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>>>My Favorite Fics<<<

In honor of Fanfic Writers Appreciation Day, this is a fic rec of my personal favorite fan fics in no particular order. Happy reading and thanks to all the writers!

Louis is an architecture student who can only think about the future. Harry is a baseball player who can only think about right now. Both are lonely for different reasons. Boybands bring them together.

A fashion AU with a royal twist, where Louis doesn’t need a stylist, Harry’s thrilled to have a real life Barbie doll, and they’re both very wrong about each other.

This is a story about love and the power of forgiveness, and how the hard choices we make define us, and change our lives.

The first time Louis Tomlinson kisses him, Nick is three sheets to the wind, wearing a pirate hat, and so fucking tired of Louis being a complete and utter knobhead that he’s spent the last ten minutes snapping at him. The kiss takes him rather by surprise, all things considered. Or: Nick and Louis don’t like each other, not even a little bit, not even at all.

Lt. Harry Styles, call sign Sparrow, is a prodigy when it comes to flying. The owner of an unrivaled Naval pedigree, being a pilot was always written in the stars for Harry. With his trusty RIO, Lt. Niall Horan, Harry has made an unprecedented ascension in the ranks of the Naval aerial combat elite, and has been recruited to the esteemed Premier Delta flight school, carrying on his family’s legacy. What he finds there are unexpected friendships, perilous challenges, and something beyond what he ever thought possible. Because as his father had always told him, before the great Captain Styles went tragically missing in combat, you don’t fall in love with the sky, you fall in love with what keeps you on the ground.

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Fanfic Writers’ Appreciation Day

Happy Fanfic Writers’ Appreciation Day everyone! In honor of Fanfic Writers’ Appreciation, I would like to take the chance to send some thank yous to the following writers who have gone above and beyond to encourage my work or helped me when I needed it:

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A Queen for the King

Summary: With a righteous blow, Arthur defeated Vortigern, destroyed the looming tower, and had taken his rightful place on the throne, vowing to do whatever was necessary to defend the kingdom, and her people. He was a King of the people; honest, compassionate, hard working. Everything that Vortigern was not. There was just one thing missing; the woman he was betrothed to as a child. There is a saying, after all; every king needs a queen.
Characters in this chapter: Arthur Pendragon, female reader, Vortigern Pendragon, Hannah [minor ofc], unnamed doctor
Characters mentioned: Uther and Igraine Pendragon
Pairing: Arthur Pendragon x female reader
Word Count: 1,057
Warnings: Canon violence mentioned, mistreatment of a woman, betrothal 
Author’s Note: This is @winchester-writes baby. I am so thankful she thought to include me in it.

Our work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.

There wasn’t much before the fire that you remembered. It was as if you were born of flames and screams, thrust into a life of filth and servitude. Your master, Vortigern, treated you like a lame dog, kicking you about, giving you barely enough scraps to survive. You slept in the dungeons where it was damp and cold year round. Snow would drift in, settling on the bars that you had come to call home. Sometimes, in the early spring, a small bird would come and visit, chirping happily at your feet. Closing your eyes, you liked to imagine it was telling you about life outside the walls that held you captive, when in reality, the small bird was begging for food and water. Everyone - save for the king and his family - in the kingdom was starving, even the wildlife.

Growing bold, you had asked Vortigern many times, “If I do not please you, why do you not kill me?”

Vortigern struck you, splitting your lip with the large rings that adorned his knuckles. “When will you stop asking me that infernal question?” he seethed, chest heaving, power thrumming thick in the air.

Gathering yourself, you spat blood on the floor. “Only when you answer.”

Originally posted by lenny-belardo

“I keep you alive as bait,” Vortigan snarled. Grabbing you by the hair, he hauled you through the castle, and down to your cell. “One day, Arthur will come for you, his betrothed, and on that day, I will strike him down.”

You weren’t allowed to leave the dungeon after that.

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Blood and Ice

Title: Blood and Ice
Author: allthingspieandhockey (SunMonTue)
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warnings: None Apply
Completed: Yes
Word count: 4358
Summary: Bitty meets the Falconers when he’s educating them about donating blood.

Most memorable line: “Alexei? Alexei Mashkov told you to ask me out?”

alpha louis/omega harry fic recs

since it’s fanfiction writer’s appreciation day what better time than to recommend some stuff for one of the more niche genres that also happens to be one of my favourites. so if you’ve ever been interested in giving alpha louis/omega harry a shot, this is a good place to start!  

and the truth shall set you free (…maybe) by jaerie // Betism: A religion based on the belief that the beta gender has been chosen by God to protect and defend the purity and dignity of the human race by resisting and condemning the lustful ways and flawed biology of the alpha and omegaHarry is a Betist and Louis is an alpha who runs with a bad crowd. This is what happens when two worlds collide.

all these lights by mediawhore // “People vote for alphas because they’re strong and they’re not only beautiful but also mesmerizing. They make you want to give them all of your attention, make you want to beg for some of theirs back. They’re shiny, oozing sex appeal and a commanding presence, and people always want more and more. Omegas are enticing too for sure, but it’s not the same. It makes people uncomfortable. It doesn’t make them want to root for you.” the canon fic where Harry is an omega and dreams come with a price.

to wrap me in paper by juliusschmidt  // Louis hasn’t been keeping track of his ruts, but, it turns out, Harry has. 

i’d go out of my way, to make sure that you’re okay by littlepinkbow //  This was for this prompt: “Harry’s embarrassed about going into heat, but Louis decides it’s up to him to teach Harry to be more open about what he wants.”

wanna taste your heart, don’t interfere orphaned //  harry presents as an omega, louis is his alpha best friend, and there are hidden feelings that just get harder to control.

