OTRA Pittsburgh: Louiscentric recap

• Louis had his hair down and had on the “not heartbroken” shirt under his red Adidas jacket (he took the jacket off a little bit later in the show) and then changed into a black muscle tee a little bit later after he took the jacket off
• Louis had his Lolla wristbands still on
• Louis was wearing his custom Brand New Vans again
• Louis’ mic is loud
• Liam called Louis sunshine
• A sign that said “now kiss me you fool” was on the big screen
• Louis asked Niall to tell a joke
• Louis went backstage x3
• Louis thanked us for being the best fans in the world
• Liam sprayed Louis with silly string all over
• Louis went to Niall for comfort because of Liam spraying silly string all over him 😂
• Louis and Liam were messing with the instruments

Younow Recap 8/2/15:
  • (x)
  • Watching BB16 Episode 16
  • “’Frankie’s way better than you, he’s bae. Go Frankie!’ I agree. I agree.”
  • “’Zankie forever.’ I agree.”
  • “Who’s my boyfriend?…on BB17? Not Steve, I’ll tell you that.” (x)
  • Kissed the crab from BB16 and said “I would marry this thing!” (x)
  • Singing Just A Friend by Biz Markie
  • “Oh everyone hates me? Okay Frankie. I see how it is. I see how it is, Rose.”
  • Zach laughing at how Frankie basically had him wrapped around his finger
  • Got really quiet and upset at the scene where Derrick finds out his grandfather passed away
  • Paused the video at the zankie HOH room backrub scene
  • “No, cause him and I are about to freaking do the deed, yo.” (Oh, is that what happened afterwards, Zach?) (x)
  • “I’m just like a frickin’ roller coaster for you guys. You just wanna ride me all frickin’ night. *wink*”
  • (Z on phone: Too bad I’m not gay, right?) “Oh my god, you guys! *dies of laughter*”
  • (Z on phone: he’d be my man for sure.) “For sure. Like, for sure.”
  • (F on phone: He tells me that he’s straight, but actions do speak louder than words, and he is petting me to sleep every night.) “laughs* Stahhhhhhhp! (F on phone: And I like it) “Stahhp!”
  • (F on phone: Zach, are you gonna make a move? Come on. Just do it.) *Zach just giggling*
  • “’See you at the final two.’ Yea okay, thanks for backdooring me! ‘See you at the final two.’ Yea, okay. I’ll believe it when I see it.”
  • About the Frankie/Amber conversation: “Frankie doesn’t even know what to do. I’ve never seen Frankie awkward like that. He doesn’t even know what to say.”
  • Cracking up at Frankie’s Marilyn impression in the DR
  • “’Would you top or bottom?’ Both.” (x)
  • About the veto comp: “Yea, Frankie’s mussy was torn after this.” (chat: from the night before or the comp?) *cracks up* “Good one, that was a good one.” (x)(x)
  • (Z on phone: LET’S GO FRANKIE!!!!) “Oh my god, I was yelling so loud.”
  • (F on phone: Uhh…I didn’t think that was actually going to happen.) “Frankieeee you’re such a liar. *giggling*”
  • Laughing at his veto speech to Amber
  • Jason has DM’d him back
  • Singing Where R U Now & Obsessed
  • “‘At a million likes, we get Zankieween.’ Nah, that’s like a billion.”
  • Peyton gives Zach a BB recap
  • Singing Slow Motion
  • “Yea, it’s none of your business what team I play for. Don’t worry about who I [sleep with].” (x)
  • Does the Marilyn face, then says he sent Frankie a snap the other day doing it because Frankie did it in a snap and he watched it like 20 times and Zach thinks he looks like an idiot when he does it. (x)
  • Talks about doing covers on his YT. Someone suggested Ariana songs. “I don’t wanna disrespect Ariana like that.” (because he’s so terrible lol)
  • Jamming to Spice Girls and Usher
  • Pretended to do an MTV cribs segment
  • Gave dating advice to a 15 year old
OTRA Pittsburgh
  • Liam wore a hot dog costume. *Insert weiner joke here*
  • He then wore a caterpillar costume.  Liam, my dear, you’re already a beautiful butterfly.
  • Harry wore a flower crown because he loves to constantly remind us that he is a precious angel who can literally pull off any look.
  • Niall didn’t have any jokes but we love him anyways. A lot.
  • Louis was covered in silly string thanks to Liam and 1DHQ instagramed it.  I dunno what’s more shocking, Louis being the victim, or HQ posting things during a show.
  • From the videos we’ve seen it seems safe to say that the boys killed it on stage once again.  They had fun and sounded amazing.  This tour is pretty great, I think we can all agree on that.
Poetry Riot Prompt (Week Fifty-Two)- gut check

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Here is a Monday morning photo dump off my iphone from the weekend. We are 3 days down and 3 more days to go until Matt comes home from his trade show. This morning when Noah woke up, the first thing he asked was if daddy was home. We are all missing Matt like crazy around here.

