Imagine Harry Takes Care of You When You’re Drunk

You didn’t want to come to the wedding, you weren’t going to RSVP at all. You hadn’t talked to your cousin in ages, it almost seemed awkward to tell them you were going; but of course, your parents told you that it would be very rude of you not to go, and Harry agreed. He was giving you shit for not wanting to go, so you made him go with you, which he obviously didn’t mind at all. If it meant he got to dress up in a suit, and look at you in a pretty dress, then it was okay with him. He cleared his schedule and everything so he would be able to go with you. You thought it was sweet, while only being a little bit annoyed with the fact that you still have to go.

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no strings attached

harry attends a wedding and finds himself spending the party with someone who is off limits

warning: again, there is a bit of smut towards the end.

I swirled the remainder of my drink around in my glass, sighing as I watched everyone else dance and laugh. Not one guy had asked me to dance tonight. Not a single one. And I knew why. I was off limits. A pariah in the eyes of everyone here. I was the groom’s baby sister and even though I was an adult, there was no way any guy in his right mind would come near me. It was a crime against humanity, really, and I would have a talk with my brother very soon about how he thought he could police every boy who so much as breathed near me.

Having enough of sitting by myself, I decided to travel to the balcony I had seen earlier in the day. I snuck off down a different hallway, the silence engulfing me once I left the reception hall. I reached the double doors leading out to the moonlit balcony, but paused as I realized they were already open; there was someone already outside. I squinted at the dark figure who was leaning over the balcony, staring at the stars. Something caught the light on his hands and I saw that both were covered in rings as well as tattoos that peaked out of one of his cufflinks. I bit my lip and as quietly as possible, attempted to back away from the balcony, walking on my toes to keep my heels from clinking against—

“You’re here, you might as well keep me company instead of trying to run away.” He had a British accent. I didn’t know that either my brother or his new wife knew anyone British.

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First Time

Request : (Pre-Apocalypse) Negan and his wife get married. She saved herself for marriage so Negan tries to make the night as special as possible.

A/N: I know, I know, another late post. I swear you guys, I really tried to post at a normal time. But thank you to the person who requested this one shot. I really loved writing it. If anyone else has any requests, don’t be afraid to message me :) Also, the flu and stomach bug are currently going around my house and I am not feeling to great at the moment. So there may or may not be an update on Sunday. I’ll have to wait to see how I feel :( 

Negan watched her from afar as she stood in front of one of the many tables in the reception hall, talking to a group of people he was pretty sure were some of her friends from college.

He took the time to run his eyes up and down her body while sipping his whisky. The long, white, dress she was wearing hugged her body perfectly. When he first saw her in it just a couple hours ago, he had barely supressed his moan of approval. The way it molded to her was enough to make his dick twitch in his pants. He couldn’t wait until they could head back to their hotel room.

He had a lot planned for the night. After all, it was a special night. Not only would it be the start of their honeymoon, but it would also be her first time. Negan would be lying if he said he hadn’t been shocked when he found out she was still a virgin at twenty seven years old. He could still remember the embarrassment on her face when she told him.

It had been after their fourth or fifth date when she had invited him into her apartment for some coffee. Negan had thought he knew what that meant but when he tried sneaking his hand into her jeans while they were making out on her couch, he found out he was wrong. When she had first said it, he thought he had heard her wrong.

You wanna fucking run that by me again?”

She groaned and ran her hands over her face in embarrassment. After a few minutes of silence, she took a deep breath before speaking again.

I’m a virgin.”

At first, Negan didn’t believe her. He laughed and told her how funny she was. It wasn’t until she dropped her hands and he saw the scowl on her face that he knew she wasn’t joking.

Clearing his throat, he settled his hands on her hips.

“Sorry. I fucking mean’t how?”

I want to save myself until marriage.”

That had shocked him even more. But after he met her parents and realized she had grown up in an old school Italian family, he understood.

But now that they were married, Negan was ready to show her everything she had been missing out on and more.

If he had his way, they wouldn’t have even gone to the reception. They would have gone up to their hotel room and put the do not disturb sign on the door.

But she had insisted they go, especially since her parents had paid for the reception. With a disgruntled sigh, he gripped her hand and walked into the reception.

As they were waiting to walk in, Negan looked down at his new bride.

Do we have to fucking stay here long?”

He watched as she looked up at him. Her large brown eyes looked up into his as she rolled them.

Negan, don’t you want to celebrate? We did just get married.”

Negan smirked and tugged her closer to him.

Fuck yea I want to celebrate. But I’ve got something else in fucking mind.”

He gave a cocky laugh when he saw her cheeks turn red. He knew she wanted it as much as he did.

Biting her lip, she locked eyes with him once again.

