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Haha, just noticed Gene and Clyde (did I get the names right???) from Rock and Riot in one of your pages! :D Can I ask, what inspired you to make Griefer Belt?/What was your thought process when/while writing/drawing it?

Yes that’s right! Tiny cameo!


Early last year I was surrounded by original content. My flatmate Chelsey launched Rock and Riot and together we watched that explode with popularity.  Bilvy was in pre-pro for Rechareable and I was following along with her development. I first designed Lars in February, I had no intention of doing anything with him I was just enjoying having an OC for once haha
Though I can say it was Chelsey that inspired me to write Griefer Belt. Watching her make RnR was exciting and fun and she encouraged me a lot when I started doing art of Lars.

I wanted to join in the fun and make my own webcomic. I didn’t think it’d get very popular, it’s got a niche audience. When I started I wasn’t thinking about audiences at all, I made Griefer Belt purely for fun and that’s still what keeps me going. The fact other people enjoy it just encourages me that much more. OH and of course Shia Le Beouf’s Just Do It video deserves a bit of credit here.

Lars is where it all started and I had only vague story ideas. The story developed quite late, I didn’t have the entire thing in my head when I started and even now it’s still in pieces. The most important thing for me using this process was having major plot points and an ending fixed before I started. I know where I’m going and how I’ll get there but I’m open to changes along the way.

I feel like thought process is a hard thing to explain. To be honest, writing a story is just intense daydreaming.
But as far as my physical writing process goes,I usually draw my ideas before I make notes (that makes it take longer so not exactly a good idea. .) But I do this because I write better when I have something to look at and inspire me.

The scene’s outside Cowan’s house in Chapter 2 were almost entirely written around these two sketches:

I like to imagine that Genji still likes to sleep on a traditional japanese futon and when he and Zenyatta start dating he introduced him to the joys of sleeping, or recharing, wrapped in a soft fluffy blanket. Zenyatta ends up loving sleeping in the futon more than Genji and the two of them spend the early morning just quietly enjoying the comfort of their warm blankets and each other.