MLs are like “maybe when anarchists have a successful revolution we’ll listen haha lol we’re so great gulag jokes are so funny” which is hot shit coming from folks who have had a total of negative five revolutions like they walk up to a perfectly good full communist revolution and destroy it and then call it perfect and get tired of that after a while and recapitulate to capitalism. Literally no reason to engage with that type of bs except to disrupt their self congratulations


-The way it sounds like everyone is saying fuck all the time because of Fakir’s name

-Ahiru’s duck voice

-The way that the prince and princess both have crow blood in them at the end; the point being that you have to integrate the light and shadow side of these archetypes, rather than having them at war with each other, and also the way they get sent packing in a swan-drawn sleigh, because they no longer have a place in the real world, as it should be

-The interaction between Drosselmeyer and Fakir re “responsible writing” and the way that it is way easier to write stuff that recapitulates the norms of the culture you’re living in than it is to write against them.  I like Fakir as a writer - surly, inept, and suffering constantly.  RELATABLE

-Absolutely everything about Autour.  What a nerd

-The happy ending is that Fakir gets to live with a duck

-The way that the ending felt incredibly labored but that care was taken to make that labor a part of the point - i.e., to dramatize the difficulty that the writer was having in pushing back against all the plots he’d stolen to make this thing.  I love that Princess Tutu is essentially the incarnation of the voice in your head when you read tragic romance which says “why don’t these idiots just talk  to each other” - she’s a living fix-it fic.  As a result I am kind of disappointed that they decided to name that impulse “hope” rather than “being basically sensible”

-I am happy that in the mythology of this world the miracle power of love is less important than the miracle power of a duck dancing ballet, again, as it should be

-Bitchin soundtrack

In the end, it was still kind of a mess in the way that anime is usually kind of a mess, and in the final analysis I am going to gravitate more towards “let’s smash the patriarchy” than “let’s all just be really virtuous at these fuckers until they settle down” as an answer to the prince/princess problem.  I relate to the book men, and particularly to the book men’s axes.  But I think it was more successful than usual in sussing out the scope of these problems and of making the solutions to them seem plausibly difficult, and so I liked it a lot more than I usually like art about art.   Stories are important - people’s actions are fundamentally based on the stories they tell themselves, which are to a greater or lesser extent based on the stories they’ve heard - and so it’s important to be reminded about the importance of resisting bad or prurient narrative, even if it comes with the weight of myth and history behind it.  (See also this month’s Crow Cillers, wackily enough.)  So even though I am inclined to resist stories where heroic writers write heroically - at least Fakir had to bleed for it.

Let Our Powers Combine!

This Trollhunter!Strickler fic series thing is inspired by @changepherrox‘s art and written scenario of Walter meeting Barbara, pre-show, and becoming part of the Lake family. After finding his place in the human world, he comes upon the Trollhunter amulet and struggles between protecting his family, being a double agent… and secretly defending a Trollmarket that doesn’t particularly want a changeling for a Trollhunter.

-The First (along with @changepherrox’s art that inspired it)
-A Brief Recapitulation of Troll-Changeling Friendships

In this fic: Jim and Walter have a superhero catchphrase that they say when they team up.

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I think it’s time to recapitulate what The Musketeers cast is doing now that the show is over. 
Thanks to @hottiemcgreeneyes for doing most of the job. 

Athos - Tom Burke is in London filming as Cormoran Strike for the new serie based on the novels by Robert Galbraith (J.K.Rowling). He started a few days ago.

Aramis - Santiago Cabrera is still filming for the new Transformers movie that should be out in 2017.

Porthos - Howard Charles is in the USA to film the remake of Tremors.

D’Artagnan - Luke Pasqualino has been a very busy boy. Solar Eclipse is due in the summer, the movie Smartass is completed and he’s now filming the serie Snatch.

Treville - Hugo Speer is playing Lucius in the new serie “Britannia”, he’s filming in the Czech Republic. 

Queen Anne - Alexandra Dowling is now in the USA, with black hair, to shoot Starbright 

King Louis - Ryan Gage has the movie 100 Streets coming out (in UK) in november.

Milady - Maimie McCoy is in season 5 of DCI Banks (that just aired)

Grimaud - Matthew McNulty is filming some episodes of The Terror, a new tv show.

