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I cant even begin to imagine how damaging and emotionally devastating it must feel to spend months of your life (not to mention cash) planning, drafting, sculpting, fixing, re-doing, casting and finalizing a doll only to have some brat say ‘hey I want that, but i’m going to pay someone who will steal it for me!’ I’m really thankful to all the sculpters out there that don’t give up when this kind of thankless 'cult’ exists. You guys are so much stronger than I’d be. Major respect to you. <3

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I notice from @ser-house-of-stone that I am also on BJDrecastpositive’s “evil anti list”
I see all my efforts to be as polite and clear as possible are not appreciated by the pro-IP theft set. I honestly try to be as polite and discussion-oriented as possible so I’m slightly miffed that I’m listed as someone who harasses and bullies people. Though my saying recasting is wrong and harmful is probably considered “bullying” to them since I also see most of my friends on there who are lovely, kind and reasonable people.
I hope that also blocks my other blogs because I don’t want anyone who follows and beleives that blog anywhere near my work!

Para que sepan mi posición ante las copias de BJDs o ‘Recast’:

Yo soy “pro-recast” abiertamente, lo cual significa que estoy a favor de que te compres el muñeco que quieras, que puedas pagar y que te haga feliz. Significa que no me importa la marca de tu muñeco ni su precio, porque todos escuchamos MP3s y vemos películas bajadas de torrents, consumimos productos genéricos, vestimos ropa imitación de marcas famosas que jamás podríamos comprarle a los diseñadotes originales, y nunca nadie dijo que éramos malas personas por hacer esto. Así que yo soy pro-recast, estoy a favor de lo que sea que tengas, soy una persona “pro-doll”, no me importa si tu BJD es de plástico como un HUJOO o si es de vinilo, resina, porcelana, arcilla, si lo has realizado tú o si lo has comprado en la casa mas cara. Si a ti te hace feliz y no es algo que me incumba me parece %100 perfecto. Ahora pueden ir por ahí y odiarme cuanto quieran.

Mi posición es simple y no va a cambiar. A los verdaderos escultores de los BJDs que venden en las fábricas originales les pagan solo UNA vez cuando entregan el prototipo terminado del muñeco en cuestión o de la nueva cabeza/etc. a la fábrica o tienda que los reproducirá para su venta usando un molde. Las copias JAMAS han destruido NADA, ‘Gucci’ o ‘paco rabanne’ no dejaron de fabricar cosas porque sus productos fueron reproducidos, y ‘las copias no mataron las industrias de perfumes/carteras/calzado/etc.’ (los cuales también son artículos “de lujo” como un BJD y “puedes vivir sin ellos”).

Siempre hay un mercado para los originales de todo, y los que no pueden o no consiguen el original por cualquiera sea la razón también tienen derecho, así sea “un gusto” y “no se vayan a morir si no lo tienen, de adquirir una reproducción. Porque esa gente no le compraría a la casa original de cualquier forma, así que esa plata no es que “iría a las fabricas originales si no estuviese yendo a los chinos que hacen copias”. No, esa plata no iría a ningún lado, así que tengan bien en claro que NADIE le esta ‘sacando el plato de comida’ a ningún artista cuando compra un BJD recast mas de lo que le sacaron el plato de alimento a ese músico que están escuchando en sus MP3s sin ninguna pena.

Los recast no perjudican a los artistas porque ellos ya cobraron cuando entregaron la escultura, entiendan esto, la cantidad de odio en Internet/‘la-comunidad-bjd’ es porque los recast perjudican casi de modo exclusivo al mercado de 2da mano (compuesto de personas que suelen valorar a los seres humanos no como gente sino ‘por el precio de sus pertenencias’ como si aun estuviesen en la secundaria), quienes ya no puede poner precios en los MP de unas cinco u siete veces mas por un BJD usado porque “ya no se vende mas en la fabrica original y si lo quieres lo pagas o te jodes”. Sabrán entender entonces mi postura (o no) pero no esta en discusión. Yo amo lo que los dueños hacen con  sus BJDs, de donde provengan honestamente no me importa ni me interesa y mucho menos me molesta.


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“I swear if Luo gets Celine and Rin in the Feeple60 moe, I will seriously flip the fuck off. I don’t care if you can’t afford the legits I just fucking went through 3 months of no school lunch money and a part time job to get my grail. I don’t want to have to worry about people thinking my Feeple60 is a recasts when I clearly spent $602. Someone fucking stop this nonsense!!!!


