But why did I have a dream about Liz picking me up from the airport and taking me to see Jen…

i just went to an info session on volunteering in china and idk I thought the info session would be in english bc we’re at a canadian university? BUT THE ENTIRE MEETING WAS IN MANDARIN I WANTED TO CRY but luckily I somehow managed to hold on and understood most of the meeting ✌


YOOO guess who’s doing a selfie tag again !!! yes !!! me !!! (i thought you’ve had enough of my face but i guess not lol)

thank u @kimjix for tagging me to do this i love you and your hair looks gorgeous A+++

i’m tagging @mirakuchan (and don’t even try to say no because i need your selfies) | @leubaek@kkeop-chu@parksoijn@jacintaaax@suhoymilk@seokwifey AND anyone else who wants to do this woop woop /fades away while doing jazz hands