harry, you little shit series by juliusschmidt // series, 15 parts.(the last one is unfinished and is unlikely to be but this is hands down one of my fave fics in this fandom in general so it has to be included.)  Harry’s an omega and he’s learning to like it. A lot. WIP

sometimes green and sometimes blue by itsmiz // Harry’s an omega, and Louis is an Alpha. They’re best friends growing up together on the outskirts of Washington, D.C., but they’ve always been a bit more than friends. WIP

boys fall like dominoes by lis/domesticharry // 2 part series. Harry slips into an early heat while riding the tube. Naturally, that’s when he meets Louis.

pick my petals off (make my heart explode) orphaned //  harry unexpectedly goes into heat in the middle of finals, and louis, being the good boyfriend that he is, helps harry through it.

everyhing i do (i do it for you) by lsforever //  Harry’s heat is coming up and they’ve planned to finally bond, so Louis decides to plan a very eventful and loving week leading to said bonding.

drunk on rose water by brainwaves // It’s the first time in a few years that Harry has a strong desire to risk everything for something he loves.The last time, it was being a fashion model. This time, it’s Louis.

a tentative peace by colourexplosion // louis offers to help harry with his needs, harry wants them to be more.

i’ll be hurt from the heat (running from the heat) by itiswhatitisbutterfly //  Harry and Louis are in love, and they are probably soul mates. They just can’t be bond mates because despite the undeniable pull, it’s them against the world.

drape me in your warmth by fookinglosers //  TMH era fic where Harry is an omega whose heat comes a little earlier than expected and really, who is Louis to deny him his knot?

i don’t wanna be your friend, i wanna kiss your neck by crybaby //  Harry is a hopelessly romantic omega and Louis is his sister’s best friend.

too hot (hot damn) by louissass //  the one where Harry goes into heat in the middle of a concert but doesn’t realise because of the heatwave.

and since there’s so few fics with this dynamic i feel i must throw in some self promo. i’ve written three a!louis/o!harry fics myself if you’d like to check those out:

a body wishes to be held & held //  Harry wants to return the favour after Louis helps him out with his heat.

lemon eyes // harry wants to gain more experience; who better to do it with than with louis, the alpha with the worst reputation on campus?

breathe into your well // louis visits a rut bar in the hopes of having a memorable rut.

Fanfiction Writer Appreciation!

As it turns out, today, August 21st, is fan fiction writer appreciation day!

So to celebrate and show appreciation for all of those selfless writers who dedicate so much of their time and energy into crafting brilliant fics for the world to read, I wanted to compile a list of some of my favorite writers and one of my personal favorites by them.

I highly recommend that you go and follow these lovely people, if you aren’t already, and show them, as well as their writing, some love! They are all so incredibly talented and work so incredibly hard to create top of the line fan fiction.

So without further ado and in particular order, here are some of my favorite gems in the Criminal Minds Writing Fandom.

@the-bau-profilers // I Would Do Everything In My Power 

@spencerdamnreid // Just Shut Up

@twelveyearoldchildprodigy // Coffee Dependency 

@reiding-and-writing //  Amplification 2.0

@reidbyers // Love on the First Page

@bookofreid // Coming Back To You

@curlyreid  // Wanting

@gubl-oser  // Clean 

@reidoneshots //  Sunrise.

@reidlings //  damn, do I think of you.

@starbucksreid // You, Me, Him, and the Universe

@jedireid // Here With You

@donuts1324 // Appreciation

@prettyrickyreid // Home

@ilikepipecleanerswitheyes //  You Make Me Feel Okay

@rayreids // Shades of Grey

@brywrites // Reid to Me

@speedreiding // It Would Happen Eventually

@dontshootmespence //  Eight Ways to Say I Love You

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Wrapped In Red
Louis backs himself into a corner and has two days to find a date to bring to the Horan Family’s big annual Christmas party to both appease his mother, and show up an ex-boyfriend. In the midst of Christmas shopping and trying to work out his dilemma, he meets Harry Styles, the cute volunteer behind the charity gift wrapping booth. 

You should read all of Molly’s fics, because they’re incredible and will make you smile incessantly. This particular one (the FIRST that she published in this fandom!) makes me think of pretty wrapped presents, warm cookies, and the fuzzy feeling of being around people you love at the holidays. Go read it immediately!


A/N: WHELP. I thought today would be a perfect day to sit down and write a 4500 work smut in 5 hours…yep. Totally. And this smut is dedicated to @bxngtxnfluffandotherstuff whether she likes it or not <3

Anyway! Let’s get into it~ ;p

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader (V x Reader)

Genre: Smutty smut

Words: 4,591

Your job is a bit…strange, you’ll admit. Most people don’t spend their days in a typically empty shop, bored out of their mind and having to resort to vibrator races on the glass counter to keep themselves entertained. Yes, working at a sex shop is pretty boring some days—but at least you get an employee discount on toys! Fuck yes—totally worth the boredom—especially when you’re in the shop alone and there are sex toys…all…around you. Whelp! Usually you just throw a 20 near the register and pick a new baby to play with.

The other perk about working at a sex shop, is that when it’s dead busy on the weekdays, you can tell your good friend to come hang out with you, and since you’re the only one on shift, no one will care!


“Anything new in?” A deep voice rings out, the bell on the front door ringing. You look over your shoulder at the blond who has just walked in, book bag slung over his shoulder. He drops it behind the counter like usual, and then moves over to where you’re knelt on the floor, a small box-cutter in your hand as you slice open the tape on the giant brown box in front of you.

“Yeah, this came in today. Not sure what’s in it though.”

“Well we’ll find out, won’t we?” the male grins, leaning on the table beside where your standing. In the process, he knocks a pussy pocket off the surface and immediately bends down to pick it up, staring at the toy with a hint of judgement in his eyes, lips pressing into a flat line. You roll your eyes at him, continuing to tug at the tape on the box.

“How was class, Taehyung?”

“Ughhhhhh~,” he groans, failing his arms around. You laugh.

“So boring! My eyes kept rolling back into my head!”

“Poor baby,” you say, hand reaching over to pat his thigh. The half-sympathetic gesture has him rolling his eyes at you, lips tugging into a fond smirk.

