Eclectic Witch

An individual approach that picks and chooses from many different traditions and creates a personalised form of witchcraft that meets their individual needs and abilities. Their minds remain open and are receptive to knowledge, ideas, beliefs and methods that others practice. They adapt well to different situations and create their own paths by what they believe to be true and right at that time in their life.

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An Idea...

So I was stalking Tumblr the other day and I noticed that other than the artists and writers, the MM fandom isn’t really well acquainted with one another… I also did a little search and I don’t think this is a thing yet so here we go.

I was planning to have a fandom meetup here on Tumblr, so that those in the Mystic Messenger fandom can get to know each other and have a fun time.

(I also got inspired by the phandom meetups as I used to be in the phandom for a few years)

Since National Potato Chip Day lands on March 14th in America, I thought to have the meetup then to celebrate 707′s love for Honey Buddha chips at the same time!

I will make a page about this, and put it in my calendar, but I want to see the reception to this idea first.

So please share this around so that more and more people would know about it!! Thank you guys so much for the support xx

So under the cut is some info about what a meetup actually is:

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EXO’s Reaction to Their GF Cooking a Native Dish for Them


Xiumin’s definitely a foodie, so he would be very receptive to the idea of you making him a dish from your home. He’d be rather dramatic when he bit into it, leaning back and letting out a loud groan of satisfaction.  When you’d ask him if he liked it he’d just nod, too busy stuffing his face to reply verbally.


Open to trying new foods, Chen would be interested to see what a normal dinner was like in your country. When you presented it to him he’d let out a soft “wooah,” impressed by how good it looked. He’d stay silent after the first bite, chewing thoughtfully before grinning at you. “It’s amazing, jagi,” he’d say happily before demolishing the meal in front of him.


Though Baekhyun would enjoy trying your native food, he’d make sure to make a fuss beforehand. “Jagiya~ What if I’m allergic? Don’t feed me something gross,” he’d tease, grinning. Even as he was eating the meal he’d eye you suspiciously, “worried” that you had fed him something gross. (He’d finish the dish even if you had.)


Even though what you had cooked for him wasn’t anything extravagant, Chanyeol would make a big deal over it. He’d constantly be complimenting you on how good it was, making sure to finish everything on his plate and then some.  Afterwards he’d dramatically rub his stomach, exclaiming how full he was.


Lay’s tried many different foods before, so trying a new dish wasn’t a big deal for him. He’d smile happily at you after the first bite, nodding to show he liked it. When he finally finished his meal he’d kiss your cheek and start washing the dishes. A few days later, he’d be requesting more dishes from your country.


It wasn’t enough for D.O to eat it, he wanted to see how you cooked the dish too. He’d quietly stand beside you in the kitchen, a small smile on his face, as you showed him how to prepare the meal. He’d do his best to imitate what you were doing, but would be embarrassed when his meal turned out rather burnt and yours was perfect.


Suho would be the most excited about trying food from your country. He’d actually be the one to suggest it. Throughout the meal he’d be letting out many satisfied sounds, and by the end his plate was sparkling clean. “Jagi, you need to cook more like this,” he’d say happily, patting his stomach.


Not unlike Baekhyun, Kai would be pretty immature about the whole ordeal. “Eww, jagi, what is that?” he’d tease you. When you reassured him it was just a vegetable from your country, he’d hesitantly bite into it. For the next couple weeks he’d be bothering you to cook the meal again, insisting it was better than fried chicken (though he was saying that just to flatter you–nothing is better than fried chicken to Kai).


Surprisingly, Sehun would be rather enthusiastic regarding trying your food. He’d barely wait until you were seated to dig in, his eyebrows raising after the first bite. “It’s so good!” he’d say in surprise. You’d tease him, asking if he thought it’d be bad. He’d mumble something in response, his mouth too full with food to be able to form coherent words.

Kitten; Epilogue

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Jon Moxley[Dean Ambrose]/Unnamed OFC

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Thirst Party Crew, welcome to our epilogue! Tagging the amazing @tox-moxley, the awe-inspiring @oraclegazes, and our brave captain on this voyage, @hardcorewwetrash. Enjoy!

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Sprucing Up Your Dialogue Tags

When it comes to dialogue tags, I subscribe to three main ideas.

1. Use dialogue tags when necessary to denote who is speaking, and rarely otherwise.

2. 85% of the time, said or asked is sufficient. It makes the times when you use something else stronger. (Don’t start counting your dialogue tags. This isn’t an exact number.)

3. Avoid the use of adverbs in conjunction with dialogue tags unless there isn’t a better option.

That being said, there are a number of ways to make your dialogue tags more interesting and give more flavor to your writing without settling for flowery language or purple prose.

Take, for example, the tag “he said patiently.” There isn’t another verb you can easily use, but there are more interesting and nuanced ways to portray the same idea. If you use “he said as though with infinite patience,” the reader gets one impression. “He said with feigned patience” gives a different impression.

Think about what impression you want to send, and use that to determine how you will phrase what you will write.

If you want to give the feeling that a character is disgusted by what they’re saying, you could go for imagery like “they said, feeling the words coat his throat like bile.” This gives the reader something to concrete to picture beyond just the idea of disgust.

