (he forgives you by the time you’re out the door of your habsuite.)
~Conjux is /slightly/ scary concept for him. He’s not sure he’ll be the best partner for you, you gently reassure him that he will be the best partner.
~He takes his time with it all, because he wants it to be slow and special and all mean the world to the both of you.
~When he joins the Well of Allsparks you feel it in your own spark and are knocked to your knees and left breathless and lost.

{Rescue Bots}

~He’s actually a lot of fun, even if he can be kind of stiff and a bit heated.
~He likes having you around, you really even him out and keep him level, even if you’re similar to him your presence really just calms him down.
~He’s the leader so that often means you don’t get a lot of alone time so you have to take up to being okay with some PDA, but not too much. He’s got a reputation to uphold and he doesn’t want anyone to think less of you either.
~PDA with him is fairly cautious and sensible; don’t hug him too much, kisses on the lips are short, stop being so cute!
~It’s not that he doesn’t love you and if you /ever/ feel like that’s why he doesn’t show a lot of affection publicly he’ll be more inclined to prove you wrong.
~The real reason he doesn’t show a lot of public affection is because he’s seen what people can make of it and he doesn’t want that for either of you, you deserve better than /that/.
~If you tell him you’d like to show him more affection he would agree, but it’s still not silly or long, awkward affections. Just more kissing, hugs last longer, he’s trying.
~He’s a hot head so sometimes you argue and he rarely backs down, you have to be the one to walk away before things get back. He’s working on that, but it can get hard on both of you.
~Sharing a berth is about the same regardless of your species, it’s size that’ll change it.
~If you’re human or a bot smaller than him he’ll let you recharge on his chassis with an arm lazily wrapped around your waist. Sometimes this changes to him being the big spoon, but he doesn’t much care for spooning so it doesn’t happen often.
~If you’re bigger he will shamelessly sprawl across your chassis but if you take pictures or tell /anyone/ he will never forgive you.
~He’s a sucker for romantic comedies so your dates are often curling up in his lap or holding each other and watching the newest one or even one of your favorites. That’s his favorite date.
~However he does also like dates like those /in/ his romantic comedies and he’ll try to recreate them. Sometimes this goes smoothly, sometimes you feel like maybe, just maybe, you /are/ the romcom itself.
~Heatwave isn’t sure about Conjux until you bring it up one night just before you fall into recharge together.
~”You ever thought about being Conjux with me.” “I…. All the time.” “Good.”
~He can’t believe that just happened. He’s ten seconds from squealing when you start snoring and then he has to keep it on the inside. How dare you do that to him.


~He is just… So excited? About everything you do? He just loves you so much?
~You could just say I love you to him and he’d squeal and wrap you in a bear hug.
~He doesn’t much like to get away from you, practically begging Bee to send you teamed together. The only time he doesn’t beg or even bother to ask is if you can’t split off into teams of two, but instead one.
~He loves it if you sit and watch him train and work out. Though it will eventually dissolve into cuddles and tickling each other after one of you starts to tease the other.
~He is all about PDA, though he knows when enough is enough.
~He loves to hold you to him and have you touching him in any way possible. Whether this be an arm around you or servo holding is dependent on you size and species.
~If you’re a bot and small then him you can find yourself sitting in his arms in a hug or sitting on his shoulders because that’s where he put you and that’s where he wants you.
~If you’re about the same or maybe a little bigger he keeps an arm wrapped around you somewhere, usually around the waist with a servo on your hip.
~He’s into every type of kiss, cheek, bunny, lips, passionate, chaste, just kiss him he loves it and he loves you.
~He won’t let it get to far, kisses are never too long, hugs are never sensual, he knows what’s too far and he doesn’t cross that line.
~He likes to have you on his shoulder, regardless of if you’re bot or human. He just likes having you there.
~Sharing a berth is the same no matter what. He transformers and curls around you with his dino head rested underneath you. That’s just what he likes.
~If you’re human you sleep on top of his head unless it’s deemed unsafe for you.
~If you’re a smaller bot you basically sleep curled into his dino neck, if you’re bigger you’re leaning into him instead.
~You’re pretty much always on one big date and he doesn’t know a lot about dating, so it’s up to you if you go on an actual date. Make sure it’s fun!
~Conjux for him isn’t something he understands or ever thought about so you have to make the moves and explain to him what you’re doing and why.
~He’ll cry once you are Conjux though, he can’t believe someone wants him so much.

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Haha, just noticed Gene and Clyde (did I get the names right???) from Rock and Riot in one of your pages! :D Can I ask, what inspired you to make Griefer Belt?/What was your thought process when/while writing/drawing it?

Yes that’s right! Tiny cameo!


Early last year I was surrounded by original content. My flatmate Chelsey launched Rock and Riot and together we watched that explode with popularity.  Bilvy was in pre-pro for Rechareable and I was following along with her development. I first designed Lars in February, I had no intention of doing anything with him I was just enjoying having an OC for once haha
Though I can say it was Chelsey that inspired me to write Griefer Belt. Watching her make RnR was exciting and fun and she encouraged me a lot when I started doing art of Lars.

I wanted to join in the fun and make my own webcomic. I didn’t think it’d get very popular, it’s got a niche audience. When I started I wasn’t thinking about audiences at all, I made Griefer Belt purely for fun and that’s still what keeps me going. The fact other people enjoy it just encourages me that much more. OH and of course Shia Le Beouf’s Just Do It video deserves a bit of credit here.

Lars is where it all started and I had only vague story ideas. The story developed quite late, I didn’t have the entire thing in my head when I started and even now it’s still in pieces. The most important thing for me using this process was having major plot points and an ending fixed before I started. I know where I’m going and how I’ll get there but I’m open to changes along the way.

I feel like thought process is a hard thing to explain. To be honest, writing a story is just intense daydreaming.
But as far as my physical writing process goes,I usually draw my ideas before I make notes (that makes it take longer so not exactly a good idea. .) But I do this because I write better when I have something to look at and inspire me.

The scene’s outside Cowan’s house in Chapter 2 were almost entirely written around these two sketches:

I like to imagine that Genji still likes to sleep on a traditional japanese futon and when he and Zenyatta start dating he introduced him to the joys of sleeping, or recharing, wrapped in a soft fluffy blanket. Zenyatta ends up loving sleeping in the futon more than Genji and the two of them spend the early morning just quietly enjoying the comfort of their warm blankets and each other.