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Daily reminder that the Joker is just a huge man child.

And I have receipts. Quotes and scans.

“You won’t kill me outta some… misplaced sense of self-righteousness. And I won’t kill you because you’re just too much fun.” - The Dark Knight (2008)

[mocking Quincy Sharp] “I’m Warden Idiot. You’ll never escape.” - Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009)

“I’m like a dog chasing cars. I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I caught it. Y’know? I just… do things.” - The Dark Knight

And this man is one of the most feared criminals in Gotham… just think about that for a second.

Even Harley sees it! (And she’s more childish than he is.)

Really sad to see skully deleted :(

It’s not a substitute for her sense of humour and lovely character and determination, but I archived her quote collection here back in august. I haven’t updated it since and the tagging will forever remain incomplete, but if you’re looking for receipts/ quotes, you might find them here at @scqc

I’m not really trying to drum up attention for this blog or anything but since the reason I made it in the first place was skully requesting someone to back it up for the event of her deleting her blog, here you go.
That time I got pushed out of a job.

(warning: long story)

A few years ago i got hired at a big company, let’s call it company X. Up until then i had only been a research scientist working in microbiology but i needed more money so i took the job as a technical sales rep. I was hired to do sales and technical support for scientific research reagents. Thing is i was hired to do sales for government and governmental institutions. The job was ok, i interacted with a lot of the country’s leading scientists and built a reasonable network and some cool friendships. The county had been in crisis for a long time and getting worse every year, and my sales were becoming more difficult because the government wasn’t providing public universities for adequate (or any) money allocations to keep science programs and faculties stocked, and as the economy crumbled further, the government’s institutional labs from various sectors also started having serious problems and almost everybody switched to Indian or Chinese chemicals which were a lot cheaper than mine.

As the months passed, i was only able to get a few big contracts and sales (even though i managed to pull a few feats that got me commended as no other sales reps had been able to do what i pulled off). And yet I got yelled at a lot for not meeting my objectives. My manager was a complete tool 100% of the time.

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TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Better tipping experiment

When I deliver to a customer who paid with a credit card I used to always ask them to “sign the receipt” Most times I would make ok tips 3-5 but alot of times they would skip the tip line on the receipt completely and hand it back possibly not knowing that they had stiffed me. Over the past few months, I have been simply asking customers to “fill out” or total out" the receipt and the results have been pretty dramatic, I’m making 20-30 dollars more a night by just asking my customers to completely fill in their copy. Do any of you have tricks like this that help you to get better tips?

By: Qcconfidential

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Hello someone PLEEEEASE tell me where jaehyun got this haughty, fuckboy rep from I need deets ASAP like WHERED it all start

okay so let me tell u,,,

from a personal perspective, just look at the boy. he has these intense but sleepy sex eyes i can’t even explain to u but j u s t l o o k a t h i m.

he knows he’s hot too, you can watch the show nct did with heechul (i can’t remember what it’s called right now) and when he talks about himself he knows he’s attractive so thats another thing

HE’S ALSO REALLY PERVERTED here are some receipts,,,

  • quoted from jaehyun himself, “i’m the most proud of my erotic body” (this was again from the show nct did with heechul)
  • in nct life in seoul where taeyong waS JUST BEIN CUTE ROLLING ONTOP OF HIM and he’s like “don’t, the camera’s are rolling” like w HAT DOES THAT MEA N WHO WAS THINKING LIKE THAT apparently the producers were with the music they added,,,
  • also in nct life in seoul where there was a hole in the hanok house and this boy starts talm bout looking at naked people through the hole jaehyun wh AT ARE YOU
  • i can’t find the receipts for this but allegedly even the members were like, “yeah jae’s a pervert”.

don’t let those dimples and that angelic voice fool you, i am TELLING you. i’m not saying he is a fuckboy but. i would not be surprised,,,

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If I should err with respect to my sentiments of what are here called Hamilton’s appointments I hope you will not impute it to any wrong motive. He has become the Universal Recommendator. Many of the appointments made as I have reason to believe at his request are spoken of as extremely improper. I could mention many. Danberry for instance as first Leutt of the Navy when there is not a single Merchant who would trust him with the Command of a Sloop of Twenty tons.

Nay he [Hamilton] even went so far as to say at his own Table when I was present; that he had, in his own words “Been that day appointing a Son of the Notorious Bill Livingston’s a Midshipman in our Navy.” This modest speech was addressed to [Philip] Church whose reply was you have then I find weaknesses not confined to the female sex: which produced a laugh and perhaps was not thought of by any person but myself afterwards.


Charles Adams to John Adams, January 31, 1799

For all of you who sent an ask for the receipt about that quote, here you go. And since Charles was about the only member of the Adams Family that didn’t loathe the air Hamilton breathed, I’m more likely to give this anecdote credibility than if it had come from John or Abigail.