Plus, and I’m about to go to sleep so I won’t be around for the messages I get about this, Michael Jackson 100% did what he was accused of doing. I wish it wasn’t so, because he’s one of the most brilliant musical artists of all time without question or doubt and because he had some smart shit to say on race issues, but the whole thing about the kids recanting was made up for a chain e-mail and the FBI released like twenty-five years of evidence after he died (including vintage child porn, child porn filmed at Neverland Ranch, investigations dating back to 1985–eight years before the first public allegations, witness statements, former friends and employees saying he was obsessed with child porn, and so on). And he spent $35 million to keep twenty-four victims from speaking to the media.

Like, he did it. It doesn’t change the fact that he made Thriller, just like Roman Polanski still made Rosemary’s Baby and Chinatown, and Cosby made The Cosby Show and A Different World. Bad people can, and frequently do, make good art. How that colors your experience of that art is completely personal, but loving that art doesn’t change what its creators did.

Michael Jackson’s influence on music (in and out of his own genre) and culture at large can’t be denied or overstated, but he was still guilty as hell.
We Get It Louis Tomlinson, You're Straight. But You're Also A Jerk.

Once again, a member of One Direction has taken it upon himself to clear up gay rumors, or in this case, a gay connection, in the most disrespectful of ways. A woman by the name of Jenn Selby recently wrote a piece in which she claims that Tomlinson, 22, wore a shirt with a rainbow Apple design to support the coming out of the company’s CEO Tim Cook. She never once implied that the singer himself was anything but heterosexual. However, Tomlinson still didn’t take too lightly to Selby’s assumption and decided to reply to her via his Twitter. Is anyone else seeing a recurring problem here? This is not the first time a member of the “Steal My Girl” group has recanted homosexual claims with strong wording that veers on homophobia. This isn’t even Tomlinson’s first time — back in 2012, he attacked fans who commented on his once-close relationship with fellow group mate Harry Styles, calling the non-existent romance “f******* bulls****”. For some reason, the group constantly finds themselves in some sort of mess before asking the public to chalk it all up to them “growing up”. Even if Selby was in the wrong for connecting Tomlinson’s sartorial choices with some kind of bigger message, the young man still comes off as being completely disrespectful and childish in the face of his many gay fans. Of course, another apology will come from this — especially with their new album Four dropping in a matter of days — but I think the time has also come to realize that some people will just never learn. I guess everyone can’t be like Styles — and that’s truly unfortunate.

As admin and owner of dotorg ,I would like to apologise to you all for my part in this ruse and the confusion and or ill feelings it may have caused.

Tom’s recant
“Yes its true - I was just being cheeky - in all honesty - I’ve been so excited about this, I’ve kept it to myself: I can’t wait to work with such solid talent and with friends on such a great project. I’ve been following PeakyBlinders - I love the first season. I’m a huge fan of Cillian and Helen and Steve and I have a huge love of great British TV drama - Its an honour and a privilege to be part of the PB2 team @bbc This season looks fantastic, brilliantly written and I’m very grateful to be part of the venture. Lucky too!”

There’s this prevalent idea in American society that anyone who recants a previous statement or changes their stance is somehow dishonest or weak-willed. That any inconsistency in ideology over the years is proof of a lack of integrity. 

This bothers the hell out of me. More than that, it scares me.

Because in subscribing to this notion, we treat human beings as stagnant; we treat personal growth as a lie, and consistency as greater than change, even if change is for the better. We reward people sticking to their shitty guns and demonize people who have tried to become better by citing their past mistakes. And we do this on every level, from calling politicians “wishy-washy” for altering their stances over time, to calling out progressive bloggers over shit they wrote a decade ago. 

We are creatures of constant flux. We are not born enlightened. We ought to be celebrating growth and change, and encouraging it; not tearing people down for it. If we as a society cannot accept change in individuals, how on earth can we expect it of ourselves as a whole?


