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Some shots of the many and I mean MANY surviving props of the Knott’s Bear-y Tales ride that are still around today - there are more things besides what is in these shots. These images show the surviving characters of Zaz Owl, Wanda Fox, Madam Wong (currently being restored), Sarah Skunk, and a Bakery Bear. In 1987, an anonymous employee who worked for Knott’s retrieved many animatronics and props from the Bear-y Tales ride. Each character or prop was meant to be picked up by a ton of employees back in 1987. However, when the employees did not meet their deadline and procrastinated on picking up the pieces. My friend (anonymous employee) snagged so much of the ride and picked up every figure or prop you can imagine. However, certain ones stayed at Knott’s Berry Farm. Particularly, the main characters such as Boysen, Girlsen, Flapper, Razz, Elder, Crafty Coyote, Theda Bear, and some others. These guys that the anonymous employee wasn’t able to get had stayed at Knott’s to be a part of the Bear-y Tales Playhouse for many years until 1998. This is how Knott’s ended up with Razz, Elder, and that raccoon in the recent auction. The whereabouts of the other figures used for the Playhouse are currently unknown, but it is known that a few were used for Knott’s Scary Farm as mechanical skeletons for props in the mazes or decorated rides sadly. The good news is that the surviving props and animatronics that the anonymous employee garnered in 1987 have been kept safely. Today, a project known as Stack’s Liberty Ranch is protecting and preserving the surviving Rolly Crump pieces as we speak.

Semi-hiatus notice starting 24 / 06 - 15 / 07

Hey guys so i hate to do this after only just getting this blog fixed. But recently i won the auction for the house i’ve been wanting for months and well that means i am moving house within the next week. It’s a better house for me and my little man as he suffers from Asperger’s syndrome which is a form of Autism and where we are moving too has better access to a school for him which will aid him with his condition. but not only that it’s closer to the hospital which is good for me. Reason being is most of you know i have been suffering with chronic back issues - well i’ve now been diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis - so yeah being near a hospital is the best option for me.

SO basically im saying three week hiatus as it gives me chance to move, get my little man settled in school and all other things sorted like decorating, getting internet and so forth. As well as recovering from any pain that this move might inflict upon me.

Now if you guys don’t mind waiting for replies for that length of time as it know it’s a long one then all of you are AWESOME and i love you all. I have done SOME of my drafts, the LYRIC STARTERS are also in queue with some memes and the drafts not done ive saved to word and when i am feeling up to it and stuff i will type them out.Then when i’m back i can get everything done and thrown in queue and boom we’re back in business. Also i will be working on icons, bios and verses and stuff so i’m really productive when i get back as trust me the nights with no internet are going to be boring. So yeah. see you soon i guess if you wish to stick around. Ill be around to check in on mobile and collect drafts and such but wont be fully active till my hiatus is over.

academicxaesthetica  asked:

Have you seen any pictures of the costumes Judith wore in any of her films or do you have any knowledge as to were they are kept or if they still exist? I have been looking for any information on the whereabouts of the dress she wore as Mrs Danvers, but to no avail :(

This is a brilliant Ask, thank you, and I’ve enjoyed researching the topic! :-)

Several of Judith’s costumes have been put up for auction in recent years, including her skirt from Pursued (1947), dress from Salome (1953), silk robe from The Ten Commandments (1956), and robe, headdress, jewellery, etc. from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984). In addition, Adelaide Festival Centre has several other costumes, such as the Valentina gown she wore on stage in Come of Age (1933). They were donated by Judith herself with other items.

In 2012, the Centre held an exhibition, ‘Hitchcock to Spock: Life and times of our Dame Judith Anderson 1897-1992’, featuring costumes and more. Excitingly, there are photos of a couple of the costumes (including the gorgeous dress from John Brown’s Body (1953)) and other parts of the exhibition online.

I haven’t yet been able to discover what happened to Judith’s Mrs Danvers costume. But it’s encouraging to see that one of Laurence Olivier’s suits from the movie was sold at auction several years ago. That gives me hope Mrs Danvers’ dress may still be out there somewhere… One or two blogs I’ve seen have suggested that Irene Lentz (known professionally just as Irene) designed the costumes for Rebecca, so that gives us another potential line of enquiry.

