you know that Tumblr Cycle where people are largely critical of [insert recent phenomenon here] (sometimes for valid reasons, sometimes exaggerated ones, usually it falls somewhere between the two) and so other people start adamantly praising [insert recent phenomenon here] just to be contrarian, even though [insert recent phenomenon here] is at best….aggressively mediocre and definitely doesn’t deserve it

hey so just a heads up for new mbmbam fans:

if you start the podcast from the very beginning, you’re gonna hear some yucky things from The Boys. it’s pretty far removed from the McElroy Brand of Humor.

that being said, probably avoid episode 55 if you’re trans. I was working on clay pots for class so my hands were dirty and I couldn’t pause or stop my phone.

to summarize:
-someone submitted a question about whether it was acceptable for women to use the men’s room and visa versa, especially if it’s a single stall

-response was, “never, of course not!” from griffin; travis and justin were more neutral on the topic and trav admitted using the women’s room in the past

-griffin went on to ask if there was a law about people using bathrooms regardless of gender and said that, if there isn’t, there should be

-later on in the podcast there are some callbacks to that discussion, joking that someone should pretend to be trans and then detransition to become famous on TV

i’ve got those nasty, nasty yuck feels. I know that the boys have turned a complete 180 in the six years since that was recorded, but i still feel hurt.

so, yeah. probably avoid episode 55 of the podcast if that sort of talk upsets you.

Yo I don’t know what I want to write.

A) Xyz Fusion swap 5 chapter-ish thing where Yusho takes care of Yuri and Serena for a summer because he found out they’re orphans and Dennis tags along

B) Ray revives after 140 and the b-girls are inside her or fused with the En cards and are now her duel monster aces. With Reiji and Ray (and Akaba family in general) fluff and angst double combo (I still need to figure out how to end this but you bet your ass I’m sending Leo to fucking prison).

C) post canon slow burn-ish pedatorshipping where after finding out Yuto and Ruri were a thing they all just start dating and Yuri and Serena figure out their feelings and get past their traumas, also a lot of sharing body shits and giggles.