Happy National Dog Day. Please adopt! #AdoptionIsLove


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📷 On the set of Legend | 15 July 2014

yeah but like my whole issue with it is that they announced this almost a year ago & never followed up on it. There’s been plenty of time for natural progression of the story, we’ve had a lot of comics released in the meantime, & none of them touch on any of the characters’ sexualities.

It’s basically queerbaiting at this point lol since they keep telling us “just wait! we have gay characters!” but leave everything ambiguous. There hasn’t even been like, a flimsy attempt at representation

in my dream last night someone proposed to their partner in the park and part of the proposal involved like… an absurd amount of people bursting out of a bouncy castle dressed as different colored tulips and surrounding the couple. i’m pretty sure they said yes but i was dealing with my own stuff at the time my friends were stuck in the river and i had to get a branch to help them

Very important message for the safety of my followers.

If you get any messages from the tumblr account Nikkondragon , please DO NOT RESPOND TO HER and block her immediately.

Do NOT probe into her blog, do NOT send her messages, do NOT make any contact with her. Trust me, this is for your own safety. If you have any concerning questions in general, @morelovelyandmoretemperate may be able to answer them. Otherwise, stay as far away from the mentioned user as possible, please.