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When in Doubt, Swing it Out

I’ve been super into the electro swing genre lately (I blame @kaxpha for playing bomb music in their art streams) so I wrote this little blurb of a fic. Enjoy!

Lance had most definitely had better days.

Not only had been woken up by a surprise training drill by Allura, but he had barely slept a wink anyway thanks to some not so friendly dreams due to his spike of homesickness as of late.

He sat on the couch in the main lounge, sighing as he scrolled through his cellphone, a reflex that he had yet to have broken. There obviously was no cellphone reception in space. But, fortunately, Pidge had brought her phone charger with her in the backpack she carried when this entire crazy adventure started, so at least Lance could look at the pictures. Him at the Garrison with Hunk and Pidge, him at the beach in his hometown, his mom, his siblings, his family.

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Food & Feasting in Ancient Rome. The festive consumption of food and drink was an important social ritual in the Roman world. Known as the convivium (Latin: “living together”), or banquet, the Romans distinguished between specific types of gatherings, such as epulum (public feast), cena (dinner, eaten mid-afternoon), and comissatio (drinking party). Public banquets, such as civic feasts offered for all of the inhabitants of a city, accommodated large numbers of diners. Dinner parties that took place in residences were private affairs in which the host entertained a small group of family friends, business associates, and clients. Roman literary sources describe elite private banquets as a kind of feast for the senses, during which the host strove to impress his guests with extravagant fare, luxurious tableware, and diverse forms of entertainment, all of which were enjoyed in a lavishly adorned setting. Archaeological evidence of Roman housing has shed important light on the contexts in which private banquets occurred and the types of objects employed during such gatherings.

The dining room was one of the most important reception spaces of the residence. It included high-quality decorative fixtures, such as floor mosaics, wall paintings, and stucco reliefs, as well as portable luxury objects, such as artworks, sculptures, and furniture. Like the Greeks, the Romans reclined on couches while banqueting, although in the Roman context respectable women were permitted to join men in reclining. This practice set the convivium apart from the Greek symposium (a male aristocratic drinking party), at which female attendees were restricted to entertainers such as flute-girls and dancers as well as courtesans (heterae). A dining room typically held 3 broad couches, each of which seated 3 individuals, thus allowing for a total of 9 guests. This type of room is commonly described as a triclinium (“3-couch room”), although dining rooms that could accommodate greater numbers of couches are archaeologically attested. In a triclinium, the couches were arranged along 3 walls of the room in a U-shape, at the center of which was placed a single table that was accessible to all of the diners. Couches were frequently made of wood, but there were also more opulent versions with fittings made of costly materials, such as ivory and bronze. 

A proper Roman dinner included 3 courses: hors d’oeuvres (gustatio), main course (mensae primae), and dessert (mensae secundae). Food and drink were served, intended not only to satiate the guests but also to add an element of spectacle to the meal. Exotic produce, particularly wild animals, birds, and fish, were favored at elite dinners due to their rarity, difficulty of procurement, and consequent high cost, which reflected the host’s affluence. Popular but costly fare included pheasant, thrush, raw oysters, lobster, shellfish, venison, wild boar, and peacock. Foods that were forbidden by sumptuary laws, such as fattened fowl and sow’s udders, were flagrantly consumed at the most exclusive feasts. Elaborate recipes were invented - a surviving literary work, known as Apicius, is a late Roman compilation of cookery. These often required not only expensive ingredients and means of preparation but also elaborate, even dramatic, forms of presentation. Wine wine was served throughout the meal. This practice contrasted with that of the Greek deipnon (main meal), which focused on the food; wine was reserved for the symposium that followed. The wine was mixed to the guest’s taste and in his own cup, unlike the Greek practice of communal mixing for the entire party.

komala-scientist  asked:

To say ricki was upset would be an understatement. But rather than take it out on the wounded mohn (a text of just [🖕🏼] would suffice on that end) or any of his coworkers he put the whole immunology lab into sleep mode and left with instructions that his team was to rest. He had a bottle of negroni at home that was calling his name.

”Tch, how nice. I get almost fatally shot and he gets annoyed with me.”