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And THIS is the main reason why antis are antis

It’s not about artists or defending their rights… but most antis feel “less special” (and somehow “stupid”) if someone paid less than half for the same product. - Sure there are exceptions (I know some anti recast community members that are actually really nice people and I personally admire them), but mostly all anti recast people I’ve knew on the community is either -like this- or an artist… (and not even ALL artists are anti, given the good quality of some recast makers production). - It’s sad to say but I think most antis can’t really enjoy their dolls, they spent more time and energy worrying about what other people might do or not to focus on the actual hobby and enjoy their legit dolls. It’s all a charade, the “#proBJDartists” day or whatever thing they come up with. In the end it’s all about “not being that unique snowflake anymore because now everyone has access to that rare limited”.

Why I’m writing this up on my own Spanish tumblr?, simple, because somebody has to. - Now they (anti-recast) pray and ask for you to buy a “Bobobie”, “MiroDoll”, a “ResinSoul”, a “Hujoo”, an “Obitsu”, a “Pullip” or even a “Monster-High” because “at least they are legit” (blahblahblah). But lets remember… not so long ago, the same people where trashing other community members because “they had a cheap chinese doll” or “that doll they had was not considered a BJD according to them” (because it was not made of resin or whatever excuse they could come up with). - Not to mention ‘sock dresses’ and every other thing that they can find to look down on you even when you love your doll to the bits…

To be honest, most of my dolls are legit, sure, I have some recast and I would buy other recasts without any shame or regret, but I’ve bought many times from legit websites or places like MoC and all they gave me was shit (*specially MoC, thank god they don’t ship to my country anymore!*). - But when bought recast, Steven/Luo made me feel really like a valued costumer, and sent me extra goodies that real/legit factories never sent. For both sides it’s a business, but recast sellers seem to care a lot more about it than legit companies.

Having said this, I will add, I was never against recast, because they’re dolls and people spent a lot of money (even when cheaper), time and love to make them their own OCs or give them a home, to say “go burn your recast doll“ it’s NOT the same as saying ”Please don’t buy recast anymore.”, and there is where I see the true nature of antis. - There are idiots and assholes worldwide (and everywhere), but here it’s when it became more evident. You can really tell who is the thinking human being who has a different point of view, and who is just butthurt and wants to keep their “unique snowflake” status using others as a stair to build up their ‘fame and glory’…

So, “What’s my stance?”, I must admit I was neutral at first, I had only legits and I didn’t care about other people morality (specially people I will only see online, as long as they where happy with their dolls I was cool with it). - But after my last purchase to Mint-On-Card (they treat me like trash, even on a thousand dollars transaction, just because I was from South America…and they were pretty clear on their motives so…), I started to wonder if I deserved to be treat like such a trash by people I was giving not only my money but “pretty much ALL my money”. Then, recast came around and it was more easy to get limited editions no longer sold on the legit webs and rare hybrids on perfect match skin colors…not only that, the sellers where extremely friendly and made you feel like an important and cherish costumer.

But even then, I was still a “neutral” and had no recasts, …until I saw the way anti recast community members where bullying and mistreating other people who owned recast and how they were making their life impossible like if they where trash, mass murders, rapists and all those stupid comparisons completely out of proportion antis use to defend their ‘white knight’ stance.

Think that was the turn-out moment, far as that moment I made my own doll heads and yes, I knew how to recast things at home but from that point on..?, I became a pro (a proud pro) and I gave two shits for people who was almost always aggressive, hypocrites and stupid (—don’t get me wrong, like I’ve said, there are stupid people everywhere, some pro members are also assholes… but they’re far more less than the anti-assholes out there—).

I just stop caring about people who was telling me a lie to my face without a blink, that people is the “anti” crowd. I get it, you’re mad because you paid a lot more for the same doll often on worst quality (let’s be honest, most SOOM recast and FL recast I’ve see are better quality than legits), but I did it too!, I have the legits of most recast dolls and it’s not a constant reminder of “how much money I’ve spent”, it’s just something I’ve paid long ago and I don’t care if someone else buys it as recast!, in fact I’m happy we can share opinions and compare recast/legit dolls! - ((You antis need to let go of the fucking hate spread everywhere!!!))