Do you think you can manage three hours? Then we can go.”

Negan smirked and pecked her lips.

“Sounds fucking good to me, Doll.”

Turning around to look at the clock, Negan saw the three hours were almost up. Looking back to where his she was, he saw her say goodbye to her friends before heading over to her mother. The two spoke quickly before she walked off towards the back room where the coats were.

Smirking, he downed the rest of his drink and placed the empty glass on a random table before following her.

Being as quiet as he could, he stepped into the room and saw she was going through a purse. His smirk grew as he took in her bent over form. He silently shut the door before clearing his throat.

“Well now ain’t this a pretty fucking sight.”

He heard her yelp before quickly turning around. She placed a hand against her racing heart and huffed.

“Jesus Negan! You scared me.”

Negan smirked and slowly walked towards her.

“My fucking apologies, Brianna. Wouldn’t wanna give my new wife a fucking heart attack.”

Brianna rolled her eyes at her husband.

“Then don’t sneak up on me.”

Negan just laughed as he stopped in front of her. He lent his head to the side and poked his tongue out between his teeth.

The pair stood in silence for a few minutes. Brianna could feel her heartbeat quicken when she saw the way Negan was looking her up and down.

He stepped forwards and placed his hands on her hips.

“What the fuck are you doing in here?”

Brianna sighed softly and lent into him. She silently inhaled his scent. A scent that always made her feel better and comforted her.

“I’ve got a headache. I was trying to find the tylenol my mom has.”

Negan nodded as he rubbed his hands up and down her back.

“You know what a good fucking cure for a headache is?”

Brianna hummed and Negan smirked again. “A good fuck.”

Brianna’s breath hitched when his hand trailed over her ass before going traveling back up to the top of her dress where the zipper was. While he was doing this, he buried his face into the side of her neck and started nipping and kissing the skin.

She felt her heart start to beat faster. Part from pleasure and part from nerves. She knew their time was coming and now that it was here, her nerves had raised to new levels.

Swallowing the lump in her throat, she turned her head to look at him.

“W-what about the party?”

Negan looked up at her and grinned.

“Sweetheart, almost everyone is fucking gone. Besides, you fucking promised me three hours and three hours is fucking up.”

Brianna knew he was right. She did promise him three hours. She knew she was just trying to stall. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to be with Negan that way because she did. God knows she did. There were many times during their relationship that she almost said to hell with it and jumped him. But there was always something holding her back. It was mostly the fear of what if she wasn’t good? What if she was awful and Negan decided he didn’t want to be with her anymore?

She knew that thought was irrational but she couldn’t help it.

Come on, Brianna. Don’t be such a baby. You know you can trust Negan. She thought to herself. Taking a deep breath, she placed a soft kiss on his temple.


Negan grinned and stood up to his full height.

“Let’s go fucking tell every one that the party is fucking over.”

Brianna allowed Negan to pull the main hall. After telling everybody thank you and goodbye, Brianna and Negan headed back up to their hotel room. They would be staying the night in the hotel they got married in before heading to the airport in the morning to catch their flight to Hawaii.

Brianna let out a soft giggle when the elevator doors shut. Negan had pulled her so her back was against his chest and he buried his face back into her neck

“God I can’t fucking wait to see what is underneath that fucking dress.”

She could feel the beginnings of an erection poking her in the back, making her gasp softly.

“I-I got something to change into.”

Negan growled.

“Well I certainly like the fucking sound of that.”

When the elevator stopped and the doors opened, Negan grabbed Brianna’s hand and led her down the hall and to their room. He unlocked their door but before Brianna could go in, Negan swept her off her feet, making her squeal with laughter.

Negan grinned and walked through the doorway of their room. Setting her down on her feet, he watched as she kicked her heels off before going over to her bags and grabbing a small one that said Victoria’s Secret.

“I’ll be right back.” She lent up and kissed his cheek. Negan smacked her ass as she walked by, making her yelp.

“You’ve got five fucking minutes or I’ll break the fucking door down.”

Brianna rolled her eyes and walked into the bathroom, shutting and locking the door behind her. Setting the bag on the counter, she took a few deep breaths before unzipping her wedding dress. Pushing it down her body, she picked it up and hung it on the back of the door before pulling out the contents of the bed.

Earlier in the week, she had been out shopping with her sister, Cassie, when she saw the perfect lingerie for her wedding night. She knew it would make Negan drool.

The set consisted off a sheer mesh and lace bra. It came with matching panties and stockings.

Taking off her white lace bra and panties, she pulled on her new clothes. Brianna had to admit, she looked good. She couldn’t help but stare at herself in the mirror. Out in the bedroom, she heard Negan unzip his pants and her heart started to beat faster.