Mohn gave a lopsided grin and a laugh that came out from his nostrils in a ‘huff’. Well that he understood was typical of his odd friend. Ultimately the best show of concern from Ricardo was when he seemed utterly pissed off at you. Ah well…the immunology lab can wait and the poor man probably could use a break after being stuck in lockdown for so long. 

[ txt ] lol, love you 2 Ricki

[ txt ] you WOUND me…get it

[ txt ] WOUND me? cause I got shot?

[ txt ] ROFL!!

[ txt ]  💗 🤕

[ txt ] anyways-pls atleast come say hi 2 me when ur back. bring somethin sweet 2 share? itll make me feel better hmmm?


reception spotty at best  // you made sure there was no mistake  // we’re caught naked in the rain, the shitty painful rain // car crashes and new births // cooking for the family on christmas // presents under the tree but // we’re miles away //

something about a race for the presidency // no body cares here // past rings and flying blocks of ice // our biggest concerns range from oxygen to edible paste // need for trees is higher than ever // lana on the speakers // 

no repetitions, only video games // we’re passing time with dart board and mini-billiards // remote-controlled cars in zero-g , magnets on the space fridge, turning every signal wonky and garbled mess // derived transmissions anyway //

believe it or not // even out here, even in deep space // love is still a thing // 

Nampara Garage, ch 10 update

Verity exited the lift at the lobby level, immediately dazzled by the massive, blown-glass chandelier that sparkled in brilliant copper and teal over the circular reception desk. Huge photos of various aspects of their business were artfully arranged on the walls, providing some of the history and the family behind the company. The same portrait of the Carne family found on their website was featured front and center.

“Welcome to Carnemore, miss,” a voice chirped from somewhere near Verity’s left elbow. “May I help you?”

Verity started. “Forgive me,” she said to the petite blonde with bright blue eyes smiling up at her. The nameplate on the desk read “Amanda Kirkpatrick, Reception”. “Such a lovely space to work in, Amanda.”

Amanda beamed. “It truly is, miss. Is this your first time visiting with us?”

“Yes, it is,” Verity confirmed, setting her parcels down. “My name is Verity Poldark and I have an appointment with Demelza Carne.”

“Oh!” Amanda checked her computer screen. “Poldark, did you say?” Verity nodded, confused at the tone of curiosity teasing the girl’s voice. “Ms Carne’s assistant told me to expect you. Please sign and print your vehicle’s number plate at the bottom,” Amanda said, handing Verity a document that titled “Carnmore Residence Access”, “and I’ll need a copy of your identification, thanks.” Moments later, Amanda handed Verity a cardkey. “Go to the lifts to the left. When you get inside, hold the cardkey on the reader and press “R” to go up to the residence.”

Verity tucked the card in her pocket and picked up her bags. “Thank you very much, Amanda.”

“Oh!” the receptionist said as Verity turned to leave. Amanda was peering over the edge of her desk, her eyes sparkling with intrigue. “Do you need any help?”

“No,” Verity said, continuing on her way. “I shall do just fine.“ She could feel the young woman’s eyes following her as she crossed the lobby to the lift. The doors couldn’t have closed fast enough. 

The doors were whisper-soft when they slid open on the residence floor, revealing a lovely foyer filled with the sound of jazz piano. A beautiful Waterford crystal vase sat on a pedestal table directly in the center of the space. Verity only had a moment to appreciate the shimmering light reflecting through its facets before Demelza came around the light-washed stone privacy wall to greet her.

“Verity! I’m so glad you’re here,” she sighed, tension easing from her shoulders. “We’ve just got the last of the kitchen things from my car.” 

We? Who’s ‘we’? Verity wondered to herself. “I can’t wait to see what you bought! I love going to the kitchen shops but don’t dare to very often. There’s not enough room in the cottage for everything I’d want!”

Demelza giggled. “I didn’t wipe them out, but it was a near thing.” She noticed the grocery bags. “Oh dear, those look ridiculously heavy. Andrew?” she called over her shoulder, “can you come out here and give us a hand?”

For my wifey Mari, who threw me a challenge last night: “My friend came back to these changing rooms twenty minutes ago to try on a bunch of clothes and in my impatience I came barging into what I thought was their room but actually it was yours and I burst in when you were stripped down to your underwear. Who’s blushing more, you or me?” AU. 


