Concept: American sitcom set in California depicting the lives of an immigrant family. The parents speak Spanish and broken English, the kids speak Spanglish. The show consist of episodes of the complex lives of immigrants and their children. It shows the diversity not only of the ethnic group itself but the diversity within a single family. The parents work blue collar jobs and work really hard to support their kids. They have reccuring characters; one family is shown to be traditionalist and value machismo culture while another family tries to erase the ties from their home country by not teaching or allowing their children to speak Spanish. The show will also focus on the Malinchism, where Mexicans feel a sense of betrayal when one of their own marry outside their race.

Also, LGBT characters and how they deal with living in a culture where man/woman relations are valued and seen as the proper family structure by traditionalist. Struggles of daughters who want to go to college but feel pressured to marry and start a family. Sons who feel inferior because they love another man. Lesbians who are ostracized because they gave their love to a woman and not a man. Trans character having to fight against family members who hold old values. Disabled characters and their family and the lives they lead. Characters who are insulted and mocked by their family because they don’t feel connected to their heritage.

Dealing with issues of drugs, poverty, fear of deportation, families broken apart by both deportation and immigration, dead end jobs, inability to go to college, language barriers, teenage pregnancy, domestic abuse, racial tensions with other minorities, colorism (morena, blanca, negrita, guera) religion.

Basically a show of Mexican/Latino/Chicano/a struggles and issues within the culture itself. A culture that holds values and beliefs not only from America but also values from Mexico and values from Chicano/a culture.


BONOBO - Recurring

There’s this reccurring track in Durarara’s ost that’s mostly really graceful piano, but with like. disjointed recorder notes over top of it. It sounds like a duet between a professional pianist and a third grader

I love that track a lot

Fun Bungou Stray Dogs fact!

( Tw ; suicide, death, )

Characters with special abilities, is based on and named after an author/writer from long ago, thus having a real-life counterpart,

meanwhile their special abilities are from their best work/book, for example;

Dazai Osamu’s Bungou counterpart’s special ability is;

No Longer Human,

Which is Author and real-life counterpart Dazai Osamu’s Masterpiece,

In the preface when translated in English is;

‘Disqualified from being human’

No Longer Human is told in the form of notebooks left by a troubled man incapable of revealing his true self to others, and who is instead forced to uphold a facade of hollow jocularity.

Contains reccuring themes of Suicide which Dazai has attempted many suicide attempts- yet failed, both Bungou counterpart and real-life counterpart,

but Bungou counterpart failing

while the real-life counterpart himself has failed too,

Before finally succeeding,

his death was with a woman named Tomie Yamazaki, became drowning in the rain-swollen stream near his house. Their bodies weren’t found until June 19th on his 39th birthday,

Which Bungou counterpart Dazai has attempted which became his first appearance in both the anime and manga,

another suicide attempt by drowning himself which later he was saved by our protagonist and Bungou counterpart, Atsushi Nakajima, which Dazai did not appreciate,

While it did reflect on the author’s death, but the problems were;

Dazai didn’t succeed his suicide attempt for being saved by Atsushi,

Dazai attempted it alone,

( Bungou Stray Dogs spoilers ahead for those who haven’t read the manga, especially the anime landing on episode 2! Chapter 2 of the manga)

Which later in the manga and most likely the anime,

Bungou counterpart Dazai in Chapter 3, episode 3 of the anime mostlt likely too, then decides that rather than attempting suicide alone, he wants to attempt and succeed in suicide with a lover,

His constant attempts to commit suicide with a beautiful woman could be an allusion to his real life counterpart’s attempted double suicide with Shimeko Tanabe and Hatsuyo Oyama. His attempt with his lover Tomie Yamazaki was ultimately successful.

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'Why gets someone like Frances O’Connor to basically do a cameo is beyond me, specially because now it would be next-to-impossible to get her on the show again.' Because the orginal plan was doing more with her. When Frances O'Connor was promoting her show the Missing she said in one interview that Colette was a reccuring character and in another that she just came back from filming 5.06 and would be back later in the season to film more. So there was suppose to be more to Colette when she hired

Oh, God, do they have the attention span of a small child? These are professional actors they’re screwing over.

Fuck A&E

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Countries I’ve Lived in: France

Favourite Fandom: the gymternet and the Victims (The Killers fandom)

Languages you Speak: French and English. I also understand and speak spanish a little. I’m trying to learn ukrainian so I could understand every Okean Elzy songs ;)

Favourite Film of 2015: Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief (i prefer documentaries over movies)

Last Article You Read: an article about an Abu Dhabi skater who’s trying to make it to the Olympics

Shuffle your song library and put the first three titles here: Only love can hurt like this by Paloma Faith, Human live from the Royal Albert Hall by The Killers, S'ogodni by Okean Elzy

Last Thing You’ve Bought online : a puzzle for my sister’s birthday

Last Person You’ve Dreamed Of : don’t remember

Any Recurring Dream: I have many weird dreams but never reccuring…

Any Phobias or Fears: Plenty :(  but the worst is probably syringe/needle

How Would Your Friends Describe You: shy, weird, crazy and funny

How Would Your Enemies Describe You: loner and weird

Would you take a bullet for someone: I don’t know it’s a complicated question… But probably for my nephews

If you had money to spare, what would you buy first: a house for my parents, tickets to see Okean Elzy in concert (several times), travels for my sisters, and a Birkin bag for one of them…

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Eww hell no! Soz, but if Morlie ever became canon I think I'd puke lmao! Not that the likelihood of it ever happening is very high (although you never know with Holby).

it literally won’t happen i am 99.999999 reccuring percent sure :)

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Countries I’ve Lived In: just Canada

Favorite Fandom: i’m homestuck trASH

Languages You Speak: english, sort of french, barely spanish

Favorite Film of 2015: lmao i dont even watch movies

Shuffle your song library and put the first three titles here: i don’t even have a personal itunes or anything, but here’s the first three from my shuffled  youtube playlist - Hold Me Down by Halsey, Alibis by Marianas Trench, and Desparate Measures by Marianas Trench.

Last Thing You Bought Online: homestuck merch lmao

Last Person You Dreamed Of: i don’t remember, but i usually dream about a bunch of people anyways

Any Recurring Dreams: Not recently, but when I was seven or eight I would always have this reccurring dream that if I ran forwards and moved my legs like I was going up invisible stairs, I would be able to fly. I had that dream so much, it was pretty great. Just me flying around in various situations. God I wish that was still happening.

Any Phobias or Fears: manual labor

How Would Your Friends Describe You: too nicely, i love y’all <3

How Would Your Enemies Describe You: ugly ass attention whore who talks way too much, fucking spoiled pissbaby

Would You Take a Bullet for Someone: fuck yeah

If you had money to spare, what would you buy first: food tbh, or homestuck merch because im garbage

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Getting in shape is not as difficult as it may seem. Having the right mindset allows it to come more naturally. This may mean changing certain reccurring thoughts from negative to positive, believing in yourself and your abilities more, it could also be making less excusses, getting excited about your goals and going all in.

Take note this week of your reccurring thoughts with regards to getting in shape and start changing your negatives to positives 😉😎💪

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