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31 Days of Muse
Day 16 - Favourite bonus track(s): Shrinking Universe and Fury

the signs as kids tv villains
  • Aries: robbie rotten
  • Taurus: skeletor
  • Gemini: team rocket
  • Cancer: dr phillium benedict
  • Leo: angelica pickles
  • Virgo: the master
  • Libra: dr heinz doofenshmirtz
  • Scorpio: gargamel
  • Sagittarius: megatron
  • Capricorn: rita repulsa
  • Aquarius: ice king
  • Pisces: plankton

So I may have fallen in love with this AU. *__*

My take on Altean Prince!Lance has all of the same insecurities as in canon - of being mediocre, insignificant, superfluous - but exacerbated by his station in life. To the other pilots, he’s a pampered little playboy who was gifted his position, and all he can do is put on a brave face and pretend he doesn’t hear their whisperings, privately desperate to prove (to them? to himself?) that he really belongs there.

Keith is still half-Galra (humanness is recessive in this universe, I guess), a runt among the soldiers, and severely ostracised for it. He’s short on social graces, so he’s constantly getting into fights, and despite his extraordinary talent in the field, has accrued enough demerits that he’s been condemned to the lowest rung of deckswabbers for about a decafeeb.

Anyways, one day they’re both busy being broody and self-absorbed without paying attention to where they’re walking, and you can probably imagine what comes next.

The best cartoons I've seen until now

They are sorted alphabetically :3

-American Dragon

-Avatar the last airbender

-Ben 10

-Chip and dale rescue rangers

-Code Lyoko

-Codename Kids next door

-Courage the Cowardly Dog

-Danny phantom


-Foster home for imaginary friends

-Gravity falls

-Hey Arnold

-House of Mouse

-Jackie chan adventures

-Kim Possible

-Martin Mystery

-Miraculous Ladybug

-Moster Allergy 

-My life as a teenage robot

-Proud Family


-Secret Saturdays

-Steven Universe

-Teen titans

-The adventures of Jimmy Neutron 

-Xiaolin Shouwdown


Kid’s Shows

I don’t hate the new cartoon because I’m a butt-hurt adult who’s blinded by nostalgia. I hate the new cartoons because they show that animators and writers no longer have any respect nor care for their audience. They just slap together whatever crap they want on tv and expect kids to lap it up and buy their toys. Also I hate the “it’s for kids so of course it’s terrible” excuse. You know what Ed, Edd n’ Eddy, Codename: Kids Next Door, Hey Arnold!, Recess, Peanuts, Animaniacs, The Proud Family, Batman: The Animated Series, Star vs. The Forces of Evil, Samurai Jack, Ren & Stimpy, Rugrats, The Flinstones, The Jetsons, Kim Possible, Gravity Falls, and Steven Universe all have in common? All of them are kids shows but all of them treated their audience with respect, are intelligently written, and didn’t rely on toilet/shock humor and toy based merchandise to keep running.

Because the Lilo & Stitch crossover episodes established that at least 5 Disney cartoons take place in the same universe (Recess, The Proud Family, American Dragon and Kim Possible) and Phineas and Ferb is implied to take place in the same universe (which I’ve seen called the Disney Channel Animated Universe), even if it wasn’t originally intended I kinda like to think of most if Disney’s cartoons as one large story even if there’s very little connections. Like since Milo Murphy’s Law takes place about now I wonder what Jake Long and Kim Possible are up to at the time that that show takes place.


© Chase Holfelder


5 NASA Photos That Changed The World

4.) Voyager’s “Pale Blue Dot” snapshot. On February 14, 1990, after more than a decade of traveling away from Earth and on its way out of the Solar System, the Voyager 1 spacecraft turned its eye back towards home. Looking back at its journey, it was able to take snapshots of six planets, including the above image of Earth, from six billion kilometers away, making this the most distant photo of Earth ever taken.

Although this image was not part of the original mission plan, Carl Sagan’s idea made it to fruition, prompting him to later write the following:

‘That’s here. That’s home. That’s us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. […] There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world.’

Voyager 1 is now some 20 billion kilometers distant, as it continues its journey into interstellar space as the most distant spacecraft from Earth.”

