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Elricest Week - Day 1: How do the brothers see each other?

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thoughts on recent developments

so, if anyone reads my tags at all, you’ll notice that i haven’t been a huge fan of the “mendel eats dirt” meme. personally, i didn’t find it terribly funny, but i just left it alone, because who am i to shit on other people’s fun, right?


let me preface this by saying that i am not trying to tell anyone to stop making jokes or memes. i’m not telling you what to think is funny. these are thoughts that i have been having for a few days now, but recent events have made me decide to put in my two cents on the matter. 

 tumblr is a truly wild place. you can find others that share the same interests as you, no matter how bizarre or niche they may be. that being said, tumblr is also a strange place. people come up with their own jokes, headcanons, and ideas that can seem a little crazy to people unfamiliar with tumblr culture. i’ve been in this website for nearly five years- i can guarantee you i’ve seen some odd shit. the fact of the matter is this: not everyone understands tumblr jokes. not everyone gets how tumblr memes come to be, and not everyone finds them funny. if i were to share some of the things i’ve found funny on this website with my real life friends, i’d get some pretty strange looks. tumblr humor is often only understood by people familiar with this website in the first place. 

 "but why, sydney, is this important now?“ you may ask. "surely everyone already know this!” ah, but this is where you may be mistaken. 

 today, while scrolling my twitter feed, i came across a tweet that genuinely shocked me. never had i thought that i would see sweet, 12-year old anthony rosenthal tweeting about this dirt joke that has taken the fandom by storm. how did he even know about it? to my knowledge, neither he nor the rest of the falsettos cast have a presence on tumblr! now, i’ve posted about when things in this fandom have gotten a bit out of hand before- what i saw today blew all those other times out of the fucking water. 

 what’s my point, you may ask? yes, anthony rosenthal is a kid. yes, he probably find random shit like this hilarious. yes, he is an accessible broadway star who is more likely to actually see and reply to your post than many others. but here’s the catch: he’s not a tumblr user. he may be a kid, but we have no way of knowing whether or not he uses this god forsaken website, and therefore, we had no idea if he would think the joke was funny or not. and judging by his response to the multitudes of tweets regarding this meme, he didn’t. stating that he was “clearly missing something” didn’t really seem like he was shitting his pants from laughing so hard at the mental image of not only a character that no doubt means a lot to him, but also a coworker who he probably misses quite a bit, eating dirt. eating. dirt. why on earth would he think that that was funny? he has no reason to think it is! he has no context of the joke and hasn’t been around for all the other weird shit the falsettos fandom has produced these past few months- did people really expect him to agree that it’s hilarious? 

i’m gonna reiterate something that was brought up a few weeks ago with the arrival of the bootleg: ACTORS ARE PEOPLE TOO. the cast of falsettos did not ask to be invited into our weird jokes. they don’t have any clue that any of this has been going on. and i guarantee you they are feeling the loss of this show harder than any of us are- can you imagine performing such an intense musical over a hundred times? they are adjusting, like us all, to the fact that this show is no longer an active presence in their lives. however, i don’t think they’re doing it by discussing whether or not mendel eats dirt. 

 this has gotten waaaayyyy too long, and most of you probably disagree with me anyways, but let me just say this: actors are real people, with real lives, thoughts, everything. they are not untouchable entities for us to place on a pedestal and yell shit at: they can be made uncomfortable. they can get weirded out. judging from some things i’ve seen across the run of the show, they likely already have. but here’s the point: keep your odd, niche jokes amongst yourselves. post about them in tumblr, start a group chat with your friends about them, fucking eat dirt if you feel so inclined- just don’t bring actors into this. let them grieve the loss of the show without having to wonder if mendel eats dirt or whatever the next weird thing is gonna be. don’t use the excuse of “we miss the show and are trying to keep it alive!”- i guarantee you these people are missing it more than you. 

 this is long, overdramatic (for effect), and wordy, but this has been stewing for a while and i needed to say something about it. i’m not gonna answer any asks about this, i won’t respond to any replies or messages about it either- i’ve said what i want to say and i’m leaving it at that. for now, i’m gonna avoid the falsettos tag indefinitely, hopefully until this all blows over. i would still love to talk about the show, the actors, the cube, your headcanons, anything you want- but i wanted to make sure my stance on this was known. if you don’t agree with me, unfollow me. i’m done talking about this.