On 8 May, 2005, 8-year-old Laura Hobbs and her best friend, 9-year-old Krystal Tobias, disappeared while riding their bikes in a nearby park in Zion, Illinois. When the duo didn’t return home, their parents called 911 and a search party was created. It wasn’t long until the disturbing discovery of their savagely slain bodies were discovered off a wooded bike path. The person who stumbled across this gruesome scene was 34-year-old Jerry Hobbs, Laura’s father. The companions had been brutally beaten and then stabbed to death. An investigation revealed that they had been killed where they were discovered. Jerry, who had recently been released from prison for aggravated assault was automatically questioned, due to being the one who discovered the girls and his lengthy criminal history. After hours of interrogation, Jerry broke down and confessed that he had been the one who killed his own daughter and her friend. Almost immediately he recanted his confession and staunchly professed his innocence to anybody that would listen. DNA had been discovered under the girls’ fingernails and when DNA analysis was taken, it did not match Jerry’s but alas, he had confessed so the prosecution considered the DNA to be unrelated. After being found guilty of the heinous double murder, Jerry and his defence team refused to give up hope. They continued working the case and finally caught a break when they discovered something the investigators had missed - they examined the anal, vaginal and oral swabs that were taken of the two girls and were shocked to find traces of semen. This semen matched the DNA that was underneath the girls’ fingernails. This DNA matched that of Jorge Torrez, who was currently in custody on another charge. It was revealed that he had lived just a block away from the victims’ homes. Jerry was immediately released and Torrez was charged with the two murders, receiving a death sentence.


On July 27, 1981, six-year-old Adam Walsh was kidnapped from a Sears department store in Hollywood, Florida. About a month later, his severed head was found by two fishermen near Abacoa, Florida. On October 21, 1983, serial killer Ottis Toole confessed to killing Adam Walsh, but quickly recanted it. Adam’s father, John Walsh, was convinced Toole murdered his son, ”We believed for years that Ottis Toole killed Adam.“ John became an advocate for victims of gruesome crimes and became the host of the TV program America’s Most Wanted. The rest of Adam’s body was never found, and many people do in fact believe that Toole killed Adam, but it remains a mystery.

Marissa Alexander denied ‘stand your ground’ hearing

Judge: 'New evidence’ isn’t really new

July 21 2014

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A motion for a second “stand your ground” hearing for Marissa Alexander has been denied, in a ruling made Friday by Judge James Daniel.

Alexander’s new defense lawyers argued they had new evidence to present, including a recanting of statements made by the son of Alexander’s estranged husband, the night she fired a shot into the wall next to where he was standing with both sons.

Daniel said the so-called new evidence brought forth by Alexander’s defense lawyers isn’t really new and that the material facts of the case haven’t changed since the first stand your ground hearing.

Daniel said while the stand your ground law has been changed by the Legislature with the “warning shot” amendment – which grants immunity to people with clean criminal records who fire a warning shot or threaten to use deadly force in self-defense – it cannot be applied retroactively.

Mainly, Daniel said while the appeals court granted Alexander, 33, a new trial because of faulty jury instructions, it upheld the denial of the first stand your ground petition.

Specifically to that point, Daniel notes the appeals court said the question whether Alexander is entitled to immunity from prosecution via stand your ground “is no longer open for debate because that issue was definitely resolved … after a full and fair evidentiary hearing in a ruling that has now been affirmed by this court.”

In his motion for a second stand your ground hearing, defense attorney Bruce Zimet said Alexander would be subject to “manifest injustice” should he not have the opportunity to present new evidence. Daniel said all of what he calls new evidence was presented at trial, including the recanting of statements by Rico Gray’s son, who said he was pressured to lie by his father.

Alexander remains on home detention, having posted $200,000 bond. Her trial is scheduled for Dec. 1.

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Maks Said It

First thing Maksim Chmerkovskiy ever said to Meryl Davis.

“I love you and I would love to marry you.”

Weeks later he was asked if he meant it.

He replied: “Absolutely, who wouldn’t want to marry her.”

And even months later, after their win he states.

Well I asked her to marry me 5 min into our first meeting  and she still hasn’t give me an answer.


Know what he never did? Recant. Maksyl on peeps!

Ogni festività ha la sua recita.

