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Games to Play During Hiatus » GONE HOME

Recently I’ve been trying to branch out and play some non Nancy Drew games while we “wait patiently” for Midnight in Salem. I’ve decided to compile a list for Nancy Drew players (who haven’t played many other games) to reference.

Plot: The year is 1995 and you, Katie, arrive back from a trip to a deserted home. You find a letter from your sister Sam urging you NOT to investigate what’s happened there.

Gameplay: Gone Home is a first person adventure game. The only thing to really note here is there are no set goals in the game, you’re basically dropped in the house and able to explore however you choose. The point is to unlock different parts of the mansion and examine objects to piece together what’s happened to your family. Going through other people’s shit is literally all there is to this game, ie: lots of going through letters and books and newspaper clippings! It should also be noted that you will most likely get through this game in one sitting! The amount of “replayability” will really vary person to person, but I personally think this one is worth the price even though it’s super short.

Game Tip: Ignore all the soda cans and tissue boxes…as far as I know they don’t matter.

Play this if you enjoy: Message in a Haunted Mansion, Legend of the Crystal Skull, rainy vibes, SNOOPING.

The Cat Lady: Why You Should Play It

The Cat Lady is a game that follows our main character, Susan Ashworth, a depressed woman.  After attempting suicide, she is told by the Queen of Maggots (who is essencially death) that she must get rid of five Parasites, who are terrible people that the Queen of Maggots wants to punish for all of the evil things they have done.  Until she does this, she is immortal.

1.  ALL of the main characters are women, AND NONE OF THEM ARE SEXUALIZED

(this is susan who is a fucking QUEEN)

That’s right folks, a video game.  With female characters.  Who are treated like people.  And not items.  HOLY FUCK.  AND THEY’RE ALL BADASSES


(queen of maggots, a literal queen, and mitzi, a beautiful lil lady everyone loves her she’s my lovely girlfriend)

2.   Accurately talks about depression!!!!! 

WOW OKAY so this game is so good with depression like some games with characters with mental disorders are so painfully inaccurate but this game doesn’t fuck around 

this is by Harvester Games.  same people who did Downfall, another game that i would totally recommend

yeah that game that slayed at talking about eating disorders? yeah that.  harvester games doesn’t fuck around.


okay this is a psychological horror game and it does a damn good job at doing it with the villains

now i don’t want to go too deep into them because i don’t want to spoil shit but wow.  the first and last are particularly disturbing

4.  Susan in general is my queen

okay now i already talked briefly about susan but ohmygoddd 

so susan is a quite extraordinary lady k so she is incredibly strong physically and mentally and very smart and very lovely and so talented and like please be my mother

also very sad backstory some of which you get to decide, as far as her younger years, and then her young adulthood OH MY GOD i’m not going to spoil because tears

she’s a real salty person at first and she just becomes such a kind person because of mitzi she really just needed a friend and character arks

and throughout the game she learns how to deal with her depression and that life is worth living and she ends up helping people who struggle like she did at the end and she’s just wow


can we just talk about mitzi hunt for a moment here

so mitzi is a very smart girl and very much the reason susan is alive (for more reasons than one)

so she also has a very sad backstory which i will not spoil but she’s just a little ball of sunshine and susan and her are just what each other needed and they are 

(i’m sorry i had to put a history of japan reference in here somewhere)

so yeah she is my wife and you cannot do anything about it


very unique art style that you can see in above pictures that takes a while to get used to but is just real nice once you do and very kickass music and damn if i could go on i would but wow it’s just too good to put into words

in conclusion




So... Funny Story?

Story time kids! One year in my theater arts class (1st period), I recommended that we play the game assassin.

Here are the Directions:

•The game officially starts once second period tardy bell rings. First period will always be a safe zone, and I place to check in everyday.

•You cannot get some one out once school is over. Once the last bell rings, your safe until second period the next day.

•You put every name of the people playing into a hat. DO NOT SHARE YOUR NAME WITH ANYONE. The person you pick out of the hat, is the person you must kill.

•To kill someone, you either tag them, or get your own unique marker color, and mark them. Effectively ‘killing’ them.

•Once you kill said person, you must get the name of the person they were trying to kill.

•This goes on until there is only one person standing.

So we played about three rounds of this, and LET ME TELL YOU. This had to be one of the most anxiety inducing games EVER.

