my thoughts on Arrow 5x03

Another great episode, right guys? I mean, its not as flashy as the first nor as casually shippy as the second, but it was solid. And it took a few really interesting stories to the next level. And it showed us Oliver’s willingness to grow and change and trust. That’s pretty frickin’ huge, considering the fallout of season 4. So, without further ado, let’s dive into my random stray thoughts on “A Matter of Trust”. 

  • I felt like a proud mama watching Cody Rhodes. And I’m not even a wrestling fan.
  • The inside jokes were top level last night. I chortled. Actual chortling happened. 
  • I super love Ragman. He’s causing my bb pain, but as a person, I am enjoying him a lot. 
  • That said, if one of the newbies is gonna die this season, my bet is on it being him and I DONT WIKE IT cuz he’s pretty awesome. 
  • Susan Williams is the wooooooorst. 
  • Legit, the first time we saw her, I was all “NOPE! DONT LIKE IT. DONT LIKE HER.” Make it stop! *sucks thumb*
  • Felicity saying “I already don’t like her” was legit the best because SO MUCH SAME, FELICITY. 
  • That said, Thea at the end of the episode was super lit and so much like Moira and just… where was that when she fell for the whole nonsense earlier? Anyhow, hey there, Baby Moira. Nice to finally see you! 
  • Felicity is doing some next level avoidance of the whole Havenrock thing. It was nice to see her take a page from Oliver’s book after the press conference. 
  • Just give Ragman some time. I’m sure..*gulp* he’ll come around. 
  • DIG!!! My heart weeps for Dig! I was never more heartbroken by David Ramsey than I was last night. His despair was palpable. 
  • The reminder about John Jr. wasn’t so great though. Dammit, Barry. 
  • IMAGINING DEADSHOT. I did not see that coming. Well played, Arrow.
  • Felicity telling Curtis that she and Oliver didn’t have a relationship like that anymore was the biggest load of hooey I’ve ever heard Felicity peddle. And she has tried to peddle some whoppers. 
  • That said, it was some AMAZING insight to her point of view right now. It’s pretty much what I thought, she’s in denial about a great many things. She’s afraid about opening up to Oliver, about this, about anything. 
  • Which just makes me think she’s gonna HAVE to, eventually. Fingers are so crossed. 
  • MOMMY AND DADDY. It’s canon. They are mom and dad. You have no idea how much that delighted me. Still delights me. Will ALWAYS delight me. 
  • Speaking of which: so damn married. Really, it’s just a formality at this point. 
  • HOWWWW did Billy Bob McRebound know about the confrontation between Prometheus and Church. HOW DOES HE KNOW THAT DUDE IS CALLED PROMETHEUS. I have a lot of questions. 
  • Oliver getting tips from Billy Bob McRebound is kinda hilarious and painful especially since he doesn’t know this is Felicity’s new beau. 
  • Curtis was laying it on a lil too thick last night. Maybe that’s just me, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
  • According to the promo, Felicity has the same reaction as I do to Oliver’s plan to break Dig out of jail. Is he just gonna be a fugitive the rest of his life? That’s not… a great plan, Jan. 

And that’s what was going on in my brain. See you next week when an episode entitled “Penance” is sure to break our hearts at least a little bit (okay, a lot). 

13x05 - “Both Sides Now”

Everything we know about tonight’s episode.

Meredith and Bailey are at odds when both of their patients need a liver transplant, Owen seeks help from the other doctors when he is charged with babysitting baby Harriet for the day, and Amelia struggles with telling Owen some important news, on “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC .
Written by Mark Driscoll and directed by Chandra Wilson.

I was gonna have him sit down to a nice quiet breakfast.

Why am I speaking in weird past tense.


Remember when I JUST got through talking about the meteor shield over this happy little planet?  It does exist.  It’s canon, to an extent, or at least implied canon, as Dystopian future does not have this and…

Meteors are a daily occurrence there.  Fun stuff.


That is all apparently some kinda bullshit.  Not bullshit on paper.  Bullshit in game.


Here is your recap post for tonight.

Blindspot 2x06 recap

(Aka the one with Bulgaria)

In which everyone pairs off for their scenes, but not all pairs are created equal. I will dub them Team ‘Badasses With Big Hearts’, Team ‘Most Intense Trust Fall Ever’, Team ‘Adorableness Feat. Awkwardness’, and Team ‘Should Absolutely Piss Right Off Right Now And Never Be Alone In A Room Together Again Ever’.

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The Loud House-Study Muffin Recap

Lincoln gets a tutor and all of his sisters want him. Yes all of them. Okay expect for Lilly. Spoilers below. 

