But I got the ground type so Im guessing the others are randomised when it appears on the map because I rechallenged it to more times and both times it was ground type.

Also warning this battle is so hard and annoying, judgment is broken as hell, it shoots like 5 orbs after you and they chase you down and deal tons of damage like, 2 attacks and your nearly done for, and the sylveon don’t help at all, I was here for like 20 minutes surviving with my xerneas, but I got it *_*

railehatesfun asked:

I think I'm legally required to ask you about human AU hell

Yes sir you are!

1. Peridot frequently has stress related nightmares, and oddly enough these are the nights that Jasper tends to behave and actually gets cuddly with her.

2. The best cook in the office is Garnet. She and Amethyst have a Saturday cook out every week in the summer because Amethyst can’t get enough of Garnet’s cooking.

3. When Steven visits the office, he likes to get Amethyst to play hide and seek. He always hides with the cleaning supplies cause he knows she won’t think look there. Pearl ALWAYS ends up finding him first without even being part of the game.

4. Peridot tends to play games like Words With Friends on her breaks (because she gets too invested with other games and forgets to go back to work) and has been constantly rechallenging one specific stranger for years at this point. She has no idea it’s Greg who uses a online tool to help him win.

5. Rose’s Company Picnics are usually dispersed around when Greg starts taking control of the music. Garnet is the first to leave, always.