I’m sorry, your question just really got me thinking about Arnick’s and Cyanthia’s relationship. They respect the hell out of each other but there is no romantic feelings between them. They are a bro otp.

And yeah, I can see Bella and Tetrox pulling stupid shit to mess with them. (tho nothing physical against Cyanthia ever. She gets bruised easily if you remember)


Gerard and Ray playing for the Puppets and Puppetry event yesterday!

(They look so good, holy -Dylan)


 “…don’t say a word, I just need a drink…” 
  Is a familiar figure of a man just had the battered form aftermatch, got home, grab a glass of boose and lay it off :v. This brat just want to get drunk ( very gang like hehe ) 
   Blackwatch McCree ___ Overwatch 

Balkantalia Band AU
  • Romania and Bulgaria:Lead singers
  • Croatia and Serbia:Rhythm guitar
  • Montenegro:Drums
  • Greece:Bass
  • Macedonia:Synthesiser
  • Bosnia and Slovenia:Backup vocals
  • Herzegovina and Turkey:Lyricists

am i cute or am i cute? 😇 hehehe ^.^

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so yeah….snow app is hella fun peeps! the filters there are super cute omg 😜

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Jaguar XF | Nicholas Hoult AWD Smart Cone Challenge

Watch as British actor Nicholas Hoult puts the XF All Wheel Drive R-Sport to the ultimate test in Sardinia with the Jaguar Smart Cone Challenge. Using wireless technology to randomly illuminate pairs of cones, the unique low-grip Smart Cone course pushes Hoult’s driving skill and reactions to the limit, with XF’s AWD delivering torque to the front axle as it senses a loss of traction.