recess university

“You were the dark in my life.
When the light was too harsh, ready to strike with unforgiving judgement
You were the comfort of a hug, a gentle whisper of hope.
You were soothing, calming, when the light sought to destroy and wind humans like springs with no release.
I was born into dark; you were my first love.
But this world was not for you
And while you gave all you had to those who sought refuge in you, the ones you loved as they love you
The light found you
Slowly stealing my love
To the recesses of this expansive universe
I will find you again

This is why I think of you when I see the stars.”

i dedicate this post to the 29 muse songs i will most likely never hear live in my lifetime:

ashamed, bedroom acoustics, city of delusion, coma, crying shame, do we need this, easily, escape, eternally missed, exo-politics, fillip, glorious, hate this and i’ll love you, host, in your world, jimmy kane, man of mystery, map of your head, nature_1, overdue, piano thing, pink ego box, recess, shine, shrinking universe, sober, spiral static, thoughts of a dying atheist, twin

my thoughts are with you you are not forgotten