“I’m just surprised to see you cry.”

“You may not be the sun that shines above the people, but I alone know of your lunar beauty, which secretly illuminates this land” 

Edmund x Reader: I’m Not Flirting

Edmund stretched and breathed in the sea air. “It is good to be sailing again,” he sighed. “The winter was too long.”

          He turned and saw (Y/n) climbing up the deck stairs. She wobbled and nearly fell over.

        "Haven’t got your sea legs?“

          She stumbled to the ledge and glared. "No, just feeling a bit seasick.”

          Edmund smirked. “Hmm, it’s a good thing I came along then.”

        "Whys that?“ (Y/n) said, leaning against the railing. She did look a bit green.

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there is literally no situation in which you should compare something to the holocaust (aside from literal, state-sponsored, mass genocide). not veganism. not discourse. not current american politics.

you’re gross and antisemitic if you do so. period.