The way the Zoldyck family treats Alluka/Nanika is oddly close to the way some families treats a child a mental illness or a neurodivergence.

Nanika is “something”, something they can’t reach, they can’t control, they can’t understand. It appears suddenly, just like a crisis. It obeys to certain rules, and reccurences. It’s out of control, but it’s not a chaotic force.

But it has a strong destructive potentiel. Nanika can destroy the whole world. For abusive/controling families, a mentally ill and/or neurodivergent child can destroy their world, destroy what they care the most for : their appearance, the illusion of a perfect family, according to social norms they chose to follow.

The roles are reversed. The parents watch over the child for their own safety, not the child’s one.

So they hide them, they limit their activities, their interractions with the outside world. Their needs are denied, but because the illusion must remain, the parents provide for needs the child doesn’t have. For example, by filling a room with dolls and plushies.

The child is deshumanized. They’re just a body who has to act a certain way, say certain words, to please the parent. They’re just the inconvenience, the mental illness, the neurodivergence, the thing.

Then there is this other relative. An uncle, a grandma, a sibling. Who doesn’t see the child as a thing, but see who the child would have been if they were neurotypical.

This is why the scene where Killua asks Nanika to go is so important. He wants to protect his sister from what makes her different - makes her a target for abuse. But Alluka is clear : she can’t do that. She doesn’t want to do that.

“Love as a whole, or no love me at all”, this is what she could have said.

You didn’t escape from abuse if you came from conditional hate to conditional love.

And Killua proves her both he loves them unconditionally. 

They escaped.

This is so close to the journey of so many mentally ill and/or neurodivergent kids in abusive/controlling families, it can’t be a coincidence. 

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Okay so i'm totally new to Skam but am loving it. You seem like a good person to ask to give me the lowdown on Henrik. Apologies if it's such a random broad spectrum question but tell me everything i need to know about him.

okay I lowkey got carried away with this

  • He’s 21 (born September 12th 1995) so he’s the oldest reccuring cast member (excluding parent characters and teacher characters)
  • His mom is called Siv and his dad is called Petter and he has a younger (half???-)brother named Mathias
  • He used to work at the same cafe Even meets Isak at in 3x08 before they go to the hotel but left shortly after Christmas 2016 - he now works at his mom’s restaurant as a waiter
  • He went to acting school in America in the summer of 2015 (which is the same time he got the headshots we all love so much)
  • He has the cutest lil spotty forehead and people who photoshop his spots out don’t deserve him tbh
  • He speaks fluent English
  • He’s currently studying theatre
  • His mom is a bigger Skam/Even stan than any of us and loves meeting his fans (and literally takes pictures of/with fans to show him later if he’s not there)
  • Skam isn’t his first acting debut - he starred in a show called Halvbroren when he was 18
  • He has a girlfriend
  • His smile could bring about world peace
  • Very friendly very chatty loves meeting fans 10/10
Jimon Fic List

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Call It Magic by rocketshiptospace

This is honestly one of the best fics I have ever read - it’s original, fun and fluffy. 

“Just one normal day,” Jace says, “Just one day I want to come in here and be like ‘Hi Simon, here’s your delivery!’ and that’s it. Just once.”

“You and me both,” Maia says, eyeing one of the cutting boards currently circling Jace. It’s holding a half chopped tomato she had been working on.

“It’s charming,” Simon says, with the voice of someone who has had to repeat that exact phrase way too many times. “It adds character.”

He’s Got Something Special by rocketshiptospace

This is adorable and never fails to satisfy all of my fluffy Jimon needs. Also, I just realised that it’s by the same author as the revious fic on this list, go figure!

“I’m in love,” Simon declares, as he joins his friends at their table in the library.

“Groundbreaking news,” Raphael deadpans, “Really, I’m shocked. This is too much. I can’t handle the pure surprise that comes with this revelation. I had never expected this. Next you’re going to tell me you’re in love with Jace, of all people. Then my mind will truly be blown.”

Sweet Cheeks by bisexuallaurel

Jace owns a bakery and I guess he kind of owns Simon’s heart too!

Simon might have a tiny crush on Jace. Just a tiny one. But most of all he just really enjoys his company. He loves coming down to the bakery after a long day and sinking onto a bar stool and pouring out his problems to Jace’s patient ears.

