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doctor, doctor (give me the news)

A short expansion off this post. Just know that their first meeting definitely went exactly the way I wrote it there. And my first stab at Al’s POV. I feel like he’d be much crotchetier in this scenario, but he’s a softy, too, right?

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As far as Al was concerned, there wasn’t a single reason for him to stay in the hospital a minute longer. He’d had his surgery, knew which medicines he needed to take and how often to change his bandages and even which parts of his new diet were going to make him the most irritable; surely that meant he could go home and convalesce in peace. 

Not even getting sponge baths from the pretty nurses was enough to make him want to stay.

Unfortunately, his daughters and his doctors were of a different mind. 

“Dad, you’re healing from open heart surgery, not a cold,” Natalie had pointed out after she caught him trying to pack his bag to leave. “You need to rest.” 

The fact that he’d had to sit down and catch his breath not even halfway through was certainly a point in his daughter’s favor. Not that he would ever admit it.

So, in the hospital he stayed. 

On the plus side, and he really could not stress how very few pluses there were to this situation, Al did get front row seats to the performance art that was Mike Lawson struggling for the first time in a long time to impress a woman. 

And what a woman. 

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