Finally, a few snippets that caught my attention…

These costume sketches for Judith’s gowns for Hamlet (1936) and Macbeth (1937), plus nightwear for Cinderfella (1960), are pretty nice.

About 20 minutes into this video, Noel Taylor talks about the challenges of taking over costume design/production on Tower Beyond Tragedy (1950).

Something else that caught my attention is Zoe Caldwell’s fascinating anecdote about Judith’s Medea costume. In the early 1980s, Judith was preparing to appear in the play again, this time as the Nurse, alongside Caldwell’s Medea.

‘[S]he wanted me to wear her wig, her dress, her sandals. I said, “Judith! My head is too big, my body has given birth to kids, and my feet are too big.” She said, “Just try them all on and see.” I tried them all on and they all fit perfectly, except I started saying, “Deeeeeaaath, deeeaaath,” like Judith. I said, “I can’t [wear them], Judith.” It was her idea that I play Medea. I said,”You’ve chosen the bridegroom, you want me to wear the wedding dress that you wore, you want me to wear the same wreath and veil and the same bridal bouquet. No, a good parent says, ‘It’s your wedding, my darling. I’ll be behind you.’” She was, and it was thrilling, thrilling.’


This pair of diamond earrings 13 carats each, a cover lot from our recent Important Jewels auction realized $389,000, double the pre-sale estimates. (at Dupuis Auctioneers)

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Sorry I’ve been quiet lately – I should really do some more scanning soon. :)

I won these cels from Yahoo! Japan auctions recently. There’s a lot of line fading, which is unfortunate, but I never thought I’d be able to pick up a young Allen – or a Celena from this sequence. Sure, I wish the Celena was from later in the sequence (I want a better shot of her with the snail, better centered on the celluloid), but considering I’ve only seen one other collector with a cel from this sequence, I’m willing to settle for this until something better comes along. :)

Really hoping the line fading – particularly on Allen and Celena’s hair – isn’t as pronounced when they come in. Scans forthcoming, I’m sure.

~ Ballykissangel Rewatch: Series 2 Episode 1 ~

Episode Title: For One Night Only (Series 2 Episode 1)

Date Aired: 5th January 1997

Series Created By: Kieran Prendiville

Directed By: Paul Harrison

Written By: Kieran Prendiville

IMDB Rating: 7.8/10 (Based on 30 votes)

Synopsis: Due to the recent ‘slave auction’, Assumpta belongs to Father Macanally, Father Clifford belongs to Assumpta, Brendan belongs to Siobhan and Brian Quigley belongs to Donal. To complicate things further, Assumpta and Father Clifford must play lovers in an upcoming stage production.

Link To Watch/Download Episode:

And so Series 2 begins! You guys probably know the drill by now, but just in case… Post your thoughts using the tags ‘ballyk rewatch’ and ‘ballyk spoilers’. Use the general ‘ballykissangel’ tag too, if you wish!

All opinions are valid and feel free to express yourself in any way. Discussion closes next Sunday.

Ps. So sorry for the delay on this week’s post :P

- Louise x

HC: KBTBB Guys Find Out MC Cheated *Eisuke Ichinomiya*

Theme Song: Apologize by One Republic

I’m holding on your rope, got me ten feet off the ground
And I’m hearing what you say, but I just can’t make a sound
You tell me that you need me then you go and cut me down, but wait
You tell me that you’re sorry, didn’t think I’d turn around, and say (that)

“It’s too late to apologize (it’s too late) ”
I said, “It’s too late to apologize (it’s too late) ”

His reaction to when you confess your infidelity:

Eisuke couldn’t believe what you were saying, “You what?”

You were a sobbing mess sitting on the edge of the bed you shared together. You had just told the love of your life that you had been unfaithful to him.

“I-I’m so sorry, Eisuke.” you sobbed, your makeup streaking black lines down your pale cheeks.