So here is a weekend recap in bullets, because that is what us lazy people do:

  • Noah almost had a meltdown at Babies “R” Us, when he realized his sister was occupying his normal front seat in the shopping cart. Letting him push the cart was the only way to appease him. 
  • Knowing how to get the whip cream out of his vanilla bean came so natural for my guy. 
  • We spent a lot of time at home this weekend because this heat and two kids can get ugly really quick when you out and about.  Madison is pretty content just watching her crazy brother play. 
  • So I bought my first thing off of the Home Shopping Network. Matt, that is what you get for leaving your wife for 6 days. ;) It is a dangerous thing to pick HSN and QVC to watch as I get ready for bed. 
  • After church the family went to Chuck E. Cheese’s. Noah now keeps asking to go back to Chuckie’s house.
  • Whenever Noah was preoccupied with playing, I would run into the kitchen to make myself a s’more. I won’t even tell you how many I ate over the weekend.
  • This last pic is my current status. Coffee to start a week that will hopefully go by quick, well at least quickly to Wednesday night! I pulled into an empty parking lot this morning, for a minute I thought maybe I got my days mixed up. Wishful thinking on this Monday morning. 

VACUUMING, chunk by chunk

Freddie is a precious lil baby who we all adore already. This goes without saying. While I hate the idea that she doesn’t know she’s being recorded and this is going on without her consent, I love seeing glimpses of her true personality, and we can only really see who and how she is if she isn’t aware she’s being recorded. This moment was especially private, because no one was around and she truly thought no one could see her. On one hand, that makes this moment all the more precious, because we’re seeing who she is in the truest sense, but on another, it’s more disheartening and makes me slightly frustrated at Benedick picking this clip to broadcast out of any possible others. Obviously, while it probably isn’t the best for plot, I’m glad the Candle Wasters ultimately gave us this clip because I need as much Freddie as possible, but thus far, LoLiLo has made me like Benedick a lil less. :(

Balthazar and Peter warm my heart. First of all, I adore their letterman jackets so much and I want one more than anything. Moving along, seeing Pedro be the one flustered by Balthazar makes me happy because it’s nice to see their dynamics switch a little bit. Throughout NMTD, Balthazar was the one with the very obvious crush. We’re starting to see development in character and relationship dynamic. While I do believe Balthy still has some romantic feelings for Pedro - how could you just get over an unresolved, longtime crush like that? - I also understand Balthy has more reasons now than ever to set boundaries. It does hurt my soul to see Peter so disheartened, and I’m not too used to Balthy being sassy, I understand that Balthy is currently forming a relationship and has just spent a significant amount of time watching a guy he’s been enamored with for ages hook up with several other people. Granted, Peter has 100% right to have sex with whoever he wants and how many people he wants, but I know if I were in Balthazar’s situation, I would be very sad watching a guy I like having sex with anyone because the whole time I’d be thinking “That should be me.” I would be hurt, and I think most other people would be, too. I completely understand why Balthy wants Fred and Ben around while they go “out on the town,” and I’m glad he’s asking for it, too.

Benedick’s actual vacuuming was quite adorable and just so Benedick and while he can be lowkey problematic, he’s still my problematic cinnamon roll always

Last night was amazing.

I got worried that all my plans would fall through and that my night would go to shit. My plans did fall through but I found other things!

I was supposed to go to a zombie pub crawl with some neighbors but they all ended up having to work, but one of my neighbor’s girlfriend that I met last week wanted to still do things so we went to my friend Stephen’s bar that he works at. Had a drink and some nachos, and the girls I went with were Lily and Lindsay. They were so nice and easy to talk to. I hope we get to see each other again. Lily especially was helpful when I told her about my recent boy issues.

After Urban Steam we went back to Lindsay’s and hung out a little bit, we debated going to the zombie pub crawl but in the end decided not to so I started heading home. At this point it was like 10pm and I was refusing to end my night. It was my first Saturday off since April! So I start going through my phone and Facebook desperately trying to find someone to hang out with that would be fun. Finally I remember my really good friend Andy (that if you’ve been following my blog for more than three years you might remember me mentioning him, he’s a high school friend that is such a sweet and fun guy, but is shit at planning so we never hang out) is moving to Denver soon so I crossed my fingers that he would answer my text and would be in town.

I had perfect timing! Apparently he just happened to have his phone out and it was on do not disturb but he got my message, was at this local music bar place called Rawkus and it plays like a lot of EDM/dubstep/house music. He told me a great DJ named Tevyn was going to be on soon and that I should come. So I rushed over. Met up with Andy and he couldn’t have timed things more perfectly, this trend of perfect timing was the resonating thing of the night. The music was good, seeing him was so great. He’s one of those people that no matter how long it’s been since you’ve seen each other you still have a good time and he’s so sweet and loving like it’s always a positive energy around him. He takes care of me.

So we listened to all the DJs, danced, drank, all awesome. Ran into this creeper named Sunny that I was like “hey that’s my dog’s name!” And then realized I’d met him before with my dogs lol. The girls we were with were so nice, and cause I saw creepy Sunny talking to one of them I pulled her aside and made sure she was okay, but I did good cause he was creeping on her(#girlcode).