The more words you use, and the wider variety of words you use, the more precise you can be. “Hesitantly” isn’t precise, but “feeling as though every word has to be forced out one by one” and “after a brief hesitation” and “unsure of the reception of their idea” are.

You can use imagery in regards to taste, texture, the feeling of the person’s pulse throbbing in their throat and up the side of their face so they can see it. You can talk about how someone looks when speaking, either in metaphorical or literal language. You can talk about a person trying to force words past a lump in their throat or past numb lips or a dry tongue or around the copper taste of a nosebleed dripping down the throat.

Pick what will not only make what you want to show clear but will also evoke the imagery that you want to evoke.

That being said, this should be used sparingly. If you use it for every dialogue tag, it will get repetitive, just as using too many dialogue tags will or using too many adverbs will.

EXO’s Reaction to Their GF Having a Lipstick Fetish


Though laidback when it came to exploring fetishes and kinks, this one would throw Xiu for a loop. “You..wait, you want me to wear the lipstick?” he’d ask, his eyebrows raised. He’s more of the masculine type, so he’d only do it on special occasions, i.e. birthday, Valentine’s Day.


Chen wouldn’t be able to stop laughing when you told him. “Holdonholdonholdon,” he’d say, running into your bathroom and coming out with bright red lipstick. He’d grin at you, smirking “seductively”. After all of his teasing he’d eventually agree to wearing lipstick every so often in bed.


Pretty chill with makeup, Baekhyun would agree to occasionally wearing lipstick in bed. “Jagi, if it gets on the covers it’s not my fault,” he’d point out, a smile playing on his lips. Afterwards he’d tease you, saying that he looked better in your lipstick than you did.


Chanyeol would mostly just be confused. “You look great in lipstick I don–what,” his eyebrows would furrow when you told him you wanted him to wear the lipstick.  He’d nod, saying he’d give it go, but would conveniently “forget” to put it on before sexy time. 


Willing to do (almost) anything for you, Lay would agree to wearing lipstick every so often in bed. It would only happen every couple months, but he’d surprise you with it, giggling shyly when he saw your aroused look when he stepped out with it on.


Hm…yeah, no. D.O wouldn’t be very receptive to this idea. He already wears little makeup as it is, so putting on lipstick wouldn’t go over well with him. He’d politely decline, pointing out that he’ll end up looking like perriot if he tried. No amount of begging would change his stubborn mind.


Suho loves pleasing you, but lipstick would definitely be a stretch for him. He’d have to think about it, but would eventually agree. After all, he had full-out crossdressed as a woman before, so this couldn’t be much harder, right? He’d do it every so often, acting shy and embarrassed when he did.


Thinking you’re joking, Kai wouldn’t be able to stop giggling at the idea of him in lipstick. He’d grab one of your brightest colors and put it on; seeing himself in such bold lipstick only made him laugh more. Though he’d try to be serious with it on, every time he’d catch his reflection he’d burst out into giggles.


Like D.O, Sehun would be less than receptive about the idea of wearing lipstick. “Jagi, you look really good in lipstick, so why don’t you just wear it?” he’d sigh, gazing into the abyss at this new fetish-development. He’d eventually comply, only wearing it once in a blue moon. 

Some much needed Reylo positivity for your dash 💗

As a Reylo shipper, I’ll always be in awe of the incredible dynamic created by the writers between Rey and Ren.
But most of all, I’ll always be in awe of our amazing fandom. We are hopeful, intelligent, compassionate, tolerant and loving, everything that represents Star Wars for what it truly is. According to my faith, there is such a thing as good karma and bad karma, and we are certainly among those who have benefited from good karma because of how amazing we’ve been towards each other this past year.
Just look how far we’ve come Reylo fam! There are amazing Reylo fanfiction writers, Reylo artists and even Reylo podcasters who have gone on to achieve great things and make a name for themselves in the wider fandom. We’re also slowly being proven right in most of the things we’ve been saying since the release of TFA and if there’s any group of fans who are bound to get things right in the long run, it’s us. So don’t be disheartened by the incessant bitching and moaning of certain groups. They may see the dynamic in a negative way, but that’s their loss because from everything we know since December 2015, from the TFA script, to the novelisations, JJ’s commentary, actor interviews, interviews from people involved in the creation of that dynamic/characters and recently, from the official databank updates, the creators of Rey and Kylo Ren absolutely don’t view the dynamic between them as anything negative. No matter how anyone else chooses to see this dynamic, it is very clear now that the writers don’t see it all as something toxic and deserving of scorn and as they’re the ones who decide the canon outcome of the story, it doesn’t matter what negative interpretation someone else may have attached to it. In fact, what the creators have had to say about it has made us even more intrigued with the possibility of Reylo, am I right?😁. Also, I’ve seen more and more Star Wars fans becoming receptive to the idea with the release of all this new information.
So no, we are not criminals or Nazis or fascists for simply enjoying a certain character dynamic that was obviously meant to inspire interest in fans. We’re just a bunch of fans who were somewhat correct in our interpretation of the story we were given and that’s seemed to have sent certain people into panic mode.
I’ve been really angry today, but I’ve had a chance to calm down and think about things and I’m hoping this post will help you stay positive
Fear not and don’t let other people’s toxic behavior affect you and the way you enjoy fandom.
And don’t forget to spread the love 😚😚😚

New intimates seller in town! 👙💋

Hello, I’m thinking of selling my intimates here but I’m rather uncertain about everyone’s receptivity to the idea. I came up with quite a few concepts for this tumblr page so there is something for everyone to look forward to hehe!