“Fucking hurry up in there, Baby. Someone is out here and they’re very fucking excited to meet you.”

Brianna blushed and looked back in the mirror. Reaching up, she pulled out all the bobby pins that were keeping her hair up. She sighed contently when her chocolate brown hair fell down her back, the curls still bouncy. She touched up her make up before deciding it was time to head out.

“You can do this, Brianna.” She reassured herself as she reached for the doorknob. She slowly opened the door and stepped out. Their eyes locked and Brianna couldn’t help but look him over as he did the same to her.

He had shed his tux and was now sitting on the bed in just his boxers. His black hair was still slicked back and his brown eyes had darkened to the point where they looked black.

Something out of the corner of her eye made her break eye contact with him. It was then she noticed the ten or so candles that were now lit and scattered around the room.

“Holy fuck.” She heard him hiss. Negan got up from the bed and walked over to her. Gripping her chin, he pulled her face up to his. “Do you know how hard you just fucking made me? I could break fucking glass.”

Brianna blushed again and flickered her eyes once again to the candles.

“Where did you get all these?”

Negan smirked and followed her eyes. He had a feeling she would like this.

“A lot of them I fucking took from the apartment. I wanted our first fucking night together to be fucking special.”

Brianna could cry. She knew of Negan’s past. She knew he was considered the king of one night stands before they had met. So for him to do this for her, made her feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

“I love it.” She whispered, her eyes glistening with tears.

“I’m fucking glad. Do you know fucking hard it was to get them here? I didn’t want you to fucking hear them in my bags.”

Brianna laughed and sniffled. She turned her head back to Negan and threw her arms around his neck before pressing her lips against his in an open mouth kiss. Negan groaned and took the opportunity to slip his tongue into her mouth. He dropped his hand from her chin and settled for wrapping his arms around her waist.

When Brianna felt her lungs burning, she pulled away.

“Make love to me, Negan.”

Negan smirked down at her. He kissed her again before pulling away slightly, his breath fanning over her lips.

“Your wish is my fucking command.”

He picked her up so her legs wrapped around his waist as he carried her over to the bed. He laid her down on the bed before crawling on top of her.

He started placing kisses on her neck again as he trailed his fingetips over her stomach. Brianna felt a shiver run down her spine. She gasped when he cupped her right breast through her bra. Negan moved his head from her neck and pulled the cup of her bra down so he could latch onto her nipple.

Brianna tossed her head back and moaned loudly as he swirled his tongue around and sucked on her sensitive peak.

“Oh god” she said. She could feel herself getting even wetter. She had never been this wet before.

Negan was the same. He was painfully hard and all he wanted to do was bury himself in Brianna but he was determined to take it slow and make it as special as he could. This was a whole new thing for both of them.

“Fuck baby.” He reached around and unclipped her bra before throwing it on the ground. Brianna went to cover herself but Negan stopped her. “Don’t even fucking think about it.”

He pulled her arms away and grinned down at her.

“You’ve been fucking holding out on me, Doll. These are fucking beautiful.”

Brianna moaned when both of his large, rough hands, cupped each of her breasts.

Feeling bold, Brianna reached a hand down to stroke Negan through his boxers. Negan groaned and closed his eyes as her hand moved up and down his shaft.

The more she stroked, the closer Negan was to cumming and he was in no way ready to cum. His eyes snapped open and he reached down, grabbing her hand and pinning it to the bed.

“You’re gonna fucking make me cum and I’m trying to be a fucking gentleman here.”

He bent down and connected their lips again. Their tongues fought for dominance, Negan’s ultimately winning.

Negan was the first to pull away and he started kissing down her stomach. Brianna’s chest was heaving up and down and she was sure her heart was going to jump out of her chest when he stopped just above her panties.

“Let’s fucking see what else you’ve been fucking hiding from me.” Letting her arm go, he used both hands to pull her panties down her legs leaving her in just her stockings.

Brianna closed her eyes, trying to calm her racing heart when she felt Negan placing kisses up and down her legs and lower abdomen. She moaned softly at the feel of his beard on her inner thighs. Her eyes flew open when she felt the first flick of his tongue against her wet heat.

“You taste so fucking good, Brie.” Negan grinned as she licked her up and down. Brianna felt like her whole body was on fire. Her hips had started to move on their own, humping against Negan’s face. Negan chuckled and pinned them down with his arm. “Take it fucking easy, Doll. Enjoy the fucking ride.”

Brianna’s eyes rolled into the back of her head. Her hand reached down to grip Negan’s hair, earning her a growl in response.

“Don’t stop, Negan.” She panted. Her back arched off the bed when his lips wrapped around her clit.

“You gonna fucking cum for me?” His finger teased her tight entrance, making her tense up slightly.