Annabeth’s been loitering around the back of the boutique long enough that the sales associate is starting to stare at her. She gets it–her time would be better spent looking for things to buy, but she’s already picked a dress and a pair of heels for Silena and Charlie’s wedding in a couple weeks, and she doesn’t really need anything else. The dress, as it’s been explained to her by the now obnoxiously staring associate, is a beautiful backless a-line, in a “stunning deep amethyst, and just look at that hemline, dear, it’s so perfect with those legs!”

“Thanks,” Annabeth had said, dryly, mostly to cover the flush rising up her chest.

It is a pretty dress. And she looks good in it. Which is why she’s currently hanging out around the back of the store, her dress waiting on the back of a nearby chair, and texting Piper. ‘She just keeps staring?’


‘I’d rather you not get me arrested again, thanks. And thanks for bailing on Ladies Brunch, by the way.’

‘Hey, I wasn’t the only one, I have a dress already, AND Silena needed me! It was an EMERGENCY, AB.’

Annabeth snorts. She’s in the middle of a reply, trying to verify the exact nature of the emergency, if this one, this time, might be related to the dress or the catering or the reception space, when there’s a loud thud that comes from the dressing rooms. She and the associate exchange concerned glances. Annabeth pockets her phone and steps forward.

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The signs when getting abducted by aliens

Aries: MOOOO *cackles while floating into the ufo* I’ve always wanted to do that

Taurus: am I high?

Gemini: *pulls out their phone to tell everyone* aw shit there’s not reception in space :(

Cancer: ok this is kinda cool *says to aliens* just have me home by 8 bc I have things to do


Virgo: *says to aliens* HI ! I COME IN PEACE ! *aliens reply in English saying that they know English* nice

Libra: *whips out phone and takes a selfie* wow this ufo lighting is great. *turns to aliens* where can I buy this lighting

Scorpio: I guess I can’t be a skeptic anymore

Sagittarius: *says to aliens* can we go to mars? Oh wait no! Venus! NO JUPITER! LETS WALK AROUND JUPITER! *aliens say that Jupiter is a gas giant so you can’t walk on it* aw man

Capricorn: *uses sarcasm* okok you’ve abducted me, woohoo, yay aliens and fancy technology! Now put me down

Aquarius: *glares at the aliens saltily* I’ve been waiting

Pisces: *smiles dumbly w wide eyes* ….trippy….

The Big Day (Ashley Purdy Imagine)

You smiled as you walked through the ceremony space and the reception space. You slowly took in all the details you had worked months to pull together. Every thing was perfect. You were marrying the love of your life, in the dress of your dreams, and having the wedding you’d always wished for. You took it all in. Then snuck off to see Ashley before the ceremony. 

You knocked softly of the door where he was to be getting ready. CC poked his head out and asked what you wanted. 

“Can I talk to Ashley please?” 

“Isn’t it bad luck to see him before the wedding?” CC returned.

You pushed him aside and said, “You know I don’t believe in that now let me see him.” Ashley turned around as you barged into the room. He smiled at the sight of you then took two large steps to close the gap between you and engulfed you in a hug. You sighed as you left yourself fall into his arms. You could feel the stress of the day melting away. He whispered softly in your ear, pulling you from your trance, “Go get ready babe.” You placed a small kiss on his cheek knowing you must go and left the room. 

When you returned to your room everyone was in a fit saying that you wouldn’t be ready in time. You laughed at them and sat down to have you hair done. 

An two hours later your hair and make up was done and you were ready to get the dress on. The wedding was due to start in 30 minutes so you as quickly as possible you got into the dress and prepared for the moment you would walk down the isle. 

It felt like hours but soon enough you were standing hand in hand with the love of your life saying your “I do’s”. As he leaned in to kiss you lips you felt tears of joy slip out of your eyes. You couldn’t be happier to spend the rest of your life next to the man of your dreams. 

Gender in Astrology

On the discussion of gender and yin/yang in astrology

I think astrology can tell a lot about how people relate to the social construct of  “gender” but not necessarily which one they identify with. A girl can have a very yang-dominant chart (like lots of fire and air and strong mars and sun) and also be very assertive, outgoing and competitive but still identify as a girl. In the same way, a guy can have a chart full of water and earth with strong venus and moon and be a very nurturing, introverted and submissive person but still identify as male.