Marcheaux - Matt Stokoe is listed on imdb in the cast of James Town, a tv serie. 

Feron - Rupert Everett has kept himself super busy too! The movie  Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children will be in theaters in december, he just finished to film the tv movie Quacks and he’s now filming The Happy Prince in which he’ll play Oscar Wilde. 

Clairmont - Dan Parr was busy with Halcyon Heights, a movie now in post production. 

Gaston - Andre Flynn played a small part in the movie Blue Iguana.

Richelieu - Peter Capaldi still is the Doctor in Doctor Who, he was in the pilot of Class, the DW spin off and he’s also filming Paddington 2

Constance - Tamla Kari has been in a few theater plays, but at the moment she doesn’t seem to be filming anything. 

Sylvie - Thalissa Teixeira like Tamla seems not to be filming, she’s instead dedicating herself to theater 

Rochefort - Marc Warren filmed 44 at Melrose that will be out in 2017

I don’t know about you guys, but I imagine Lena really being into classical music (Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic, etc.) and operas, like she’s jamming to Phantom of the Opera, Beethoven, Mozart, or Vivaldi…that she just enjoys listening to and analyzing the technicalities of the scales, chords, tempo, and syncopation.

Like, I think Lena would particularly love the musical form known as a sonata and has fun locating the exposition, development, and recapitulation. She learns waltzes and often attends symphonies and ballets to experience new suites. Maybe she had that weird phase where she was really into Medieval music and Gregorian chant (like Alex’s punk rock phase) and was a total nerd for the early form of polyphonic music like the motet.

But Lex enjoyed more aggressive, fast-paced, and abnormal sounds so he was really into Baroque and Bach and a huge fan of impromptus (like Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptu), etudes, concertos and toccatas and the usage of the tritone (Devil’s interval) and maybe even atonal music (horrendous by the way).

However, they both really loved nocturnes and rhapsodies and it just brought them together whenever they fought for the radio.

But when Lena is introduced to Kara’s fondness of NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys she’s utterly mortified, but cares about her alien puppy girlfriend’s happiness more and lets her take over the radio, and then she’s like “I think I’m starting to like them” because it makes Kara so happy to have those throwbacks.



A Brief Recapitulation of Troll-Changeling Friendships

This takes place during and after this fic thing, which was inspired by @changepherrox‘s art and the written scenario of Walter meeting Barbara, pre-show, and becoming part of the Lake family. After finding his place in the human world, he comes upon the Trollhunter amulet and struggles between protecting his family, being a double agent… and secretly defending a Trollmarket that doesn’t particularly want a changeling for a Trollhunter. 

You probably want to read the first fic thing before checking this out. Again, I haven’t seen Trollhunters in a month or so, so inaccuracies probably occur. Thank you so much for the ideas and conversation, @changepherrox! I’ve been really inspired. I hope this lives up to what you were imagining. Here we go!


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Researchers baffled by nationalist surge
Economic woes wrought by globalization are only part of the cause.

Nationalist sentiment is spreading faster than Monsanto seeds - Trump’s pseudo-win - nationalist parties rising in popularity across Europe. The “scholarly” article above just recapitulates many possible reasons, none all that compelling to me.

For clarity, I personally like to consult with evolutionary biology and Occam’s Razor. Basic human behavior is a constant over human lifetimes. Humans have been around a couple million years, but democratic government barely 1/10,0000th of that, so it’s a bit of an evolutionary experiment. Humans, like prairie dogs, tend to be fear-based and susceptible to denying reality and blaming others. Democracy requires more. Trump, like other nationalist “leaders” and Hitler, instinctively know how to fan people’s fear, deny reality with lies, and provide people scapegoats for their woes. Humans lap it up, as it assuages their pain; they can replace their pity party with anger. But, there’s a price they pay in allegiance and group think. But that’s OK too with many, because being told what is right and what to do makes life easy in a way. Were that not true, religion could not survive. And so we predominantly have had authoritarian governments and dogmatic religions through human history. And now we have Trump and his evil cohort. It did not have to come to this, but it seems the haters were much more inspired than the non-haters, who did not care enough about other people to bother to vote in many successive elections.

