Do NOT buy anything from gearbubble! That’s a phishing website! This is just a quick PSA for those who are uniformed on that website. I’ve seen it mentioned here on tumblr before but yeah, any work on there is just to get you to use your card. You won’t ever get anything that’s featured on that website. I know the charity shirt design pops up if you search for it but that’s just a scam, it’s not the real deal. A coworker of mine thought the shirt was sold on that site and had to cancel their card. I don’t want that happening to anyone else. ^^;

Modern AU in which everyone thinks that Montparnasse is a drug dealer because whenever someone is desperate about something, his name always comes up.

“I know this guy…Montparnasse… He has…you know…methods…He can make the pain go away…Trust me…”

So when Jehan begins to go out with him and to show up at Les Amis’ meetings seemingly high on something, their friends don’t know what to do. Ok, they’re a grown up person, they can make their choices…But what if they somehow lose control?? No one know what it can be. Just pot? Cocaine?? Crack??? Who can trust the mysterious Montparnasse?

They decide to talk to Jehan, but before they have the chance to do it Feuilly and Bahorel stumble across them while they’re goig to their rendezvous with Montparnasse. They can’t help themselves and decide to tail their friend up to a convenience store.

They find Jehan and Montparnasse chugging slushies and mindlessly laughing at their ice-cream headache.
“You were right ‘Parnasse, it truly freezes your brain”

BTS as MCR Songs

Yoongi: “I’m not okay”

Namjoon: “The World is Ugly”

Jimin: “Sing”

Taehyung: “Na Na Na”

Seokjin: “The Kids from Yesterday”

Hoseok: “The Only Hope for me is You”

Jungkook: “Bulletproof Heart”

❤ two color waist-up commissions now OPEN! ❤

this month I’d really like to get some more fanart & sketchbooks out (as well as streaming more.. and a 30 day challenge??), but if I want to take that time to draw I rly need to make sure I keep enough in the bank for rent/bills

priced anywhere between $30-$38 based on complexity of design; will draw fanart, ocs, anthro, gore/blood, nudity, fetish stuff, etc. in any two colors of your choice. you can email me at if interested!

please reblog if you’d like to help spread the word, tysm! ; v ;)/


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