• <p> <b><p></b> <b>jisung, during chewing gum era:</b> cute and shy little awkward fluff ball , super quiet during interviews , blushes like mad and gets flustered in -0.90102 seconds<p/><b>jisung, during my first and last era:</b> ready to roast and fight any of the older members <strike>but still manages to be cute at the same time wth</strike> , partners in crime with chenle , yaja time enthusiast™ , needs to be stopped asap<p/></p><p/></p>

taesmin  asked:

wait why would yoonkook be slowly rising now?? HAVE THINGS BEEN HAPPENING RECENTLY THAT I DON'T KNOW ABOUT WHAT

recently someone found an magazine interview where jeongguk was asked which member he would marry and he chose yoongi, jeongguk slapping yoongi’s butt during the 21st century girl performance at the seoul concert, their vcrs, photos from the ynwa album, the run episode and the channel+ photos, yoongi’s baby shoe verse in miss right making jeongguk’s heart race, yoongi screaming in the bg when jeongguk did aegyo…. the list goes on 

Edmund x Reader: I’m Not Flirting

Edmund stretched and breathed in the sea air. “It is good to be sailing again,” he sighed. “The winter was too long.”

          He turned and saw (Y/n) climbing up the deck stairs. She wobbled and nearly fell over.

        "Haven’t got your sea legs?“

          She stumbled to the ledge and glared. "No, just feeling a bit seasick.”

          Edmund smirked. “Hmm, it’s a good thing I came along then.”

        "Whys that?“ (Y/n) said, leaning against the railing. She did look a bit green.

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so this is so random but I’ve seen other blogs like do fun things for follower-celebrations and I’m about to hit 600 and idk anyone have any ideas of fun things to do or am I just gonna google the shit out of “Raúl Esparza and puppies” again because I’m not above that………….