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The odds were in my favor

Ranked Mode
Role: Godfather
The odds didn’t look so good for us when my Disguiser died night one by SK, the Mafioso soon after.
Lucky for us, however, the jailor was a bit trigger happy, killing an Amne then an afk Vet who wouldn’t speak up.
Town eventually hung the SK with help of the mayor and I continued on my marry way murdering without a care in the world.
Eventually it came down to three of us- The Mayor, the Jailor, and I. I claimed Jailor just before the real Jailor could. Mayor demanded the real Jailor jailed the faker, little did he know the Jailor ran out of executions after taking out a Town’s member. In jail I tell the real one that it was a tough match and I was just gonna go afk so they could hang me.
The next day, Mayor demands to know who the real Jailor is. I claim that I am once again, just before the real one does, and so the mayor favors my claim and votes the real jailor up to the stand. I immediately vote guilty and the real jailor post their will as the clock runs down. The mayor goes quiet and abstains. Down the jail or goes. The mayor greets me with a simple “Hmmmm” just before I kill him and win the round.
Despite losing my team members day 1 and day 2, the quick to kill yet slow to defend jailor ruined the game for town. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to trick the Mayor into killing the obviously real Jailor.

Yuri!!! on Ice - Episode 3 ⛸

😭- 🎵 🎤 this may be my favorite intro song of any anime ever

- Yuri calls Yurio “the Russian Punk.” ha! ha! ha! 😂😂😂 more like the Russian angry kitteh 😾😾😾

- i stand by my earlier assessment. Yurio’s roundhouse kicks are so graceful. they’re a thing of beauty even as he’s kicking Yuri’s booty. 

-  i found a site with cut-and-paste emojis. can you tell? 😜🙃😜

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Behold The Red Dragon con part 4

I actually wasn’t personally there for the next Q&A panel because I was queuing for Eddie’s autographs…but I’ll summarize what people tweeted about it! These are from Sunday:

Hettienne & Katharine: Team Will or Team Hannibal? Katharine is team Hannibal, Hettienne is team Hannigram (that got such a loud cheer that I could hear it to the other room too ahah). Also, “I want to see WIll and Hannibal hook up and get it on!”, was Hettienne’s wish for season 4 :DDD

Katharine was glad the gay women didn’t get murdered in Hannibal, instead they got one of the best ends!

Hettienne would love to do a flashback where Beverly can see and talk to Will again.

Katharine enjoys seeing people cosplay as Margot! :)

Katharine had to kill her fish because it was sick, and she forgot it in the freezer…where it’s still even today! She drank a bottle of vodka and sat on the floor and cried.

When Hettienne saw the body cast, she was like “This doesn’t look like me!” and they fixed it. “My organs looked pretty good. Except my liver”

Marlana first date? They drank scotch at the basement and hooked up on their second date.

Any current shows you’d like to work in? Hettienne: Black Mirror (also Bryan’s Star Trek), Katharine: House of Cards

Hettienne bought a cucumber for an audition once because it was referenced in the script, and started eating it. Awkward…

What would you like from your characters? Kathrine: Margot’s billions, Hettienne: Beverly’s shooting skills

What will Margot tell about her son, Morgan, about his background? He’s going to have some issues…also, his last name would be Bloomverg? Something hyphenated, so he can’t google it?

More about the potato cooking: Katharine: “Potatoes? Was that the whole menu?”, Hettienne: “Hugh didn’t called them potatoes, he called them…spuds. Hugh & Mads could have cooked a shoe and I would have loved it!”

Things get interesting on the stage as Vladimir does a “Hannibal rap” with a fan

Vladimir: Now this panel was mostly about dancing it seems! When asked who would win in a dance off, him or Mads, Mads would win because “he has that body”. Then a fan, Carla, got on the stage with Vlad and they had an amazing dance off!

Vlad told us some more about his planned Preller fanfic: it would be sexy, hilarious, funny and awkward. But very hot.

Then he made a Winston impression…and a Mads impression (which I understood nothing of, it was like *mumble mumble* Will *mumble mumble*)

GJH would have retired to Florida and joined a semi pro lawn bowling league if he had survived. Hobbs met his wife on Tindr LMAO

A fan asked about what would be the ideal amount of Hannibal seasons, and mentioned Supernatural that jumped the shark but still seems to be continuing forever :’D anyway, Vlad said it’s up to taste, and then asked the audience if they were satisfied with 3 seasons or if they want more. Naturally, most people were not satisfied with only 3 seasons! Vlad said that to him, 3 was good, but he knows Bryan’s vision has at least 5 seasons.

