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please talk more about dmab rose it's so important omg

dmab rose is QUITE LITERALLY the gretest thing in the universe

raised as dean until about 9 she was always a very rebellious spirit, fighting with boys at private school, never afraid to throw punches. course back then it was an all inclusive school so she always managed to find a group of girls in every grade that would sort of adopt her as some group puppy. they did her hair even though there wasnt all that much to work with and they painted her nails during recess and teachers would sent home detention slip after detention slip for it but its not like rose’s mom would care to ask what she was signing

it was the middle of the school year when she finally comes home with a black eye, and of course it was the one day mom wasn’t drunk by some miracle. naturally it turns into a fight as did most thing, with rose tearing her silk tie and throwing it to the floor, adamant that there has been an irrefutable mistake and she does not belong in these stupid plaid pants or these fucking perfectly shined shoes and she was a fucking girl, goddamn it. if NOT a women, nine years old or otherwise.

when mom starts absolutely sobbing rose’s first response is her usual disgust and anger, she should have figured her mother of all people wouldn’t even begin to understand any of this.

that is until the next morning, and rose opens her bedroom door to a stack of presents about twice her height. mom’s absolutely ecstatic, pulling her into probably the tightest and grosses hug (complete with even grosser kisses) she’s ever inflicted. because she’s so happy to have a daughter she spared no expense.

rose tries to leave for school and her mom informs her she’s been pulled, starting in the new semester at an all girl’s school that she would be enrolled in the moment she decides on a name to go by. (rose has had it picked out for a very, very long time, so its a nonissue)

but rose is rose, and all of these dresses and high end make up pallets are not a sincere gesture, her mother is just mocking her, mocking her bravery, mocking her identity, mocking it all as some passive aggressive dig. Unfortunately beggars can’t be choosers so instead of outright refuses the presents rose simply modifies them, cutting skirts shorter and dying them darker, tearing off frills and lace where appropriate.

she also much prefers the new school uniform she receives. not just because its a skirt, but also no more plaid.

by the time shes back in school shes had a nice chance to let her hair grow out, and plenty of make up lessons and fits in like a dream.

mom never stops with the gifts though, and rose eventually opts to just ignore them and instead makes sure to leave pamphlets for hormone blockers on every square inch of surface area in the house until she’s got all the appointments she could ever dream of. they won’t let her start actual estrogen until she’s 12, but she can make it work with enough bra stuffing. its not like anyone would really notice at that age, right?????????

meanwhile elsewhere in the country a man is crying over seeing the baby he’d held years upon years in the past grow into a happy and beautiful young woman, while watching her absolutely identical twin brother scream in surprise at the toaster popping…………………………..