I was in the locker room when someone got me out. THEY WERE NOT EVEN IN THE CLASS WITH ME.

I recommend this game to everyone.


Games to Play During Hiatus » THE WOLF AMONG US

Recently I’ve been trying to branch out and play some non Nancy Drew games while we “wait patiently” for Midnight in Salem. I’ve decided to compile a list for Nancy Drew players (who haven’t played many other games) to reference.

Plot: Set in 1986, The Wolf Among Us is a prequel to Bill Willingham’s comic book series Fables. You don’t need to have read the comics before you play the game. Bigby Wolf (previously known as The Big Bad Wolf) is the sheriff of Fabletown, a clandestine community located within Manhattan. Characters (known as Fables) from various fairytales, myths, and folklore reside in Fabletown, and are disguised from non-Fables (Mundanes or Mundies). In addition to The Big Bad Wolf, you’ll see appearances from other familiar faces like Snow White, Ichabod Crane, Beauty and the Beast, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, and even a flying monkey from The Wizard of Oz.

Gameplay: The Wolf Among Us is an episodic adventure game. Throughout the game, you will interact with various objects and characters, and the choices you make will influence the rest of the story. This game takes the fairytale characters you know and love and drops them in dark and seedy 1980’s New York City. The Wolf Among Us has this gorgeous neon aesthetic and amazing music and the casting for the voice actors was done really well. Be warned though, this game contains nudity and A LOT of swearing. This game is available on nearly every platform, including IOS and Android so just about anyone can play it.

Game Tip: For me the best part of the game was The Book of Fables, an in game encyclopedia with character backstories and biographies. Entries are unlocked throughout the game and describe the character’s past lives in The Homelands and their new lives in Fabletown. Reading the entries as you play the game is a great way to immerse yourself even further into the story.

Play this if you enjoy: Curse of Blackmoor Manor, The Captive Curse, The Haunting of Castle Malloy, and fairytale modernizations like Once Upon a Time, Sleepy Hollow, and Grimm.

In-House Presentation Type B
Masami Ueda, Okami OST
In-House Presentation Type B

I think “inspiration: is very important in the creation of games. Even when the answers you come up with are a result of much thought planted into some basic idea and eventually guided out, it can never stand up to that one single moment of inspiration. If I think about it now, the playful idea of “Brush Skills” for “Okami” was nothing short of divine inspiration, as it suddenly came to life in my head. Of course, that meant that we had wasted a lot of time working on a different angle by that point…

Baltimore, Maryland followers

Idk if I have any or not, or even followers that have visited the Baltimore area. But, at the end of September I’m gonna be visiting and would really love some suggestions of places/things I should visit, places to eat, or just anything interesting that you think I should take in during my short time there. Any suggestions would be great and appreciated! Thanks you guys!

The V Route

Originally posted by sothatgrass

Pairing: Dan x reader

Genre: romance and a lot of fluff

TW: none unless you count minor spoilers for Mystic Messenger’s V route

Word count: 1,136

Read part 1 if you haven’t yet (though this imagine can be read as a stand-alone)

If ya’ll haven’t noticed by now, my reblogs (and own posts) have taken over my D&P reblogs. I’m on day 4 (so close to the branch!) and man, Cheritz hasn’t disappointed me so far. Sorry ya’ll, but with the recent release of the V route, my dedication to my MM babies are gonna be priority for the next few weeks. Until then, enjoy the return of a MM-fangirl and a Dan who’s gotta deal with her undying love for these AI’s. 😅

A year ago, I didn’t think an otome game would be something I’d be a complete fangirl over. I’ve played a few otome games in the past, and as good as they were, their stories weren’t enough to transform me into the complete fanatic like I had been when I first got into Dan and Phil. But the day I downloaded Mystic Messenger into my phone was the day I descended into a never-ending hole I’m fine with never getting out of.

When I finished every ending (including the bad ones, the secret episodes, and holiday-themed after endings), I assumed I was finally free of my obsession. I’d be able to give all my attention to Dan once again and return back to my average lifestyle. I could freely replay the routes whenever I wanted, knowing Cheritz claimed that a V or Saeran route won’t ever be created.

Boy, was I wrong.

When Cheritz surprised the world with the news of a V route, I screamed so loud that aliens from a distant galaxy could hear me. I was in disbelief over the impossibility becoming a possibility. I hopped back into the MM community and spent days until the release of the V route theorizing what the story would be about.