“That’s right. I’m a poor baby—which means that noona should take care of me~,” he sing-songs in a teasing manner, moving behind to you hug you from behind. He wraps his arms around your shoulders, fingers purposefully resting against the tops of your breasts. This time it’s your turn to roll your eyes at him.

“I’m literally not even a year older than you.”

You feel Taehyung shrug. “I just think you have a noona kink and don’t want me to say it, or you’ll suddenly want me to fuck you.”

“You’re asking for a spanking,” you tell him, suddenly thrusting your ass backwards. Taehyung gasps, falling away with a little bit of a pained grunt, and you instantly look back at him with an apologetic stare. He’s lying on the floor beside you, hands lightly cupping his junk.

“I mean…you kinda deserve it.”

“Bite me,” he groans, and you roll your eyes, lips spreading into a grin as you go back to your work.

“I’m still on shift, babe.”

“Like that’s ever stopped you,” Taehyung responds with a laugh, and you can’t help but agree. Taehyung knows what you do here when you’re alone—you two are close enough for him to know. Also, Taehyung thinks it’s entirely fascinating that you are so open about sex and toys and masturbation and everything. Apparently he’d never met such an open girl, and that’s one of the factors that had contributed to your speedily formed friendship a few months ago.

“Open the box already!” Taehyung says in excitement when he realizes that you’ve finally managed to undo all the tape. Like a child on Christmas, he reaches forward and grabs it, shaking it a little, and his eyes widen slightly when he realizes how light it is.

“There’s no way these are toys,” he says, plopping back down, lip pouted in disappoint that you’re tempted to laugh at. For as bubbly as Taehyung is most days, his recent infatuation with toys and his curiosity with them highly amuses you.

“Actually, I think they’re clothes,” you tell him, pulling open the cardboard folds and tugging the small amount of packing paper out of the way. Just like you thought, inside the box is an array of messy lingerie, and you sigh, knowing that you’ll need to either fold or hang up every outfit in the box.

“Damn,” Taehyung says at catching an eyeful of the clothing, hands digging into the box to grab one of the delicate pieces. It’s a red monstrosity with too many tiny straps going every which way, and he frowns at it.

“I’ve never understood why girls like these. Isn’t being naked better? Like why bother with the hassle?”

“Well, for one,” you say, grabbing another piece of clothing from the box. You press to your feet and hold it up in front of you, Taehyung’s eyes focusing on the sheer, see-through baby doll. “Girls like wearing them sometimes. Because it makes us feel good about ourselves. And secondly—some guys think girls look hella sexy in them and don’t care about the hassle of taking it off of them. Girls too. Girls think girls are hot in them too. Oh! Or you can just buy a crotch-less one and that will take care all of the hassle,” you add in, winking at him and laughing when you see his awed face.

“I’m learning so much,” he whispers in excitement, scooting closer to the box and digging inside of it. He pulls out piece after piece, frowning at some and eyes widening at others. You watch him through the corner of your eyes, occupied with attempting to fold some of the clothing in a neat manor. Then, after a good 5 minutes, all of the sudden Taehyung stops, holding up piece of lingerie with a contemplative look on this face.

“Noona,” he calls, catching your attention.

“What?” you ask, turning to face him, your eyes sliding down to the ruffled, white teddy that’s in his hands. Even though the piece isn’t properly hung or on a mannequin, you can see that it’s both crotch-less and chest-less, holes in the fabric where a woman’s breasts would typically fall.

Taehyung’s eyes shift up to meet yours, his head cocking to the side innocently. “Try this on for me?”

The unexpected notion has you flushing red immediately, face warming up.

“I’m sorry??”

“Try it on!” He suggests with a slightly dirty smile, pushing to his feet and holding the item towards you. “You keep saying that girls like them and that they look good, and I don’t like most of them, but I think this one is cute, so you should try it on for me! That way I can see what all the hype is about!”

“You’re fucking crazy,” you tell him, palm reaching out to smack against his chest. However, Taehyung’s hand quickly moves to hold you there against him, the flat plain of his pectoral laid out under the warmth of your palm. Surprised and frazzled by the shift in his attitude, you meet his stare once again, lips parting in slight surprise when you see that rather than his innocent pleading attitude you’d witnessed the moment before, his eyes have now darkened with a hint of seriousness.

“C’mon, you can trust me,” he says, free hand extending the outfit towards you, and with a loud huff you snatch it from him. Immediately Taehyung smiles pleasantly, and you scowl at him, tempted to pout. You’re sure he call tell that you’re blushing like you’ve never blushed before—the idea of him asking you to try on something so revealing immediately short circuiting your mind.

“…are you serious?” you ask again, just to make sure, and Taehyung nods.


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Dex drops his bag next to the green couch and shrugs off his coat, heading toward the soft yellow light spilling out of the kitchen. The Haus is quiet; it’s midterms week, and everyone is pulling their last marathon study sessions before the final round of tests ends tomorrow. Fortunately for Dex, his last exam was earlier this morning, but the others are still holed up in their usual study spaces. If he’s right, Ransom and Holster should be in the library, Chowder should be in Farmer’s dorm, Lardo should be pacing around her studio, and Bitty should be - well, in the kitchen, he guesses, considering the smell that’s wafting through the hallway. 

He guesses right. When he enters the kitchen, he finds Bitty rolling out sugar cookie dough and humming whatever’s playing in his earbuds. Dex taps the doorframe to let Bitty know he’s there, and then he notices that Bitty isn’t alone.

Nursey’s here, too, scribbling frantically on a yellow legal pad and buried under a mess of loose papers and highlighters. Bitty turns to give Dex his best warning stare and Dex makes a motion as if to zip his lips shut, perching up on the countertop and stealing a cookie from the tray that’s cooling next to him.

For a minute or two he watches Nursey continue to scribble like his life depends on it. He’s seen Nursey this stressed before, but only around exams. Nursey may try to maintain his chill, but Dex knows that his grades are one of the few things that can pull his d-man out of his shell instantly. He works hard, Dex thinks. Really hard. Sometimes, beyond the point when even Dex himself would call it quits and take a nap - and Dex doesn’t give anything up easily. Never has, never will. 

