A lot of people know that yesterday was a bad for day and I hit an all time low but this message is to thank you all for standing by me and that helped pull me through, one things for sure God Blessed me with wonderful friends like you guys, now my edits are terrible so there’s not really a picture or anything to go with this and I can’t make gifs, but now that I love you all and cherish you, God blessed me with you guys and I hope you know that and feel that. Thank you for being my friend and helping me gain strength. 

So with further ado followers and friends if you don’t follow  inaworldthatbreaks || lms33 || recapturedpieces || or thesmilingstar || you’re missing out on some of the best friends a person could have I’m truly grateful for you and thankful God but you guys in my life. Also my lovely Age-Anon

These guys are wonderful and you all need to follow them if you don’t truly wonderful ; A ;

I love you guys ♡

Hello my lovelies. It has been a bit more than a year since I started tumblr so I decided to finally do a follow forever. Bolded names are my friends (even though we don’t talk much because i’m shy orz) and italicized are my favourite blogs~ 

Well here it is ^^

# - A: 2xing  7kisses4u  27skylove  -kyungjae  awings  aeriferous  allukiss  ahhyo  awildkissmeappeared

B – G:  bleedingpetals  cheesykebin  chibird  chickabiddy  dongblebee  eundan  gayvinwoo

H – I: hokkaiiido  hooniversal  haepi  hanakiss  hugmedeadly  hatsumiyo  hana-jo  hoontokki  hmcity  hilary-96  ikiseop  inmyownfiction

J – K: jseops  jaehooligans  jaeseopshi  jaekii  kmsoos  kevinwooless  kebeans  kishiks  kissueop  keiops  kiseoperman  kaleidoscopelights  kyeopta-kevin  kebinwu 

 L – R: lulusukiss  lms33  mirenly  mintyteapot  mylifeisukiss  nine-kisses  nanazumi  oxygenic  penguism  pinkupetals  ryeou  reminiscencee  recapturedpieces  rollingmelon

 S –  T: silverhoneycat  seo-in-love  shindong-ho  s-eop  sunqhyuns  sunghyunf  sunggyu-u  sonluhan  sunieekiss   silentpea tickingseoul 

 U – Z: ubiquikiss  ukisseume  ukissbliss  ukissland  ukisseveryday  ukissthefuckingboss  whitefeathersoflight  wookiss  woovins  xuehwa  yu-kissme

Love you all and thank you for making my tumblr experience awesome ♥

heyhey! (^-^)/ 

it’s been some time since I did a follow forever!~ but now I’ll make one before this year ends!! 

*note: everyone mentioned here are all loved by me, and I adore them to bits! They’re like the best things in the world after U-KISS! These are people whom stands near me, people I talk to alot, who I adore alot, and people I look up to (and people I wish I was TT_TT) I love all of you. 
*another note: those who are not mentioned, sorry, but I can’t remember everyone, and if I follow you, please know that you have a special place in my heart wether you’re mentioned here or not! 

okey, let’s gooo! (I won’t take this in alphabetical order, because I’m a lame potato) 

reindeerlu | yesimkpoppin | jiyongs-g-thong | hoonday | kyungae | soohyun | rapmon-dongsaeng | seoppiesaur | sxhyn | ubernoona | kevinwoopl | wonchique | hooniemin | mirenly | sooyunmi | ukisspirates | seoulful-kisses | soohoons | flowerboysandramyun | annoyingyoungjae | dearellison | alwayskebin | kiseopsburden | elidle | karenwu0109 | ravbooty | deardodoro | fridel2 | self-confessed-ukiss-obsessed | raynleila | sorsik | keiops | recapturedpieces | hana-jo | dekakat | jaeseopshi | yeppeo-bean | iselindk | hoondolph | infivefourthreetwoone | tokkiseop | hoontokki | jeansboodty | kaitoudarkmousey | yadoong | vipapluskissmeshawol | thejennieli | tabiisprecious | xiaohanlu | kevinwooless | ahhyo | hmcity | uruhas-thigh-gap | kebeans | torakun14 | shyukerjunior | dangerouseliaisons | kishiks | shin-soo-hyun | krisseop-san | manekineko2713 | kiss-melikecinderella | kissme247 | inmyownfiction | jaeseops-sexy-eyebrow | lms33

I love you all, and as I said, even though you’re not mentioned here, you have a special place in my heart, otherwise, I wouldn’t follow you ;) <3
(edit: and if you have edited your url, and we have been close and stuff, please tell me!! or else I’ll feel soooo bad ;;;;;)