Eisuke was now pacing the room, his anger apparent in every movement. He couldn’t even look at you. His body felt numb, he felt out of control with anger. However, through his anger, he knew that he was capable of anything with the rage inside of him.

He needed you gone. Gone before he did something he would regret for the rest of his life.

Eisuke stopped pacing, and turned sharply toward you, swallowing hard with a hard expression on his face.

“Get your things, and get out.” he orders coldly.

You look up in shock,“No, please! Eisuke, it was a mistake-”

“I said, get out! Get out now!” he roars, causing you to shrink back in fear. Eisuke’s face was like a stone tiger. He was intimidating and absolutely terrifying.

His heart twinged with pain as he saw the fearful look on your face. He turns his back on you, unable to take the pain and fear reading over your face.

You silently, and quickly gather a few things and leave before Eisuke does anything more to you.

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anonymous asked:

Um in your opinion Mado seeing Takizawa at the end of the auction arc might mean there is hope of redemption for him? He looks pretty gone to me except for that one moment so i'm wondering if he can really be saved. Of course I read your post explaining how he might have such a big crush on her, but since Amon is also in the equation, do you not think she might try to save one more than the other?

Hmm… that’s an interesting and complicated question (this kinda got long and sometimes out of topic, sorry in advance Anon).

Well, to be honest I hope there is hope but redemption is not exactly what I’m thinking about for Seidou.

As I said in a different post before: Seidou’s worst enemy is his own self, he’s eaten from the inside by an inferiority complex that he very probably developed as a child. It was expressing itself through anger, Akira, Juuzou and even with Haise recently in the auction arc, and that is the thing he needs to take care of, if we ever want to see him back on the “good side”. 

The problem is, it’s easier said than done, unfortunately.

Actually, I don’t think saying Seidou is gone is the most accurate, because he has his full memory and brain capacities (he remembered that girl who spoke during the classes, he remembers Akira and his past as a student…), and even though his physical appearance strongly suggests that Aogiri tortured him a lot, I think he is totally conscious of what he’s doing and of the path he’s taking. 

No, the real problem for Seidou right now is that his mind is entirely twisted by what Aogiri put him through but not only, because Aogiri also probably pushed Seidou’s inferiority complex on another level (unconsciously or on purpose, I can’t decide) and as he is now, between the probable torture sessions but also from how he sees himself, he is not exactly gone but rather totally engulfed in this wrong vision he has of the world and of himself.

For example, he doesn’t see himself as a ghoul…

But he’s not a human either, since humans are the sweets and he’s the one eating them.

So how does Seidou sees himself?

It took me a while to figure it out but as a half ghoul, Seidou is stronger than the humans he eats (for example, he killed and ate Special Class Ato and many others) and also stronger than most ghouls (he could take Hina and almost went on par with Sasaki), especially after what Aogiri put him through but also because he’s seen as one of Kanou’s real success (hence his rivalry with Sasaki, who is seen as the best success).  

So yes, I think Takizawa sees himself as death (’once you’re death, death is no longer scary’) and that’s why he preys on those weaker than him. 

It’s all about the inferiority complex: good and bad, humans or ghouls, none of this matters. Seidou is stronger, Seidou became death under Aogiri’s (or rather Tatara/Eto/Kanou’s) hands and if he had the choice, I am not sure he would ever go back to his previous life as a CCG investigator.

Torture is supposed to break men (look at what happened to Kaneki), but it didn’t exactly work like that with Seidou: by being called a successful experiment (unlike Amon for example), the inferiority complex inside his mind pushed him to accept his fate as a half ghoul (even if that meant siding with “that bastard Eto”) because in this life he was no longer a loser, he was no longer scared.

Of course, Eto seems to control him, and there is no way she would let him leave Aogiri (seeing as he is a successful experiment), but I don’t think Seidou would want to leave Aogiri in the first place, not when he’s seen as a success (when he used to see himself as shit before) and when the organization’s name inspires fear to both ghouls and the CCG. 

