My Love Story!! - Episode 17: “My Christmas”

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I always find it kind of awkward when shows have holiday episodes nowhere near the actual holiday. Presumably the original manga for this one was first published around December as a nice little single-chapter seasonal story, but the anime doesn’t have that luxury, so here we are with August on the horizon and nary a Christmas tree in sight. Ah, well. It’s not as if Director Asaka could’ve skipped it, given that it features Actual Plot Points, so I’ll just have to shake off my sense of seasonal disconnect and do my best to talk about the episode as-is.

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Then Paige says the thing. The thing: Do you ever wonder when you became the thing you were most afraid of?

This is everything I wanted for Paige McCullers. Like sure, it’d be great to see her get the girl or whatever, but what I said last season is as true as it ever was: I just wanted to see her be the real Paige McCullers again. I get that supporting characters are around to be the scratching posts of main characters. I understand how stories work. But they gave Paige so much more than a couple of strawman supporting traits. The writers gave her more. Lindsey Shaw gave her more. Paige is polarizing because Paige is real.

If there is a person on this show who actually did wonder when she became the thing she was most afraid of, it is Paige McCullers. The day she shoved Emily’s head underwater was the day she let her torture make her a torturer. I know people like to say Paige came out because she loved Emily, but I think Paige came out because she saw herself becoming Alison.

Bullies don’t bully because they actually think they’re superior; bullies bully because they are fucking terrified. Alison bullied because she was afraid of the stuff on the outside getting in; Paige bullied because she was afraid of the stuff on the inside getting out. Say what you want about the sinners in Rosewood, but show me someone else who has faced the darkness inside of them — really, fully cracked themselves open and sifted through their motives and their fears and their pain — and owned the damage it has caused to other people. Show me someone else who was so broken about their own brokenness that they rode their bike through a thunderstorm in the middle of the night to stand on their victim’s porch and say, “I hurt you. I was wrong. I’m sorry.”
—  Heather Hogan, again understanding these characters and stories to an amazing degree in her latest PLL recap on that I can’t directly link because I’m on mobile.

RECAP: Inter Milan 0-3 Real Madrid (ICC: Match 3) | July 27, 2015
- PreviewHighlights (alt) | photos | match report

Match info:
Competition: International Champions Cup (China)
Date: Monday, July 27
Venue: Tianhe Stadium, Guangzhou
Line-up: Real Madrid XI | Substitutes
Absences: Illarra and Coentrão (injury) - Marco Asensio (holiday)

- 29′ Jesé (assist: Marcelo)
- 56′ Varane (assist: Lucas Vázquez)
- 88′ James (free-kick)

- Interviews: Benítez | JeCasemiro and Cheryshev (+) | Navas
- Isco named man of the match | video

Kiko Casilla & Lazo make Real Madrid debut
- Seven goals from seven players so far in the pre-season | watch
   Benzema, Cristiano, Pepe and Cheryshev (vs Man City)
  Jesé, Varane and James (vs Inter)
- Fans at Tianhe Stadium paid tribute to Iker by chanting his name in the 25th minute

NYCC, in brief

This show, man. This fucking show. Get out your umbrella ‘cause I’m about to drop some NAMES

  • Flew in Tuesday. Did Shipwreck. Cecil Baldwin read aloud my story about bird sex. “He looked at her hungrily, like a french fry on a waterfront pier.” I met Mara Wilson. Took second place to Jon Scalzi. Lost my voice.
  • Wednesday was Batgirl Day/Fraggle Rock Day. Went to Midtown. Too shy to sign comics. Saw Wicked. Cried, was astounded at how beautiful it was. Been listening to that soundtrack weekly for a decade. Amazing.
  • Thursday was NYCC day 1. Retailer breakfast, repping the Valkyries. Not a lot of ladies there, but good breakfast sausage. Interview with CBR. Early to bed, again. Signed so many comics, so happy.
  • Friday was NYCC day 2. Panels with Henson and IDW. Met Gabriel Rodriguez, talking about Edward Scissorhands. Met people at Henson, who were so kind and it was so exciting for me. I waxed on about how much I love what I do and what I tried to do with Fraggle Rock. Saw both projects on giant projectors. So, so cool.
  • Friday night was Brimper party. 200 people (at least) showed up for the Sex Criminals party. So amazing to see the love for Matt and Chip. I felt proud, even though I’m not, like, their moms? IDK. Went to a DC party. That was… surreal. Giant bat-symbol on the wall. Met a ton of my heroes. Tried to be cool. Wasn’t.
  • Saturday was NYCC day 3. Valkyries breakfast was amazing. My first one without Kelly Sue and I had no voice, but man oh man, those things always feel so good and inspiring. My ladies. My heroes. I never know what to say besides “YOU’RE ALL AMAZING.”
  • Also Saturday, I signed with Gabriel Rodriguez and Louise Simonson and Derek Charm. I don’t know what my life is!!! I met Brian K Vaughn (who was amazing to the Valkyries), checking off the second-to-last name in my “comics heroes” checklist. Last is Neil Gaiman. I’ll meet you some day, Neil.
  • Saturday night I had BBQ with friends and was asleep by midnight. Having no voice for 4 days at this point knocked me the F out.
  • Sunday was today. Not much to say! I signed so many books and did sketches and this happened at that was the best way to end the weekend. Oh, I met Dylan Marron! I got a photo with Cecil and Carlos!!!
  • Amazing things I was given by fans: An awesome pair of Sailor Uranus/Neptune earrings, a Catbug plush, some art from kids (!!), tea with Edward Scissorhands drawn on it by BCC buds Kae & June, mini comics and art oh my!
  • Now I drink in an airport and I’m almost home. Thank you friends, thank you BOOM!, thank you IDW, thank you NYCC! I’m going to sleep for a week.

RECAP: Manchester City 1-4 Real Madrid (ICC match 2) | July 24, 2015

Match details: 
- Competition
: International Champions Cup (Australia) -  Match 2
- Stadium: Melbourne Cricket Ground / Attendance: 99,382 (a new record for a football match)
- Scorers: Benzema 21’, Cristiano 25’, Pepe 44′, and Cheryshev 73’
- How Real Madrid won the competition.
- Absentees: James Rodríguez and Marco Asensio (holiday) - Fábio Coentrão (injury)
- Line-up: +

- Match & trophy celebration: 260 HQs (+LQs)

- Match report
- Interviews: Benítez | Bale, Carvajal and Danilo | Toni Kroos
- Ronaldo named man of the match

- Pre-match: Leaving team hotel
- Goals: Benzema 21′, Ronaldo 25′, Pepe 44′, Cheryshev 73′
- Isco’s assists against Man. City
- Highlights: HD (alt)
- Trophy celebration: MQ (alt: 1/2)