Is there a Castle in the Sky AU? Because if there’s not, I’ve just (re)decided that there needs to be a Castle in the Sky AU. Yes, some character roles and relationships would definitely need to be changed, but…pirate Stan. SKY pirate Stan. Sky pirate Stan in a hunk a’ junk jalopi airship he secretly calls the Stan o’ War with Soos as a mechanic and first mate sky pirate Wendy. Dipper and Mabel finding each other and getting chased around by Stan, who takes them in. Sky pirate Pines family doing sky pirate/finding lost civilization things. Old Man McGucket as Uncle Pom. Manly Dan as the mining boss.

I may need to do something with this.

Someone: why arent you a christian anymore?

Me: well because every church i have gone to and nearly every Christian i have ever talked to or hear speak was anti-woman, poc, gay, choice, sex, trans, and, honestly, anti-freedom. No God worth worshiping create children “from the womb” only to forsake them when they get here for being who they are. I still believe there is a god, but i cant worship someone who would influence us not to love eachother unconditionally over things we cant control to prove ourselves worthy of “salvation”

Someone: thats just the devil working in your heart, go to church and accept gods word! youre and athEIST

me: i am literally the oposite of an atheist have you even looked up the defini-

Someone: ATHEIST!!!1!1!1!1!!!