So they are NOT “”pro-artist”” they are just against recast, thus, ANTI-recast. - And please don’t give the shit speech about how much you care about the artist feelings because I don’t buy it anymore (**if the artist or company cares so much about it they will stop the cry and get their stuff in place or take a legal action, they don’t need YOU defending and standing for them, you are NOT the artist, nor his/her friend or family, so cut the crap, most times you only meet the artist or company online and only for him/her to sell you something so “dah!”, sure they will be nice to you!, you are buoying a couple thousand dollar product!, you don’t need to be thankful to them because they reply or make your order in time, it’s just a purchase and that’s what’s fair!**)… besides, pro recast are also humans, and they also cry and suffer when you tell them they are trash, when you tell them ‘to burn they beloved dolls’, or when you tell them they’re “just stupid kids” (although many are teens who had to make huge sacrifices to afford even a recast). So you could say I’m a Pro-recast now because of all the shit Anti-recast trow to other community members…

And yes, now I make my own home-recast for fun, not only cast my own sculpts but make some recast from well known companies because I own the legit and I want to try out new resin colors or do ‘destructive’ and rare modifications. I don’t even sell them, I gave one way as a present here and there to people who could not afford a legit or any sort of doll for that matter, and no, I don’t feel “bad” about it. I gave presents to people I care about and I’m the only one who needs to worry about my own morals. And I sleep just fine every night so why should anyone tell me what to do with my money and my time..?, recast dolls are also very hard to make, it takes a long time to get them right and you get burn and bruises and cuts in your body just like any other manual labor, I don’t ever complain about it, but just wanted to point out recast are not “just magical reproductions who come out of molds just perfect and ready to sell”, home-recast it’s a complex process, and my wounds worth just the same than the ones from any other human being (like that “small and poor artist” you defend so eagerly because it didn’t had dinner yesterday but sells US$ 900 dolls on their store).

And YES, I am happy about new molds and dolls getting recasted (I don’t care if they are ‘artist dolls’ or ‘company dolls’, all dolls are made by some artist at some point, so cut the crap about that “this is a small artist so it’s different”, you either acknowledge ALL artist need to be recognized for their work, or, you don’t really care at all, and yes, most things come in shades of gray, but this particular thing it’s just black/or/white, so made up you’re mind already), and I get happy for new recast releases because it means more people will have the chance to get the dolls they want and love for a price they can afford or from someone who will sent the doll to their location and gave them many more options than legit webs. - I don’t impose my views to anyone, If you come politely to me and tell me you’re against recast I will agree that we disagree and you have just as much right as me to have your opinion. This doesn’t mean we can’t get along or we can’t be friends, as long as you don’t insult me or degrade me for my choices then we’re cool… but that’s the catch, almost no anti recast community members are able to just respect other people, “pro recast” people, different people (that think -or are- different)… maybe the other side is right, or maybe they’re wrong, truth is, it’s not the antis place to decide “who is right or wrong”.

And that’s my stance on recasts. If you don’t like me then feel free to block me of unfollow me, I’ll still be me after you’re gone and to be honest, I care more for people being treated like trash by others who think they’re superior based on the quality of a doll than on your crazy white knight crusade. Cos’ at the end of the day, I’m happy with my dolls, recast or not…


P.S. - Now you antis can all examine my post looking for misspelling and grammar (since my first language it’s Spanish) that according to you “will give me away on anon blogs” (even when %70 percent of the times you guys are hilariously wrong, it’s still fun as hell to watch you all chase your tails, lol).

I am Pro Artist and will never tolerate or condone the support of recasts. However, any person who previously bought recasts who wants to go legit, I will happily support. I believe people can learn, opinions can change, and people can do the right thing. While I agree that people in the community should be vocal in our opposition to recasts, we should also be vocal in our support of those who are going legit. After all, this is about wanting more people to support the artist.

Bruh. I’ m not a “rich entitled proartist elitist“, I’ m just a regular student with two to three different jobs(theatre, bars or construction) at a time. A year ago, I thought I’ d never be able to afford a doll, especially not a minifee, but I worked my forking ass off and now I’ m probably ordering my 3rd doll soon. And you know what? It feels hella good. Because I know damn well I deserve it. So yeah, please try to save up for a legit. If an unstable mess like me can do it, you can do it to.

I’m pro-recast and I would love to have a good, mature discussion with an anti-recast person to hear their point of views… unfortunately it seems the lot of them can’t go three minutes without using terms like ‘thief’ and 'stupid’ as if trying to back up their arguments. News flash, y'all: Insulting someone doesn’t make them more likely to listen to you. Thanks.

