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VALOIS (fictional tv show) + main and reccuring characters » Francis’ Court (non specifical order).
          ➝ the king’s women.
Alexander the Great sees women when there is no business, Francis attends to business when there are no women. Despite this being allegedly a male-dominated era, there were quite a few women, who left their mark. Joan of Arc shone on the military field, but there were others who influenced way more in politics, literature, arts. Their role has often been underestimated, but nonetheless one can’t fail to notice their presence. Francis was often critized for allowing himself to be ruled by women and ‘unworthy’ favourites. But one may say that, from that time until more or less the end of the sixteenth century, France was ruled by women. Royal women exercised significant power only if their lovers, husbands, sons or brothers bestowed it or, at the very least, did not impered them fro acquiring it. Other women added crucial dimensions to kings reigns. Ironically, the greater their role, the more vehemently it had to be denounced or their motives discredited as maling and distinctly female.



Bonobo - Recurring

The real CW Superhero:

Say what you will about Arrow and its shortcomings (god knows there are plenty to pick from). Think what you will about the characters in it. 

Condemn Arrow for its lack of straight-forward comic book canon (that you acknowledge over other ones) and extol the other two show’s virtues for portraying “real superheros”.

Fan as you like to fan.

The truth is though that out of all three shows Arrow is the one with most female characters and the one doing the best job of balancing the male-to-female characters.

(As a whole in the current liveaction DCTV verse, Arrow is placed second behind Supergirl since they have an even split between M/F cast).

I’ll be looking solely at the current main cast. No reccuring guest stars. No special appearances. 

  • Arrow 3(f) : 4(m) 

    Male: David Ramsey; John Barrowman  Paul Blackthorn; Stephen Amell;
    Female: Emily Bett Rickards; Katie Cassidy; Willa Holland

  • Flash: 2(f) : 4(m)

    Male: Carlos Valdes; Grant Gustin; Jesse L. Martin; Tom Cavanaugh
    Female: Candice Patton; Danielle Panabaker

    Legends of Tomorrow: 2(f) : 7(m)

    Male: Arthur Darvill; Brandon Routh; Dominic Purcell; Franz Drameh; Falk Hentschel; Victor Garber; Wentworth Miller 
    Female: Caity Lotz; Ciara Renee

Honourable mention: CBS’ Supergirl: 3(f) : 3(m)

Male: David Harewood; Jeremy Jordan; Mechad Brooks
Female: Calista Flockhart; Chyler Leigh; Melissa Benoist

So even if Arrow falls short in terms of story/characterisation, truth of the matter is there rarely are all-male scenes during an episode anymore.

That cannot be said for the other two.

The Albufera Lagoon Murder | Vivica & You

It had been a long while since Vivica had been focussing on her main plans since moving into Elias Prep. She had been so preoccupied with other issues; being dragged along this trip was one of them. The reccuring thought that her Aunt could be watching her from home at any given moment frightened her a little. What if she managed to see her niece slacking? During this trip she made the decision to continue her game plan here in Spain. The place specifically; The Albufera Lagoon.

The Albufera Lagoon is known for being the home of a small popular haven filled with local fishermen, pubs and most importantly: Pirates. It was only coincidental that one of the chaperones were guiding a tour just a few minutes away the next morning. Vivica decided to join in for the journey and then ditch them halfway.

8:45am: 15 minutes before she headed down to the lobby. That was enough time to get changed. Growing up, Morgana always taught her how to complete a plan successfully. It was tradition that before you leave, you must change your appearance, your personality and for obvious reasons; your name. Vivica grabbed a blonde wig from her case and attaching it, ending her look by applying some face altering makeup.

Looking in the dressing mirror, she raised her skirt attaching a garter holding a sharp dagger, finishing the look with a necklace that was attached to a small vial of poison; a parting gift from her aunt.

9:04am. Vivica hopped on the mini bus before ditching the group and walking 10 minutes south in the hot spanish sun. What was her plan? Recreating the infamous fire of Tortuga. Thinking about the strategy as she walked down the roads, finally making it to the haven.

