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So I know a lot of ppl ship Gabe/Peggy and I was wondering if it was canon or just a headcanon? Plus when shipping characters like these (one white, one black, pre-Loving), do you go for historical accuracy or just say fuck it and ship them together?

It’s comics canon! Gabe and Peggy got married after the war. The mcu just chose to ignore it and go their own way. There’s no good reason why they didn’t follow their arc.

As far as interracial relationships, just because they were illegal doesn’t mean they’re historically inaccurate. In fact, it’s been legal since the late 1800s in the northeastern US where Gabe and Peggy would probably end up. It became legal in all 50 states in 1967, which is well within Gabe and Peggy’s lifetimes. Gabe and Peggy being in love in the late 40s and early 50s would have been absolutely plausible.

But seriously, black and white people didn’t just not fall in love because they couldn’t get married. That’s like saying gay people didn’t exist before 2012. My dad’s best friend in the late 1950s was mixed. So there is no saying “fuck it”, because it’s not a fabricated comics-world thing. It’s a fact.

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I hope ft ending does not end similar like bleach or naruto

Same, my friend. 

I’ll live on happy if it just ends with Natsu and Lucy, hand in hand with Happy flying above them, running off into another adventure. Those open endings are what I live for. 

Plus, I pray that the FT fandom does not get as obnoxious and cruel as the Naruto and Bleach fandom did when their ships became/did not become canon. 

Breathe in, breathe out, let it go. It’s that easy. 

  • Normal respectful yaoi fan: I like yaoi and shipping people because of dynamics and not just gender but I don't want to make real life LGBT+ people feel uncomfortable with my tastes.
  • Rabid fujoshi ™: OmGZ my beuutifool gay ziN baBEHz and hot yaoiz!1!1 i saws a yaoiz pairing at the supermarket and i haz an organism!1!1 I'm straight but I'm An alliez cuz of the zinful hawt yaoiz!1!1
  • Normal respectful yaoi fan: could you calm down? You're the reason people hate us so much.
  • Rabid fujoshi ™: HOMOPHOVIAZ this beotch is killing mY fetizh gayz babehz when i want representazion for my straightz zelf cuz im sekretly a gayz manz that hates female characterz cockblocxingz my zin!1!@
  • Normal respectful yaoi fan: no I'm not. I'm not even straight myself.
  • Rabid fujoshi ™: LyARZ!1!1 woman on womanz makehs me uncomfortable even doez i pretend to bizexual to fap to the gayz!1!11 let me be ebgie you homophovic beotch!112
  • Respectful yaoi fan: I give up.
  • Rabid fujoshi ™: u givehn up cuz my masturbation shiz iz canunZ and you're a homophoniz. dEATh to the straights!!111246
  • Respectful yaoi fan: weren't you cis and straight an hour ago? And no it's not canon.
  • Rabid fujoshi ™: ERAZURE!! dON'T u see i just changedz my bio to not be OPREZzEd by u homophovuz?!!!75
  • Normal respectful yaoi fan: you're also incredibly sexist? How come you support abuse and noncon for yaoi yet yell abuse for that in het? Abuse exists for all sexual orientations.
  • Rabid fujoshi ™: BECUZ IN YAOI ITS SEXI OK. WITH STRAIGHTZ ITS GROSS BUT seeing man on man abuze is so hawt and it isn't really ABuze cuz abuze don't exist in my gayz zins. HOMophoviazz.
  • Normal respectful yaoi fan: I tried.
  • Rabid fujoshi ™: DOWNz w straightz!1!1 gay ziN yummy. Fuk the heroine, get the fuk out you weak pece of shiit. ill only pretendez to like the heroine but i fUCKiGN hate her BECUZ she's getting in the way of my yaoiz!1!2