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Tired of all these anti-artist confessions recently so here is the real truth!
Recasts only have a negative affect on the hobby.
Recasts take money from original artists. From large companies like Fairyland to small indie sculptors like Lillycat. All artists are impacted negatively from recasts. Many sculptors and businesses have come out to say no to recasts. Why wouldn’t they? Most if not all artists would hate to see their art taken from them to be resold without their consent.
Recasting companies are theives that take artists work and give 0 profit back to the artists. Yet recast people beg for new sculpts to be recasted as soon as they are released on the legit source.
It is selfish to take profit away from sculptors who already don’t make a lot of profit from a niche hobby, and even if they do, don’t we all want to succeed in the career of choice? Why should we punish people for developing their skills to create beautiful dolls and sell them as they deem fit?
When you buy a doll you are paying for the time it took for that person to learn how to sculpt, the material costs, customer service, resin casting services, finances, advertising, photographers, ect. Not just a hunk of resin from an assembly line like recasts are.
Please have an ounce of empathy and buy a legit. It’s better for the hobby, the companies, and the sculptors!

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Pro-recasters, the only issue pro-artists have is the fact you’re not paying the doll artists. All the ‘reasons’ I’ve seen never address them and tend to be 'because I want it’ or 'don’t tell me what to do’. We’re asking you to be sympathetic and think about the PERSON who created the doll, who you are refusing to pay for their work by buying a recast. Don’t you care about how your actions impact another human being? I sure hope you do, because if you don’t… then what does that say about you?

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I think SOME pro artists sometimes forget calling someone “gross”“disgusting” and “scum” because they buy recasts is literally bullying. Youre trying to get them to go legit cause otherwise theyre these nasty words. Yet theyll sit there and be like “Im anti bullying huehue”

Its really unnerving that people forget this is bullying. When we say you bully us, we arent talking about you calling us thieves. We’re talking about you calling us scum, gross and disgusting. Just fyi.

Remember how your moms or dads used to tell you “If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say it at all” listen to them.

one of the most common pro recast arguments is that they are not financially well off enough to buy a legit doll, well let me tell you if you are financially well enough to buy a recast you can buy a legit doll, you want a more expensive one? SAVE, i know what it’s like to be dead broke and it’s not fun but that doesn’t mean you get a free pass to shit on hard working artist because of it :/ if you think it costs too much maybe you don’t need it that much because you don’t think it’s worth it

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I got a friend who is an AMAZING sculptor and usually makes one-off sculptures and stuff, I told him about BJDs and he was fascinated and started looking into how he could start making and selling his own. Then recently he told me that he’s having second thoughts and probably wont, because he not only found out about recasts, but the community that supports them. The risk is too high. This is just ONE new, unique artist we’re going to miss out on. How many others? Thanks a lot recasts! Ugh.

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I just love how pro-recasters only reply to the points they can milk for victim points or “pro-artists are so [blank insult] look at this” Reply to these please 

1- bjd companies are PEOPLE who need money to survive in this capitalist hellhole. If you don’t like them, you shouldn’t buy from them, but don’t buy a recast of that company thinking you’re somehow mighty for it. You’re not! Buy from a better legit company, and help them grow and overtake the other! Or be the change you want to see!

2-please pleaaaaase stop using your mental illnesses/bad situations/etc. to justify recasts. The artists you steal from could very well be in the same type of situations or have mental illnesses, too, and now you’re rubbing shit all over them. Just because you’re having a shitty time doesn’t delegitimize that they are people and could be having a shitty time as well.

3- yes. Pro artists can sometimes be dickwads. I’m so sorry you have to deal with them. But every community has dickwads. You can’t use that as a reason to take from people in the hobby who had nothing to do with those rude ass people in the first place! And you shouldn’t use it as a shield from all criticism! Bullying is not ok and I say that whole-heartedly, but saying “hey… maybe you shouldn’t do that and here’s why” is. not. bullying!

4- I agree that a lot of this community needs work- I mean a LOT. However! You shouldn’t add to the already existing toxicity by stealing from the companies and artists that keep this hobby alive and then saying you’re in the right for doing so…

5- yes. Recasts look as good as legits. But that doesn’t change the fact that they aren’t legits and they kill legit artists from putting their work out there.

6- yes, we haven’t had too many examples of already established companies getting shut down by recasts- because they’re *already established*. However, I can’t tell you how many artists I’ve seen shy away from putting their passion out there and creating a doll because they are so terrified it will get recasted. All those people deciding not to follow their passion are lost potential for growth in this community, and that makes me sick to my stomach… 

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you know, it wouldnt surprise me one bit if not ONE single person in that list of ‘antirecast people who harass and bully’ has ever harassed or bullied ANY prorecast person. I’m on the list and i’ve never interacted with one, let alone sent any hate. All I’ve done is leave comments on confessions when I disprove of someones prorecast actions which is NOT STALKING OR HARASSING. I dont even insult them, just say 'please buy legit’! So many kind and generous people are on that list, its all lies.

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