for anyone that sucks at video games i offer the inspirational story of my first win against father gascoigne that took six minutes, while i used every single bullet and also forgot about the music box

And my win in NG+

Take heart, even if you still fucking suck in NG+ you’re probably still doing better than before, and you’ll probably get away with it, too

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wait who's the autistic character? i havent seen much of this show

dendy! she’s one of ko’s classmates. she’s introduced in the episode ‘i am dendy’

i really reccomend watching the episode if you haven’t but basically. she’s pretty explicitly autistic coded and it’s probably.. the first time i’ve ever seen an autistic character’s autism not shown as a hindrance/something that they have to overcome. ko calls it cool the way she does things her own way, explains jokes to her when she doesn’t get them, chats w her about her special interest, etc!

Detectives AU ! because damn… I’m weak for this AU honestly

and the scene is based on a scene from movie “Seven” I really liked it and hightly reccomend it! (and while watching I really thought that it would be great as shizaya au) 

(Izaya is so done with Shizuo’s shit HAHA)

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Hi,This is regarding your post about "Coco", the disney film. This film is problematic in many ways, starting with disney trying to copyright the Day of the Dead two or three years ago, and with no mexican people actually involved in the production. The movie is a product of "research", and not actual Mexican people depicting the culture. For a better portrayal of Day of the Dead, I reccomend watching "Book of Life", made by actual Mexican people living in the US.


Fergalicious: A Jung Daehyun Parody

-The song is actually about food, don’t misunderstand him

-Junhong is every single backup dancer you see, every single one of them. 

-The verses are replaced with “Bubble Tea” on repeat.

-Daehyun is rolling around in candy, he has never felt more alive.

-Yongguk is except he’s wearing the bowling pin costume and refers to B.A.P as B.E.P (black eyed peas). 

-Don’t be fooled, the dubstep beat is made of nothing but a heavily edited Youngjae screeching.

-Jongup is the confused kid in the MV who randomly gains confidence when he has to dance and show off his butt.

-Jongup is also happy that he has learnt how to spell quite a few words. 

-”Hot Hot, So Daelicious”

-Junhong makes sure to whisper “Jelly” every 10 seconds of the song. He may or may not be wearing a shirt, but that’s the whole aesthetic. 

-At the background of every frame, if you look hard enough, you will see Youngjae questioning his entire choice in friends.

-Daehyun is in a cake. Daehyun is Satisfied.

-Himchan appears for the most iconic line in history, “Hit It Daehyunnnie”

-Rise Rapper medium jung

-Now Daehyun has cake all over him, his dreams have come true.

-As the song fades out, so have Youngjae’s senses. 

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Do you have any inspiring or bizarre Japanese films or films in general you would reccomend someone to watch to gain inspiration during an artist block?

oh man good question…tbh I really don’t watch a lot of films but I can rec a few!

If you haven’t already seen it, I definitely think that Paprika ticks all those boxes-it’s visuals are incredibly surreal and stylish and the film was one of the inspirations for Inception, so you can probably imagine how conceptually abstract it is:

Akira is really incredible in terms of style and colour palette-I took a ton of screen caps while watching it lol bc so many shots looked amazing:

I haven’t watched the next two for a while, but Coraline has a lot of abstract visuals and strong contrast between different scenes/moods, plus stop-motion animation is always super inspiring:

The Book Of Life has really beautiful character designs and I think I remember reading that the filmmakers consciously tried to stay as true as possible to the concept art, which makes for a really visually impressive movie:

Although its not a film, the art direction + animation of the Mob Psycho 100 anime is so so good, and I rly love the the psychedelic/abstract visuals in the op:

plus theres shots done using pen, charcoal/pencil etc and paint-on-glass, including the entire ed

honestly its just a rly great series in general lol, pls watch + read it bc its so good!!

those are all the things I can think of!! I hope this was helpful! 

i actually really like justin foley?? like, i know he kept the fact that jessica got raped from her but idk i just like his character. sorry if this goes against your opinion, i know he did some bad stuff…

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Red Queen would you rather:

- would you rather be a new blood or a silver?
- would you rather have MareCal happen or bring Shade back
- would you rather make rescue Mare from Maven or Rescue the Dagger Legion from the Choke
- Would you rather get a book reccomendation from Julian or watch a movie with Cal
- Would you rather get to read the first ten chapters of King’s Cage or change the last ten chapters of Glass Sword
FMK: Cal, Kilorn, Shade

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What are some must-see movies for you? What do you reccomend everyone watch?