Don’t make me say what I didn’t say though! I think Seidou is suffering a lot because of Aogiri and yet he still thinks that this life is better than the previous one, because at least in this life, he’s not a loser.
Were he to realize that his way of thinking and of seeing himself are totally off, he would also definitely realize that his life as a half ghoul at Aogiri’s mercy is seriously horrible.

As I said though, it’s easier said than done and I don’t think he’ll manage to recover from all this on his own.

And that’s when Akira steps in. 

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I think if there is one person who will be able to get Seidou out of this unbreakable cycle, it’s her.
Because of that one scene that changed everything about half-ghoul!Seidou’s character:

 This might not be so understandable at first but here is what I think happened:

  1. Akira arrives to save Haise and sees him first 
  2. She calls his name
  3. Takizawa lifts his head, ready to play the “Togi prank” on the one who’s recognizing him (because he’s “death” and no longer loser!Takizawa and he can prove it)
  4. But then he sees her, hides his face in shame and flees

And why is this scene important? Because it’s the only time so far in :Re when we see Takizawa hesitating and eventually giving up. He didn’t hesitate when he murdered Ato or Togi, or when he fought Sasaki and Hinami (who technically was on the same side as him) but he fleed in front of Akira. After showing signs of extreme unease to think she saw him “like that”.

So I think it definitely means that Ishida intends to write more about these two since she’s the only one who got such reaction out of him, and knowing the huge crush he very probably (almost undoubtedly) had on her since their Academy days, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ishida was heading towards Akira being the one saving Seidou.

There is obviously a reason about why Akira is the one mentoring Sasaki and, even though ghouls killed her parents, it is shown she cares and trusts him a lot and all I’m saying is that Ishida could use the bond she created with Haise in order to make her the only possible way for Takizawa (and maybe Amon) to get his chance out of Hell. 

Even before the Auction arc, I don’t think Akira ever gave up on these twp being alive (extra of vol 14) and she probably already imagined the worst scenarios, but her partnership with Haise shaped her in a way that she wouldn’t be “disgusted” or uncomprehending about Takizawa and Amon’s situations. She hates ghouls yes, but I think she sees Haise as a human, victim of a mad experiment which turned him into a half ghoul, and it’s also exactly what happened to Seidou and Amon.

So there you go: yes I think Seidou has his chance (not at redemption but at getting out of Hell) and that chance is Akira, because of his past (?) feelings for her and because she knows him.
Out of all the CCG characters introduced in TG, Akira and Seidou have known each other since stepping in the Academy for the first time and I’m sure that for this reason, she has a way to prove to him he’s not worthless or useless.
From the moment Seidou will stop thinking the him of before was shit, he will probably accept to more or less change back. 

And it’s not impossible: she’s the perfect 100-mark, he’s the loser, he had feelings for her but always saw her “from the side”, and the fact she saw him “like that” in the auction arc made him shameful… 

So how do you think he will possibly react when he is to know that the “perfect 100-mark” she is believed in him for 3 years and tried to help him (in the theory that she will be the one to save him)? He will be in deny at first, but it could still save him from everything… 


As for your second question, I don’t think Akira will ever make the choice to save one more than the other; if she can, I think she’ll save the two of them, even if we don’t know yet how Amon is holding up mentally and if he actually needs help. 

Amon escaped from Aogiri and is on a constant fight with them while Eto wants his head, but unlike Seidou he’s somehow free and I’m thinking he is sane, when I see how he can track Aogiri ghouls and fight them while leaving the “good side” (Saiko for example) alone. So Amon might not need “saving” in the same way as Takizawa (who preys on both ghouls and humans, good and bad not existing since he’s “death” and stronger).

However I don’t think Akira will ever choose between the two of them, because as she said:

Yet if one needs her more than the other, then it would make sense that she ends up helping the former more, wouldn’t you say? 

Err…. This got super long and became an essay of how I see Takizawa Seidou right now, but I hope it still answers your questions.
Sorry for rambling. 