Sooo, please reblog this if you think I should start launching the sales 🙏🏻🙏🏻

More info about me can be found in the “About Me” tag and please feel free to message me in the mean time for further enquiries/ suggestions/ just to talk :)

Happy White Independence Day

The British were the first to promise freedom after the war to any slaves who fought with them instead of the colonists, and freedom is quite the motivator to take up arms…as noted by the white colonists who were taking up arms to “free” themselves from British rule.  

Throughout the colonies there were slaves fighting alongside the British because they’d rather be free and heavily taxed (assuming they were even aware of the political landscape and why their white masters were going off to war) than continue to live as property in a “free” country with the same ol masters.  One lasting record of the Brits’ promise to free slaves is The Book of Negroes, a list of slaves who signed up to fight for Britain and were then shipped off to freedom in Nova Scotia and England by Lord Dunmore after they lost the war.  

How’s that for making good on a promise?

Britain wasn’t the first to have the idea to free slaves in exchange for participating in the war.  It was also discussed in the colonies.  Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers, was in favor of allowing slaves to form their own troops to fight alongside the colonists, and those who fought would be freed after the war.  The legislature was obviously against that because arming slaves – after what they’d been through – was a frightening prospect.  Plus, the South needed its economic engine to keep chugging along (Northern colonies were more receptive to the idea).  By the end of the war when manpower was running low, some colonies would allow free Blacks to serve and some would offer freedom to slaves who fought, but most plantation owners went back on that promise after the war was over.

In the end, more Blacks (free and slave) actually fought alongside the American rebels in the hopes that they’d receive freedom or a bounty or a pat on the head or even a thank you after it was over if the Americans prevailed.  The Americans did win…and the majority of those slaves went right back to the fields for another eighty years unless they managed to escape in the confusion of the war.  The revolution did influence some individual slave owners, especially in communities of Quakers where slaves were freed after the war because they recognized the hypocrisy of fighting a war for freedom from another country while you kept humans as property in your “new” country.

So when some uber Patriotic white guy you went to high school with (who is still your Facebook friend for some reason) posts a status update at the fireworks show tonight about his ancestors fighting for freedom, remember that ours did too.  And most of them didn’t even get a thank you.


On this day in music history: June 11, 1991 - “Unforgettable… With Love”, the fourteenth album by Natalie Cole is released. Produced by David Foster, Andre Fischer and Tommy LiPuma, it is recorded at Capitol Recording Studios, Conway Studios, Group IV Recording Studios, Hollywood Sound in Hollywood, CA, Pacifique Studios, Bill Schnee Studios, Track Record Studios in North Hollywood, CA, Lighthouse Studios, Ocean Way Recording, Westlake Audio, Johnny Yuma Recording Studios in Los Angeles, CA and Twentieth Century Fox Scoring Stage in Century City, CA from November 1990 - April 1991. Having successfully restarted her stalled recording career in the late 80’s after years of drug abuse and regaining her sobriety, Natalie Cole is about to begin her third decade with another career milestone. Following the release of the album “Good To Be Back” in 1989, Cole tells executives at her label EMI Records that she wants to record an album of standards originally recorded by her legendary father Nat King Cole. The label is not receptive to the idea, feeling that it “won’t be commercial” and will potentially alienate her new younger fan base. Determined to go forth with the project, Cole negotiates her release from EMI, when her management contacts Bob Krasnow at Elektra Records, who offers to sign her to the label and make the album. Assembling a team of producers that include Natalie’s then husband former Rufus drummer Andre Fischer, Tommy LiPuma (George Benson, Diana Krall) and David Foster (Chicago, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Barbara Streisand), they go about the task of selecting which songs to record. They pare the list down to twenty two songs which include the standards “Paper Moon”, “Too Young”, “Mona Lisa”, “Nature Boy”, “Route 66” (featuring Natalie’s uncle Ike Cole on piano), “Smile”, “L-O-V-E” and “Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup”. The albums centerpiece is the title track “Unforgettable”, which is turned into a virtual duet by lifting the vocal track from Nat King Cole’s 1961 re-recording. To add additional authenticity and reverence to the new version, they also use arranger and orchestra conductor Nelson Riddle’s original arrangement. Released in the late Spring of 1991, the album is an enormous artistic and commercial triumph, giving Natalie Cole the opportunity to honor her father’s legacy, while also becoming the most successful album of her career. “Unforgettable” sweeps the 34th Annual Grammy Awards in 1992, winning six awards including the three major prizes, Record Of The Year, Song Of The Year and Album Of The Year. “Unforgettable… With Love” spends five weeks at number one on the Billboard Top 200, peaking at number five on the R&B album chart, and is certified 7x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.