so. turns out i rly love these two. and ive had that song stuck in my head for like a week now so i took it out on them. so heres a REALLY CHEESY bruabba dump with a palette swap + redraws of that music vid feat. some fly high w gucci bruabbas + … lotsa eye-searing purble and yellow [sweats] ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

Every time I see a mash up of Captain Marvel with another character I gain 10+ years to my life span.

Y’all are doing god’s work 👌🙏👍


Doodledex - #359 Absol

This went pretty interestingly… as you can see, this Absol wound up slightly…. chibi-ish, I guess? I haven’t really drawn a quadruped with this body type in a while, hehe… (Haven’t really drawn a quadruped with that face shape… ever, either.)

Absol’s species name is the Disaster Pokemon, and it’s said that they invite misfortune to strike whenever they show themselves.  This isn’t exactly true, though. Absol can’t actually cause disasters, but it can predict them using that sensitive horn on the side of its head! This means that it shows itself to humans as a way to warn them about the impending event… only to get falsely blamed for causing it!

The CCP 🇨🇳 govt has a very interesting strategic methodology when it comes to foreign+domestic political/economic policies – it’s almost chess like, especially under Xi Jinping. It’s very impressive to me imo. You see this so clearly with the belt+road initiative.

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hi anon! I really wish I had info that could reassure you but I’ve been a bad fan lately and haven’t been keeping up with dnp much (uni is busy and joint content was my fave so uhh yeah). but I personally don’t think there’s any significant reason to worry like you are. I think a big source of worry is that we’ve seen a lot of phil online and like … no dan but tbh I think that’s more of a “dan interacting with social media” thing and not a “dan interacting with phil” thing. maybe just try to keep in mind the casual dan mentions in phil’s google search history video and dan’s laugh in the back of the board game insta story a while ago. they’ve been going strong for so long and dan taking a break of social media (well youtube and insta) doesn’t change that <3


Ramora watched as Zenos’ body crumpled to the ground after calling her his only friend, his fall almost graceful, her hands and face speckled with her blood as the warriors held their breaths in anticipation.

Lolz was the only one who saw the despair and horror in her expression before quickly running over and checking for any sign of a pulse, not that there was much of a chance of that. The maniac had slit his own throat, for Gods sakes! But she did it anyway. She had to be sure.

She checked his wrist and a part of his neck that was still intact and checked the aether around her. As she heard Alphinaud and the others come up to see what happened.

Lolz bit back a curse as she let go of his wrist and neck, her hands shaking a bit from the blood that had gotten on them from that simple act. 

She stood up and looked to the others, doing her best not to look her shaken friend in the eye as she announced, in a tone that was as steady and even as she could make it that, “He’s dead.”

The others cheered and danced, Lyse seemed disgusted at the sight of him as Alphinaud congratulated them and told them that they should come down and share the news with everyone else, let the people know that another bloody royal had been slayed.

Ramora simply stood and stared at Lolz, who walked over to her, her eyes glued to the ground as she passed, grabbing the corner of her sleeve, “I’m sorry, Rammy.” She said in a voice so soft she almost couldn’t hear before she pulled her away from the body laying in a bed of flowers that were slowly being dyed red with blood. 

“It wasn’t supposed to be like this.” Ramora said, her eyes welling with tears. 

Lolz said nothing and simply continued to pull her towards their friends and allies, neither of them saying a word while Alphinaud made the announcement. It wasn’t until Alphinaud finally realized the looks on their faces when Lolz finally opened her mouth to speak again, “I’ll explain later. But for now, we need a medic and a bed for her. I’d finish healing her, but my mana is so low that I’m surprised I’m not face down on the ground.”

He nodded and led the two to a medical tent and they left her there so Lolz could report what happened to the Alliance leaders.

Ramora sat down on the side of a bed while medics tended to minor wounds up and down her body. Her eyes widening slightly at them, as she hadn’t noticed them until they were being treated, and even so, she felt so numb that she welcomed the sudden pain to get her mind off of things.

“Don’t worry, Miss, your friend will be back to rest as well after she gives a report on the battle!” One healer told her.

Ramora nodded stiffly and sat there with her eyes clouded in pain and confusion.

In all her wildest and most insane dreams, watching Zenos kill himself was not anywhere near close to the ways she saw that fight ending.

Lolz sat in front of the Alliance Leaders, her eyes dull and the blood on her hands making them itch like crazy.

She had just told them about the long speech Zenos had given, the melding with the monster and had just finished going over what happened during the fight. 

Now she was going to have to tell them what really killed Zenos.

“So, wait.” the General said as he leaned in closer to her, his hand resting on his thigh, “You’re telling us that the separation from that blasted creature AND falling from that height didn’t kill him?!”

“It did not.” She confirmed, her voice tired and her head aching from low mana and feeling as if she was ready to collapse at any moment.

“But there were no signs of further battle on the ground in that garden.” Alphinaud chimed in.

“No, we didn’t fight him there. He started laughing, said good bye to Ramora, calling her his ‘only friend’ in the process, and…” she sucked in a breath, struggling to keep her voice even as the moment he slid his blade across his skin flashed through her mind. She’d seen many deaths on the battle field and in every day life, but watching someone end their lives in front of her like that was something she never had seen before and hoped to never see again.

“He… he cut his own throat.” She choked out. Unable to look at them, “T-that’s how he died. I checked the body myself, no one could survive a cut that deep and long and survive, but… but I had to be sure…" 

“Of course you did!” The Admiral said, “Better to be sure that bloody bastard was dead then risk him faking it and getting back up again to soak the sands with blood!”