MOVIE QUESTIONS!!! YES THANK YOU :’) Let me list some!

  • Frankenstein
  • Rear Window
  • On The Waterfront
  • Night And Fog
  • 12 Angry Men
  • Breathless 
  • Psycho 
  • Lolita
  • Repulsion
  • Rosemary’s Baby 
  • A Clockwork Orange 
  • O Lucky Man!
  • Dog Day Afternoon
  • Taxi Driver
  • Annie Hall
  • Manhattan
  • The Shining
  • The King Of Comedy
  • Scarface 
  • Blue Velvet
  • Full Metal Jacket 
  • Misery
  • The Silence Of The Lambs 
  • Reservoir Dogs 
  • What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
  • Forrest Gump 
  • Ed Wood 
  • Before Sunrise
  • Sling Blade
  • Meet The Parents 
  • A Beautiful Mind 
  • Mysterious Skin 
  • Cache
  • There Will Be Blood
  • No Country For Old Men
  • The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford
  • Eastern Promises
  • The Dark Knight
  • In Bruges
  • Coraline
  • Shutter Island
  • The Social Network
  • A Separation
  • It’s Such A Beautiful Day
  • Django Unchained
  • Amour
  • Prisoners
  • Inside Llewyn Davis
  • Her
  • Boyhood
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • What We Do In The Shadows
  • Nightcrawler
  • World Of Tomorrow 
  • Arrival
  • Manchester By The Sea 
  • My Life As A Zucchini
  • Silence 

Honorable Mentions

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Have you seen Castlevania on netflix? If not, 10/10 would recommend ♡♡♡

I have not, but some of the fanart (here’s one) looks very VC to me! It’s on netflix?? High rating, I’ll give it a try! I like this style alot.

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I still want a VC videogame and/or animated series/feature film… btw…fyi…

[^X by on Gachiko @gatch_new on twitter, I think] 

^The pixellation here makes this look like a video game. Could u imagine a VC videogame??! I’m visualizing a scenario like Super Smash Bros. w/ Lestat vs. Armand… or Louis & Claudia playing on a team vs.Vagabond European Vampire No. 73….

Also, lots of creative murders like the Fire Gift and the Explodey-Heart-Gift on mortals. 

alright hear me out
albion: the enchanted stallion is exactly as cheesy as it sounds but lír is one of the funniest characters ive ever seen daniel sharman is so expressive (and attractive) 10/10 would reccomend

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Omg who is Kenny Omega and why is he so hot. I just found out about this guy and I need to know everything about him. All I know is he works for somewhere other than wwe and I can't watch him so i need to know everything

OOOOOOOOH BOY YOU’VE OPENED UP MY OWN PERSONAL VERSION OF PANDORA’S BOX like I could literally write an essay about him but I won’t subject you to my rambling lmao. 

Okay the basics are this: love of my life, perfect human being, and bisexual icon Kenny Omega is currently signed with New Japan Pro Wrestling where he is reigning as the FIRST EVER IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion!! Additional title reigns at NJPW include: IWGP Intercontinental Championship (1x), IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship (2x), and NEVER Openweight 6 Man Tag Championship (2x). He is also the first non-Japanese wrestler to win NJPW G1 Climax. He and fellow perfect human being Kazuchika Okada are the only men to ever have a matches rated 6 and 6 ¼ stars (I cannot reccomend watching them highly enough).  Kenny is the current leader of the Bullet Club but might not be for too much longer bc of shenanigans happening whoops i made myself sad and has been since 2015 when he raised a coup and kicked out AJ Styles. 

Prior to working at NJPW he was signed to a promotion call Dramatic Dream Team (DDT) where he was part of tag team called The Golden Lovers with his ex-boyfriend Kota Ibushi. They were basically the most beautiful gay thing you’ve ever seen in your life but Kenny ruined it all by betraying him bc he’s a bastard man and they’ve been flirting with each other from afar ever since (well, to be fair it’s been mostly Kenny pining after him while Kota lives his best life. They’re basically living the song Hotline Bling tbh). But they’re about to meet up again at the G1 this year and I am about to have a heart attack in excitement. 

Now here’s some fun facts! He loves anime and video games with the same passion that I love him (well almost). He has a special affinity for Street Fighter and even used to use the hadouken as a finisher. His Street Fighter main is Cody. Before he decided to pursue professional wrestling he wanted to play professional ice hockey. He has a pet bird and it is v cute. Kenny is fluent in Japanese. Also I know I already said it but it bares mentioning again that he is Bisexual/Pansexual (he’s never used a specific label but has mentioned being attracted to multiple genders many times). 

