Recap/review 14.02: “Gods and Monsters”

Before we get started, let me point out that I love this show. I love this show the way you love a child, whose early years were precious and beautiful and full of promise, and then they turn out to be a surly teenager whose room smells of dirty socks and half-eaten bowls of cereal left to rot, who doesn’t want to work or go to school or learn a trade or backpack around Europe, but instead decides to hole up in that stinky room and play Fortnite because they think they’re going to be a professional gamer someday, and every once in a while they come out and they’re precious and beautiful and so perfect that you want to weep, but other days they come out of their room and do some stupid dance they saw on Fortnite and say look, Mom, isn’t this funny? Isn’t this clever? And you look at that child and you sigh and you think I will always love you but dammit, Stewart, you are better than this.

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Things we needed to happen at the Winter Olympics 2018 Men Figure Skating and what we GOT!

So, here is the recap! Are you all still alive?!

1. No injuries for anyone!  ✓

2. Fair judging and no scandals (as far as that is possible)   ✓
I put a check in here because there were no scandals in the single events men. Regarding judging, there will always be voices that claim unfairness. But I think this time it was fairly bearable :)

3. Yuzuru Hanyu fulfilling his dream despite being injured and out of training for quite a long time  ✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓

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Don’t cry! You deserved it! You are the KING

4. The wedding pose ritual on the podium (✓)
we got a wonderful podium, though! And I think I saw Javi tickling Yuzu :D

5. Yuzuru Hanyu having somewhere a tiny Pooh Bear with him because (stupid) rules do not allow his tissue box   
He did, that sneaky boy ;)
Look at the box under the cake. Also, the cake…


6. Mama Yuzu taking care of smol Shoma

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7. Yuzuru being dorky and relaxed throughout the olympics

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8. Lovely Yuzuvier moments that proof rivalry can stay on the ice and is gone off the ice 

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9. THIS: 

One of my favourite moments:

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Let’s see what wonderful moments the gala will bring!

(I know there was soooo much more, but I needed to stop somewhere xD)



Last night, Justine Skye (@justineskye) brought back Tumblr IRL to celebrate the release of her first album, ULTRAVIOLET, at Lightbox in her hometown, New York.

Justine joined Tumblr when she was 16 and developed lifelong friendships and memories with other Tumblr members who inspired her to follow her dream of becoming a singer. From meetups in Soho to making YouTube videos together to last night’s IRL, Justine’s Tumblr friends stuck with her since day one and are now her most loyal fans.

At the IRL, blank walls were converted to the visual storyline of ULTRAVIOLET, which is about a heroine who fights off bad relationships and survives on her own. Each song on the album was depicted through comic strips created by artist Yale Stewart (@jl8comic). To finish it off, Justine performed songs from the album for the first time.

At the end of the show, Justine came down to hang with fans and took photos, signed albums and connected on all things Tumblr.

Huge thanks to Roc Nation and NUDESTIX for making this night possible, and most importantly, to Justine for bringing her connection to Tumblr full circle through this IRL.

We’ll be rolling out a few exclusives throughout the week, so stay tuned for those.

Photos by Setor Tsikudo.

BROMANCE: a story of an idea of a project that might be a video game one day, who knows, maybe. It’s a project I really hold at heart, and I realized I drew quite a lot for it. It’s still developing, like a little plant, and I hope one day it will be a nice tree bearing fruits (see what I did there).

So here’s a SUPER 2017 POST that summarizes everything that was revealed this year about the project! Of course, there’s more to come, I’m not leaving that project alone.

Hector Perez (on the left) and Nicholas Roy (on the right) met at a really young age. Their friendship was born from odd events… that will eventually be explained. But let’s just say they became fast best friends and were pretty much always together. Fun note: even if it doesn’t seem like it, Hector is quite older than Nicholas.

As they grew older, they stayed by each other’s side, and decided to go live together as room-mates. When together, they usually enjoy spending time in front of videogames….

(Until very late hours)

Watching movies (usually Mary Potter, which is Hector’s favourite series)…

Buying silly stuff on Mamazon.

Doing dumb shit.

Oh. And battling gods, monsters and weird stuff too. Normal bro stuff.

But when they can, they pretty much avoid it, thanks to their bromance being a bit contagious.

Actually, they are usually the ones to get attacked.

But more often than not for simpler reasons than it seems.

Sometimes, things end not too well…

And sometimes not well at all…

Hector is a wizard. Since his young years, he always was interested in the different paths of magic the world had to offer. His grandmother left him her “cooking book” at her death. Reading between the lines, Hector realized it actually was her grimoire, full of potions, spells and other fun stuff for him to learn.

Since then, he was able to develop his magic skills. He’s doesn’t think he’s that great yet, but people tell him it’s neat. Old Mexican powers, Cigarette Spells, Demonic Healing, Summoning, Cheap Commercial magic… Hector has a whole world to discover.

It can be hard to study magic, but it always ends up useful. And not only in battle!

Hector works a Dome Hepot in the Gardening section. He mostly works here to have an easier access to ingredients for his potions, slacking off most of the time (to the deep displeasure of his boss).

Nicholas is a knight. Well… a self proclaimed knight. He always was a sportive type, but stopped since a few years to work full time. He gladly takes the hits for Hector during battles (who then has to stitch Nicholas up).

He still tries to stay somewhat in shape to always be ready and active. Some could say he does that to impress his best friend…

But secretly, he’s jealous of Hector’s magic, and thinks it would be so rad to be able to impress him with his own. Sadly, he doesn’t really have the predispositions for it. Nonetheless, he still practices, in private, to maybe one day cast his first spell.