Eisuke x MC Jealousy ft Baba (His PoV)

On the balcony at the most recently held auction, Jess sat looking at nothing in particular. I know she’s uncomfortable with the idea but she has to get used to it. I can’t have her leaving my side alone while the auction takes place. Some of the guests that participate are insane. She pouts in boredom and rummages through her clutch bag to fish out her phone.
“Put it away.”
“Oh come on. I’m broke so it’s not like I’ll be placing a bid. Please, just let me. Just this once. There’s something I want to check.”
“Fine.” She smiles slightly in relief and unlocks her phone. I look over because it’s my business to know what she’s up to, and who she converses with. What I see was not what I was expecting. A colourful web-page sprung up with a black box labelled episode 20. Is she watching anime?
“Whacha doing, pretty lady?” Baba leaned over from the seat on her left to stare at her phone and from the type of dress she chose I think he’s staring at much more than the bastard needs to see.
“Oh…I just wanted to check this page. You see, they release a new episode of the series I watch every week. I was just checking if the new episodes been released yet.”
She’s ignoring my auctions for anime?
“Cool! What show?”
“It’s called assassination classroom. This creature threatens to destroy the world so a class of students have the job of killing this creature as he poses as their teacher.”
How ridiculous.
“How cool!” Typical response from Baba. Despite his age, he acts like a five year old.
“So this series of yours, how can I watch it?”
“You really want to watch it? Okay, sure! I can send you the link to the website.”
“You can text it to me. Here’s my phone number.” And now they’re exchanging numbers? What the hell is going on?

A few days later in the lounge, Baba comes over and sits so close to Jess he might as well be sitting on her. Maybe I should consider carrying around a gun like Soryu since everyone reacts to him when he pulls it out. Not a terrible idea.
“I watched it. I’m on episode 20 of season 2.”
“Huh! Really? Did you like it!?”
“It’s so good! Nagisa is so good.”
“Not as good as Karma!”
“You can argue. That fight they had in episode 18.”
“Yeah! I freaked out! I was like ‘MY BABIES! NOO!!’ It was SO intense!” How old do you have to be before you stop fangirling over frictional characters? Whatever it is, it has to be before their age. This is ridiculous!
“Can the two of you stop squealing like a pair of teenage girls?”
“Huh?” Both of them look at me like they were oblivious to their conversation from two seconds earlier. Do they not realise how weird they looked?
“Oh lighten up, Eisuke. If Jess and I want to have a conversation about her interests, who are you to stop her?” Stupid Baba. Don’t make me seem like the bad guy.
“Eisuke, it’s not like you’d want to talk to me about it.” What Baba does next really pisses me off.
“Come on, Jessie. If Eisuke doesn’t like it lets go elsewhere.” Baba wraps an arm around her shoulder and escorts her out of the lounge. That prick.

Where is she? It’s eleven o'clock now. She’s been gone for nine hours. What the hell has she been up to? In that moment, the door opens and Jess walks in with a grin on her face and tons of carrier bags.
“Hi, Eisuke. Why aren’t you in bed?”
“I was waiting for you.”
“Aww… Thank you, sweetie.” She kisses me on the cheek and goes into the bedroom to get changed. I have to ask,
“What did you do today?”
“Baba took me to this cute cafe and just sat and chatted for a while. Then we went shopping and then had afternoon tea before going bowling.”
“Jess, stay away from that thief.”
“… What?”
“Just stay away from him.”
“… This is so unfair.”
“You get to talk to anyone you want and now you’re stopping me from talking to people I want to talk to. Look, Eisuke. You don’t watch the shows I watch. You don’t listen to the music I listen to. You don’t like the clothes I used to wear before we started going out. Now I have someone to talk to about all of that. Please, understand that I’m happy about having someone to talk to.” She pulls a face that’s a mixture of sadness and disappointment. Ah baby please don’t make that face.
“You can talk to me about it.” She looks up at me but the look on her face doesn’t change.
“So I rewatched this episode of assassination classroom the other day. It was the first one where they introduce Asano Gakushu.”
“… When I was out earlier, this song came on from Fall Out Boy.”
“Fall out what?”
“… I saw this dress in the shop window. It was mostly black with a purple plaid neckline and buckles.”
“Sounds hideous.”
“…… It’s late. Let’s just go to bed.” Now is she upset with me? Now I understand what it must be like when she hears me talk about the hotel or business. I get it now. Maybe I’m being unreasonable.
“Jess, I’m sorry. You can talk to him if you want.” She rolls over from her side of the bed so now she’s facing me and her body’s pressed against mine.
“Thank you, Eisuke. And thanks for trying.” This girl. We may not have a lot in common but she’ll still listen to my interests. She really is amazing.