Typically, yin / “feminine” energy is dark and negative. This may sound bad but it isn’t. It stands for the dark empty space which holds all of life, kind of like a womb. The negative energy is like the negative end of a magnet - it draws in and attracts rather than conquering something by fighting for it.

Yang is positive, light energy. It’s the “stuff” and structure that is contained within that womb. It is attracted to the negative yin energy.

Everything in life is either positive or negative - the presence or absence of something, active or passive, assertive or receptive. (positive is not good, negative is not bad!!!)

And without one, the other does not exist. Just like a “thing” can’t be defined if there is no space to hold it, and just like space cannot be defined without anything in it.

The sex act between a man and a woman also shows these energies - pushing something (positive) into a receptive space (negative). Sorry, this is a bit disgusting, but it explains the traditional association of yin with female and yang with male.  Traditionally, the woman also “attracts” (negative) while the man “conquers” (positive).

The energies of yin/feminine and yang/masculine are not harmful, its just the expectations and judgements around them that are. And of course the terms “feminine” and “masculine”… it implies an offense to call a guy feminine or a girl masculine when it is really just about neutral energies

Chapter 30

*Authors Note: Trigger warning: rape, torture, violence*

-August 31, 2014 (Present Day)-


My hands were shaking as I stood over the bathroom sink trying to do my make up. I didn’t need to wear any at all; I was just trying to fill the time. My face had finally cleared of its bruises and the bags under my eyes are starting to fade now that Bryant doesn’t call me throughout the night. Failing again at my winged tip, I tossed my eyeliner in the sink and let out an annoyed sigh. Reaching over to my Beats pill, I paused the music on my phone and called Bryant again. It rang straight through to voicemail and I was starting to think he had blocked my number even though my gut was telling me otherwise.

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Featured Gem Essence from Alaskan Essences, Inc.


Color—Dark Blue, Purple, Red

Cor­re­la­tions—5th, 6th Chakras, All Subtle Bodies


Boundaries, Emergency, Intimacy, Newborn, Oversensitive, Overwhelmed, Protection, Receptivity, Sensitivity, Space Clearing

Indi­ca­tions—feeling unpro­tected and vul­ner­able; too easily stim­u­lated by the ener­gies of others, regard­less of their intent; unsure of one’s bound­aries; unable to claim one’s own space; feeling chal­lenged by the environment.

Healing Qual­i­ties—brings strength, clarity and def­i­n­i­tion to the auric field; acts as a pro­tec­tive filter that encour­ages us to relax ener­get­i­cally, espe­cially in the heart chakra area, thereby enhancing our ability to receive love and sup­port from the environment.

This gem elixir addresses feel­ings of vul­ner­a­bility. It is espe­cially helpful for those who feel threat­ened by other people, stressful sit­u­a­tions, or by the envi­ron­ment in general.

The degree of vul­ner­a­bility we feel is directly related to the integrity of our energy field, which can be com­pro­mised by past trauma and injury. Cov­el­lite works to rebuild the energy matrix in the areas of the aura that have been the most impacted, so that instead of feeling vul­ner­able and reacting defen­sively, we feel solidity and strength.

This essence also enables people to do intense healing work without feeling unpro­tected. For example, removing old cords from a par­tic­ular chakra can lead to major changes in how the person relates to others, and the world, from that energy center. This kind of deep energy bal­ancing, espe­cially when it is spon­ta­neous, can be quite uncom­fort­able until it is fully inte­grated into the phys­ical body.     Cov­el­lite facil­i­tates and quickens the inte­gra­tive process by bringing that part of the field back into bal­ance and har­mony with the rest.

Cov­el­lite can also be taken for a period of time to strengthen the energy field before planned surgery or healing work is to be done. This will make the work easier and the recovery quicker.

If healing work was done in the past and didn’t inte­grate prop­erly, or if there was a trauma in an area that didn’t fully heal, then this essence could be used to strengthen that area to pro­mote more effec­tive healing and inte­gra­tion with the work that will come after.