Some days, when Jace laughs particularly loudly at one of his jokes or when his eyes drift to Simon’s lips as he speaks, Simon almost thinks the attraction is mutual.

My Power, My Pleasure, My Pain by Creatrix

Ahhh fake boyfriends I’m dying!

Elaine wanted to meet this mysterious person who’d kept her son away for weeks.
Jace was the only one available.

Being Great Must Suck by pettigrace

Basically Simon’s got a crush, Jace works at the grocery store and Simon keeps buying super weird shit.

Jace works as a cashier at a supermarket and becomes rather fond of this one customer who keeps buying weird things.

Video Games by bisexuallaurel

Apparently, I have a few reccurring fic authors but hey that’s a good thing!

the Jimon AU where Simon goes to a Halloween party at the Lightwood house to wingman for his best friend Clary, and somehow ends up playing Mario Kart with an unfairly attractive stranger all night instead.


Walk to Me by DynaEvangeline

This takes place during TFTSA and Jace is helping Simon with his Shadowhunter training.

“Don’t worry about down yet. Eyes on me.” -Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy


Little Bit of Truth by how_about_no

Chapters: 2/2

Let’s face it, truth spells are always fun. 

“Truth spell.”
“No,” Jace shakes his head, laughing slightly, “This isn’t a truth spell.”
“Why not?” Magnus tilts his head, narrowing his cat eyes at the young man. He looks like he’s trying to resist the urge to run away.
“You look so pretty when you frown.” Simon reaches out to touch Jace’s face and he slaps the hand away.
“That’s why.”

You Have Cat to be Kitten Me by the_magnificentbane

Chapters: 2/2

Holy crap this is so adorable. Kittens + Jimon = I am now a human puddle

Based on this. (also those photos are adorable)

Want some more fic recs?

the lil guide for: studying literature and annotating!!

as a student who had her fair share of literature in high-school, here’s my guide to being all good buddies! thanks @jamesiriustudyblr for wanting to see this!


  • understanding of the period a book is written in is vital. you get literary movements and trends placed all over the centuries, all with their unique share of traits and representative writers. knowing where your book fits historically will allow you to understand the reason behind why the book was written in the first place, main themes, main character’s traits, reccuring imagery, typical writing form. thus, what makes it unique will also stand out. 
  • know the sources of inspiration for your book. they might come from a historical period (get on wikipedia and get a brief understanding of it!), fairytales (again, know at least the summary to get why it’s a source of inspiration and what are the things taken from it) or a real life person/event. know the backstory of what set the work you’re studying into motion.
  • don’t be afraid to get that book through your own personal fliter. talk out with classmates and teachers the things that bother you or the things you’ve loved. you get to see different points of view and it gives you a deeper understanding of what you’ve read. but always make sure to take your own feelings and your own thoughts into considerations. it’s much more fun when you’re disagreeing with the whole literary criticism.
  • related to that, don’t be afraid to say what you think, even in an ‘official’ environment. teachers have to read the same old learned by heart essays over and over again; freshen it up by adding your own, real opinion. in my exams, i wrote about a character that “he’s the most arrogant, insufferable and mysoginistic character romanian literature has ever seen”. i didn’t get points down for that.
  • always compare the book you’re studying to another one! it might be one from the same period, a totally different one you’ve read for fun (but the main characters are just THAT similar) or just another similar one you studied years ago. it does not matter; it makes it easier to remember key details and it’s always a nice and appreciated adding to an essay.
  • have three to four sequences in the book (or play or poetry) completely commented. that means: why is it important? do you learn anything new about the main character and their relationship with those around them? is it a major twist? do you have a big descriptive part of the world, people? or maybe universal questions that are filtered through your protagonist? those are the pillars of your understanding of the book. figure out why the literary devices are important in these sequences, or what they have in common with other fields you might know about (philosophy is almost always brought up in any book, but so might be religion, psychology).
  • know your protagonist(s). and by that, i mean: what the narrator says about them? what they say about themselves? how do others perceive them? and write it all down; we tend to gloss over these things as we read, but they bring a better understanding of our characters’ personality.
  • know your critics as well. you don’t have to quote them word-by-word, but it’s good to know about one or two important literary critics and what they said about the work you’re studying. 