“Hey, Jess! Want to go shopping again today?”
“Okay!” I take back what I said. I want this thief gone. When I said she could still talk to him, I didn’t have these feelings of irritation at the time. Now I want Baba to be wiped off the face of the earth.
“Eisuke, I’m going out with Baba for a little while.”
“No you’re not.”
“Argh… Not again Eisuke. Give me one reason why I can’t.”
“Because I said so.”
“No, this is bullshit! I never complain to you when girls are all ov- Oh!… That’s what it is. You’re jealous.”
“Of Baba? Unlikely.”
“Oh Eisuke. You worry over nothing. Baba’s like a best friend of mine. Like a sister.”
“Pfft!” I couldn’t contain my laughter. Baba just got friend-zoned and from the look on his face, he’s really disappointed.
“Can I go out now?”
“Oh you can go alright… Heh.” Jess goes upstairs to retrieve her handbag and Baba trots over dejected.
“How does it feel to be called a sister, Baba?” God, this is too amusing to me.
“Just you remember, Eisuke. Sisters are comfortable seeing each other naked when they get changed.”
“Baba, you ready to go? I want to see if I can try on that dress I saw yesterday.”
“On second thought, Jess, you’re not going out with Baba ever again.”

Uta and The Clowns

As requested by a lovely and curious anon.

Being a clown is a juggling act, unless you are part of one of Japan’s strongest ghoul groups; Pierrot. The amazingly strong ghouls in this group are interesting beyond compare, each character being so enigmatic. After researching for hours, I’ve compiled all you need to know about the Clowns.


Pierrot is a character from way back when Pantomime began, and many other characters were made to accompany him (Columbina, Harlequin, Arlecchino, etc). Some characters have similarities to those of the clowns (eg. Columbina and Itori both being very intelligent and rarely wearing masks), though, due to inconsistencies in this theory (eg. Columbina cheating on Pierrot with Harlequin), I’ve scrapped it and labelled it as a coincidence. If it interests you or you can prove me wrong, feel free to, although after an hour of searching for even one tiny parallel you’ll probably give up as I did.


Uta is by far the most developed and one of the more present clowns in the series. He is very artistic, as is made obvious by his great mask design and construction. If you didn’t know, Uta’s name in Japanese (うた) means “song”. As a more peaceful ghoul, perhaps due to being witness to chaotic ghoul behaviour in other wards, he enjoys having humans around and even exhibits a visual liking to human food due to its colours and arrangement. He is seen wearing zebra-stripe patterned clothing (recently at the Auction, as an example). This is particularly interesting to me, as not only do zebras symbolise traits that are relevant to the mask-making ghoul (free, social, strong, playful, friendly, adaptable, determined), but it is also said that zebras can tell each-other apart from their stripes as they all have different patterns, although humans would never be able to tell one from another. This information ties in interestingly with his alias “No Face” from human investigators who always identify him, even through many physical appearance changes. Zebras also find strength in numbers, which could be the reason that when fighting alongside other clowns (Auction) he displays great ability. Uta is associated with the tarot card number 19 (the Sun - Upright: Fun, warmth, success, positivity, vitality/Reversed: Temporary depression, lack of success). In the Tokyo Ghoul Trump deck, Uta is featured as eight of diamonds. It is said that Eight of Diamonds people are the embodiment of the creative principal (the Sun), have the ability to overcome all their obstacles and win against all enemies, serve others honestly and faithfully (usually at their expense) and be powerful. Also, we must take note that Uta, despite being a clown, does not wear a clown mask (and never has). Interesting.