Then things got interesting again…Vlad was like “what if GJH was German?” and asked for German Fannibals to get on the stage and tell him how to say “do you see?” in German (siehst du?). And then in Japanese (miemasuka?). Apparently, that sounded like a mix of Japanese and Finnish (??) to him, so naturally, Finnish was next and then I got on the stage with a fellow Finn! Vlad saying “näetkö, Will?” is one of the funniest memories I have of the weekend :D I would’ve never expected to get on the stage at a con oh god! And lastly, some Italian fans got on the stage too!

And then….a fan got on the stage to do a Hannibal rap with Vlad, who chose “Big Daddy Vlad” as his rapper name. 

Someone also taught Vlad the term “foodporn”. Truly educational, this panel.

Vlad also praised Bryan and said we’re lucky to have him as a showrunner ;_;

At one point, Vladimir got to play with a toy lamb and I have no idea what the hell was going on XD

Fannibal musical idea, Hannibal Mamma Mia! Vlad: “HANNAMIA??”

Can you throw an egg and catch it with a knife? “I can cut myself while cutting a carrot”

What made GJH into a killer? “He was hit in the front of his head? These things happen!”

Cosplay? “If I were to do a cosplay, I’d do something sexy, like catwoman.”

Vladimir loves the Exorcist and would like to be in a remake.

What would you tell to GJH? “I’d tell him to…relax? Like calm down a bit?”

This was Vlad’s first con by the way. He got a huge applause because he’s awesome! <3 He was also very impressed with the love & devotion Fannibals have for the show! The only thing that compares is the Rocky Horror fandom :D Vlad also sang “you’re beautiful” to a fan, what a sweetie!!

My best win yet! I was Aries the Executioner. On Day 2 someone claimed that they were Doused. I decided to pull a very risky move and claim Investigator. I said that my target was either Bodyguard, Godfather or Arsonist. THEY INSTANTLY PUT MY TARGET ON TRIAL. Everyone in the game voted guilty and she was lynched. I tell everyone “Thanks” as they find out I was the Executioner. I said I was willing to work with anyone and I decided to work with the Arsonist. The Serial Killer was PISSED when I found them and ratted them out. Arso won with our little alliance.

And that’s why Executioner is my favorite role. You can manipulate the HELL out of people if you play your cards right.

Dan’s Livestream // 7.26.16


He had his sunglasses on 

“It’s ya boi DJ Howell”

“I just did it to upset you because you deserve it”

He put on the jacket from his video

He’s still sick

He has a busy week

His sunglasses say #TATINOF gotta get in that spon (they gave them to the crew)

“I feel like Phil’s initials should be ACE”

He has nothing against painting his nails and he would do it right now

He doesn’t check his indirects and doesn’t think anyone should


Sherlock season 4 discussion

“Pain and sadness and edgy blue color correcting” about Sherlock

He went to the doctor because his medicine hasn’t worked very well

They’re going to Australia next week

“I don’t want to snake shame anyone”

Everyone is spamming the chat with dab so he lowkey dabbed disgusting

He hasn’t gotten his haircut yet because he’s waiting for right before they go to Australia 

Phil told him to make the intro him hitting himself in the face

“When you’re Dan and Phil bloopers are content”

Justice League discussion

Eh by Deathgrips is hit favorite song atm

They’re watching Avatar and they really like it 

“DJ Howell it was funny… let’s let it die now.”

“Any attempt to analyze it is just hurting yourself” about his video

He forgot who made tour of my brain #phake

Toilet tag was a flop rip (not as bad as dogalikes though)


That Sweet Goup video that Nerdy Nummies 

“I can’t believe they cut my diss track from Hamilton”

He “doesn’t know” is Phil will do a roast yourself challenge

“Phil on the bed though. I apologize for nothing.”

They bought a kangaroo onesie and cork hats for an AUS TATINOF video that he didn’t use

He’s ditching TATINOF for a DJ Howell tour #confirmed 

Princess Productions is producing their documentary 

“Reflecting those moon beams back from my giant face”

He hasn’t listened to Hamilton yet because he wants to see it first

“I invented rap”

His favorite childrens’ book is either the Winnie the Pooh or the illustrated Chronicles of Narnia

He literally just punched his computer Dan what the fuck 

New gaming video will be either Undertale or Pokemon

DJ Howell will probably be gone by tomorrow

Phil can’t wink in case you were wondering 

The Phil bit took about 10 minutes to film because he can’t wink flop

He showed us a video of him recording the rap he was in the weed sweater

Life as a baby discussion (don’t ask idk what he’s on about anymore)

He doesn’t have a favorite cereal

He can’t wait for the new iphone to come out because “this brick is ruining me”

They played a card game at the barbecue they went to that was way too aggressive for his liking