He’s startled out of his thoughts by Bitty pushing a mixing bowl into his arms and handing him a wooden spoon. While Bitty swaps trays in and out of the oven, Dex starts absentmindedly mixing, watching as Nursey shuffles some papers around and picks up a green highlighter. 

Nursey underlines a few phrases before tossing the highlighter back onto the table, heaving a heavy sigh, and shoving a hand through his hair. Dex gets an idea. It’s stupid and small, but it’s an idea. 

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It’s not about integrity.

There’s a sign on the wall behind him that reads ‘coffee with integrity’, and as far as he can tell, with all of the wild concoctions his parents have come up with and slapped on the menu and called it “coffee” Danny knows that it’s not about integrity. It’s about being different. And the FentonWorks Coffee House is all about being different.

Danny cleaned a counter. In one hand he was scrubbing syrups off the granite and in the other he was sipping at a Lumberjack latte - twice the caramel, half of the liquid smoke. Liquid smoke is an ingredient for meats that are trying to get a smokehouse vibe. To use more than a teaspoon for a pound of meat is horrendous.

And yet there it was.

On the shelf.

In a syrup jar. 

One ounce per pump, two pumps per latte. Nothing in the world has ever tasted more like death. Danny took another sip, considering. Well. Maybe the Turkey Time latte, or the Cappuccino A La Cyan Pepper. Though he kind of, strangely, liked both of those - as long as he halved the overwhelmingly wrong ingredients and doubled up on sugar pumps. 

Still, according to modern business standards, this was a coffee shop that should not exist. Everything on the menu is absolutely terrible. The only way to survive is to walk in, read nothing of the menu, and assume that this shop like any other coffee shop had a generic vanilla latte on the menu. And then Danny would have to go through the painful explanation that, unfortunately, FentonFlavors ™ are patented flavors, and there isn’t a bottle in the facility that has vanilla without pepper. But he can give you a flavorless latte, and they’re not savages here, so there’s white sugar around the counter.

Danny restocked that same white sugar, which was always running near empty. It was raining outside, which to him was good, because his manager lived very far away, up a mountain, where rain often turned to snow and snow meant he wasn’t going to come in today. Danny loved it when Vlad called in. He was a family “friend” (not really) who hated coffee, was very obnoxious about tea, and found a sick pleasure in writing split-shifts that cut Danny’s schedule into pure chaos.

The bell rang. Tucker stepped inside of the small coffee house and lowered his umbrella. He nodded to Danny. “The usual?” Danny asked. Tucker nodded again and walked up to the counter. Danny fixed a cup of hot chocolate, because try as they might the Fentons had yet to find a way to ruin that one yet, and passed it across the counter. Tucker didn’t pay, and Danny didn’t ask. They reminisced over the bad weather together when a figure appeared outside of the window. Danny paused.

There were a few people in this town who, for some inexplicable reason, enjoyed FentonWorks Coffee. There was the bum who practically lived on the corner of second street, the woman who wore tattoos for sleeves and played daredevil games with very tall buildings, the Cloaked Crusader - an Amity Park vigilante who was literally just a man in a top hat and a cloak, and who never captured any criminal ever, but always came in smelling like he’d been tossed in a trash can.

Currently at the window was The Skulker. He never ordered anything. He often stood at the window and stared at Danny, unmoving, a hood over his face. Today he stepped inside. Danny and Tucker both stiffened and watched him scuttle to one of the armchairs in the corner of the cafe. Tucker leaned over the counter, his voice dropping to a whisper, “I thought you guys banned him after he broke the bathroom sink?”

Danny rubbed his neck, whispering back, “My parents are convinced he’s not at fault for it.”

Tucker lifted his eyebrows. Danny shrugged. He took another sip of the Lumberjack. It was god awful.

To ten million fireflies,
I’m weird ‘cause I hate goodbyes.

It was a shock, to say the least. 

The whole neighborhood was in the bodega when it happened.  Nina, was there too. She felt lucky enough to get a chance to see this with everyone she loved. After a stressful year of working, and here she was, with everyone she loved. And Benny right by her side.
Radios were blasting the results, TV’s were on, and everyone gathered to De La Vega’s. Usnavi rarely uses that flat screen for anything, only for special events. Fifa; surprisingly, the Olympics; and previously for those last few debates. There was no doubt in everybody’s mind that he wouldn’t use the TV today.<br />
Almost everyone one of age had a sticker proudly displayed on their chest, like a medal of honor. Those who didn’t, couldn’t. Many have already thanked Nina for registering them.
Flags from all around hung from the fire escapes but one flag appeared the most constant: red, white and blue, donning stars and stripes. And all flown so freely in the soft breeze.
Usnavi and Vanessa were behind the counter busting out change and receipts, from energy drinks and cafe. Tonight was going to be a late one.
Daniela and Carla were in the corner, watching the screen, holding hands. Their hands seemed to be gripping to each others more as the states start to change colors. Some squeezes out of excitement, some out of fear.
Camila and Kevin were standing just outside the bodega. They eyed their little street. Oh, how it has changed, without looking any different day after day, until one day you notice, in retrospect, it’s has changed. It’s grown right before their eyes. And it just made a decision to change the world. They marveled at their street; they marveled at their daughter.
The Piragüero, is also outside the bodega, selling to neighbors walking into the store. Today’s special was, strawberry (red), Coconut (white), or raspberry (blue).
For once, Sonny didn’t have to drag Pete to the polls, they were there first thing in the morning. They were sucking down on one of Sonny’s slushie concoctions, to stay awake.

And then the night went on. People began holding their breath. Candle sales when up. Curses were screamed, prayers were whispered.

