OH MY GOD, you get it! You are the only teacher in this school who understands.

an 8th period student freaking out after I listed all my reasons why I know students deserve more credit for what they do every day

  1. Transitioning eight times throughout the day
  2. with only four minutes in between classes
  3. and asked to be ‘on task’ from bell to bell
  4. because there’s only 45 minutes to work
  5. and probably constantly being told you can’t use the restroom
  6. because 45 minutes isn’t long enough to “waste” any
  7. and no time to talk or socialize with friends, told to shhhhhush
  8. and then getting homework every night for the same reason
  9. in potentially eight different classes
  10. with no warning for contingency plans if RL steps in
  11. and the implication that not doing homework = lazy
  12. when your lacrosse team traveled two hours for an away game
  13. that had been on the schedule for months, HW assigned today
  14. and even still you got home close to midnight
  15. and never get enough sleep
  16. before doing it all again
  17. repeat
  18. repeat
  19. repeat
  20. repeat, ad nauseam

nonbinary/genderfluid represent!! I don’t always feel like I’m welcome in trans spaces because I present as feminine pretty much all of the time. It doesn’t help that I’m only out to a few people irl. I just try to remind myself that my gender is valid. My pronouns are valid. My presentation is valid. My name is Sie. They/them pronouns.