“Don’t get Phil started on the dog breeds”

They did a photoshoot with Stand Up 2 Cancer today which involved painting and jumping

The Outfit is on his doorknob

“Flabby dabby ding dong”

Phil was in all black today which was just “wrong”

Talked about his favorite roast videos

They had to get their makeup done for the photoshoot

His Australia collection will be “offensive hats” like Phil’s magnets

Shoutout to Shitty Watercolors

Whisper swear

Pastel edits irl is a maybe

He promises that if either of them ever get their wisdom teeth out he’ll film it

It’s already been an hour wtf

He almost got emotional because he didn’t know if there would be a liveshow next week (there will be don’t worry)

“Sit on tumblr all day. You deserve it , You’ve made it through another year.”

“You beautiful nuggets.”

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Dan's Liveshow 9/20/16

- He’s wearing his tshirt from the Australian wildlife reserve and his hair is straightened

- Roasting people live is too much pressure, don’t make it a thing

- “Time to wake up, BITCH”

- Danception is back

- His bed is stripped back and naked

- Dan doesn’t want to see any pumpkin emojis until at least October 1st

- New danisnotonfire video; I Nearly Blinded Myself

- He didn’t exaggerate anything that happened in the video

- “The muffin was worth it, it was vindication”

- The video of Phil hurting his hand got more views on Instagram than any other social media

- Dan hasn’t listened to the Twenty Øne Piløts cancer cover yet

- Louise (Sprinkleofglitter) was watching the liveshow

- The tshirt he’s wearing is one of his pajama tops

- “Imagine if I was named Danny D”

- Him and Phil will watch Food Wars season 2 after they finish Avatar

- “Real Satan. Oh my god, guys. Real Satan is here in the chat. I’m fangirling right now”

- The vegan restaurant was good. He brought Anthony Padilla there once

- Existentialism can be sad and inhibiting but also very freeing. It depends on his mood

- Louise texted him

- Dan repeatedly followed and unfollowed pewdiepie to annoy him and accidentally left it on unfollow

- Spooky Week is probably happening

- The DAPGO video on Phil’s channel is shameless promotion

- “Phil is often dapper”

- Pewdiepie tweeted Dan #YouTubeDramaBoughtToStart

- Everyone is sending him their birthdays

- AHS talk (no spoilers)

- He is confused by AHS season 6

- Phil bought some 3 wick candles from Bath and Body Works and they smelled way to strong for their small flat

- He wants to go on tour again at some point in his life 

- Dan made sweater weather happen, he is the Lord of Autumn

- Phil bought them pumpkin spice lattes to celebrate autumn

- Ear tints are a thing

- Phil deleted his header and twitter bio like a madman

- “Were you ready? I wasn’t ready. We are all, as the kids would say, SHOOK”

- They are going back to America this year

- “Please abduct me and save me from this hell”

- Dan’s live show is a mostly kinkshame free zone

- “WOOO”

- Tabinof is their magnum opus 

- Dapgo is a massive shitpost

- Dan takes no responsibility for Phil’s houseplants 

- “Good to see you’re having fun with the shrimp, Phil”

- Dan got himself a spontaneous red velvet cupcake 

- “Agh, it was so moist. It just had this delicious moist sponge and just the icing, there was so much of it. Shit. It was just like, it was just do good”

- His Pokemon Trainer cosplay is a waste now that neither Dan nor anyone else gives a shit about Pokemon Go

- Kanye’s Instagram talk

- “Dipping buttered toast in soup is one of the best things in life tbh”

- Dan dabbed

- “Why do you have to meet somebody in real life to enjoy communicating with them? I don’t think that there’s a difference. I think it’s good to have real life friends to tether you to your physical reality but there is nothing lesser of internet friends”

- He thinks male gender roles are much more masculine in Austrailia than in the UK

- Dan and Phil are considering uploading the rest of Undertale in a big block AKA Undertale Week

- The October Phandom Shitstorm is about to start

- There will be a “tease” on the danisnotonfire channel tomorrow

- There will be trailers for the tatinof documentary on Phil’s channel and trailers for the tatinof show on Dan’s channel

- He whistled the Totoro theme

- He thinks a Halloween birthday would kinda suck

- Guess the crime?!?!?

- PiaNO (dat pun tho)

- He won’t give you bios because your bio should represent you, not him

- Closing message about self expression and the real importance of social media

- He likes having physical copies of books

- “50 years!?!? You want me, in this liveshow, to name a pet that may have that name for half or more of your total lifespan!?!? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!? NO! NOOO!!!”

- Shameless dapgo and tatinof promo #spon

- “Have a red velvet cupcake and for fucks save dip some toast in your soup. BYE”

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