Alright I tried not to write an essay but I did anyway so I apologize but feel free to ask about anything you’re curious about because I love talking about my best most perfect boy Kenneth and I love introducing people to things that I love!

Phil’s Livestream // 9.25.16

He’s wearing a new Pokemon shirt that he got from Pokemon

Also wearing some unwashed bed hair

He had a sore tonsil and neck this week

New gaming video

He likes more than

Dan vs Phil will probably be up tomorrow

Happy autumn 

He called Albert Simon smh phake

Albert cam

Albert is actually an Alberta 

He’s hatching more triops to see if he can bread Albert(a)

Happy birthday to Dil

Top fans got to spend some time with Alberta

He ships Aang and Katara from Avatar (which he finished)

He gives Avatar a 5/5

They may just film a bunch of Undertale at once and then possibly release all of the rest in the same week 

Spooky week will happen

Homesick advice with Phil

*in a Gollum voice* “my precious”

Between Death Note and Your Lie In April he would chose Death Note but Dan would definitely choose Your Lie In April

He washes his hair every day

They went to a nice buffet in Dubai 

He dabbed #pro

He often burns himself with his hair straightener

They started Food Wars again today

They just got their SITC book of the year award trophy

There will be 2 trailers coming out of Wednesday, one on each of their channels

(The one of Dan’s channel was a teaser trailer)

Every marriage proposal is a yes today

Carly the Calf

His favorite thing about his face are his eyes

He got an entire box of Moofias (he opened one)

They just got the final cover for DAPGO (it has fancy letters) #promo

“It’s like the uneditied version of Phil! *jump* that was a jump cut *jump* that was another jump cut”

PINOF8 will be in November 

He found Bath and Body Works candles on Ebay so he finally has those fall scents (leaves, pumpkin pecan waffle, and a Halloween candle)

The candles are so strong his neighbor asked about the smell 

He would never get chickens in case you were wondering 

He doesn’t know what they’re doing for dinner tonight yet 

He wanted a minimal twitter so he deleted his bio and header

There may be a new header arriving with the trailer on Wednesday?

He thinks he would definitely be a water bender

He dreamt he was an air bender and he had to keep a troll out of their house

They finished the calendar shoot and did the shoot for the advent calendar 

The new houseplant is settling in 

He got 3 stars on every track up to 150 cc on Mario Kart and now he’s doing mirror mode

“No don’t leave I’ll give you some revision”

He’s going to watch Stranger Things next

AHS is confusing him 

He’s not wearing socks

He listened to the cancer cover and he thought it was good

He hasn’t taken the Patronus quiz yet (also he’s a Hufflepuff btw)

He needs something else to get addicted to because he’s kind of over Pokemon Go 

“This is far more educational than a chemistry lesson”


“I’ve had fun… I hope you’re doing well”

“I hope you’ve had a nice time. Goooodbye.”

Mentions of Dan: ||||| ||||

the guy who did the “adorkable misogyny of the bbt” also did a vid on how like all of harrison fords characters are creeps and it was like. holy shit. bc like its rlly obvious seeing those scenes now but when i first saw them i was like “this is how men are supposed to treat women!” and its so messed up ???


Made some ‘Junkie!Robin’ (Phil Jacobs) gifs! I am just a begginer however so I am sorry for the bad quality, from now on the gifs I will create and upload to here will be under the tag ‘My gifs’.

-Fixed the gif problem! all I had to do was to re-size them-

The movie’s name is ‘The House is Burninig’ and it was filmed in Germany at 2006, Robin is playing a drug-addicted criminal named Phil. The movie is quite triggering though so I don’t reccomend everyone to watch it (There is a scene where Phil shoots a dog and a store owner, there is drug use, NSFW scenes, abuse, etc. I did not watch the movie but I did see short clips from it on youtube.)

 There is an on-going fanfic I am writing with my good friend Murielle, @m4dh4ttey, about Phil and another charecter Robin played from a different movie, (’Cold Comes the Night’ that came out on 2013) his name is Lloyd Quincy and you can read it on AO3 here! As the movie, the fanfic is triggering as well, so please read the warnings if you are going to give it a try.  

Sorry for the long post! Please reblog\like and of course credit me in case you are using these gifs.  

