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OP Birthdays ~ 2/6

Nico Robin

To those of you who post progress photos of your work. To show a new section that has been finished, or just to show off an interesting section.

To those of you who do a daily document of whatever you’ve done or achieved, just to have a journal of your work.

To those of you who call a single row or a few stitches an accomplishment,

I congratulate you. You’re doing a wonderful job. Keep doing what you love and show what you think is awesome. It’s looking great! 

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Headcanons about jealoused genos saitama and sonic pleaseee (luckies for your new blog~~)

Thank you!! I hope you like these! :)


  • When he’s jealous, he’s actually very scary. Unlike the other two (who would pout a bit or ignore their s/o for a while), Genos be very upset if someone else was trying to take advantage of his s/o or his s/o was flirting with other people.
  • He would straight up confront anyone attempting to flirt with his s/o. Genos refuses to beat around the bush regarding his relationship. So, if anyone got too close to his s/o for comfort, Genos would make sure to cut into the conversation and politely — at first, anyways — as the other person to leave.
  • If the other person refused to listen to him, Genos would pull out the big guns. He wouldn’t hurt them too badly. It would, after all, be detrimental to his status as a hero. But, if the situation called for it, he would teach them a lesson about respect that they wouldn’t forget for a long time.
  • While Genos is known for being passionate and easy to fire up, he won’t get jealous at the drop of a dime. He understands that sometimes people are just more physical without thinking twice about it, or that his s/o has close friends they don’t mind being next to. But, he would always be ready to step in at the first sign of distress.


  • Saitama very rarely gets jealous. In fact, most of the time romantic advances will just fly over his head. This doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t care if other people flirted with his s/o. But, to get any reaction, you might have to help him redefine what flirting looks and sounds like.
  • If he actually does manage to get jealous, however, he would probably end up pouting for quite a while. He wouldn’t want to talk, but he wouldn’t be upset with his s/o either. Saitama would just want some time to fume quietly to himself for a bit.
  • Fully aware of his strength, Saitama would try to avoid a fistfight. In fact, the moment he finally understood something was up, he would just walk in, grab his s/o, and leave. He wouldn’t even look at the other guy in the entire process. 
  • But, Saitama isn’t above punching anyone if they’re really persistent. But, he would hold back just a bit. After all, he has a strict code about not killing anyone who’s not a monster.


  • Oh man, this kid would get jealous. So. Easily. Every little thing would upset him. And, what’s worse, he would take it all out on his s/o once they were alone. Expect a lot of petty arguments and finger-pointing until he calms down on his own.
  • If he sees someone trying to flirt with his s/o, he would interfere before they could even speak a word. Because of his lack of morals or fear, Sonic wouldn’t hold back on anything. First, the other person would receive a verbal warning to “back the hell off”. And, if they didn’t listen, they’d die. Sonic has no time to waste on people who go after his s/o.
  • If Sonic decided not to intrude at first, however, be ready for him to confront you the moment you get home. He would be demanding to know who “that guy” was, and wouldn’t accept your confusion, no matter how genuine, as an answer.
  • It would definitely take Sonic a while to cool down. When he’s jealous, he wouldn’t be inclined to listen to words of reason. So, he might just end up accepting a job on the spur of the moment and letting the rush of fighting or assassinating people bring him back to reality.

Playing with layers and brushes feat. the Ravelord.

Honestly tho, when you look like this and go around telling people to not link the fire ofc they’re gonna fucking link it. That’s why she’s always wearing hoods and masks.