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Steven Universe Recap: Beach City Drift
-Vrai Kaiser

The Recap: Steven and Connie fuse to take on their old nemesis, Kevin, and beat him in a race.

In the grand scheme of things, this is only the second episode where we’ve met Stevonnie. They showed up for a few seconds in “We Need to Talk,” and I wouldn’t be surprised if Steven and Connie have fused when they’re “off-camera,” as it were. From that point of view, of course the subject of this episode would be more or less a direct sequel to “Alone Together.” It’s also been about eighteen months since that episode aired (and about fifty episodes), which means there’s something of an air of “wait, we’re still talking about this?”

At the rate the show’s been escalating, I half expected that the next time we saw Stevonnie would be in combat. And while this feels like something of a cul-de-sac, narratively speaking, I can appreciate the story they’re trying to tell here. Most shows that try to tackle the theme on offer here – that you’ll be happier if you rise above and ignore the bully – wind up in the situation of failing to acknowledge that some battles need to be fought, and some people are worth taking a stand against.

SU has the benefit of nuance on its side. The acknowledgement that fighting has been necessary (see: Malachite) without giving up a commitment to peaceful resolutions and open communication, plus what I think might be a budding run of episodes in which Steven’s attempts to fix things don’t apply to all situations, means the crewniverse is ideally situated to tell a story like this as an individual case study rather than a blanket statement. And this is an all-ages show, at the end of the day. I don’t fault them for wanting to tackle this subject, particularly with some of the underlying themes.

As with “The New Lars,” there’s a heartbreaking layer of real-life at play in the first part of the episode. Connie’s reaction to Kevin’s gross behavior is in line with her contemplative outlook, but there’s also an element of socialization already that she, as a young woman, is just expecting guys to be casually awful and disrespectful of her boundaries. She’s probably seen it day in and day out. She wants to say something to make Kevin think, but she doesn’t know how to bridge that gap of basic day to day experience. Of course not. Even a lot of adults don’t know how.

Steven’s reactions are largely just him being Steven – he’s seen an injustice in the world and wants to correct it. But he’s also a young man, and almost certainly never been in that situation before. Stevonnie might be nonbinary, but they get read as female, and treated as such. The pair have a fundamental split in viewing it as a single opponent to be bested versus a system of behavior.

There’s no way one fusion, one anybody, can defeat a whole system all by themselves in one race. Florido and Zuke know that, so instead the turning point centers in on how this awful experience has affected Steven and Connie’s actions. The tone of Connie’s voice (we haven’t seen Grace Rolek in a while, and she really sells the heavy content here) makes it clear what this means – they’ve done something very personal and trusting not for themselves but because of some jerk. Fusing became a means to an end instead of the experience Garnet advised them it should be. They’re far happier finishing the race for the joy of it, as an experience, than worrying about Kevin.

And within the parameters the show sets up, that solution works. Kevin isn’t the representative of a global threat. He’s one person who’s not really a threat beyond generally being unpleasant, and Stevonnie can cut him out of their life and be far happier. Part of what sells it is Kevin’s faux sob story, delivered in a manner Stevonnie is prepared to buy before he yanks it back; one of the show’s greatest strengths has always been that it holds the belief that anyone can change for the better, tempered by the knowledge that a sad backstory is meaningless without a commitment to that change.

Stevonnie’s choice to walk away is a great lesson about picking your battles. They had a great time, and there’s no doubt that both of them will continue fighting injustice in the world. But why invest time and emotional happiness in a person who’s utilizing nasty behavior for attention, and wouldn’t be interested in changing even if they knew or cared how their behavior harms other people? It’s a pleasantly nuanced take on a subject that frequently winds up at extremes, and one that the current generation will have to learn – social media isn’t going away, after all.

I’ve found myself talking more on theme than technical elements this time for the simple reason that I’m fairly ignorant of the series getting a pastiche this time around. The contrast of the vivid, drifting lights against the dark of the road is certainly lovely, and the comparative shot of Stevonnie appreciating the (bright, starlit) view while Kevin can only see the (dull, unfocused) goal is a really great visual contrast. Heck, Ronaldo even gets some great one-liners, leading me to suspect the writer’s have finally got a handle on how to use him as a background character if not a full episode subject.

But I confess, all I can see when I look at that car is, “I hope that when it eventually crashes in some heroic feat of derring-do, we get a really good Cagliostro homage out of it.”

And that’s week one of the Summer of Steven complete! Next week we start with a few more Beach City Resident check-ins, while the back half looks to be some pretty heavy Gem content. Have a great weekend, readers. I’ll be here trying to come up with a portmanteau for Jasper that might possibly match the aural pleasantness of Peridemption.