Lolz nodded, her mouth clamped shut. She had kept Ramora’s many rendezvous with Zenos a secret, despite Asahi finding out about Zenos meeting up with her and Lolz’s feeding them, she’d always made food for Ramora after she’d had a guest, so it wasn’t really even something people saw as strange. she often made three servings when she’d do that. And Zenos and Ramora had been careful about not getting caught in public too much doing anything but challenging each other to fights or fighting.

But she couldn’t risk letting them know that those little sleepovers happened and that she’d known and never done anything about them. The two of them were Warriors of Light, they weren’t supposed to do things like that.

“Is that why Lady Ramora seemed out of it?” The Sultana asked.

Lolz nodded, being careful with her words as she spoke, “Being called his friend after all that… and watching him end his own life so eagerly…” She felt her body quake a bit at the memory of his smiling face before he sliced through his own neck.

“Is that why you requested her to go into the medical tent?” Aymeric asked, “You wanted to be sure she didn’t have to tell us about this? To relive it?”

She nodded, “And I wasn’t lying about running low on mana.” she added.

Lyse gave her a sympathetic look and a nod, “I can only imagine how many wounds you had to heal, even with such skilled warriors beside you.”

“It wa-” Lolz’s tried to say as her exhaustion finally overwhelmed her,  her body leaning forward towards the ground before Thancred grabbed her by the back of her dress and the Elder Seedseer got up to check on her.

Lolz was out like a light, a few minor wounds starting to bleed freely once more due to the sudden movement. The Kind Au Ra carefully healing the wounds before insisting that Thancred take her to a medical tent to be properly watched over as she slept.

The General gave a shake of his head, his eyes soft at the tired midlander as Thancred tossed her over his shoulder and began walking to the medical tent, “Those two certainly took a beating.”

“Physically or Mentally?” The Sultana asked.

“Both.” He replied, “Maybe more. Gods know how Ramora feels after being called a friend by that bloody demon…”

It took a while before Ramora began to recover from that day, mentally and psychologically. The others were all worried, but they all did their best to cheer her up, Alphinaud even telling her that she could come into his room whenever she felt like talking (even though his requests for her not to had never stopped her from doing that before). 

Even so, Lolz was glad that she finally seemed to be acting like her old self, even if it was just a little bit. She had managed to get a date home and Lolz had a basket of goodies to bring for them to eat that morning. 

She was on her way there when a familiar, annoying voice grated her ears, “Well, if it isn’t the pink wench.”

Lolz stiffened, her jaw set in an expression of pure rage.

Oh HELLS no was this little shite bag going to make Ramora upset when she just started feeling better!

“For the love of the FUCKING GODS.” She growled, making him stop pulling his sword and stare at her as she stomped up to him, her face pulled in fury, “Zenos isn’t here, he’s dead. What in the bloody hells will get it through your thick skull for you to realize that-”

“My lord isn’t dead.” Asahi said, confused.

Lolz froze mid rant for a moment before squeaking, “Say what?”

“My lord isn’t dead.” He repeated, still confused.

“Yes, he is. He slit his throat with his own damn sword, I saw him do it and I checked his body after he nearly cut his own bloody head off.” Lolz snarled, stunned at his GALL to lie right to her face… only for her to suddenly see Asahi walk into a room that smelled of antiseptic and medical herbs and see Zenos, sitting tall with a bandage around his neck.

“But… but that’s impossible…” she said softly in disbelief, “I-I saw him die…”

“I have no idea what you are talking about…” Asahi said, putting his sword back all the way into it’s sheathe, “But I think I shall come back when your mental facilities are fully recovered.”

Lolz said nothing, her mind reeling at this news. So Asahi quickly snuck away without another word. 

Lolz stood there for who knows how long until she finally shook off the shock and decided that she’d see for herself if he was still in his coffin, and if not, she’d raise the alarm with the scions.

She turned to leave, only for her to remember that she had food for Ramora and her date. She bit her lip, looking from her new direction and the direction towards her friend’s house before groaning and running to her friend’s house, knocking on the door and leaving the basket before teleporting to Ala Mhigo, determined to find out for sure.

Lolz felt as if she was going to throw up as she looked at the empty coffin where the Prince of Garlemald’s body was supposed to be.

This couldn’t be happening! She’d checked the body right after he cut his throat, he was DEAD! The General even had other healers, INCLUDING THE ELDER SEEDSEER OF ALL BLOODY PEOPLE, check to make sure he was dead! HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD!

So… where was his body and why did her Echo show him alive and well with a bandage around his neck?

“What does all of this mean?” she whispered to herself as she threaded her fingers through her hair and tried to massage her throbbing head in an attempt to ward of the headache that was brewing as she tried to figure this out.

Bodies. Death. Enemies…

She paused, recalling that she had more than just the Garleans as enemies… She also had the Ascians. 

She closed her eyes, recalling the memory of Zenos her Echo had knicked from Asahi. She had spent plenty of time with him and Ramora whenever she’d feed them the day after their fun, so she compared the Zenos she knew with the Zenos from Asahi’s memory.

After a few moments, she sighed. The mannerisms weren’t right, they were close to how he acted and spoke, but they just missed the mark. Then again, she doubted any of the other people in the empire had spent as much time with Zenos as she and Ramora had, so they probably wouldn’t know the difference. 

Great. The assholes trying to take over the world had an Ascian parading around in their future king’s body. 


But at least only his body was running around, surely she could…

“Are you looking for something, Lalafell?”

Lolz scowled and turned, “I am not a…” she froze.

The Elezen before her was taller than any other one she’d ever seen, beefer too, with several swords strapped to his hips. He had long blonde hair, blue eyes and a similar, bloodthirsty look in his eyes and the lack of warmth in his smile…

She’d know that bloody cold grin anywhere…


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