“Shh…Fucking trust me, okay?”

Brianna opened her eyes and looked down at him. She slowly nodded and laid back. She gasped when she felt him push one of his long fingers inside of her.

Negan couldn’t help the loud moan he let out when he felt the way she clenched around his finger.

“Jesus-fucking-Christ, Brianna. Now I really just wanna fucking bury my fucking dick inside this tight little pussy.”

He started to move his finger inside of her. It took a little getting used to but when he started lapping at her clit again, Brianna started moaning louder and louder.

“Negan I-oh fuck! It feels so good!”

“You never fucking answered me. You gonna fucking cum for me?”

Brianna bit her lip and eagerly nodded. She felt her stomach begin to tighten and her vision started to go black around the edges when she felt an intense orgasm wash over her.

“Negan!” She screamed, her hand tightening in his hair while the other grasped the sheets below her. Negan let her hips move against his face as she rode out her orgasm.

When she collapsed back onto the bed, Negan pulled back and grinned, his face and beard covered in her juices. He slowly pulled his finger out of her and happily licked it clean. Grabbing a tissue from the side of the bed, he wiped his face. Throwing it away, he pushed his boxers off before climbing back on top of her.

“Baby?” He passionately kissed her. It took a few seconds before she started kissing back. “There you fucking are. I thought I’d fucking lost you.”

Brianna shook her head, placing a hand against her heaving chest.

“T-that was incredible.”

Negan smirked.

“It’s only going to get fucking better.”

That was when Brianna felt the tip of his member brushing against her entrance.

“Tell me to fucking stop and I will.” Negan said, suddenly very serious. Brianna swallowed harshly and looked up at him, giving him a slight nod.

That was all he needed before he pushed forward.

Brianna gasped and tears stung her eyes when he pushed through her barrier. Negan groaned when she immediately clenched around him.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” He hissed, trying to control himself. All he wanted to do was ram into her but he knew he couldn’t. Not yet. Not her first time.

When he didn’t hear her, he looked down and saw tears were streaming down her face and her hands where gripping the sheets so hard, her knuckles were white.

“Hey, fucking look at me.” Brianna turned her eyes to his. “You okay? Cause I’ll fucking stop.”

Brianna shook her head.

“I’m fine. J-just go slow please.”

Negan smirked and flicked his tongue out to lick his lips.

“I’ll go at whatever fucking pace you need me to.” He bent down and softly kissed her lips. “Just fucking relax, Brie. Let me fucking handle everything.”

Brianna nodded and wrapped her arms around his neck. She loved how sweet he was being. Negan wasn’t normally the kind to be all sweet so when he was, it made Brianna feel that much more loved. It was just another side that she got to see and no one else.

She felt Negan pull out before slowly pushing back in.

Brianna grunted uncomfortably but she was determined to see this through. She wanted this so badly. She trusted Negan and knew he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.

For the first few minutes they were trying to figure out a rhythm. Brianna was relieved when she finally felt the pain subside and be replaced by pleasure.

“Fuck your pussy feels so fucking good.” He grunted, leaning down to attack her neck again. Brianna moaned her nails digging into his back.

“Right there,” she said, her hips moving in time with his. She gasped when he moved his hips and hit a particular spot that made her see stars.

“Negan!” She moaned, louder this time. Negan gave a throaty moan and sped up. Nothing in the world would ever compare to hearing Brianna moan his name.

Their bodies began to get a thin layer of sweat on them as they both came closer to their orgasms.

“I’m so close” she said. Negan nodded.

“I fucking know sweetheart. I’m right there fucking with you. Fuck!” Another loud moan escaped his throat as he moved even faster, trying to give them what they both desperately wanted.

Brianna opened her mouth to say something but stopped when she felt the most incredible sensation wash over her. Her body started to convulse as her back arched off the bed.

Her orgasm rocked through her body like she had never felt before. Negan hissed as her nails dug into him and she clenched him. A couple more thrusts and he joined her in bliss. They both moaned each others names as Negan spilled his seed inside of her. Brianna gasped at the feeling but was far to gone to car.

Her body dropped back onto the bed, exhausted. Both were breathing hard as they came down from their highs.

Brianna let out a slight moan as he pulled out of her. He rolled next to her, looking over to see her chest was still heaving up and down.

“You fucking good?” He asked. Brianna smiled and nodded, looking over at him.

“I’m amazing. That was amazing.” Negan smirked.

“You sure know how to fucking make a man feel fucking good about himself.”

Brianna laughed as Negan pulled her so she was laying on his chest. He reached down and grabbed a blanket, covering their nakes bodies.

“I hope you fucking know we’ll be doing more of that tonight.”

Brianna grinned and picked her head up to look at him.