After that we went back to Andy’s place, did some things I can’t mention on here (nothing sexual!), but we certainly had fun. We spent the rest of the night talking, drinking some beers, looking out the balcony, made tie dye handkerchiefs, stayed up and watched the sunrise. Then Andy’s friend we were with left and we put on I Love You, Man and fell asleep friend cuddling on the couch. He always strokes my hair until I fall asleep and I hold his other hand it’s just the sweetest. We always end our nights like that. It was just a perfect night.

Tl;dr: I had an AMAZING night last night.

i am totally going to fucking cry writing this. if i could put a picture to bittersweet, it would be hugging ask-british-eren poogbooket goodbye a few hours ago. i had so, so much fun this weekend, more than i can say I’ve had in a long while. hanging out with the maid squad basically all of the con was wonderful, and I’m going to miss our secret hiding spots, the starbucks runs and paintedghoul imitating jakob when he said “zoeh” or “pockeh”. Meeting kuush0 was so great, and i hope you felt included in everything jordan because you’re such a sweetheart and I’d love to be friends with you. Thank you so so much monocuro and nulyu for spending so much time with me, it really means the world to me . Hanging out with our whole group is way better than anything i could ever want for my birthday. (yes, my birthday isn’t for another two weeks, but I’ll round up for the sake of sentimentality. Also if you don’t think I’m crying yet, you’re tragically mistaken) thank you so so much everyone for making this weekend so wonderful and great, and it hasn’t even been a day but i already miss every single one of you. You’re all so kind and loving and accepting and i can’t express how much i love having all of you in my life. I wish i wasn’t so damn far away from all of you guys, and I’d move to texas in a heartbeat to see you all again. waiting for the next con where i can see you guys again is going to suck so much, but I’m going to keep up contact with you guys as much as i can. unfortunately, you can’t get rid of me that easily. i still need to hear the dragon ball z story afterall, hehe. I love you guys so much, and being able to get close with you all over these few days is really, really precious to me. Travel safe, and always remember i love you and I’m here for you guys. Okay, end of the sappy post about san japan and amazing people. Blame my period.


Weekend Recap:

Friday after work, Chris & I said good-bye to our sweet babe and headed up to Iowa for a quick weekend at Lake Okoboji. [of course I had to dress her in her “Boji Baby” outfit before we left] Okoboji is my childhood vacation spot [for 20 years] and I was so excited to show Chris around. My best friend and her husband rented a place for the week, and offered us a room for the 48 hours we were there. SO nice of them! We made it there around 9:00 PM, and went straight to the strip. After some people watching and a few whiskeys, we were face first in our pillows - ready to sleep in for the first time in months.

Saturday morning, of course, we were up bright and early [damn you, internal 6 AM alarm clocks] with tiny headaches from Friday night. We pushed through, got our swimsuits on and headed out for a day on the lake. We spent all morning and most of the afternoon on the water, stopping once for lunch and a couple times to jump in the lake and cool off. Saturday evening was spent by the pool, and grabbing supper with our friends. The four of us were SO tired by 9:00 PM that we ended up watching half of Hunger Games on TV before calling it a night. #coolestparentsever

Sunday morning we got up bright and early….yet again….and helped my friends clean up the house they rented. Once we were packed up, I took Chris around town to show him some of my favorite spots. We shopped a little, and made our way home. 

Sunday evening we made it to my parent’s house to pick up Tiny Dancer, who was a little cranky. We got home, and I took a peek in her mouth to find a TOOTH coming up! She’s a late bloomer in this area - she’s almost 9 months and this will be her FIRST tooth coming through. Exciting times over here!

Now, I’m just trying to make it through 5 days of work before heading on a week long vacation to Lake of the Ozarks with my whole family. YAY SUMMER.

Hope you all had a great weekend!






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#RWA15 Recap


NPR: Happy Ever After: 100 Swoon-Worthy Romances


Anya Richards July 28  : You can find her books here!

Web Series (Not) Wednesdays: Lovely Little Losers Episodes 5, 6, 7

Welcome back to our first official Poptics feature, Web Series Wednesday, where we examine storytelling in new media—in this case, Lovely Little Losers—with a critical eye. The series is a production of The Candle Wasters and will be releasing every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday on YouTube. Melissa and Alexis will be discussing it here every weekend (yes, we’re tricking you with the feature title, sorry/notsorry).


Melissa: Well these episodes were certainly the plot-filled episodes I wanted, even if the information revealed wasn’t.

Alexis: Yes, if you wanted something less meandering than Balth in a Bath! you sure got it.

Melissa: I really like how they’re using Freddie to help develop the story further. She’s brand-new to this situation, just like the audience, and having her lead us into the drama amongst the boys is a great tactic. I like being able to identify with Freddie. In my notes I wrote “Freddie is brilliant and speaks the truth and everyone should listen to her.”


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