It’s no secret that peering out into the distant Universe is best done from space, just as looking at our entire world is best done from that same vantage point. For all of human history until the mid-20th century, this was an utter impossibility. But thanks to advances in rocketry, and how NASA managed to put space technology together, we now have views of everything from our home planet to the deepest recesses of the Universe that have taught us lessons we never could have imagined. From the most distant galaxies to a distant view of Earth, all the way back to the youngest baby picture of the Universe ever taken, NASA has been with us throughout every step of the journey. As we peer ever deeper into the abyss and put not just the cosmic story but our place in it into perspective, it’s important to periodically look back at the beautiful but science-rich images that helped shape our view of what all this is actually about.

Come see the five NASA photos that changed the world, and see if your list of five would be any different. (I bet it would be!)




(July 8, 2016) Games Workshop and Titan Comics are thrilled to announce the exciting creative team of writer George Mann (Dark Souls, Warhammer Black Library, Eighth Doctor) and artists Tazio Bettin (Independence Day, Sally of the Wasteland) and Enrica Eren Angiolini who kick-off the phenomenal new Warhammer 40,000 comic series this October!

Now in its seventh edition, the ever-popular tabletop miniatures war game Warhammer 40,000 continues to go from strength to strength. The universe is also explored in dozens of best-selling novels, roleplaying and card games, apps and videogames. Additionally the new Dawn Of War III videogame has been announced for 2017 and looks set to join the previous two games in the series as both a critical and sales smash hit!

Hitting stores on October 12, 2016, the new Warhammer 40,000 comic sees Mann and Bettin take the series to new heights with the first adventure, entitled “Will of Iron”. The story follows Baltus, a Dark Angel newly-elevated to the rank of Space Marine, as he is baptized on the bloody battlefield and uncovers the price his Chapter has paid for victory! Secrets as old as the Horus Heresy are on the verge of being revealed…

This hotly anticipated debut issue comes with five art covers to collect by artists Tazio Bettin & Enrica Eren Angiolini, John McCrea & Dee Cunniffe, Fabio Listrani, Boo Cook, and Nick Percival, plus a blank sketch cover.

“I’ve long had an affinity with the rich, gothic universe of Warhammer 40,000, and it’s a privilege to be able to continue it in this way, crafting stories brimming with intrigue, suspicion, heroism and conflict,” says writer George Mann. “Terrible things await the Dark Angels beyond the warp veil of Calaphrax. We’ve got big plans, and we’re about to embark on a terrifying mission into the darkest recesses of the universe. May the Emperor of Mankind protect us!”

Fans can get a special first look at this thrilling new series at the San Diego Comic-Con Warhammer 40,000 panel on Thursday 21st July (1:30pm - 2:30pm) located in Room 4. This panel is not to be missed and will have artwork previews, announcements and exciting reveals from Warhammer 40,000 writer George Mann and editor Andrew James.

Titan is also producing a special issue #0 edition of Warhammer 40,000, which will be available in October’s edition of White Dwarf magazine – published by Games Workshop. This special 32-page preview comic, designed to direct fans to their local comic book store, features an original 10-page strip by the creative team from the regular series, exclusive ‘making of’ features and comes with a brand-new cover by series artist Bettin.

Warhammer 40,000: Will of Iron #1 hits stores and digital platforms on October 12, 2016 and is available to order from the August edition of PREVIEWS. This all-new original adventure set in the world of the esteemed Warhammer 40,000 universe will delight old and new fans alike!

To keep up to date with news about Warhammer 40,000 comic series, follow Titan Comics on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

i dedicate this post to the 29 muse songs i will most likely never hear live in my lifetime:

ashamed, bedroom acoustics, city of delusion, coma, crying shame, do we need this, easily, escape, eternally missed, exo-politics, fillip, glorious, hate this and i’ll love you, host, in your world, jimmy kane, man of mystery, map of your head, nature_1, overdue, piano thing, pink ego box, recess, shine, shrinking universe, sober, spiral static, thoughts of a dying atheist, twin

my thoughts are with you you are not forgotten

“You were the dark in my life.
When the light was too harsh, ready to strike with unforgiving judgement
You were the comfort of a hug, a gentle whisper of hope.
You were soothing, calming, when the light sought to destroy and wind humans like springs with no release.
I was born into dark; you were my first love.
But this world was not for you
And while you gave all you had to those who sought refuge in you, the ones you loved as they love you
The light found you
Slowly stealing my love
To the recesses of this expansive universe
I will find you again

This is why I think of you when I see the stars.”