Oh! And if you haven’t seen the sum-ups or the video from the SU Comic-Con panel/sing-along, it’s well worth looking into. Rebecca Sugar talking about why the show’s representation is important to her and publically coming out as bisexual was an especially moving moment.

Vrai is a queer author and pop culture blogger; funnily enough, they also haven’t seen a bed in six days. You can read more essays and find out about their fiction at Fashionable Tinfoil Accessories, support their work via Patreon or PayPal, or remind them of the existence of Tweets.


Pre-season: Montreal day 3 & day 4 recap | July 20-21, 2016
previous | summer tour schedule

Wednesday - (Double training session)
- Morning session: Navas and Casilla carried out specific work {+} {+} {+}
- Afternoon session: Focused on ball work

Wednesday - (misc.)
 Morata, Vázquez & Díaz pass their medicals {+} {+} | join the squad in Montreal (+)
- Fans show passion for Real Madrid squad en route to training {+} {+} {+}
- Marcelo shows off new tattoo {+}
- A look at Real Madrid’s training facilities in Montreal {+}
Real Madrid officials meet with Zidane for transfer talks

Thursday - (Double training session)
- Morning session: Morata, Vázquez and Díaz trained with the group; Asensio and Achraf worked indoors; Navas continued his recovery {+} {+} {+}
- Afternoon session: Emphasized on physical work {+}

Thursday - (misc.)
Marcelo’s press conference (videos & quotes)
- How coach Luis Llopis works with RM’s goalkeepers {+}
- RM implement specialised player GPS {+} {+}
Pérez welcomes Vázquez, Morata and Díaz {+} {+}
Montreal Impact coach visits Real Madrid
Benzema sends Montreal into a frenzy {+}

Sonic’s 25th Anniversary Party
  • “Karaoke” City Escape
  • Sonic Mania
  • A tired guy sings for an hour or so (please buy Crush 40 shirts)
  • “This is Jun Senoue, flew in all the way from Japan. He had one piece of sushi to eat all day”
  • Super Sonic Hello Kitty
  • Super Sonic Hello Kitty™ 
  • Super Sonic Hello Kitty
  • Hello Kitty Rep: “As you can tell, I’m a middle-aged woman,” Twitch Chat: “MILF ALERT”
  • Gordon Ramsey (?) presents Lego Sonic
  • Sonic Boom and the fucking who cares
  • “There are currently no plans for Sonic Adventure 3″
  • Metal Big the Cat
  • “Mmmf, these stuffed nachos are SO FUCKING GOOOD”
  • !!!!!!!!!
Two Cent Riffs: Beach City Drift

SPOILERS #AyeStevonnie! #FastandFuriosa #NightOfFire

Julien: Glad Lady Maheswaran is back to visit again.
Roy: [sniff] oh yes
Julien: What’s the matter, man?

Roy: Let’s just say he’s gonna rev those engines.
Julien: (phrasing) But he better slab some good oil on and give a touch up first.
Roy: (phrasing) I mean, who knew you could take your car and go to town with it? Zoom Zoom.

Julien: Holy crap. Why am I feeling afraid all of a sudden?
Roy: Dude. All I’ll say is….ok, he honestly like f#cking scary. Seriously.

Roy: I’m glad Greg is giving Steven some ground to his anger.
Julien: I’m glad he’s not getting the belt out. That…that would kill my mood.

Roy: This is why Connie is one of my favorite characters in any cartoon. She’s the thoughtful type. Even when’s she’s pissed, she thinks it through. She still gets all of my respect.

Julien: I love how Connie just goes along with stealing his best friend’s dad’s car to beat a shifty ass motherfucker at his own game.
Roy: That’s why I love her. She’s also a sweet and smart wingman.

Julien: Wait. He survived going downhill on a fucking scooter?!
Roy: Wait. He can ride that scooter?

Julien: The fusion bitch slap will mean double for your face ass!
Roy: If this was Garnet, this would have got M for mature.

Roy: Wait. How can Stevonnie drive? No license, no sign of knowing how to drive a stick even. And waddup, Mordecai.
Julien: They practiced playing Cruisin’. Great game for driving school. Now, shut the fuck up, dude. Initial d time.

Roy: Hmmm…I don’t know, man. I’m lovin’ this episode, but the race is pretty underwhelming.
Julien: Really? What can top something like this?
Roy: Lupin the ThirdBullittThe last third of Death ProofBebop/
Julien: Shit. Then again, those are big boy shows.
Roy: Why can’t this be one?