***i’m not in the american school system; i know nothing about being made to annotate for school. this all comes from what i’ve explored on my own and tips that helped me in remembering books & making the experience of reading more fun

  • annotating is fun!! it might not seem that way when you’re actually forced to do it and you get graded on it, but it is. having a system that helps making it fun is even better! 
  • color code your sticky notes!! i usually go as this: green for things i found interesting, pink for characters descriptions, yellow for plot-related info and blue for quotes that are “quotable”/remarkable 
  • if you actually like to write on books (as i actually do), this is how my system works: {…} for things i personally found interesting, dog-earing pages for characters details, […] for plot-related info and underlining for quotable/remarkable quotes 
  • mark the page when you think you figured out the plot!! i actually like to go with a star or a big asterisk; but knowing you will do this keeps you engaged with the story and you’re paying more attention to the details/clues in the book and forces you not to be a passive reader
  • circle the new words you find, the ones you didn’t know. write them down next to their definition. 
  • after every chapter, try to write down a small summary. don’t get lost in the details, just write new and important (!!) actions/details that came up. and just that. your chapter summary should’t be longer than half a page.

i hope this helps & good luck!

Dating Prompto Argentum Would Include

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A/N: It’s been a while since I obsessed so hard over any characters like I am with Prompto now, so this one is extremely long and I put a ‘keep reading’ thing to avoid annoying some people :P I do hope you Prompto lovers like myself enjoy this <3

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What do you think about Chyler's character leaving the show to be with Maggie? That's the solution Mr. Kreisberg was talking in an interview a few days back?

Hey ;) Sorry for the delay. I didn’t have much time these past few days.

First, I’ve never EVER seen or heard of that interview. The fandom would have exploded if he had said that so I personally don’t think it exists. If you’ve seen it, link please.

Second, Flo isn’t leaving. Her status went from regular to reccurent. It means she won’t be in ALL the episodes. It doesn’t mean she will disappear. Now, what Jennifer (I think that’s her name) said at SDCC, I think it was a matter of poor wording. It doesn’t mean she is leaving. I believe if we show our support to Maggie and Sanvers, we can have her back as Regular for Season 4. If, and only if, they decide to integrate her in the main plot (if you’ve seen the BTS pictures, maybe we can have that) and add more to the character than The Girlfriend™. Maybe have some background ? I know as a reccurent it would be tricky to have that last point but one can hope right ? If you go check the tag sanversliveson or notoveryet (same posts in the two tags) on our blog, you will see I already answered to a few asks about how her change of status can be handeled pretty well if they choose to do a good story. 

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Third … Chyler leaving ? She’s the second lead of the show ! And for me she always was the first. She’s the only one who can bring fans to watch Supergirl ! (Ok Katie might too but this is not the subject of this blog). Yes, I’ve always watched for Alex since the 1st episode. Anyway, I don’t see her leaving at all. They need Chyler. And with the mess of the other day, they need her more than ever. Sooo … Viva Chyler !

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I’ll leave you on these good words …

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Once Upon a Time Season 7 Spoilers

Under the cut you will find the current state of known casting and episode spoilers including set reports.  Please note that EFNS is going to make some judgement calls on what we think are credible spoilers among the set reports with some heavy weight given towards events with multiple witnesses and or photographic evidence.

Please note that the show frequently uses blatantly false information in casting notices in order to avoid spoiling.  Both Gil McKinney (Prince Eric) and Sinqua Walls (Lancelot) have described reading for completely different parts and finding out after they were cast who they were actually playing.

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          i  know  there’s  a  few  masterlists  but  i  recently  have  been  super  passionate  about  trying  to  make  this  community  grow  as  much  as  possible  ,  so  i’ll  be  reblogging  this  every  once  in  a  while  to  keep  everyone  up  to  date  with  who  has  cm  muses  they’d  like  to  develop.  this  counts  for  single  muse  &  multi-muse  blogs  that  have  at  least  one  criminal  minds  characters   ——  all  you  gotta  do  is  either  LIKE  or  REBLOG  this  post  ,  and  you’ll  be  added  to  a  list  that  i’ll  be  making  soon.  also  ,  please  FOLLOW  everyone  ,  or  as  many  people  as  you  can.   it  doesn’t  matter  if  your  character  is  main  ,  reccuring  or  guest  starring  (  even  original  characters  are  100%  welcome )  ,  the  idea  is  to  have  as  many  canon-noncanon  muses  interacting  in  the  same  universe.  and  yes  ,  if  you  have  a  criminal  minds  verse  ,  it  also  counts  !!