Is the MC romancing V the intent of the route?

How much more backstory of the Rika and the RFA will be revealed?

What if the route is in Rika’s POV?

Will there be more information about Mint Eye?

And the most plaguing question in my mind: Would the route mean saving V from his unfortunate fate from the secret endings?

There were so many questions, and I couldn’t wait to have them answered.

The delay of the release didn’t place any hindrance in my excitement. All it did was fuel my hopes that Cheritz was doing so to exceed our expectations. Of course, my expectations was already exceeded with the fact that a V route would finally exist. But the route released the day before V’s birthday? If I could sell my soul to Cheritz so the team knew how much I love their game, I’d do it. Then again, my soul belongs to Dan Howell, so the next best thing would be sending them virtual cookies.

It has been five days since the route’s release. I thank the heavens for switching from an iPhone to an android phone a few years ago. I bought a bundle of hourglasses to reach the 300 hourglasses I needed to unlock the route and waited for exactly midnight on Saturday to begin playing. So far, the route hasn’t disappointed me. Sure, if I were put into the MC’s shoes, I’d be skeptical of agreeing to Ray’s terms, but this is Ray we’re talking about. Ray: a white-haired edgelord turned complete brainwashed sweetheart. With the progress I’ve made in the route so far, who wouldn’t want to pursue Ray instead of V?

“(Y/N), breakfast is ready.”

I’ve slept over in the guys’ flat for the last couple of days. My own home is currently getting fumigated, so I’m been occupying their sofa in the meantime.

“Give me a few minutes to finish this chatroom.” Retiring from the game and coming back to it for the V route, I nearly forgot how much of a hell it was to adjust my sleep schedule. This time, it’s crucial if I miss a single chatroom. I didn’t want to miss any emails, chances to obtain teal hearts, and have to spend 15 hourglasses for every missed chatroom.

“Do it later!” Phil shouts from the kitchen. “Don’t you have a couple hours between chats?”

“Yeah, but it’s better to do it now than later,” I reply, my eyes still glued to my phone’s screen.

Dan sighs. “Do I have to take your phone away again, babe?”

“Do that and I’ll fight you. Again.”

Phil chuckles. “Leave her be, Dan. Remember how she jumped you?”

I glance up momentarily to see Dan’s face morph into a cringe. “On second thought, I can reheat your (favorite breakfast food).”

I sigh, pressing pause on the screen and placing my phone on the sofa. I stand up and make my way over to Dan, wrapping my arms around his waist. “Sorry, babe. I know I’ve been ignoring you for a while, but I promise, once the 11 days are done, I’ll make it up to you.”

Dan’s own arms return my hug. “Eleven days are too long.”

I tilt my head up to look at him. “It’s 165 hourglasses to fast forward.”

“Really? Wasn’t it less than that for the other routes?”

“Yeah… but what choice do I have? I don’t want to spend any more money.” A light bulb switches on in my head. “Unless…”

“Unless what?”

I give Dan my best puppy dog eyes. “How much do you want me to finish V’s route?”

“Ummm…” Dan looks at me, confused. “A lot?”

“What if I say you could help me finish it today?”


“Can you afford to buy enough hourglasses for me to go from day 4 to 11?”

Dan’s eyes widen. “That’s expensive!”

“I know. That’s why I didn’t want to ask and why I didn’t want to wipe my bank account clean.”

“But… but… is that the only way you could finish that route sooner? Didn’t (B/F/N) buy you a Google Play card once? Why not ask her?”

“I did. She said she’d only put around $50 on a card.“

“That’s not enough?”


Dan’s arms release his hold on my waist. His hand buries into his hair in a torn gesture. “I don’t know. I can afford it, but it would mean feeding your addiction.”

I laugh, shaking my head in amusement. “You don’t have to. Seriously, I can handle playing the game normally and relying on Tumblr for spoilers.”

“Don’t give in!” Phil says. “To be honest, I quite enjoy having quiet nights when (Y/N) has Mystic Messenger to distract her.”

I blush, recalling how the walls of their new flat are much more paper-thin than their previous flat.

“Okay fine! I’ll buy the hourglasses.” Dan smiles fondly at me. “Promise me that if I buy all those hourglasses, you’ll finish the entire game.”

I beam, squealing and standing on my tiptoes to leave a lingering kiss on Dan’s lips. “Thank you, thank you, thank you! Yes, I’ll get the good ending, normal ending, and all the other endings!”