By the time the west coast was all counted up, it was late. And it was called.
It was called when Nina stood tall with tears gleaming in her eyes. For the first time in a long time she felt like she let everyone down.
It was called when Benny was holding on behind her, he was the only one to feel her tremble. He was the only one to hear her hold her breath for too long. He reminded her to breathe.
It was called when Carla was sobbing hard into Daniela’s shoulder. A thousand prayers and verses running through her mind. Her hands holding on to Dani more than ever.
It was called when Daniela stood blinking passed the tears in shock, not knowing what to do.  What to say. But somehow just knew to take a moment and smell Carla’s hair, like it was her last. It could be her last….
It was called when Camila felt a chill. Her mind was calculating just how much money they had in their accounts, just what they could leave behind in their apartment. It would be the first time she left somewhere with just a suitcase. For a flickering second, she thought of Claudia.
It was called when Kevin suddenly remembered his father’s stinging slap across his face. He could vaguely hear his voice in his ear, “Inútil”.
It was called when the Piragüero had a second thought of selling his piragua in those colors. He had a second thought of being here…
It was called when a curse fell from Pete’s mouth and a drink from Sonny’s hand. Fear rose over their faces, while their faith in humanity also fell.
It was called with every vile thing Vanessa was ever called and yelled at ringing in her ears. And for once, she let it get to her. She felt like she was those slurs. And she broke. She started crying harder than she ever thought she could.
It was called with cringes and curses and tears. It was called with people facing their screens in fear.
It was called. And in an instant, the rushing city was frozen. Usnavi knew every thoughts that ran across everyone’s mind. And then he had to face what was going through his mind. Would he have to sacrifice DR to be American? No matter what he knew he couldn’t. It’s as much of him now presently that it was his past. Would he have to sacrifice New York to be Dominican? How could he? After everything he’s parents gone through, how could he just reverse it? Was he welcomed here? Where any of them welcome here? Was this really home?
He stepped closer to comfort Vanessa, right when her legs gave out. He steadied her. Tears dampened his guayabera, and with every whimper she made he felt a pang of something he can’t even explain. He wrapped his arms tightly around her. There are many things they can take from him, but she’s not one of them.
Nina was right by her side. Vanessa turned to Nina enveloping her in a hug. Nina trying to keep it together for her friend who has always been so strong. But everything is weighing on her. And together they both cried.
Usnavi raised his gaze up high. Maybe to God, or maybe to the TV, maybe both. Just waiting to see the colors on the map change. Just waiting to see the numbers change. Just waiting to see the Ashton Kutcher come out, or something. After a minute of searching, he turned off the screen.
The store filled fell to a hush, with a few whimpers and quiet prayers.
The Nina and Vanessa stood there, shifting back and forth crying until Benny’s hand touched her shoulder. Nina looked up sniffling to see the whole community grieving, working through every emotion they can. She squeezed Vanessa’s hand as a final embrace and she turned to the crowd.

She spoke; Usnavi echoed her in Spanish, “Listen everyone, what just happened,” she pauses to find the best phrasing, “was an American Tragedy. It’s a disgrace to have been the product of a democratic system. Now I know, all of us are frightened for the consequences. Notice, I said consequences. It seems like: when there is a mix up, we pay the price. It seems like: even when we are Americans we are treated still like second class citizens. We are treat like we don’t have the same rights as everyone else.”
Grunts of approval come from the crowd.
“And today we went to the polls to tell them how we felt. How we suffer. And we suffer for simply being. Being the gender we are. For being the race we are. For having our skin be the shade it is. For loving who we love and praying to who we believe in. For just being here. And we are scared. But I know one thing. But we are not alone. And there are more of us, out there, demanding justice. We will exercise our right to protest, but we will do it by showing to the country what we think America is, or at least what it should be. We will show them our colors proudly. We will raise our voices high. We will stick together, with comfort and defense. Because, we are so many things but the most uniting factor is that we are Americans!
Many of us has been through dictators and corrupt governments Maybe, that’s why some of us are here. Let me ask those people: through everything that regime has put your country through… Do you still love that country?”
“Is there still a pride for that country?”
“Is there still a love for that country?”
“Is it still apart of you?”
“Then let this country also be apart of you, because you are apart of it! No one should have to sacrifice one of their identities over another. We should feel comfortable in our own home. We should hold who we are with pride and still be treated as equal. It will take time and will be hard work, but like Abuela said:”
“Tomorrow, is going to be surreal. Somehow, the world is going to get up and go on with it’s day. And you are going to wake up and you still are going to be here. And as long as we are here, we can make a difference.”

The bodega burst with applause. People’s tear streaked faces were met with enough confidence to get them through the night. The crowd exited the doors branching off in the street. One branch was lead by José, keys jingling in hand, ready to open his doors; the others went to their homes, minds, still processing what had happened.

The bodega was left quiet and empty. Some cups and wrappers confettied the floor.
Vanessa had joined Daniela and Carla in the corner, hugging and wiping away tears. Carla, all tired out, leaned on Daniela’s shoulder. Daniela stroking her hair, singing Juan Gabriel. With Carla nodding off on her shoulder, she invites Vanessa and Usnavi to sleepover at their place tonight. It was too late and too scary to go back downtown tonight. Vanessa took her up on that offer.
Camila and Kevin had gathered around their shaking daughter, with eyes beaming from pride and wet with fear. They tell her how proud they are of her. They tell her how much they love her. They tell her they will be right by her side.
Sonny got up to pick the abandoned cups. Pete still own the floor, eyes glossy and red. With all of the cups were picked up, Sonny began sweeping. Pete blinked out of his shock and got up, walking over to Sonny, ready to take the broom from him. Sonny didn’t surrender it. Instead, he kissed Pete’s forehead and asks him to sit down again. He wasn’t looking too good.
Usnavi stood there for a second, then did the only thing that seemed natural: count and move inventory. When he struggled to move the shipments of water bottles to the back, Benny stepped in to help. After moving the three shipments they took a rest, using the bulk packaging as a seat. The was a silence in there. Just the sounds of their panting. And then, Usnavi heard a different sound, a quiet sob. He turned to see Benny crying silently, hands hiding his face.
“Benny. Hey, man, we’re going to fine.”
“Are we though? Man, anyone we love can be taken away from us. I see how people look at me when I walk down the street. Almost everywhere in this city, I get side eyes. Stares. You’re probably the only store owner who doesn’t watch me when I’m in here. And it’s cause you know me.”
Usnavi grips his shoulder in solidarity.
“There a lot of things, I’m angry about. And a lot I’m worried about. But most of all, any day it seems like I could taken from Nina. Ever morning when I leave the mattress, I pray I make it home to her. I’m very aware I might just step off the curb at the wrong time, or have a busted tail light, and that could be the end for me. And I know she’s in high places, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a target. And I can’t…. I can’t imagine, what that would do to her. It would destroy her. I can’t leave her. I love her.”
Usnavi brings him in for a hug. And he holds his friend while he cries. There’s a silence in the back that seems allow the sobs echo, Benny felt not quite so alone.

