A heads up (spread the word)!

My main account was recently terminated after editing an old draft that included someone else’s q . gs / adf . ly links. Now, I lucked out in that it lasted all of five minutes because I immediately went barrelling over to Tumblr Support to get my blog back, but I just wanted to tell anyone reading this who may not be aware: avoid using or editing short url links in posts AND drafts (or similar content deemed as spam or considered deceptive / fraudulent), because Tumblr may automatically suspend you without any notification - whether you actually share the ~incriminating data~ or not.

This blog (shineesubbed) survived deletion because I employ a preventive measure to avoid accidents: having multiple accounts attached. If you run any sideblogs, make sure they have more than one admin, even if you have to make new accounts yourself! In any scenario, it’s always best to have as many backups in place as possible, especially for something you put your heart into. Stay alert, stay safe!


A sample of how much I’ve improved over the last 8 years! Although I could probably dedicate 3 rows just to this year. It’s been a pretty wild ride.

It’s super weird for me to look at this, because I can see how slow and gruelling the improvement process was over the years. But at the same time, it’s also amazing. I never gave up, and I’ve come so far. I’ve done so much. I should be really proud. And I’m only going to continue going up from here!

It’s a shame I couldn’t find a good picture of Peri for 2016, because making this was like laying out her history. Every time I changed her design, every time my style changed, since the very year I created her. She’s been with me through a heck of a lot. And she’s still with me, even if I don’t draw her too often anymore. I should draw her again real soon.

Here’s hoping for more incredible improvement next year!

A perhaps timely quote from St Ambrose (d. 397), whom we celebrate today: “But they, too, who would forbid the city to foreigners cannot have our approval. They would expel them at the very time when they ought to help…They would refuse them a share in the produce meant for all, and avert the intercourse that has already begun; and they are unwilling, in a time of necessity, to give those with whom they have enjoyed their rights in common, a share in what they themselves have. Beasts do not drive out beasts, yet man shuts out man. Wild beasts and animals consider food which the earth supplies to be common to all. They all give assistance to those like themselves; and man, who ought to think nothing human foreign to himself, fights against his own.”

Okay, so the trainer who fosters a lot and works with a lot of difficult/reactive/teenage troubled dogs who’s real enthusiastic and seems like the kind of fun, casual trainer that I’m looking for… has her reactive classes coming up soon.

She’s the one who was gonna eval Asher but forgot to respond and then her fall classes started, so I let it go. Now I’m wondering if I should just go straight into reactive classes to be safe? Because I can directly register online instead of crossing fingers and hoping my email gets seen.

Her reactive classes are 4 sessions, starting on the 18th, then doing Jan. 8th, 15th, and 22nd. What do you guys think? @blueboyluca @mango-pup She keeps the class limited to 4 dogs.

anonymous asked:

Does your friend (from the convo you posted that you said wasn't your boyfriend) always do such sweet stuff like that?! How did you guys meet OMG and where can I find one? Bri you're so lucky😭

[for those curious, this is the post the anon is referring to]

deadass i met him at the club lmaooo 😂 brought him home and he was only supposed to be a one night stand but obvy that didn’t go as planned. so i guess you could try bringing home random guys till one works out for ya? ;) hehe

and no, he doesn’t usually do stuff like that. i was v pleasantly surprised - it’s why i posted a screenshot of our text convo in the first place. that’s not to say he’s doesn’t do “sweet stuff” for me at all - he’s affectionate but like a weird kind of affectionate…like a “hey burp again so i can record it and make it my ringtone” kind of affectionate 😂