A San Valentino mi piace prenotare un tavolo per due in un ristorante nuovo, mai visto, uno di quelli dove avrei sempre voluto mangiare. Presentarmi con una ventina di minuti di anticipo tirato a lucido con i capelli pettinati, un profumo rassicurante e un vestito pulito, farmi accompagnare al mio posto senza preoccuparmi di lasciar trasparire l’evidente emozione, permettendomi anche qualche confidenza di troppo con la cameriera. Sedermi al tavolo ed appoggiare un biglietto recante un cuore disegnato a mano rosa sul piatto di fronte al mio, aggiustare con cura i fiori ornamentali aggiungendone uno bellissimo estratto dall’interno della giacca. Giocherellare con le posate, richiedere un consulto speciale per sapere con precisione che vino ordinare facendo intendere al sommelier che la serata prevede una dichiarazione sbalorditiva e in quel momento rilevare la piccola scatola contenete sicuramente una domanda che ho nascosto sotto al tovagliolo, sorridere sincero, assaggiare il vino e dire che sarà perfetto. Iniziare a guardare l’orologio da polso prima una volta ogni cinque minuti poi, quando il tempo è passato ed il ritardo evidente, nervosamente ogni trenta secondi, poi dieci, poi cinque. Controllare il cellulare, rassicurare la cameriera che ci sarà stato sicuramente un problema ma che sono tranquillo, arriverà a momenti. Controllare ancora il cellulare, scrivere un sms. Controllare l’orologio, aprire un pacchetto di grissini per contenere la fame, oramai il ritardo non può più essere ignorato, iniziare a sudare copiosamente. Digitare il numero e far partire una chiamata e “Cosa vuol dire che non verrai? Perché? Avevi detto che questa sera saremmo stati in grado di risolvere tutto, che tutto sarebbe cambiato!”, con la coda dell’occhio osservare che tutta la sala stia ascoltando, “Doveva essere la nostra serata! Io e te! Insieme contro il mondo! Non ci posso credere!” guardare i camerieri, lasciare intendere che vorrei calmarmi ma non ci riesco, provare ad ascoltare con presunta affermazione di pazienza e poi sbottare in “Cosa vuole dire che stai andando in aeroporto? Cosa vuol dire che non hai avuto la forza di dirmelo? Non sarai ancora con lui??? Avevi detto che… No, non ci posso credere. Tu. Tu! Tu non hai idea di quello che stai facendo!” gettare il telefono sul tavolo, mettermi le mani in faccia, sforzarmi per far uscire qualche lacrima, non essere più in grado di trattenermi e scoppiare davanti a tutta la sala gremita di coppie che hanno assistito allo spettacolo tenendosi per mano, cercare i loro sospiri consolatori, aspettare la mano sulla spalla della cameriera che arriverà puntualmente, carica di quel conforto così necessario in un momento tanto difficile quanto crudelmente fatale, perdermi nel sostegno del primo cuoco, lasciarmi coccolare dall’offerta del proprietario di mandarla a fanculo, godermi la libertà appena acquisita e gustarmi la cena, offre lui, solidarietà tra esseri umani. Ringraziare singhiozzando, mangiare tutto quello che c’è sul menù, alzarmi quando sto per esplodere, stringere tutte quelle persone che sono state così gentili con me, uscire dal locale per non rientrarci mai più. Questa performance non si può ripetere due volte nello stesso posto, l’abilità dell’attore sta nello scegliere ogni volta un locale diverso, un pubblico nuovo, che creda in quello che vede e che soprattutto sia talmente colpito da offrirti da mangiare. È sbattimento, ma il cibo gratis ha sempre un sapore divino.

at the end of the day i wonder, do they know the history of what they’ve attempted to deal with? do those who aren’t queer women (who know, we all fucking know!) know about lesbian pulp novels, with the mandate of death or recanting or both? do they know about the very special bisexual episodes? the sweeps week kisses? do they know about xena and tara and even jenny fucking schecter? do they know that these scraps are so scarce that even when it’s scraps we devour it like a feast? that we can barely tell that it isn’t?

but in the cold light of morning i wonder, would knowing that make a difference? and i honestly don’t know if it would.
Soon-to-be Canadian citizen plans to recant oath to the Queen, calls it 'silly and ridiculous and offensive'
Dror Bar-Natan was one of three long-time permanent residents to challenge the constitutionality of the oath and now plans to disavow it

A soon-to-be Canadian has served notice that he plans to recant the mandatory Oath of Allegiance to the Queen immediately after he becomes a citizen.

In a letter sent to the citizenship court judge earlier this month, Dror Bar-Natan states his opposition to the oath, which he calls “repulsive,” and his plan to renege on the pledge following his citizenship ceremony on Monday.

The Queen is a symbol of entrenched and outdated privilege and the pledge is tantamount to a “hazing” ritual, Bar-Natan said in an interview.

“To become a Canadian citizen, I am made to utter phrases which are silly and ridiculous and offensive,” he said. “I don’t want to be there.”

Bar-Natan, 49, a math professor from Israel who has been in Canada for 13 years, was one of three longtime permanent residents who challenged the constitutionality of making citizenship conditional on promising to be “faithful and bear true allegiance to Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, her heirs and successors.”