You guys remember that road trip klance comic I was working on? But stopped? Well I’ve decided to turn it into a fanfiction! I thought it could help improve my writing since I think I’m pretty mediocre… but the truth is I just really loved the storyline and I can’t let it go!

I’m most likely going to upload it on Wattpad so when I get it the first chapter done I’ll upload the info here :)

If ya want the description: Keith has been having the same reccuring dream since he was in preschool. Subtle things change with each dream, but he’s always surrounded by water. Nothing else.

Summer vacation rolls along and big brother Shiro decides to take Keith to a little town called, “Altea” believing it’ll help bring Keith some peace. Keith on the other hand, believes this trip will be a total disaster.

Neither of them were expecting what was to come when Keith meets a very… peculiar boy, whom he finds to be drop dead gorgeous.

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I can't believe they are bumping Maggie back down to just a recurring character for season 3. She was so good in season 2 as a regular. Why are they doing this? I'm guessing this means their not getting married

Honestly, Floriana said that Maggie was only planned for one season.

Which means maybe they didn’t know Sanvers would be loved so much and have so much impact on people.

Now this … She wants to continue playing Maggie so much.

She loves the fans.

And this keeps going (just look at her liked page on twitter !)

So .. getting back to the 1 season thing. She didn’t think she would be back maybe, so she might have taken other projects. Fact is, Sanvers made so much noise that they kept her for an other season. WE MADE THAT HAPPEN. Now, I believe if we make enough noise and keep supporting Sanvers, we could get her back as a regular for season 4. The LGBTQ family is BIG !

Know that she feels the same about her lack of screentime as us. (in her liked tweets)

Wich means this isn’t her fault, she wants more screentime, she wants more Sanvers and I believe she wants more background.

For those of you who watch OITNB, Laura Prepon was a regular in S1 then became a reccurent in S2 … But in S 3,4,5 she’s a regular again (sorry it’s in French ^^)

So I have faith. We can have Flo back as regular if we make noise !

Her being a reccurent doesn’t mean they aren’t gonna get married ! Now I can’t be sure 100% I agree. (saw a great thing they could make (can’t remember where) : The president asks a science division task force led by Maggie somewhere else than National city) But Katie was a reccurent and look at the time she got ! Yes, we may have less screentime but I don’t think having less than 30 sec every two eps was great too. Her not being a regular just means she will be in less episodes not that she will competely be forgotten and that Sanvers is over. #NotOverYet #SanversLivesOn


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Hahaha.. when it happens too many times, its not coincidence anymore. I mean they are in perfect match with similar items. they have done it many times already. So i guess kaisoo are doing it on purpose. like no fcks given i am wearing matching outfit with my jagi husb- i am bro.

I think you’re right!! ;;;;

I mean, 1 or 2 times can be passed off as smth else, but I feel like this is a reccuring thing by now. And Soo’s shirts are also always like 1 or 2 sizes too big for him as well.. so.. are they ji’s or do they share the items?? or both? T___T




Henry Knight  is a man hunted by a reccuring nightmare (he is not the only one). Because of that Henry has a therapist (as others have as well). Despite of it he comes to Baker Street and asks for Sherlock's help. Henry tells his story … everyything he can remember of the tragic and traumatic event that caused his problems.

More under the cut …

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cuz for the first time a reccuring character died, that's why I'm worried.

I’m not. Especially now after Agni has died she’s as safe as ever. It means that the next major change in Ciel’s emotional life will be primarily influenced by Soma and how he tackles his loss. If Lizzy were to die that would be the only thing on Ciel’s mind and Yana hasn’t planned on Agni’s death for 5-7 years (taking this post by @akumadeenglish) just so it would be ignored. 

Conclusion: Agni’s death is supposed to make a change in the plot and changes in the plot have to have effects on Ciel or Sebastian who’s out because he isn’t influenced by feelings. So it’s Ciel. If Lizzy were to die that would take over Ciel’s attention completely which would make Agni’s death a waste of time. And Yana didn’t plan this for years just to waste her time.

Quod erat demonstrantum. I’m not worried about Elizabeth at all. ;3