Canal Swimmer’s Club // Atelier Bow-Wow + Architectuuratelier Dertien 12 {ph cr. Filip Dujardin, Stef Declerck }

A heads up (spread the word)!

My main account was recently terminated after editing an old draft that included someone else’s q . gs / adf . ly links. Now, I lucked out in that it lasted all of five minutes because I immediately went barrelling over to Tumblr Support to get my blog back, but I just wanted to tell anyone reading this who may not be aware: avoid using or editing short url links in posts AND drafts (or similar content deemed as spam or considered deceptive / fraudulent), because Tumblr may automatically suspend you without any notification - whether you actually share the ~incriminating data~ or not.

This blog (shineesubbed) survived deletion because I employ a preventive measure to avoid accidents: having multiple accounts attached. If you run any sideblogs, make sure they have more than one admin, even if you have to make new accounts yourself! In any scenario, it’s always best to have as many backups in place as possible, especially for something you put your heart into. Stay alert, stay safe!