Itori is the well-informed owner of the Helter Skelter bar. This gossipy young woman is usually a very talkative, sociable blood-wine drinker; however a hidden darker and slightly sadistic side is observable in some occasions. Her mask is very interesting, a large sharp toothed grin atop a long sharp chin, with a spade and heart (with three white dots) near the eye/temple area. It can also be assumed there is a club on the other side, however hard to see it may be. Spades symbolise fall, winter and the power of darkness. In Tarot perspective, they symbolize intellect, action, air, and death. Hearts, on the other hand, represent the warmth of spring and summer seasons and the power of light. In Tarot, hearts may also symbolize knowledge, love, life from water, and fertility, and in fortune-telling, joy.  The Eight of Clubs, Itori’s trump card, is one of three ‘fixed’ cards of the symbolic deck that never change its birthplace. They also have very close association with King of Spades and Jack of Hearts. Eight of Clubs are allied with wisdom and the power of love and sacrifice. 

Nico is without a doubt a very flamboyant and sly character. He is portrayed as the derogative Japanese “onee” trope of very feminine homosexual men. He should not be underestimated, as he skilfully obtained information from Jason (and the Aogiri in general) about the One-Eyed King, even going so far to claim they know the their identity. Nico’s trump is the Eight of Hearts. People of this card feel the need to control and dominate and in areas of love and relationships Eight’s of Heart find their power; this need for power and control can also bring out the worst in them. It should also be known that Eight of Hearts who apply themselves do very well in large organizations.

Roma’s (somewhat loveable) clumsy and absent-minded behaviour made her a memorable character in the Tokyo Ghoul series. Fast-forward to her being with the clowns, and her description of Kaneki as “beautiful” in his depressive state reveals her to have a much more sinister side! Roma is featured on the Eight of Spades in the Tokyo Ghoul Trump deck, symbolizing ambitious power as a priority over relationships, adventurousness and self-expression.

Due to a lot of mystery around Souta, I’ve decided to leave him last. Souta, as revealed by a flashback of Kaneki’s, reveals him to have played a role in the capture of Rize. He is very manipulative, even having lured a young woman named Ami into the Gourmet restaurant after having promised to marry her. He’s a character that has a general lack of information when compared to other characters, some even suggesting he may be Hide in disguise (which I definitely do not agree with). He appears to have a ‘G’ around one of the eyes on his mask. This may represent the symbolic meanings of the letter G (purpose, order, imagination, instinct, intuition and acting conventional). His alias, PG, has not been explained either. Unlike other characters, he has never taken off his mask and he lacks a lot of dialogue. Souta’s trump is the Five of Hearts, which represents a creative, intelligent and entertaining person with a lot of ideas. Actually, about that…

Souta’s Number Five:
A recurring theme is seen in all but one of the Clowns’ trump cards; the number 8. Souta is the only member with a different number for his trump card, which is 5.
According to numerology, five is the number of human beings. The number five symbolizes the four limbs and the head that controls the limbs and also the five senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch). Number 8, the number for the rest of the members, symbolises harmony, balance, the ability to make decisions, abundance and power.
There is more mystery surrounding Souta than we originally thought. It is also unusual for a ghoul to even remotely associate with Kanou without being either his assistant or an experiment. Combined with the fact that 5 is the number of the human being, this indicates a possibility that Souta is an artificial one-eyed ghoul, perhaps Kanou’s very first experiment. It’s all speculation, but this could also explain why he was holding up two fingers after letting the steel beams fall onto Rize, Kaneki would be the second try at the process. Why else would a clown help out Dr. Kanou?

In Tokyo Ghoul, many key events were the result of the Clowns’ actions. Examples of times the Clowns have played a role in turning points in the story include the steel beams falling on Rize, prompting Kaneki to search for the Ghoul Restaurant (along with Tsukiyama), Kaneki’s capture and the search for Kanou’s lab. In :re, however, the Clowns haven’t appeared as active in scheming, apart from Roma and Nico spotting the Quinx at the nightclub and attending/fighting at the Auction. It seems as though the clowns, although once rising to power, have been far more inactive than usual. However, this may be a repeat of the first series, where they are involved much more than is shown. I doubt they’ll be gone for too long, and will make at least one more (if not many) appearances throughout the story, Kaneki will most likely make contact with them for whatever reason he may (most likely for information). I have no leads to go on other than the importance of their group in terms of power and status and their determination at the end of the last manga to continue pursuing “have more fun” and to “have the last laugh”.