Possible Cartoons Watch list

Ok so, if you’re like me a young adult who avoids taxes and watches cartoons, you probably fall into the hiatus pit so I though I would create a list of all of MY favorite cartoons which some of you will obviously know and others you won’t. I am a shite writer and these are my interpretations.

Let’s start with the biggies-

Spongebob Squarepants - I’ve found if you watch up to about season 7 the humor is still there and not such dumb or toilet humor. If you for some reason don’t know this show, basically a Sea Sponge will always get into destructive shenanigans whether with his best friends Patrick (a starfish) and Sandy the Squirrel, or while at his job at the Krusty Krab protecting the krabby patty formula from the antagonist Plankton. Also Squidward is all us and we are all him.

Steven Universe this show took awhile to get into, the first 20 episodes or so are kind of off the wall and throw you right into the mess, however as it progresses there is major plot development. Steven Quartz lives with his 3 guardians who are basically space rocks that personify themselves through magic. They can form to become even bigger gems and each one has its own personality and powers. The plot of this doesn’t really start until the end of season 1. The gem world has declared war and is trying to destroy Earth causing the gems to fight (or even make friends) with the gems that come down to destroy Earth.

Adventure Time - I don’t know how to really give a summary for this show considering it kind of goes through a lot of stories and themes. But it has a lot of good lessons, jokes, adult humor, and even though they wont state it directly a wlw realtionship. If you’ve read any of the comics or seen some episodes you’ll know that Princess Bubble Gum and Marceline the Vampire Queen used to be in some kind of relationship. (I mostly started watching it for that point alone). The animation is great and the colors are so bright!!

Gravity Falls OOOOHHHH MAN was this show good. And the creator really threw in as much adult comedy that he could. Twin siblings, Dipper and Mabel, visit their great uncle Stan in Gravity Falls.They find a book that talks about strange creatures and objects and a horrible power that wants to take over Earth. Season 1 is them searching for the author of said book. Season 2 they find the author and try to stop a horrible entity from taking over.

Avatar the Last Airbender This is literally my favorite show. It follows a boy named Aang the last of his civilization. He is the avatar, a person who can bend all four elements; water, fire, earth, and air. However, Aang was trapped in a bed of ice for over 100 years and the fire nation has taken over most of the world. 2 siblings, Sokka and Katara, find and release Aang and accompany him on his journey to master all for elements and defeat the fire lord. Iroh is the best character and your heart gets literally ripped apart in some episodes I swear. (I may have watched this 4 times all the way through..)

The Legend of Korra YAS QUEEN YAS. This follows the avatar after Aang, each season has its own antagonist, and holy hell the themes are REALLY DARK. This was made for the original audience of The Last Airbender, so young adults. Season one deals with nonbenders wanting equality to benders. Some even using violence to get it. Season 2 has civil war themes, the southern water nation wants to enforce spirituality on the north pole. Season 3, ooooh my goosh my favorite season. I wouldn’t call the antagonist a villain. He is a very intelligent being who believes the world should be put into natural order, which is chaos. (Which sounds villainous but I CANNOT HATE HIM FOR SOMEREASON) Season 4 is about a Commander trying to take back all of the earth kingdom. The show lost budgeting around that time and was forced online, but the animation is sooo brilliant and they could include more adult themes. IT ENDS WITH A BEAUTIFUL WLW RELATIONSHIP WHERE NEITHER DIES AND THEY ARE BOTH BISEXUAL. Korra is a bisexual woman of color who gets her girl in the end, fucking brilliant. (1000/10 would reccomend) (I mightve watched this 3 times)

Also any of the Batmans and Titans/ Teen Titans, Justice League.  If you like superheros uhm YAS WATCH THEM ALL I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO SUMMARIZE THEM JUST WATCH THEM.

Okay now the ones you’ve probably heard of but haven’t decided to watch or not

Miraculous Ladybug This show is literally the cutest thing. It focuses mostly around Marinette a school girl with a massive crush on her classmate Adrien, but when the evil “Hawkmoth” sets out and “hypnotizes” people in the city to wreak havoc, Marinette transform into the super heroine Ladybug. Her superhero friend Chat Noir, is always there to help and has a huge crush on Ladybug. Little does she know Chat Noir is actually Adrien. They done know each others identites and its the funniest thing so basically Marinette likes Adrien, but Adrein likes Ladybug. It was a low budget show it starts off slow and there are A LOT of reused animation and dialogue.