Nicholas works as a waiter in the restaurant called Infini-Tea. He really likes his job, where he can meet a lot of people… and strange shadowy ghosts in the mirrors filling the restaurant (the place being a mirror shop beforehand).

Also, fun fact, Nicholas has about 1000 exes. He falls in love quite easily, and loves a lot of people, often at the same time. He’s for open relationships, and has a bit too much love to give.

He has peculiar exes. For example, Captain Shark, a sailor with a tragic story of seas, sharks and death. He also seems to have a baby shark on his head for some reason?

Nicholas missed the many lovers he lost. His heart seems to never be at rest. He also seems to want to get closer to Hector… maybe to Bromance change into Romance at one point?

Hector doesn’t seem to be interested in that idea.

But who knows what will happen between them. (Note from author: I do. I freakin’ do)

Summoning demons.

(Who then stay on the surface and go work with Hector at Dome Hepot)

Going to conventions.

Enjoying (or not) winter.

Waiting for buses under the rain.

And pretty much trying to find a meaning to living.

Bromance. The story of two guys who are not sure about the future. And who battle monsters.

The Gem War - What We Know So Far

  • Earth was Pink Diamond’s first colony. Development on it began around 5700+ years ago. During its early stages, Amethysts were produced in the Prime Kindergarten
  • Pink Diamond was initially desperate for a colony, wishing to be more like her fellow Diamonds. She found the colonization process very dull, and desired excitement without Blue and Yellow Diamond reprimanding her about it. However, after a trip to Earth disguised as a Rose Quartz, Pink began to fall in love with the planet and the life that already existed on it, alongside Pearl (who was given to her by the other Diamonds).
  • Pink realized that the colonization process would only destroy the world she loved. She tried to convince the Diamonds to cease the colonization process, but since she’d been asking for a colony for, presumably, thousands of years, they wouldn’t allow her to just quit so easily. When she insisted on saving the organic life on Earth, the Diamonds instead built the Zoo to preserve them.
  • Due to this, Pink began using her Quartz alter ego to directly rebel against herself. Meanwhile, Pink told the Diamonds about this new rebellion.
  • Blue Diamond came to investigate. A Sapphire had predicted the capture of the rebel Rose Quartz and her Pearl, but due to the surprise actions of a Ruby, who’d fused with the Sapphire, Rose Quartz and Pearl escaped.
  • Later, Rose Quartz and Pearl attempted fusion unsuccessfully, astonished by the new fusion. They later met with the Garnet fusion and befriended her. It was Garnet who changed Rose’s perspective from saving Earth for her enjoyment to saving Earth for people who needed it most.
  • As the Rebellion grew in numbers, Homeworld started taking the war more seriously. During this period, Rose befriended Gems like BismuthCrazy Lace, and Snowflake. However, the Diamonds insisted Pink Diamond had to stay a strong leader; as long as she were there, the colony would be completed. Rose/Pink eventually started waging war against herself: Rebellion vs Homeworld.
  • There were multiple battles, including an incident in which Pearl pulled out a Nephrite of her ship’s cockpit.
  • At some point, Lapis Lazuli was sent to Earth as a terraformer for the colony, but was poofed during battle (presumably by Bismuth) and imprisoned inside a mirror by Homeworld forces, who thought her a Rebel. They demanded information from her, information she did not have.
  • At some point, Bismuth created the Breaking Point, a weapon capable of destroying any Gem with a single hit. She suggested using it against the Diamonds. Rose Quartz, being a Diamond in disguise, must have thought this too dangerous of an idea; after a confrontation with Bismuth, she ended up bubbling her to no one’s knowledge and insisting she’d lost her during battle.
  • The Beta Kindergarten was also developed during this time period. It was rushed, attempting to produce as many soldiers as possible for the waging war, and most Gems came out defective.
  • Eventually, Pink came to the conclusion that if she wanted to save Earth, Pink Diamond had to cease to exist. She believed the other Diamonds didn’t care about her, due to their mistreatment of her, and thought if she died, then they’d stop all war efforts and abandon the colony. Pink Diamond staged her death, framing her alter ego, Rose Quartz, thanks to Pearl. They used the sword Bismuth had crafted for her, incapable of shattering a Gem. Multiple Gems were present at the event, including Eyeball Ruby.
  • The remaining Diamonds and Homeworld, however, retaliated. It is now known that they intended to annihilate all Gems on Earth, but instead caused The Corruption.
  • At some point, the Cluster (a gigantic artificial fusion) and several smaller prototypes were inserted into the Earth.
  • The war seemed to have been won, but a final attack against Earth rendered most rebel (and some Homeworld) Gems corrupted. The only survivors were Rose Quartz, Pearl, Garnet, and Bismuth (bubbled at the time).
  • A Homeworld Nephrite and her squadron were caught in the attack, becoming the Centipeetles.
  • Lapis Lazuli was abandoned at the Galaxy Warp as Homeworld Gems fled the planet.
  • It is unclear at which point this happened, but all Rose Quartzes except the Rebel ones were bubbled by the Diamond Authority (presumably Pink, since the bubbles are her color) and kept in her room in the Zoo containing the humans kept for preservation.


  • An overcooked Amethyst emerged from the Prime Kindergarten and joined the Crystal Gems.
  • Rose obtained her Pink Lion and stored Bismuth inside his mane.
  • The Crystal Gems took part in the foundation of Beach City.
  • The Crystal Gems hunted down and bubbled the corrupted Gems.
  • Pearl recovered the Lapis Lazuli Mirror.
  • Eventually, Rose fell in love with Greg, a human, and gave up her physical form to become Steven.

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