After analysing these characters, it becomes apparent that all of them have unique functions that make the group a sturdy whole. This, however, does not apply much to Souta, an oddly absent and distinct from the others. All of the eights in the Tokyo Ghoul Trump belong to the Clowns, however all fives are characters that are very set apart from others in the story (Maris Stella, for example). I suspect he will have a big role to play in the upcoming story (not like he doesn’t already). The Clowns aren’t joking around.

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Pink Panther Limousine, 1969. The car was conceived by Hollywood vehicle designer Jay Ohrberg, who also created, among others, the DeLorean from Back to the Future and KITT from Knight Rider, as well as several Batmobiles. It was based on an Oldsmobile Toronado, with the V8 front-drive chassis lengthened to accommodate the seven metre long Limousine body. It has been through several auctions, most recently in 2011 when it was described as being in need of restoration

Short - Anon: How the bidders react to Ayaka’s reuniting with Ota

“Teach me how to shoot!”
Ayaka’s eyes, the exact shade and shape as her father’s, bore up at Soryu.
Little hands clung onto his sleeve.
“But but but-“
She stuck out her bottom lip and she looked so absolutely perfect, a little precious angel about to burst into tears. Soryu was terrified.
“Alright, alright, FINE! Don’t you cry. Oh my god.” Soryu sighed and the girl grinned instantly, as if her previous sadness was all an act that evaporated into the brilliance of her smile. She always loved how easily he agreed to her requests - just cause Soryu couldn’t stand making a girl cry.

He was absolutely the favourite one of her “Uncles”, a frequent at Ota’s place for dinner, and her self proclaimed godfather.
“Uncle Mitts!”
Ayaka ran to him and climbed up into his lap, making herself comfortable as he smiled down at her.
“You didn’t come visit for a while!” Her little feet wiggled. “I missed you!”
“Uncle Mitts was a little busy.” Baba patted her head and Ota smirked, knowing full well that Baba had put up several new articles into the auctions recently. “But I got Ayaka a present!”
He presented her with a flat package that she delighted in gently peeling the wrapping paper off of, revealing a large piece of quality canvas and a new set of paints. “Tell daddy to teach you how to use this.”
“Daddy?” Ayaka turned on Baba’s lap and fixed her eyes on her father excitedly.
“Mhm, we can paint something really cool for Uncle Mitts.” Ota flashed a grin. “Say thank you!”

“Oh shush, kid.” Mamoru puffed on his cigarette.
“Stop smoking, Uncle Oldie.” Ayaka crossed her arms and frowned at him disapprovingly.
“Seriously, Ota, teach your kid some manners. What a bother.” He sighed and stubbed out the smoke, groaning as he lay back on the couch, throwing his feet on the coffee table. Ayaka smacked his legs.
“Down! So rude!”

“Here, have a chocolate.”
He held out a piece of fancy chocolate from an expensive looking box on the coffee table. Ayaka shook her head.
“It’s not cheap. You eat it. It’s okay.”
“You want it, don’t you?”
The little girl nodded slowly. Having lived with her mother for most of her life, she didn’t know the sort of lifestyle her father and his friends were accustomed to.
“It’s just a piece of chocolate.”
“It’s okay.”
Her honey eyes were fixed on the sweet, longing for it, but she was too considerate to actually take it from him.
“Ota, can she have a chocolate?” Eisuke called to his friend, lounging on the other couch.
“Duh. Ayaka, it’s okay, your Uncle Eisuke can pay for this kind of chocolate. If he says you can have one, you go ahead.”
Her eyes lit up and she took the little chocolate in her hand and popped it into her mouth.
“Thank you, Uncle Eisuke!”
He smiled faintly, remembering how his childhood could have been, his own sister looking at him like that.
“You’re welcome.”