89 Degrees and completely parched, the girl decided to grab a drink at a pub named “Bodega de la Ardosa” before anything else. Inside it was dim, cool and filled with people.

Vivica sat on a stool by the bar with a perky giggly smile. Though inside it was killing her to be so girly.

“Could any handsome man get me a Rum & Coke for little ol’ me please?”

Tag 10 people you want to get to know better.

I was tagged by @qui-gonjinns, sorry i took forever i’m a loser ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Fave fandom: hxh for life

Countries you’ve lived in: england

Languages you speak: english, french, and some broken russian (i’m getting better!!)

Fave film of 2015: inside out

Last article you read: one comparing brand vodka to supermarket vodka

Shuffle your song library and put the first 3 titles here:

1. Maria - Blondie

2. First Love - Adele

3. Bravo Charlie - Gregory & The Hawk

Last thing you bought online: concealer

Last person you dreamed of: the really cute guy who lives in the flat above me

Any reoccurring dreams: used to have a reccuring nightmare that edward scissorhands was cutting me into little pieces. also had one about this massive gorilla in a sweatervest who would kidnap me and carry me around with him as he destroyed my hometown. both made me cry

Any phobias/fears: space, its really stupid and embarrassing but i get full body shivers and feel physically sick when i see pics of space/planets, it makes mobile tumblr rather difficult

How would your friends describe you: i’ve been described as blunt, a nerd, a dickhead, funny, sweet and horrible

How would your enemies describe you: probs the same lmao

Would you take a bullet for someone: yeah coz i love people and also want to die lol

If you had money to spare, what would you buy first: like 8 dogs

Tagging: @bpdashley, @livsws, @inbredunicorn, @confusedassassin and @001shinji bc i cba tagging 10. u dont have to do it if u don’t want :-)


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There was a small village on the banks of the river Hyphasis. The terrain was rocky and surrounded by wildernesses and amidst the solitude of the mountain landscape there was the small village, consisting of a few small families. They were mostly into sheepherding and a few were farmers among them. They lived in their village, occasionally venturing to other villages downstream to sale the crops…

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Robb Gibb- Appropriation and connectivity

A reccurring subject that comes up in the lecture, Is the use of pastiche art, and how art imitates art, again and again, and again. 

One f the more intresting cases of pastice, is this one with marylin monroe. I never knew this until Rob pointed this out, but on the screen print of marilyn, the registration is slightly off, making it look as if marylin had put her make-up on in a hurry. 

In a way I suppose it was a way to portray the weak willed marylin with the women evryone else saw. With this in mind, David Lauchampelle created his own “marylin”, where he exaggerated the effects of the screen print, into a digitally manipulated image. 

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There’s a weird reccuring image that pops into my head about five times a year only at night when I try to sleep and I don’t ever remember what it looks like unless it’s there in my head. It’s only ever there for a split second and I get a really dry feeling in my mouth when it happens and don’t remember the image after. So I don’t even know what it is it’s just an image? And every time it appears I try to think of some words to describe it so that I can think about it later but the only word I’m able to come up with is ‘knot’? Jeez it’s seriously the smallest thing but it’s really annoying and has happened for as long as I remember.


MC Sites: #1- Skin, #2- Eyes, #3- Rectum

Nodular: most aggressive

Superficial spreading: most common

Punch Biopsy (excisional if <2cm)

IL-2 for Metastatic (stage IV). INF-a2b for Stage 2-3

>1mm Deep: SLNB (if axillary, need 3 levels unlike breast Ca)

In Situ: 0.5cm margins


  • <1mm: 1cm Margins
  • 1-2mm: 1-2cm Margins
  • >2mm: 2cm Margins


  • <1cm: Local resection
  • >4cm: APR
  • Reccurence common. No difference between WLE or APR

I really love it when my dad calls, bitches about my siblings and my mum and then drops bomb shell news on me like how he’s thinking about moving in with my sister on the other side of the country and how the doctors won’t consider operating on the reccurance of the thing that nearly killed him 4 years ago. I can’t deal with this