There is no remedy for time. Or, at least, we do not know what it is. But we must trust in the flow of time, we must live. […] We are time and cannot escape its dominion. We can transfigure it but not deny it or destroy it. This is what the great artists, poets, philosophers, scientists, and certain men of action have done. Love, too, is an answer: because it is time and made of time, love is at once consciousness of death and an attempt to make of the instant an eternity. All loves are ill-starred, because all are made of time, all are the fragile bond between two temporal creatures who know they are going to die. In all loves, even the most tragic, there is an instant of happiness that it is no exaggeration to call superhuman: it is a victory over time, a glimpse of the other side, of the there that is a here, where nothing changes and everything that is, truly is.

Octavio Paz, from “Recapitulation: The Double Flame,” The Double Flame: Love and Eroticism, transl. by Helen Lane (Harcourt, 1996)

History Mwave 'Meet&Greet' 160530

Let’s recapitulate.

First then laugh to cutely together.


Then it start the guess game, and what a coincidence that yijeong and kyungil lose when the other one was the one touching.

why kyungil choose his butt to be the part touched? and how yijeong found it out that fast???

then we have kyungil, who take his time to felt what part of the body is touching, when it’s actually an easy one

He took him two opportunities to found out that it was yijeong’s waist, and he even hit and slap carefully yijeong’s waist.

In the end he found out that it was his boyfriend waist <3

The theory of gender performativity presupposes that norms are acting on us before we have a chance to act at all, and that when we do act, we recapitulate the norms that act upon us, perhaps in new or unexpected ways, but still in relation to norms that precede us and exceed us. In other words, norms act on us, work upon us, and this kind of ‘being worked on’ makes its way into our own action.
—  Judith Butler, “Performativity, Precarity and Sexual Politics” (xi)
Into The Trollmarket

This Trollhunter!Strickler fic series thing is inspired by @changepherrox‘s art and written scenario of Walter meeting Barbara, pre-show, and becoming part of the Lake family. After finding his place in the human world, he comes upon the Trollhunter amulet and struggles between protecting his family, being a double agent… and secretly defending a Trollmarket that doesn’t particularly want a changeling for a Trollhunter.

-The First (along with @changepherrox’s art that inspired it)
-A Brief Recapitulation of Troll-Changeling Friendships
-Let Our Powers Combine!

(Also there has been more absolutely wonderful art by Changepherrox HERE and HERE please check them out)

In this fic: Blinky is cornered by Vendel and comes up with a really thin excuse as to why the Trollhunter hasn’t been seen in Heartstone Trollmarket yet.

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  • McGonagall: [Starts recapitulating all the illegal things Scorpius and Albus did]
  • Harry: Professor, if I may...
  • McGonagall: YOU MAY NOT. This is my fucking school, Potter.
  • McGonagall: I'm not gonna expel any of your kids, because I'm awesome
  • Hermione: [Rushes in]
  • McGonagall: I own you

this was the first cd i ever owned. i got it for christmas 1995 and probably listened to it at least once a day for 5 years – so many times that it was destroyed. i set out on an arduous quest to find a replacement copy. this particular rendition was basically impossible to find, so i had to settle for a similar interpretation. many details were negotiable, but it had to have: 

  • HEAVY rubato on the chords at the end of mars  
  • the recapitulation of jupiter’s theme played by trumpet has to be taken at the higher octave

pretty simple right? WRONG. this is literally the only recording in existence that features both of these interpretive choices at the specifications i demand. the octave thing was basically impossible and as a trumpet player i understand why – the phrase is in an extreme register for classical trumpet, it’s also well into the suite, after mARS and most of jupiter, which requires a ton of endurance. so i get it, you don’t want to try that higher octave unless you’re sure you’re going to hit those notes, because karking it will RUIN the entire movement – you’re right at the top of the orchestra, your sound cuts above the rest. i’m just stunned that 1st trumpet from the london symphony orchestra from this one concert is literally the only person to try it in like 30 years. i’m telling you i’ve listened to so many recordings of this suite and its the ONLY one. fuck. 

anyway long story short is that after years of fruitless searching i discovered this is free on amazon prime music. i’ve been listening to it all night and crying and air punching. this shit gets me so fired up. the OCTAVE man the oCTAVE.  god this recording is so great too, like this guy has superior control – the orchestra takes the tempo a little slower than average and his tone doesn’t fuzz or broaden at all, and the intonation is perfect. fUCK!!!! also like??? this is the definitive interpretation as far as i’m concerned. holst would listen to this shit and be like bingo. or whatever the fuck equivalent for early 20th century british composers. 