“For real?”

“Yes, for real. I’m ecstatic to see for myself all the bad ending CG’s people posted on Tumblr.”

“Does that include the one with Ray? And Rika?”


Dan kisses me briefly on my forehead. “Then get started once we eat breakfast.” He whispers the next sentence in my ear. “I’ll have a reward for you waiting tomorrow.”

I couldn’t resist that last bit. You know how much I love reading smut. Also, Dan’s line about feeding the reader’s addiction was taken straight out of a conversation I had with my boyfriend. I asked him if he could buy hourglasses for me so I could start playing the V route during the weekend. His exact words were “Nah, I’m not feeding your addiction.” I ended up just getting a $10 Google Play card (I only have an ATM card, not a credit card) since the update with the 150 hourglasses wasn’t gonna be enough to get me to 300 hourglasses anyway.


Games to Play During Hiatus » LIFE IS STRANGE

Recently I’ve been trying to branch out and play some non Nancy Drew games while we “wait patiently” for Midnight in Salem. I’ve decided to compile a list for Nancy Drew players (who haven’t played many other games) to reference.

Plot: Max Caulfield is a photography student at a prestigious boarding school in Arcadia Bay, Oregon. After having a vision of storm destroying the town, Max learns that she has the ability to rewind time.

Gameplay: Life is Strange is an episodic adventure game that is very similar to Tell Tale’s “Choose Your Own Adventure” style games. Throughout the game you will have to make decisions that will impact the storyline, only in this game you have the ability to rewind time and change your decisions. Because of this and a few other things that I’ll talk about, Life is Strange sort of kicks Tell Tale’s ass at the genre it’s known for. Don’t get me wrong…The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead games are among some of my favorites and will both probably make appearances on this list, but this game takes something that can honestly get repetitive fast and makes in new again.

In addition to being able to rewind time and change your decisions, there’s a lot more to interact with and do compared to other games like this. The environments feel more expansive and there’s several ways to go about accomplishing whatever tasks you have. Because of this, the game is EXTREMELY replayable and well worth your money. Also this game felt long to me for a game that’s pretty inexpensive, which is great.

My one complaint about this game is the dialogue and the use of slang in the first few episodes. I’ve seen this complaint from many people, but because of the episodic structure of the game, this seems to correct itself over time, they even poke fun at it a bit. So if it annoys you don’t let it hold you back from playing! Also PLEASE note that this game contains themes of sexual violence throughout the majority of the game and it can be upsetting.

Overall the writing is incredible and the final episodes have some of my favorite bits of voice acting OF ALL TIME! Seriously. So fucking good. This story pulls off a sort of psychological thriller theme without being predictable. I rarely get that emotional playing games, but this one had me all over the place. And ok…..the soundtrack? You guys…the soundtrack is so good. I feel like SO MANY games sort of struggle here, themes can get over dramatic and used too often and it just sort of mentally takes you out of the game. Rather than a grand orchestral score, this game uses licensed music with actual lyrics, and that might sound weird but IT WORKS SO WELL.

Game Tip: You have can go through people’s computers and all of their papers and shit while they’re in the room and they won’t be all “Ahem please don’t touch that”. Same for when someone isn’t in a room and you’re sneaking in there to go though their things TAKE YOUR TIME, LOOK THROUGH EVERYTHING. I skipped a lot of stuff in the beginning because I always thought someone was gonna yell at me, but as far as I can tell that doesn’t really happen. And keep in mind…you can rewind time and undo things.

Play this if you enjoy: Warnings at Waverley Academy, Alibi in Ashes, HEAVY FUCKING DRAMA, psychological butterfly effect stuff, MUSIC.

Paladin Video Game Reccomendation

Pyre. You and a bunch of Exiles are banished to the underworld, where a group of saints and fallen kings slew elder gods in the past, their bones making a vast barely hospitable landscape. The only way out is through ceremonial rites played in the hopes of earning at least one person their freedom at a time. Big mythology and lore, lots of interesting characters and beautiful artwork. Good stuff.


Castlevania is a fantastic Netflix Original Anime, with impressive voice work, gallons of bloody scenes, and a keen insight on how a video game adaptation is supposed to work. You won’t regret watching this series.

Yes, my imitation accent is dumb. Yes, it was fun for me. No, I don’t use it the entire time. Yeah, there’s some censorship.