We Bare Bears basically about 3 brother bears trying to fit into modern day society. No one questions them being bears and talking. Grizz- is the loud obnoxious bear who usually starts the shenanigans (personal fave). Panda- is the sweet one who has a general level head, but is so desperately wanting to be cool on the internet, and have a girlfriend. Ice bear- is a mystery who likes ice, sushi and knows everything in the universe…basically. He doesn’t show much emotion at all. Also THE DIVERSITY. Instead of generic background characters and sets, each person on screen is made to look different. Having different ethnicity and back stories and voices just uuugh its great.

The Amazing World of Gumball This show is so self aware and its great. It  is a mixed media show having animation to claymation to upside down facing. It follows two brother a cat named Gumball and his pet fish Darwin (whaat??? Just go with it right?) Gumball does something stupid, Darwin warns him how to avoid his problem, Gumball does it anyway. Pretty much the show. They have an incredibly lazy father that loves food, a mother that is literally superwoman, and an incredibly intelligent little sister. The show pokes fun at everyday life things, and never misses a chance to break the fourth wall. Each episode is 15 minutes and boy are they a wild ride.

Teen Titans GO OKAY OKAY OKAY DONT HATE ME. I looooved the original show. This one, while it strips the dignity away from the original show, its actually cute and funny at times. It will take any opportunity to poke fun at Batman, literally like every episode you’ll an easter egg in there. And it too likes to break the fourth wall.

Star vs The Forces of Evil I didn’t get all the way through this one yet, mostly due to stopping during the school year. This show is about a Princess named Star who has a magical wand and create anything she wants with it. However due to using it irresponsibly and for things she didn’t need, her parents send her to Earth in hopes of learning responsibility. She runs into a kid named Marco at school and decides to just live at his house (without him knowing) She finds his address and talks to his parents and just moves in without him even knowing its kind of great. The antagonist in this show is not the brightest. He goes with his gang of misfits to Earth in hopes to steal the wand, in which he never quite comes close. Its a super funny and sweet show.

The Loud House- After being super sick for the last 4 days I have binged this show whenever its on. Its so sweet and cute. It centers around a boy named Lincoln who lives with his 10 sisters. Rather than be a show about him being the “annoying brother who like pranking his sisters and making fart jokes.” He is the middle child and talks about his everyday experiences with his sisters. He’s actually quite responsible and doesnt harbor any bad feelings towards his sisters. (Also the sister that wants to be a musician talks in song lyrics and the funny sister tells puns in literally every line.)

 Shows you don’t know about or may have forgotten about

W.I.T.C.H - Most people liked Winx Club instead. I like this instead, 5 girls get thrown into a world of monsters and powers. Each one can control and element. Will -the leader that creates portals and electric matter called “quintessence” she also holds the stone that gives them their power. Irma- the water guardian the comedienne, Taranee - the fire guardian, who has many fears and anxieties, but is good at math (personal fave)  Cornelia - the Earth guardian, the diva, and Hay Lin -air guardian, little ball of sunshine too good for this world. The magical world of Candracar is thrown in a world of darkness while Prince Phobos is in power, he aims to steal the stone and use it to become and take over all worlds.

Gargoyles basically Gargoyles that inhabit a building in Manhattan come alive at night to fight crime. A little dark and has gothic elements thrown in.

Invader Zim - How Nick got away with this show is a mystery but they got Ren Stimpy too (tbh i hate that show, it was gross). A little Irken invader gets sent into space by his leaders who hoped to get rid of him. Instead he ran into Eart and plans to invade for his leaders. He enrolls into a school hoping to gain knowledge but meets an Earth child named Dib who saw through his (rather horrible) disguise. The show centers around Zim’s incompetence to take over Earth, and Dib trying to foil his plans. Also GIR.

Honorable mentions that I havent watched in awhile to give a summary or just have very fond memories of Codename: Kids next Door, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ed, Edd n Eddy (SERIOUSLY REWATCH THIS SOOO MUCH ADULT HUMOR) Powerpuff Girls (the original), Pepper Ann, The Weekenders, Goof Troop, Doug, Hey Arnold

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Hi! If you have the time will you write a list of your favorite sports anime (and/or OTP from said anime if you'd like, your choice)? I'm on a sports anime kick right now and your blog is so fuckin' cute so I figured you'd be a super credible source of reccomendations. I've finished watched Oofuri, Haikyuu, Ace of Diamond, and Kuroko no Basket and my heart hurts because those were the only good ones I could find 😭

the ones you’ve watched are my all-time faves <3 kudos to you! i’ll only list the ones i’ve watched, yeah?