“I can’t wait.”

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The Guest of Honor

Summary: Sam is catering an event at the president of his college’s home, a birthday party for the president’s granddaughter.  He meets a young woman who is assisting with the setup for the party and they hit it off only for him to learn that he’s developed a crush on the guest of honor.  

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 2368

Warnings: AU - SPN stuff doesn’t exist, drinking of alcoholic beverages, a little bit of insecure Sam but, really, just lots of fluff.

A/N: So, I actually catered my way through school and it was AWESOME.  I made some amazing friends working for the catering service and, while the main plot line of this story didn’t happen to me, I often found myself in the president’s home serving drinks or the school’s reception hall serving a pre-lecture dinner to a guest speaker and faculty from the department that invited them and some of the side stories did, in fact, occur.  The president of my school literally only ever drank sparkling water or Beefeater Gin, which is why/how that liquor inspired this fic for @winchester-writes Birthday Challenge, along with the prompt “Come on! I wanna dance!”.  I knew it was a Birthday Challenge when I signed up to write but I didn’t know it was a 21st Birthday until after I had finished writing, I swear!

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we are buried in every place we’ve been

Summary:   Once, a man named Leonard Betts had foreshadowed a battle to come, had signaled that the end was near. They had fought against it, back then: fought to survive, fought to find the truth, fought to keep moving. But she was not thirty-one anymore; they were not hopeful. Somehow he had fallen into a hole that he could not dig himself out of, and somewhere along the way she had lost the shovel that she could have used to bring him back to solid ground.

Notes:   I wrote this as an attempt to rationalize, for myself, the Season 10 breakup. Title is taken from a Bon Iver song: the perfect soundtrack for trying to work through any sort of breakup, including one involving fictional characters.

Most people who know her now would be surprised to know this, but: when she was a little girl, all she wanted to be was married. 

She has always been good at compartmentalizing, but she still remembers those early days so clearly, on the rare occasions that she lets herself remember.  She still remembers playing that game with Melissa (Melissa, how can it still hurt so much to say her name, so many years later) – the one where they would pretend to get married to one another.  The living room was the Church, their shared bedroom the reception hall, their dolls the guests.  She always made Melissa be the groom.

She still remembers, on the rare occasions that she lets herself remember:  Melissa, laughing, as she put on their father’s oversized suit jacket, ready to play her role, ready to meet at the fake Altar in the living room. 

She is very, very good at compartmentalizing.  She almost never opens that particular box, the one that holds those memories.

Anyway, she’d grown up, hadn’t she?  The white dress had morphed into white scrubs, morphed into an agent’s gray suit, morphed into a black dress, as she mourned, mourned, mourning. 

She and Mulder never got married. 

It’s something that people might not understand, if they still knew people to not understand it.

Her mother had stopped asking about it.  Her friends at the hospital took it as a fact.  Her brothers had never asked in the first place.

There were reasons, of course, even some good ones.  At first, We don’t want to be found, can’t let a silly license from the state give us away.  And then, when they stopped being scared of old enemies finding them, We just don’t need to be married, we have never needed to use words the way other people do, our vows are written in the scars left over from our shared experiences. 

And another reason, and this was the truth, even though she never spoke it: We have lived together for the past ten years, and we haven’t been able to speak about anything important for the past two of them.  And, Every time he looks at me, he sees all of the ghosts of the people he—we—could not save.  And, I have grown even better at compartmentalizing. 

And the truest statement of them all:  We cannot get married, our son and my sister and his sister and our fathers and his mother and our friends, all of those people would not be able to attend our reception.  We cannot get married.  There are too many ghosts. 

It was sometimes lonely, their not-marriage; no one to bear witness; not their families, not the Church. No piece of paper from the state. No old friends to toast with at their non-existent reception. 

It was sometimes lonely, in that big house of theirs, with all of the ghosts.

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Ceiling of the Museum of Applied Arts in Tashkent, Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan, unknown photographer, source: Possibly the best-looking museum in Tashkent, the Museum of Applied Arts is situated in the former home of Imperial Russian diplomat Alexander Polovtsev. This museum is as popular for its setting as for its many beautiful exhibits. Polovtsev was an avid collector of handicrafts and his personal possessions still form the heart of the museum’s superb collection of decorative arts. Tsarist diplomat expressed his appreciation of Uzbek architecture by having his residence built by masters from Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva, Ferghana and Tashkent. He was transferred before completion in 1907, so never saw the finished courtyard of verandas and reception halls, vibrant with colour, ganch and wooden carving. The first public exhibition was held here in 1927, and it was classified as a national collection a decade later, source:

While driving home I thought about this:

Lena and Kara had just exchanged vows and were now officially wed. As they arrived into the reception hall, Lena led Kara to a chair that was placed in the middle of the dance floor. She leaned closer to her wife to let her know that she had a surprise in store. Traditionally, Kara had always been the one to sing but today was different. Winn had walked over to both women to escort Lena up to the stage. They had been practicing for weeks now to perfect the song she had chosen. While Winn quickly tuned his guitar, Lena moved closer to the microphone. She had never sang in front of so many people, her heart was pounding in her chest. She cleared her throat before speaking, “This is for you..I love you…” Her eyes glanced around the room until she reached her wife’s gorgeous blue eyes, filling her with all the courage she would need to sing. The sounds of Winn’s guitar began to fill the room as Lena took a breath before singing.. “You look so wonderful in your dress, I love your hair like that. The way it falls on the side of your neck, down your shoulders and back…….. And should this be the last thing I see, I want you to know it’s enough for me, ‘cause all that you are is all that I’ll ever need……. The way it brings out the blue in your eyes, is the Tenerife sea…. You look so wonderful in your dress, I loved your hair like that. And in the moment I knew you.” (x)

Married - Alex Karev

Request: An Alex Karev imagine where it is his and the readers wedding and they’re dancing and their friends are saying messages to hem? Please and thank you!

You never thought you’d be here. Here, at a reception hall, with the man you loved more than anything. The toasts were coming to an end. April was sobbing beside you as Arizona, your maid of honor, sat down. You locked eyes with your husband as everyone made their way to the dance floor. Before you were able to join everyone, Bailey pulled you aside. Her smile was unmistakably real and that actually surprised you. You and Dr. Bailey had never actually gotten along but you seemed to be on her good side today. 

“I’m happy for you.” She smiled, putting her hand on your shoulder. You smiled back and you felt that the relationship that you had with Miranda Bailey would be different. It might actually be a relationship. You rejoined your husband on the dance floor. Alex smiled at you, placing his hands on your hips. As the two of you started swaying with the music, you couldn’t help but notice that everyone else was looking at you too. 

“You look beautiful.” Alex commented, the smirk prominent on his face. You went to respond but someone else spoke. 

“Kiss her.” Meredith laughed from somewhere beside the two of you. You giggled as Alex went in for another kiss. 

“I actually hate you.” You whispered, hiding your face in his chest. Everyone in the crowd cheered for the two of you. And then, suddenly, you were the only two on the dance floor. 

“You can do better than that!” Amelia, who was a little tipsy, screamed to the two of you. You laughed openly, swaying to the music again. This time, the only thing that you focused on was your husband. He was the only one on your mind and the same went for him. He knew you were the only one for him. 

“Dr. Y/N Karev. Nice ring to it, huh?” You heard someone else say. You smiled involuntarily. You loved it just as much. Facing your husband again, you noticed his eyes staring directly into yours. Into your soul. 

“What?” You giggled again. Alex smirked and moved to move your hair out of your eyes. 

“Your beautiful.” He smiled again. You scoffed at the cheesiness of his actions but you couldn’t help the blush that formed on your cheek. “And I love you.” He kissed you passionately again in front of all of the guests. They cheered obnoxiously, making you pull away. 

“Here’s to the married couple!” Jackson called, raising his champaigne glass. Everyone did the same as Alex kissed you again. You knew that this was all you ever wanted. 




I pressed my lips up quietly to Cisco’s as the priests final words hung out in the chapel. His arms were tight around me as I pulled away, tears falling from my eyes.

Everyone was standing to their feet, clapping, some cheering. Cisco moved down to wrap one of his arms under my legs, and I just giggled. He was having trouble with my dress. I pushed the extra fabric away, and he was finally able to lift me into his arms.  

“Finally. I am so happy your finally mine Leia.” Cisco whispered into my ear as he carried me back down the isle.

“I know.” I whispered back, earning a grin from my new husband. He carried me into the reception hall, everyone following him. 

Cisco put me down in the middle of the dance floor, before running over to the DJ and saying something I couldn’t hear to him. As soon as the guitar riff came on, my hands were on my mouth and I was bouncing on my heels. 

Cisco ran back over, taking my hand and pulling me closer to him. 

“Come to me my sweetest friend.
Can you feel my heart again.
I’ll take you back where you belong.
And this will be our favorite song.
Come to me with secrets bare.
I’ll love you more so don’t be scared.
And when we’re old and near the end.
We’ll go home and start again.”

Tears spilled from my eyes as Cisco and I swayed on the dance floor, Cisco occasionally spinning me. As the song came to a close, I had my hands in Cisco’s hair, and he knelt his head down to whisper into my ear.

“I love you more than you could ever comprehend (Y/N) Ramon. That is a fact, and a promise.”