Julien: Can I, Royal? Just this once?
Roy: Because I love you, okay. The shackles and censors are off, just this once. [Clink!]
Roy: You good?
Julien: Yeah. Reading this aloud calmed me down. F#ck him, man. whew

Roy: Oh no. They’re not syncing up. The hate is flowing through them.
Julien: *pant* This scene was *pant* *pant* honestly inten- *pant*
Roy: Woof. You okay, man?
Julien: Being pissed can take a lot out of you. *pant* *pant* jesus…

Julien: A breathe of relief. A lack of shoes. Being together in their car. That’s what I want.
Roy: Don’t worry, dude. You’ll get your license and cadillac soon enough.
Julien: Thanks. Also, why are they barefoot, anyway?

Julien: It was at this moment Steven knew… he fudged up their special bond.

Roy: And at this moment Connie knew… she was representing fusion, integrity, and their awesome bond.
Julien: Connie Maheswaran for President, 2032

(Meanwhile, on Night Flight)

Both: Ah, Douche ex machina.

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Roy: I am surprised. Not a scratch on that car. I mean, they went hard and no dents or anything.
Julien: [phrasing] And I told you dude. Cruisin’. Plus, I’m glad they had fun.

Julien: And so ends another episode of Speed Racer: the only one that counts. Best episode next to Mr. Greg, I say. But, what did we learn anyway?
Roy: With cunts like Kevin out here, don’t let them get under your skin. As for driving, no matter where you are, always keep your cool. And Conniverse is still the golden OTP.
Julien: Amen to that. Welp, sorry (not sorry) for that rage up there. You all have a good day and cheers to next week. The Summer of Steven is getting good already.

Peace and love, all my gem playas out there

Steven Universe SDCC Recap

 Here’s a recap of what happened in today’s SDCC panel. 

  • They showed a clip of tonight’s episode “Beach City Drift.”
  • There were a couple of the show’s songs that the crew sang at the beginning, such as the credits song, the main title song, etc.
  • A preview of the new iOS/Android game “Soundtrack Attack” was shown.
  • Rebecca has created a children’s book based on the Emmy nominated episode, “The Answer.”
  • Rebecca said that the credits is a theme message for everyone, and it isn’t directed towards anyone specifically. 
  • Rebecca said the song creating processes goes back and forth, but it starts when they’re throwing in ideas to create an episode. Everyone agreed Rebecca’s demos are the best!
  • Steven’s canon birthday is August 15th, same as Steven Sugar, Rebecca’s brother.
  • Rebecca said that she is fine with the 11-minute format of the show. 
  • There’ll be a half hour special airing soon in the coming weeks! (Presumably Bismuth)
  • Steven is home-schooled by the gems. He is smart but still has a lot to learn!
  • A question was asked if Steven grew up to sound like a musician, who would he sound like? Some said he would grow up to be like Greg and the music would involve rock. Bon Jovi was a name mentioned!
  • It was asked if we’d see more of homeworld, but since it was a spoiler question it wasn’t answered! 
  • Rebecca said she knew most of the basic plot of the show like the fusions before the show, but some things were made along the way, like Amethyst’s backstory and the kindergarten story. Getting to know the staff helped to create some of the story of the show.
  • Steven’s VA, Zach Callison knows a bit of Italian and has a good accent.
  • Rebecca said that she gets inspired by everything that happens in life.
  • The crew confirmed that there will be new gems introduced in the upcoming episodes!
  • Rebecca sang a song “Here Comes a Thought” which will be airing in an upcoming episode. 

And that was basically it. I will be uploading the full panel to YouTube in a bit, it’s like 2 hours long. 

Dan’s Livestream // 7.19.16

He’s wearing the weed sweater

Drinking water for like a solid minute honestly idek

YouNowception was slightly delayed because his computer 

Cheeky knee

It’s hot af

Haircut scheduled for Thursday

He’s had a terribly week

He’s taking 8 pills a day for his pneumonia poor 

Esophagus the size of a squirrel anus jokes don’t ask

*cough cough*

His hair is slightly curling at the tips 

YouNow crashed so I might’ve missed a bit soz @ younow get your shit together

Pokemon Go discussion

There will be another Pokemon Go video after his dinof video

His phone is dead so he just like threw it across the room

The Bird Poop Saga

“It shit horizontally”

He dabbed r u kiddin m8

Phil cleaned the initial poop

Someone approached him while playing Pokemon Go and he didn’t want to start a conversation so he said his game wasn’t working

When they filmed the video everyone they saw playing was like ages 6-9 and it was very cute and pure


“Be nice, smell nice, and don’t be crusty” 

He put on lip balm this is a weird liveshow

Him and Phil know each other’s passcodes

He keeps forgetting to paint his nails

They don’t actually exercise now because they’re doing the vigorous stage show

Pokemon cosplay discussion

Phil’s fedora was in his room he doesn’t appreciate it 

He named a cactus Susan 2 after about 30 seconds of contemplation 

Kimye vs Taylor 

“Phan. Wildcats. Hi from Russia.” while reading the confused portion of the chat

“That’s Taylor on the floor. Why is there a giant rubber snake on the floor what has Phil been up to today I don’t know.”