With everyone out of the bodega, Usnavi took a moment to himself. And looked around at the livelihood his parents made. It was still standing. He goes behind the counter, and pulled out a Dominican flag and American flag. He hung them in the window, side by side.
He exited and locked up the door and  looked around. Everyone had gone home. Even the Piragüero had gone. Where does he go? Usnavi hoped to see him again.
Pulling down the grate, he was met with Abuela Claudia’s mural and with an idea.
He caught a glimpse of Sonny and Pete walking towards home, just down the street. He rushes over to catch up with them.
“‘Paciencia y Fe’ and ‘No pare, sigue, sigue’!” He calls out.
Pete and Sonny turned around, “What?”
“‘No pare, sigue, sigue’. It means don’t stop keep going and ‘Paciencia y Fe’ means-”
“Yeah, I know what it means, why you telling me?
“Can you write those. If you finish tonight I’ll pay you extra”
“Pete! He has a job for you.”
“Now, I know you’re tired, but, if you can-” Usnavi reacted into his pocket, pulling out his wallet.
“Naw, I can paint tonight.”
“Good. You’re going to need some new cans.”

Sweet Memory

a zimbits semi soulmate au inspired by this song

Everyone is born with a memory, and like a true memory – though there are some who’ll argue this point – it changes over time.

You decide not to go to that concert after all. The memory changes.

You crash your car and have to take a later flight. The memory changes.

You flunk out of university. The memory changes.

Because if your soulmate was written in stone from your first breath, before that, even, well… how much of a match could that really be. You’re not you yet, and they aren’t them either. Better to wait until you’re settling into your bones and your skin doesn’t feel quite unlike yours anymore.

But for now, there is a memory.

Unlike a true memory, this is not an event in the past, rather, it’s from your future. That’s why it changes, see, and that’s why you can change it. You don’t need to feel panic in the face of predestined future and lack of volition. Your memory is for you.

When you’re young, you can’t tell which one it is. (What is a memory? What is a soulmate?) but eventually you’ll get a talk and then, well. That memory that comes to you, of snowflakes on the back of your hands and someone wrapping a scarf around your neck, when you remember that now you can separate it from all of your other memories because you’ve never actually been to the snow.

So that’s how it works. You get a memory. Your memory is of your soulmate.

Eric Richard Bittle’s first memory is the smell of strawberries, the taste of chocolate on his tongue, and the scratch of dry grass under his legs.

When he turns seven, Eric takes a tumble down the stairs, and misses a class excursion to an art gallery that might otherwise have planted the seed in his brain for a university path that did not eventuate.

Eric’s second memory is of being surrounded by water, hand held by another, the sun lighting up the back of his eyelids a vibrant red.

Eric’s third memory is the smell of a woodfire, the stickiness of marshmallow on his tongue. It doesn’t stay for long after he moves to Madison.

Then a series of memories which Eric barely has time to identify as he contemplates university.

Eric Richard Bittle’s final memory settles in when he sends his application to Samwell University. It’s the smell of flour and butter, the taste of blueberries, a soft laugh whose owner he doesn’t yet know. It’s his final memory, but it doesn’t know it yet. It changes on and off through Bitty’s – that’s what he goes by now – first year.

Sometimes a small change. Pecan instead of blueberries.

Sometimes a bigger change. A kitchen still, but there’s no baking, it’s dancing instead, and that same soft laughter in his ear.

Sometimes it goes away completely. No laugh. The feel of a different hand around his waist.

Second year it settles. The soft laugh comes back and the blueberries return and when Bitty takes up residence in the Haus he feels it in his bones. He’s close.

He changes the curtains in the kitchen and his fingers tingle. He reorganises the fridge and he can feel it in his toes too. He buys punnet after punnet of blueberries and though the tingle remains in his fingers, his memory is yet to eventuate.

As is the only way the memories happen, Bitty is totally unprepared, unexpecting to find himself living it out.

The flour and butter smell is a constant. The blueberries are nothing new. So why is it this time, this moment, this one conversation out of the hundreds Bitty and Jack have had.

Bitty bumps into Jack. He chirps. He throws a puff of flower over Jack and then…

It happens.

The laugh.

The soft laugh that’s been keeping Bitty company for months.

It’s Jack’s laugh.

But that’s the other thing about your memory. Your memory is for you. It’s the moment most special to you. Your soulmate, well, they get their own one, a different one.

Bitty feels. Nervous, excited, happy, scared. He shakes with all of that feeling and can’t say a thing to Jack, who’s distracted with half a mind on his pie and half on talking about his future.

The memory, it becomes a true memory.

Nothing changes.

The further away from it, the more Bitty works it all up in his head.

You can’t prove you’ve had your memory. All you have is the hope that they’ll trust you’re telling the truth. When you tell them. If you tell them. (People do most of the time. Your memory is for you, after all, and so by the time it happens you’re half in love with them. They’re half in love with you.)

Bitty waits for the right time. He waits. He almost says something when… no, that was going to be a lie. He just waits.

Then Jack is graduating and it’s too late. Bitty can’t spring it on Jack just as he’s leaving. It’s unfair.