Right…so here is some Oikawa x Reader fluff- female pronouns used. 

You had never imagined yourself in this position-in a white dress, face concealed beneath a veil, legs planted firm behind the doors of the reception hall. You had never imagined a wedding in your future, never imagined a life beyond one spent living by yourself. In all your childhood dreams you saw a man on a white horse, someone who would take you away but instead, in the final moments of your dream, he always chose the other girl. Always chose someone other than yourself. Each dream held the same fate.  You grew up and you got used to the disappointment, got used to the time spent alone. It was okay because no matter what people said, you were happy. Being alone was okay.

Everything was okay until he showed up. He came swooping in like a tornado, all cheesy jokes and charming smiles; he flirted his way into your life and suddenly you were not alone. You had a constant friend, someone who would defend you and wipe away your tears. He was different around you than his fan girls, different and more himself-those were the words Iwaizumi stated one late night.

Falling in love was not an easy thing. It did not overtake you one morning but instead was as gradual as the process of erosion. Each day a bit more of myself was given to him until you were fully and completely in love with Oikawa Tooru. The day you spoke your true feelings was the day he grabbed you in his arms, a tight embrace that almost gave you no room to breath, and kissed you until you were breathless. If your smile was like the sun, bright and happy, his was like the moon, a light in the darkness.

You had never imagined yourself in this position, the girl getting married at the wedding, the bride. It was such a foreign concept and yet, when you hear the music playing and watch as the doors pull open, you feel your lips tug into a smile.

Because standing at the end of the aisle is the man you are going to marry; Oikawa Tooru, your best friend, your first love, your future husband.


words: 1,344
pairing: Calum & Reader
rating: NC-17
summary: Friends with benefits ever works
a/n anarchyaustralia‘s wedding!5sos night reminded me of this idea that had been nagging at the back of my mind so I did a little thing.

Over the music and the friendly chatter filling the room, you couldn’t help your gaze from constantly drifting over to him. Across the reception hall, looking impossibly handsome in the suit you helped him pick out, sitting next to some girl you’d never figure for his type. You weren’t jealous, you both agreed that time apart would do you both some good. You weren’t jealous. How could you be, when every time your eyes fell on Calum his fell on you. You tore your gaze from Calum only when you heard your name being called softly beside you. Smiling politely at what’s-his-name as he offered to grab you another drink, you lost yourself in the buzz of conversation, letting your mind wander. Wander to thoughts of Calum, to the last time he held you in his arms, to the last time you felt his lips on your skin. Out of the corner of your eye, you notice Calum’s eyes on you again. Silently watching from across the room. How on earth did the two of you get so messed up?

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Here is my finished church/wedding chapel. There is a main indoor chapel as well as a little arch and seating area in the back if your Sims would prefer a quaint outdoor ceremony instead. Or maybe it’s the cheaper package option =D A dressing room each for the bride and groom as well as two restrooms downstairs. Seating areas, reception hall with bar/dining tables/banquet tables and kitchenette upstairs. Third floor is inaccessible, it’s just the tops of the little towers. 

If you missed my video walk-through of this lot while I was still working on finishing it up, where I discuss my color choices and get majorly creeped out by some artwork… you can find that here

There is no CC on this lot.

It will be available on the gallery under my ID gladlypants – I had to rotate it on the lot so it would show the front of the building in the screen captures. Silly game. 

Also the tray files are available to download on my Google Drive here.

I think I’ll move on to the retail lots next. I’m both excited and a little scared, heh.

“Now You’re Stuck With Me.”

For: @barbaskimono (oh my gosh, I have no idea how long ago you requested this from my prompt list and I’m so sorry it took me forever. A few of these I just couldn’t come up with…but here it is! And THANK YOU for requesting! Really!)
Pairing: Nick Amaro/Reader
Warnings: All of the fluff.
Word Count: 378

You hugged Olivia, feeling the warmth of her embrace as she whispered her final congratulations. After several moments, Nick cleared his throat and you laughed softly as you pulled back. Olivia had gotten you to the altar. She had convinced you that you deserved your happily-ever-after.

You laced your fingers with your husband’s and smiled broadly.

“Come on,” Nick whispered before kissing your cheek gently. “If we’re going to enjoy the hotel room at all, we need to go.”

You blushed as you let him lead you from the reception hall and to the elevator. Having the party in the same hotel as your room for the night had been his idea. Initially, you had insisted that you simply go home after the festivities. It was more economical, you figured, and between student loan debt and the cost of living in Manhattan, you didn’t want to splurge too much on your wedding. Yet, as you leaned into his frame and closed your eyes, you realized you were dead on your feet. Finding a way home would have been as unpleasant as the hundreds of burpees you would find yourself doing in the coming weeks to work off the decadent meal that had been consumed that evening.