To be clear his general opinion is “who knows” because he doesn’t think there’s really enough context and what was said could be taken different ways

He went to the doctor to be “investigated” 

He got into a very intense discussion about his job with his doctor 

Pubic lice Pokemon discussion 

They have matching bomber jackets: Phil has the red and blue (which was in the video) and he got a black and white one

Talked about their Nerdy Nummies collab 

Rosanna is chill, happy, fun, and good at baking what other qualities could you need

Their height difference is insane

Talked about how good the donuts tasted

They started watching Code Gaess

Opinion shovel

“’Rosanna looks like yours and Phil’s child’ could be.”

Meme hipsters

He has the best pizza ever in Boston so he literally searched it on google

The hair is now a quiff 

“There’s nothing wrong with guys wearing leggings”

“’Hi Dan you look lovely today’ I’m gonna punch you”

He gave a Pokemon tip to make it think you’re walking 

Talked about their YouTubers React video (go sub to Carly)

“Bo Burnham is my dad”

He doesn’t think Phil needs a cosplay because he looks very Ash in his jacket


Apparently Ro was stood on a box during the video so could you imagine the actual height difference

He’s v excited for Pokemon Sun and Moon 

Picking sides discussion 

“I’m going to look like a rat”

“#NicerInternet can we bring that back”

New Undertale video soon 

“You’re worth it because you’re special”

“Hope you’re good. Remember to always test your own opinions”

“Have a great week you little ducklings”

Mentions of Phil: ||||| ||||| |||

What we learned from “The New Lars”

-Steven can basically possess people like he can with his melon children
-Lars is a piece of garbage and I love him so much
-Steven ships lars and sadie so hard man, and thinks he will be the uncle to their future child(ren)
-Lars suppresses his emotions, which is relatable man
-Lars sleeps naked
-Steven wanted to protect Lars’ privacy and just put on clothes as soon as he woke up, which is something not a lot of people would do if they swapped bodies with someone
-Lars lives in the attic of his parents house, at his request
-His real name is Laramie and he is a very bad student since he puts in little to no effort
-His dad’s name is Dante, his moms is Martha, and also his parents are so sheepish and cute like I feel lars just pushes them around
-Steven doesn’t understand the public school grading system
-His parents keep all of his childhood art in picture frames on their wall
-His mom got him plugs with hearts in them thats so cute man
-Lars likes to swear
-Lars is so god damn lanky
-Steven in lars body freaked onion out man thats the first time I saw him uncomfortable
-The cool kids genuinely like steven and are more like sleeping tigers
-Steven being nice as lars is really out of character
-Lars is 100% a tsundere
-The cool kids saying “maybe lars is actually a good guy who likes making people feel good”, so they basically see actual lars as the inverse of that
-Buck Dewey has a dance crew
-Steven/lars got some sick dance moves
-”Well if it aint the human boomerang, always coming back to me”
-Sadie lounges around in a robe and bunny slippers
-Honestly sadie you could do better than lars, thats a fact
-Sadie uses a pile of stuffed animals as a bean bag chair
-Sadie likes horror/slasher fics
-”And you love me? Even like this?”, Oh my god this is crying breakfast friends all over again huh
-Omg sadie, the feels man you’re so good dont let lars tell u otherwise
-Steven is really messing things up man, like boy
-”Lars would never apologize to me” Sadie girl thats hella sad like I know you really like Lars, but come on sadie
-The cool kids literally don’t even know Sadie’s name, they call her “donut girl”, which like I can understand because they’re not really in the same friend group, but come on you guys live in a city with a population of like 20
-Lars’ parents are okay with stalking him
-Lars’ parents are basically just waiting for their trash son to be a terrible person, gotta set those expectations low man
-Wow so many humans are in the temple house omg
-Steven’s powers are only a one way street, so he literally just possessed lars
-Okay but Lars has every right to be angry tho? Like I know steven was just trying to help, but like boy you cant just cross a line like that??
-The cool kids trying to protect Steven was really nice, but like I feel steven kinda just destroyed whatever friendship them and lars had
-Buck’s dance crew came home with a silver trophy
-Lars has actual feelings for sadie, and even though he is still a trash boy, I really hope that relationship can work because I fell sadie can bring out the best in him
-Lars and Sadie’s relationship and friendship is very complex and sort of messed up, but if Steven ships it then so do I tbh

14th July