He says goodbye instead. Wraps Jack up as tight as he can handle, straightens the already neat tie so he doesn’t have to see Jack’s eyes up close.

Then he cries. For a lot of things.

He cries so much that he doesn’t hear the footsteps and slamming of doors that precede Jack’s arrival at the doorway of his old room.

It takes Jack calling his name to cut through Bitty’s thoughts, and then it’s all Bitty can do to pull himself back together, be there for Jack, for whatever this is.

He falls apart again a moment later when Jack kisses him.

And kisses him again.

And then again.

When he pulls back, Jack has this look in his eyes and Bitty would say with one-hundred percent certainty that Jack just lived his memory. Because Bitty knows that face.

He wonders what it was, what memory Jack has been living with since… who knows. He starts wondering about that too. When did Bitty become Jack’s memory?

There is so much he wants to know and so much of him he wants to be known.

(A hug at graduation. Someone fixing my tie.

Blueberry pie and your laugh.)



Artist: [Dhiea]

Komahina fic idea: When We Were Younger

[Hinata and Komaeda as kids]

Hinata first meets Komaeda while he is heading to school one morning. Following the barks of a dog, Hinata stumbles upon a white-haired boy, and cutely blushes when Komaeda gives him the brightest of smiles.

Walking to school together, Komaeda tells Hinata he can come by anytime and play with him and his dog. Hinata nods and smiles excitedly.

Days pass as friendship blossoms; being all close and cute; innocent kisses on cheeks, cutely holding hands, goofy playing, all sweet smiles. The closer they grow towards each other, the more inseparable they become.

One day, Komaeda talks about marrying Hinata when he grows up and Hinata flusters in embarrassment. Komaeda simply laughs with a light blush while Hinata hides his.

Tragically one day, Komaeda’s dog gets run over and dies due to Komaeda’s unknown bad luck. Hinata sees Komaeda by the dog’s grave and tries to suppress his tears and be strong for Komaeda’s sake. But seeing how deeply saddened he is, Hinata hugs him and cries. Komaeda buries his face into Hinata’s embrace and lets his tears flow.

Wiping away his tears, Hinata promises Komaeda he will never leave him and will always stay by his side. They pinky swear and Komaeda’s flushes his smile through his tears. Komaeda wipes his tears and places a soft kiss on Hinata’s lips as thank you. It’s innocent, and Hinata smiles with a soft, feathery blush.

But the promise is not meant to stay forever.

Their bright days come to a sudden halt when Komaeda’s parents pass away in a horrible accident in which Komaeda’s the sole survivor. Komaeda goes through a psychological shut down due to his traumatic experience.

With no relatives, he inherits his parent’s wealth but with a dreadful price. During the funeral, nobody talks to Komaeda. Even Hinata doesn’t know what to say and silently cries.

Hinata tries to visit him but Komaeda locks himself inside his room, not answering when Hinata calls out for him. Komaeda feels depressed, scared, and lonely; feeling Hinata will one day leave him too.

Komaeda stops coming to school.

When Hinata tells his mother he wants to go and meet with Komaeda, she warns him, out of motherly concern, to stay away that boy because he’s an unlucky child.

Cursed. That boy is cursed. The neighbors chatter away their fears over the orphan boy.

During a cold snowy night, Hinata sneaks out of the house and sees Komaeda in front of the dog’s grave. His eyes glistens and slowly he approaches him. Komaeda turns to face him and suddenly gets pulled into a hug. Komaeda hesitantly holds him back, gradually melting into his warmth.

Hinata apologizes times and times again but Komaeda doesn’t know what he is apologizing for. Hinata feels sorry for Komaeda and wishes he can make difference and see his bright smile once again.

Hinata pulls back and cups his face, tears quickly forming in his eyes, feeling helpless and useless. Lips quivering, Hinata pulls on his face and places his lips on Komaeda’s, lingering with innocent affection to show that he cares.

Komaeda closes his eyes and kisses back.

Leaning their foreheads on each other’s, Komaeda holds onto Hinata and Hinata in return hugs him back tighter amidst the cold winds. Hinata stares into Komaeda’s eyes, sees his cheeks flush from the cold, so he tries to warm him. Komaeda leans against his warmth and his lips curve into a small smile.

Suddenly, Hinata’s mother shows up, and she scolds Hinata for sneaking out the house during a cold night like this, and upon finding him with Komaeda, she quickly pulls him away from him.

Hinata resists her pulling while his mother reprimands him.

Hinata cries out but can’t break free. He looks back over a dejected Komaeda and reaches his hand out for him. Komaeda stares without moving, his hair blowing in the wind, his eyes desolate and lost; his figure slowly disappearing before Hinata’s sight.

This was the last time Hinata saw Komaeda.

Later, Hinata’s family move away to another town, another life, and have met other neighbors, but Hinata continues to feel longing and yearning for the white-haired boy.

Guilt and regrets fill the years in between, and Hinata wonders if he’ll ever meet Komaeda again. Will he ever see his hopeful smile again?

Years pass by and Hinata gets older, barely remembering the times when he was younger, barely remembers his broken promise, barely remembers the face of that young boy.

Until that fateful day when he is met once again with that brightest of smiles.

To be continued?

Also, I’ll be so happy if someone picked this idea and turned it into a fluffy/angst fic.


Imagine Chris talking about you with his fans.

A/N: You know what happens when you can’t sleep? You dazedly finish requests. Oh God, this is my fourth fic of the day and I no longer know if I’m making any sense. This one was requested by @ateliefloresdaprimavera, I went off script a little but I hope you enjoy it anyway. X

You stood side stage with Chris’ bodyguard as you listened to him talk to his fans about his movie, ‘Before We Go’ in which he starred and directed. You were so insanely proud of him and all the amazing things he’d achieved over the years, a large one being his contract with MCU. He’d gone through his fair share of lousy and degrading roles- as did most actors and actresses, so you were happy that he was finally where he wanted to be and getting recognition for his incredible talent. You were a fan before you became his girlfriend, and as far as you were concerned, you were going to be a fan even if things didn’t end up the way you wanted it to.