As you reached the room, you smiled brightly, Nick scooping you into your arms. Your white dress billowed over his tuxedo, the tulle of the skirt fluffing into your chest as you batted at it with your hands playfully.

“I’m going to break your back,” you squealed.

“Oh hush,” Nick laughed, shaking his head. He artfully swiped his key card, carrying you over the threshold into your suite. “Your room, Mrs. Amaro.”

As your feet reached the floor, you turned, placing a gentle kiss on his lips - alone for the first time since the night before. His hands wrapped around your body as he returned the kiss, tongue sliding into your mouth to run across yours gently. You pulled back, forehead resting on his as you caught your breath.

“Mrs. Nicolas Amaro,” you crooned. “I could get used to hearing that more often.”

“You better,” he smiled, kissing you chastely before finishing his sentence. “Because now you’re stuck with me.”

You smiled and nodded, “And there’s no where else I’d rather be.”

To read more drabbles, check out the prompt list HERE. If your request hasn’t been written, it’s still there! I’ll get them all pumped out eventually!

Flashvibe Week DAY 5! Fake dating AU
  • Cisco has a family wedding he has to go to. He RSVP’d plus one way back when he and Kendra were still dating and knows that his family is going to give him so much shit for coming alone. Caitlin can’t go (she has dinner with Ronnie’s parents, who almost never visit the city because of the Memories but like to check in on her whenever they do). Barry, who has never actually been to a family wedding is like “I’ll come!”

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Imagine Luke’s little daughter, Lily, acting as the flower girl for you and his wedding and Luke stressing out the day of bc his little girl wanted an actual flower crown and she wanted it braided into her hair but being the nervous and anxious groom he was, Luke’s fingers fumbled all over the place until lily’s golden hair was slightly tangled and she looked like she wanted to cry so luke would look at you with the same pleading crystal blue eyes that his daughter had given him and you would gently take the flower crown hand threaded with the same small white lilies of her namesake and comb your fingers through lily’s hair until it was orderly and soft again and you would carefully place the crown on top of her hair until she looked like a little princess and she would turn to you and say “thank you mommy” before running off into the reception hall and neither you nor her catching her mistake but luke would notice and that was the moment he knew his two girls would get along just fine and he’d smile and straighten his tie before ushering you to your dress fitting, anticipating seeing you in a beautiful, delicate white dress, waiting for him at the alter

I tried writing something a little different, but this is for @blessedirwin’s flower themed blurb night!

The Certainty of Chance


Arriving outside his destination, Hannibal alighted from the car which had been sent for him and slowly walked towards the large entrance of the grand residence towering overhead.

Smoothing his hands down his suit jacket he glanced down at his watch, nodding as he noted he was precisely on time. Smiling at the security men on the door, he passed into the reception hall, the sound of his shoes tapping in a steady metronome rhythm, as he made his way across the expansive marble floor.

Approaching two large oak doors, a serving attendant opened them with a short greeting as Hannibal ventured inside. Immediately he was greeted by Alex. He and Dr Peterson were merely professional acquaintances and at first Hannibal had considered declining the written invitation he’d received for tonight’s overly lavish soiree. Only a day previously he’d changed his mind, RSVP’ing his position in an attempt to keep up appearances and perhaps even poach a couple of the good Doctor’s psychiatry clients; he was growing weary of some his own.

Accepting a glass of champagne he placed his hand on Alex’s shoulder issuing him a bright and entirely forced smile.

“I was so glad you could attend.” Peterson looked rather more excited about his agreement to attend that he had initially expected. Taking a sip from his glass he shielded a grimace, it had bitter after tones and suggested either a distinct lack of taste or, more likely, that there was better to be found behind the bar he could see in the distance.

Dr Peterson was highly respected in his field, by his field, not quite by Hannibal.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world Alex.” A lie, one that seemed to sit quite well with his companion.

“Well, please, step inside, mi casa es su casa.”

Hannibal smiled in response, covering up his natural annoyance at the lack of appropriate accent.

Turning to see a new group arrive behind him, he took the opportunity to pat Alex on the shoulder and enter the door, slipping away between bodies to make his way over to the bar, depositing his glass of frankly awful champagne on a servers tray on the way.

Examining the short wine list, he was satisfied with the fair on offer. “A glass of Château Petrus Bordeaux please.”

With the glass in his hand, he turned to settle against the bar, sipping slowly as he surveyed the crowd and immediately noticing all the small glances made in his direction.

The man with his back to him, perched at the other end of the bar, smaller than he with a tussle of brown hair, admittedly all he could see, seemed to have had the same idea and seemed equally as deliberately isolated as his cannibalistic voyeur.