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uh there's also the fact that phil could be posting a super old picture and we would never know? doesn't he do that a lot? this could be one of the smartest covers of all time, throwing everyone off the scent while they prepare to move in the next few weeks. stay alert people!

o h sh it,…  


◢ You will have to wade through blood. ◣

■ Footage:  Marie Antoinette, Farewell My Queen, Muhteşem Yüzyıl, The Empress of China, The Tudors, Anne of the Thousand Days, The Young Victoria, Rome, Cleopatra (1999), The Girl King, Elizabeth, Elizabeth I (2017), Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Mary Queen of Scots, The Pillars of the Earth, Ekaterina (2014), Tut, The White Queen, The White Princess, A Royal Affair
■ Music:  TSFH - Nero
■ Characters:  Marie Antoinette, Hurrem Sultan, Wu Zetian, Anne Boleyn, Victoria I, Cleopatra VII, Christina of Sweden, Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots, Empress Matilda, Catherine the Great, Ankhesenamun, Elizabeth Woodville, Elizabeth of York, Caroline Mathilda


3² Jin

i’ve really fudged up recently, and i feel like y’all should know

i’ve been *properly* fishkeeping for less than a year (almost a year…like, 10ish months now).

i really love that i get to be a part of this awesome fishblr community with all of you and i love seeing everyones tanks and seeing everyones fishkeeping journies on the daily <3 but i get a few people every week that come to me asking for advice, and while i’ll always do my best to be helpful, most of the advice i give is advice i’ve gotten from more experienced keepers or things i’ve learned from personal research (aka googling and forum reading)…(there is still a good chunk of advice i give that comes from personal experience tho, it’s not all copy pasted from google lol)

i’m not trying to say that i’m going to give the most awful advice (i do my best to not steer yall wrong and i’ll tell you if i don’t feel comfortable giving advice about something), but i usually remember to put a little disclaimer at the bottom of my ask posts for a reason :3 (ya know that lil bit where i say “feel free to correct, add, etc.”) Im never going to purposely give bad or unresearched advice to yall, but i do want yall to take my advice with a grain of salt and take advice from a number of sources! bonus points for being able to explain why a certain piece of advice was given (like why x medicine was prescribed, or why x type of salt was recommended)!

before recently, i hadn’t really thought about how my real life inexperience affected my blog, my advice, my fish, or yall. so i figured id take the opportunity to be up front about it in case i haven’t been previously <3 if you got through the whole post, i appreciate you taking the time to read it <3

hopefully everyone and their gilldren are having a fantastic tuesday and happy fishkeeping!

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writing used to be So Easy and now it is So Hard and i don’t really know what to do about that fact

I love how LinkedIn is like “10 jobs you might be interested in” like yeah sure I’m interested but the real issue here is would those 10 jobs be interested in me? Cause I feel like that’s the more pressing issue here.

Find Anatole
  • Hélène: *shoving Anatole in a closet* I'm trying to save your life STAY IN THE CLOSET
  • Anatole: I've never been in the closet, dear sister.
  • Hélène: do you WANT to die

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I'm curious. What are your favourite phanfics you've written?

bahh that’s a really hard one!! i’m gonna ignore all my oneshots for this question because there’s just so many, but out of my chaptered fics, i think burn and bloom and a royal pain are my best ones and they were really fun to write (i also had a lot of fun writing awm but it was my first chaptered fic and idk the writing is as good as i remember it being lol)

Nibansenji: I still can’t play Salmon Run*, wanna try it asap

*a mode in Splatoon 2