reception space

The signs when getting abducted by aliens

Aries: MOOOO *cackles while floating into the ufo* I’ve always wanted to do that

Taurus: am I high?

Gemini: *pulls out their phone to tell everyone* aw shit there’s not reception in space :(

Cancer: ok this is kinda cool *says to aliens* just have me home by 8 bc I have things to do


Virgo: *says to aliens* HI ! I COME IN PEACE ! *aliens reply in English saying that they know English* nice

Libra: *whips out phone and takes a selfie* wow this ufo lighting is great. *turns to aliens* where can I buy this lighting

Scorpio: I guess I can’t be a skeptic anymore

Sagittarius: *says to aliens* can we go to mars? Oh wait no! Venus! NO JUPITER! LETS WALK AROUND JUPITER! *aliens say that Jupiter is a gas giant so you can’t walk on it* aw man

Capricorn: *uses sarcasm* okok you’ve abducted me, woohoo, yay aliens and fancy technology! Now put me down

Aquarius: *glares at the aliens saltily* I’ve been waiting

Pisces: *smiles dumbly w wide eyes* ….trippy….

The Big Day (Ashley Purdy Imagine)

You smiled as you walked through the ceremony space and the reception space. You slowly took in all the details you had worked months to pull together. Every thing was perfect. You were marrying the love of your life, in the dress of your dreams, and having the wedding you’d always wished for. You took it all in. Then snuck off to see Ashley before the ceremony. 

You knocked softly of the door where he was to be getting ready. CC poked his head out and asked what you wanted. 

“Can I talk to Ashley please?” 

“Isn’t it bad luck to see him before the wedding?” CC returned.

You pushed him aside and said, “You know I don’t believe in that now let me see him.” Ashley turned around as you barged into the room. He smiled at the sight of you then took two large steps to close the gap between you and engulfed you in a hug. You sighed as you left yourself fall into his arms. You could feel the stress of the day melting away. He whispered softly in your ear, pulling you from your trance, “Go get ready babe.” You placed a small kiss on his cheek knowing you must go and left the room. 

When you returned to your room everyone was in a fit saying that you wouldn’t be ready in time. You laughed at them and sat down to have you hair done. 

An two hours later your hair and make up was done and you were ready to get the dress on. The wedding was due to start in 30 minutes so you as quickly as possible you got into the dress and prepared for the moment you would walk down the isle. 

It felt like hours but soon enough you were standing hand in hand with the love of your life saying your “I do’s”. As he leaned in to kiss you lips you felt tears of joy slip out of your eyes. You couldn’t be happier to spend the rest of your life next to the man of your dreams. 

Okay but picture this:

At Harry and Louis’ wedding, they have guests write down their wishes for the newlyweds on crisp white sheets of paper and fold them into paper airplanes and during the ceremony, those paper airplanes are hung from the rafters of their reception space.

At the beginning of their first dance, a plane glides down to their feet, where Louis picks it up and unfolds it, curiosity tugging at him. His eyes meet paper, and there in Jay’s handwriting is a simple statement, punctuated with the finality of a period:

“Fly free.”