There may come a time when Eight’s tendency to lose their memory will stop being so amusing to me, but that probably won’t be for a while
(scene from BF’s Dark Eyes 4, “Master of the Daleks”)

i LOVE when ppl i like pay attention to me in some small way like liking a selfie (or even better, REBLOGGING the selfie) or replying to a post or even just seeing from their blog that they have reblogged a thing from me recently its honestly one of the best feelings i experience lately and it keeps me going thru the hard times knowing that someone i think is neat also thinks i’m neat

Can Tumblr be at least somewhat decent to Russian singer?

She had a lot of booing going for her in the semis and now she was excited that she could really win.  Yeah her song is not really original or interesting,but it’s not her fault that countries vote how they vote. And she was selected to represent Russia during these hard times. So saying things that you are soo glad that she didn’t win is pretty awful.


((So I just reported classicalandproper for telling my best friend, “thanks for killing me,” and blaming them for being suicidal. She’s been crying for the past half hour and has experienced the same problem as I have, as have a few others who have come to my ask box and stated that they had the same issue.

This is harassment on another level, and I would like all who agrees to please report this person for harassment. It’s not funny. My friend legitimately thinks she’s the reason this person is going to die now, and that is not okay whatsoever. Either this person is in need of serious help or they believe it’s funny to hurt people emotionally for no reason over the internet, and either way, it doesn’t change the fact that this is cruel behaviour and needs to be addressed. 

Please report this person for harassment. This is not a joke. I’m serious.