In upholding the requirement, Ontario’s top court said the Queen remains Canada’s head of state and the oath was a “symbolic commitment to be governed as a democratic constitutional monarchy unless and until democratically changed.”

The court also found that all citizens have the right to espouse anti-monarchist views and new Canadians could “publicly disavow what they consider to be the message conveyed by the oath.”

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Mohammad Adam Omar, “The Sanaa Ripper”, worked as a mortuary attendant at Sanaa University in Yemen. He also murdered at least 16 women, mostly medical students, after luring them to the mortuary under the guise of helping them with their medical studies. He killed them wit his bare hands and then cut off their hands and feet; dissolved them in acid, and kept the bones as trophies. He was finally apprehended after several skeletons, mainly with missing heads, were discovered buried on the school grounds and hidden in the sewers. He confessed to killing as many as 51 women since 1975 but later recanted his statement. He also confessed that he couldn’t control the urge he had to kill women and that he wanted to send beautiful women to heaven. After being apprehended, he told a female reporter that beautiful women like her should not be allowed to live. He was executed by firing squad.


Today I faced three monsters.

The monster to my left was an ambiguous harpy.

She threatened me with telling the Gods I had harmed her. 

This would surely get me sent to hell.

I told her I loved her & she recanted her lie.

The monster in front of me was a four headed beast.

It looked familiar, but something had changed in its eight eyes.

It could surely eat me.

I told the four heads that I loved them & they let me out of their grasp.

The monster to my right was myself.

He threatened to leave me naked in front of the entire world.

This would surely expose all of my weak points.

I told myself that I loved him, that I loved myself.

I gave myself confidence before leaving myself alone.

I went to bed that night aware of the days occurrences but stronger than every day before.


All right, friends and neighbors, as you may have gleaned from my posts Christa is my second favorite character in The Walking Dead, behind only Clementine herself, and since it’s Christa Day, I’m gonna (briefly) tell you why she’s a complex and deeply written character who deserves more interest than she gets.

Christa’s a loner who cares deeply about other people in spite of herself. Christa’s modus operandi when it comes to survival is to keep her human baggage as light as possible, but her pragmatism is always at war with her compassion. She wants to be a cool-headed survivor who can make tough choices without emotional distraction but fears losing her humanity in the process. She coldly votes to leave Ben behind in Crawford because That’s What Needs to Be Done, but the minute Clem argues for the more compassionate choice, Christa recants, surprised by her own behavior.

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She just punched the Morrigan. 

Was I supposed to be turned on by that?

Look at her being bad.
She says sorry on an impulse and recants it, saying she’s not sorry that she just DECKED THE FEARED LEADER OF THE DARK FAE IN THE FACE HARD ENOUGH TO MAKE HER BLEED. 

Look at that face. No regrets. Regret is fo suckas.

The big bad succubus handcuffed you to your bed and took a photo of it on her phone for blackmail?

Honestly, which sounds more like something a succubus would do?

If you don’t love her, look at your life, look at your choices. 

“For heavens sake catch me before I kill more I cannot control myself” “The Lipstick Killer” was a serial killer in Chicago in the 1940s. Though a serial burglar named William Heirens confessed to the murders, he has since recanted his confession on the grounds that it was forced.
BREAKING: Wal-Mart And Police Sued By John Crawford's Family After He Was Fatally Shot In Ohio Store

Attorneys for the family of John Crawford, the 22-year-old black man killed in an Ohio Walmart in August, has filed a lawsuit against the police and the company. Lawyers say they found evidence tha…

Updated — Dec. 16, 12:30 p.m.

External image

John Crawford III

The family of John Crawford III filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Walmart and the Beavercreek, Ohio, police officers involved in the fatal shooting of the 22-year-old, family attorneys announced at a press conference.

The lawsuit names Beavercreek Officer Sean Williams, Officer David Darkow, Police Chief Dennis Evers, the City of Beavercreek, and Wal-Mart Corporation.

On Aug. 5, Williams and Darkow responded to a 911 call of a man waving a gun and pointing it at customers inside the Beavercreek store. The caller later recanted his statement that Crawford was waving the gun and pointing it at people in the store.

Inside the store, Williams encountered Crawford, who was holding a toy air rifle. Williams shot him twice while he was holding the air rifle and Crawford later died at a Dayton hospital.

Video surveillance revealed that Williams shot Crawford a fraction of a second after confronting him and demanding he drop the weapon.