1. prince of tennis [tennis] (the first sports anime that i’ve watched.. i think? well, aside from the theory that tezuka’s the reason why dinosaurs are extinct rn, and weird MIDDLE SCHOOL KIDS (YES THEY’RE ALL IN MIDDLE SCHOOL AKA 12-15 YEARS OLD KIDS) playing extreme tennis, i think you’ll enjoy it lmfao. everyone is a bae i mean a son. and i mean it. and dude there’s so many otps from here u can’t just.. i mean they even have a page of their pairings and the pairings names in wiki i just..) – momoryo, silver pair and sweet pair are my faves tho :”>

2. eyeshield 21 [american football] aishirudo nijuuichi (gods i love saying that haha) (i love sena and hiruma a lot okay, too bad the anime didn’t make it through the ending :( the ending is sosoososooo good sigh, so PLEASE READ THE MANGA IT’S ALL WORTH IT!!!) – HIRUMAMO IS MY FAVE (hiruma x mamori)

3. yowamushi pedal [cycling/road racing] watch the cycling dorks and sing the love hime themesong with them <3 oh my, please watch them bc s3 is coming soon!!! – shinara and toumaki 5ever 

4. free!! [swimming] i didn’t see it on the list above but i think everyone knows this gay swimming sports anime, right? haha – makoharu is <3

5-6. slam dunk and dear boys [basketball] if you loved knb, these are classic basketball ones that you’ll surely love too :”> (slamdunk’s osts are my all time fave okay. like really good music/ost right there man, also, in dear boys, you’ll find the rival teams just <333 too. gah) 

7. chihayafuru [karuta] karuta is a japanese trad card game, i just watched it recently and i really really love it, most ppl would say it’s more shoujo-theme like, (bc of the love-triangle that’s going pah,) BUT NO. once they’re in a game and all, you’d feel the freaking thrill and shivers while a tournament is going on. i really love it! i really love taichi sobs read the manga too! – #TEAMCHIHAYAXTAICHI 5EVER *huffs* gods i want taichi for myself for real though. ughhh

8. prince of stride [stride/parkour] i love the whole relation and all and just, yeah. last season’s hype and all, i want season 2 though, the ending’s not ‘nuff. 

9-10. hungry heart and giant killing [soccer/football]  i watched hungry heart a few years back with tenipuri, it was good, but it didn’t strike me hard like giant killing did, (i’ve only read the manga for now, but i’ll be watching the anime soon.) 

11. Baby steps [tennis] it’s a refreshing one compared to the geniuses that tenipuri has, so give it a try :) i haven’t watched s2 kill me


13. Hajime no Ippo [boxing] okay, ippo is really hard working and is cute, and who could predict that kid would be a boxing champ jfc, i love him and miyata a lot lmfao. if you want to binge a long series and is cool, ippo is one for you.

14. Air gear [advanced motor-powered skates/air treks] okay, i really dunno if this falls in the sports kind of genre, it’s more of a shounen (a little ecchi too, but i think it’s okay, sort of.) type. but, it’s street skating, plus i love the history on those skates so why not. – i am the only one in this world who ships kazu x ringo okay bye

15. speaking of skates, there’s Ginban Kaleidoscope [figure skating] the story’s a bit eccentric and shoujou-themed and all so.. jfc pete ;_;. give it a try though, it’s nice :) 


16. days [football/soccer] MY GODS DO I HAVE TO SAY WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS IT’S JUST THE SPORTS ANIME OF THE SEASON OKAY, and the main reason why you should watch days: MIZUKI HISAHITO. and ofc that cinnamon bun tsukushi and kazama and ooshiba and kimishita and yeah. PLEASE WATCH DAYS. NO, PLEASE READ THE MANGA OF DAYS PLEASE – ooshiba x kimishita and mizuki x indou :”>

17. cheer danshi [cheerleading] tumblings and all and precious boys who are just doing flips and being all cute and nice while cheering will make you gooey and fluffy inside, trust me. 

18. battery [baseball] it’s baseball anime, ofc it’s a must watch, plus the battery itself is just, golden. you’ll love it. 


19. yuri!! on ice [figure skating] BOYS DOING FIGURE SKATING. JUST. IMAGINE. we’ll have it soon!!!

20. all out! [rugby] if you’re into muscles and all, well, you’ll have to look out for this one soon. idk all i see is muscles muscles muscles sooo.. let’s wait for it.


21. area no kishi [football] was recommended by elena 

22. major [baseball]

23. over drive [cycling]

i think that’s it, idk anymore lmfao. i want a judo anime though :(