The Biogenetic Law of Art

Although the biogenetic law, often catchily phrased as “ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny“ is more of an interesting observation than a law of nature.

Sometimes you can observe something similar in the development of new art forms. They seem to start out as primitive experimentation, and develop a rigid symbolic formalism, e.g. hierarchical proportion in painting. The development of richer techniques and technologies allows pieces to become more complex, detailed, realistic, and less constrained. Symbolism is gradually pushed upwards: Signs are replaced by naturalistic representations and abstract recurring themes. When the art form has advanced to the point where complex concepts can be expressed and represented, the art form enters a “classical period“ in which artists can for the first time explore the fundamental aspects of humanity, such as love, loss, friendship, rise and fall of the powerful.

After a few generations, the human universals are done to death. Artists look for fresh, contemporary themes, or fresh takes on old stories. New generations of artists experiment with form and aesthetic, or return intentionally to abstract and symbolic representations. Finally, some artists completely abandon content, form or meaning.

Adventure, Zork, King’s Quest, Myst, Broken Sword/Return to Monkey Island, Read Only Memories, Soviet Unterzoegersdorf, To The Moon, The Witness.

So… recapitulation:

  • The knee-touching [x]
  • The Wardrobe Conspiracy [x,x,x]
  • Mackie singing ‘Summer Loving’ at Chris and Seb [x]
  • And Seb teasing him right back for it
  • And then giving him the cutest ‘but I love you though!’ hug
  • The left boob grab (and their matching laughter) [x]
  • The hand porn [x]
  • Why does Chris talk when he shouldn’t’ [x]
  • Chris starting to ramble a bit and Seb trying to help [x]
  • And then Chris teasing Seb for interrupting him
  • He chooses Bucky’ [x,x]
  • Sebastian totally not thinking about kissing Chris [x]
  • The head tilts and gestures and just Seb and Chris being generally in sync [x,x]
  • And basically adorable together [x,x]

Bonus: Everybody wants a piece of Seb: [x] [x] [x]

An erotic encounter begins with the sight of the desired body. Whether clothed or naked, the body is a presence: a form that for an instant is every form in the world. The moment we embrace that form, we cease to perceive it as a presence and grasp it as concrete, palpable matter, matter that fits within our arms and is nonetheless unlimited. But, embracing the presence, we no longer see that palpable matter. Dispersion of the desired body: all we see are a pair of eyes looking at us, a throat illuminated by the light of a lamp and soon disappearing into darkness again, the gleam of a thigh, the shadow descending from navel to genitals. Each of these fragments exists in and of itself yet refers to the totality of a body. A body which suddenly has become infinite. The body of my partner ceases to be a form and becomes an immense thing in which I both lose and recover myself. We lose ourselves as persons and recover ourselves as sensations. As sensation becomes more intense, the body we embrace becomes more immense. A sensation of infinity: we lose our body in that body. The carnal embrace is the apogee of the body and the loss of the body. It is also the experience of the loss of identity: a diffusion of form into a thousand sensations and visions, a fall into an ocean, an evaporation of essence. There is neither form nor presence: there is the wave that rocks us, the gallop across the plains of night. A circular experience: it begins with the abolition of the body of the couple, is transformed into an infinite substance that palpitates, expands, contracts, and enfolds us in primordial waters: an instant later the substance vanishes, the body becomes a body once again, and presence reappears. We can perceive the beloved only as a form that conceals an irreducible otherness or as a substance that cancels itself out and cancels us out.

[…] Every sin entails a punishment: once we have emerged from our ecstatic trance, we find ourselves again in the presence of a body and soul that are alien. Then the ritual question: What are you thinking about? And the reply: Nothing. Words that are repeated in endless galleries of echoes.

Octavio Paz, from “Recapitulation: The Double Flame,” The Double Flame: Love and Eroticism, transl. by Helen Lane (Harcourt, 1996)

“No one is a poet unless he [or she] has felt the temptation to destroy language or create another one, unless he [or she] has experienced the fascination of nonmeaning and the no less terrifying fascination of meaning that is inexpressible.”

Octavio Paz, from “Recapitulations,” Alternating Current, trans. Helen Lane (Arcade Publishing, 1967)