The Crawford family’s attorneys said that they have magnified the audio and video from the surveillance footage, and it shows that the officer shot Crawford “.36 seconds” after asking him to drop the gun.

External image

Beavercreek Police shot John Crawford III on Aug. 5 inside a Walmart in Ohio.

The family’s attorneys said they have obtained evidence that shows the air rifle was left out on the store shelf, out of the box, for “at least two days.”

“[Wal-mart] is just as culpable as the Beavercreek officers,” Attorney Sean Williams said.

On Sept 24, a grand jury declined to indict the officers involved. Williams and Darkow remain on administrative duty.

At a news conference announcing the grand jury’s decision, Special Prosecutor Mark Piepmeier presented approximately 20 minutes of surveillance video from inside the Walmart on the day that Crawford was killed.

Piepmeier also announced that the shooting is currently under federal civil rights investigation by the Department of Justice, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and the FBI.

The attorneys said that the initial lawsuit will ask for $75,000 — the minimum required to enter the claim in federal court — and as the case progresses, the number will increase.

“You don’t get a pass because you have a sidearm and a shield,” John Crawford, Jr., announcing his family’s lawsuit in the case of the death of his son.

External image

Source: Mike Hayes for Buzzfeed News

Whenever i’m in New York i can’t help but feel just a tad bit like i’m in the real life version of Sex And The City. So today i decided to try something out, after about an hour of driving around the city aimlessly i talked my taxi driver into reenacting scenes from the show with me. Clearly i was Carrie Bradshaw and he was Mr. Big, anywho — we stood in the middle of the first restaurant we saw and played out he scene were Carrie tells Mr. Big she’s moving to Paris. I swear once i started yelling the whole place just had their eyes on me and i’m almost 98% sure they all believed it. Needless to say i was carried out of the restaurant against my will just to be met on the corner by my faux Mr.Big where we continued our act. Moral of the story, i’m the new Carrie Bradshaw.
Eleven Hate-Crime Hoaxes
Bogus baiting, retracted rape, and homophobic hokum.

“Never let a crisis go to waste.” And when there isn’t a crisis, the left simply creates them!

1. At Hofstra University in 2009, a freshman girl claimed she was gang-raped by five men in a dormitory, only to recant her claims when a video of the sexual encounter surfaced showing she was not forced at all. Four men were arrested before she finally admitted she was lying. 

2. Meghan Lanker-Simons of the University of Wyoming anonymously posted fake rape threats to herself on Facebook in 2013 in a case that got national media attention.When police investigated the incident, they found “substantial evidence” that Lanker-Simons posted the fake rape threat from her own personal computer while it was in her possession. 

3. A little over a year ago at Oberlin College, two students conducted a massive series of racist stunts such as putting up a Nazi flag, passing out anti-Islamic fliers, and putting a “whites only” sign above a water fountain. After getting classes cancelled for a “Day of Solidarity,” one of the students said that the entire thing was a “joke” in order to get an “overreaction.” 

4. In one of the most famous hate-crime hoaxes of late, Crystal Mangum falsely accused three Duke lacrosse players of raping her in 2006. Following the allegations, the Duke lacrosse team was suspended for two games; the coach, Mike Pressler, was forced to resign; and the three accused were arrested and vilified by the national media. The charges were eventually dropped and Mike Nifong, the corrupt Durham County district attorney, was removed, disbarred, and sued into bankruptcy. In November 2013 Mangum was convicted of murdering her boyfriend. 

5. Last year, a lesbian waitress in Connecticut, Dayna Morales, claimed that a couple wrote on a receipt, “I’m sorry but I cannot tip because I don’t agree with your lifestyle & how you live your life.” After Morales gained national media attention and received thousands of dollars in donations that she promised she would give to Wounded Warriors, the accused couple revealed that they wrote no such note and actually left a rather generous 20-percent tip. Morales was exposed as having a history of lying, and Wounded Warriors said that they had never received a donation from Morales. 

6. Oprah Winfrey whirled up a media frenzy last year after accusing a Swiss sales assistant of racism. Winfrey said the saleswoman told her that “you don’t want to see this bag” because Winfrey is black. ”It is too expensive. You cannot afford it.” The sales assistant felt powerless caught in the media “cyclone,” as she put it, and flatly denied having ever told Winfrey she could not afford the item. “I don’t know why she is making these accusations,” the saleslady said. “She is so powerful and I am just a shop girl.”