Though that wasn’t going to be a problem. The two of you had been together for years now, with marriage definitely somewhere in the picture. Your parents loved him as much as his parents loved you. Your relationship with his siblings, nephews, and nieces, and his relationship with yours couldn’t be better. You got along with his friends and he got along with yours. You had even won the hearts of his fans who were protective- to say the least- of their Captain; they realized that he was the happiest around you and they couldn’t let their jealousy get in the way of his happiness. It didn’t take long for them to love you as much as Chris did because unlike the rest of the actresses he had been with, you were just like the rest of them; an ordinary, everyday girl.

You’d met Chris in the most unconventional way. It was coincidental and purely out of good luck that you crossed paths with him. In fact, meeting him made you believe in a universal power because you would’ve never met him if that invisible, omnipotent force didn’t pull him into your path. Even the word ‘never’ was an understatement 'cause you weren’t famous, nor were you important. You were just an ordinary girl who worked in a bakery that just so happened to have dropped her phone while rushing past Chris Evans. He did the honorable thing and tried to return the phone, unaware that he would soon meet the love of his life.

“We’ve got time for one last question.”

You heard the interviewer tell the crowd and a collective “booooo!” washed over the hall. Chris chuckled but remained indifferent as he wanted to end the interview so he could rejoin your side and take you to dinner. You’d spent all day following him around and patiently waiting while he signed pictures and took selfies with his fans, you needed a break from the famous people scene.

“Let’s see,” Chris scanned the crowd. “You, with all the hand gestures. Hi,” he smiled brightly. “Yeah, you did good. I would’ve never picked you if you didn’t do all that,” he chuckled. “What’s your question?”

“Hi,” the girl- who sounded no more than fifteen spoke shyly. “Um- You did a wonderful job with the movie and I am a huge fan of Captain America. I think you are incredibly talented and we are lucky to have you in our lives and on our movie screens.”

“Why, thank you.” Chris smiled.

“But I don’t really have a question, I just wanted to tell you that I speak for most of your fan base when I say we are very happy you found someone like Y/N to make you happy.” The young girl told Chris and you saw his smile ten-fold upon hearing your name. “We think she’s lovely and we hope the two of you get married and have adorable baby Avengers.”

“Aw, thank you,” Chris chuckled. “I am very happy with Y/N, I think she’s wonderful and I hope we get married and have adorable baby Avengers too.” He glanced at you and you chuckled, shaking your head. “Since we’re talking about it, I’d like to thank all of you for being so incredibly supportive of our relationship because it definitely makes things easier for us.”

The crowd cheered and clapped.

“Is Y/N here with you?” The young girl asked.

Chris grinned, “yeah. C'mon,” he held out his hand and gestured you towards him with a wiggle of his fingers. “Yes,” he nodded when you shook your head. “C'mon, baby.” You heard the excitement in the crowd increase and you sighed, knowing you had no choice. “Give her a hand.” He smiled when you walked out of the side stage towards him.

“I hate you,” you whispered into his ear when he wrapped an arm around you.

“I love you too,” he chuckled softly then held the microphone in front of your mouth.

“Hi everyone,” you waved and the crowd cheered. “Thank you for being so welcoming. Chris always says he has the most supportive fans and I definitely see that now. Well- I see it on Tumblr and Twitter and Instagram quite often but- it’s nice to actually feel the support in person.”

“I love you, Y/N!” You heard someone yell.

“That’s my job,” Chris joked and laughter erupted.

“Thank you for making him happy, Y/N.” The same young girl who had spoken about you moments before said. You looked up and spotted her, you smiled and nodded. “You’re amazing and we all love you so much.”

“Thank you,” you smiled. “I love you guys too.”

“Alright, that’s us.” The interviewer said and the crowd clapped as you and Chris walked off the stage, waving. “Thank you all for coming out. Let’s give a round of applause for Chris Evans and be sure to see his movie, Before We Go!” The applause got louder and could be heard even after you disappeared around the stage corner.

“They love you,” Chris kissed the side of your head. “Almost as much as I do,” he said and smiled when you kissed his cheek. “What do you think?” He raised an eyebrow at you. “You think you’re ready for all that stuff that girl was talking about?”

“I’m ready whenever you are, Captain.” You told him, smiling.

You should be afraid (Jumin x Reader/MC) (Alternative Ending)

Oh god, I feel so embarrassed rn lol
This is not even that smut… And I’m like cghdcgshd WHAT AM I WRITING. 

Ok, this is alternative ending of my Jumin’s fic. If you want to know when it’s started, please read the first part here.

(I also changed the title)

@pansexualtrash  helped me with my bad grammar, misspellings and other mistakes, big thanks to her. Go check her fanfictions!

“How many times I need to tell you that I don’t care about my damn hand?” He growled, looking down at you, his eyes eager and needy.

You rarely heard him curse- most of the time, even when he was angry, he didn’t show his emotions that much. But now he was just livid, and you didn’t know what to do anymore. You should’ve said something, tried to stop him, but you didn’t. You felt like you were desperately losing this confrontation.

“Besides that…” There was an amused glow in his eyes, quickly overtaken by lust, “You said that we shouldn’t do this, but your body tells me another story,” he pointed out with a purr of pleasure.

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V x MC + Rika part 2! (fluff+angst fic)

Part one can be found here! Part two became a bit longer than I thought. Sorry!!! - Michelle Xx

It has been two days. Two days, since you woke up in the morning next to a blue haired man. Two days, since you opened the door for her. Two days, since you closed that door behind yourself. It has been two days, but it feels like an eternity

Today is supposed to be the big day. The man you love so dearly is supposed to have a major eye surgery today. But that probably won’t be happening anymore. Not since the creator of his pain has come back into his life. It breaks you apart inside. Because you know that she’ll make him believe in all the ways he’s still fighting so hard to get rid off. She’ll make him believe that that’s the way to a ‘better’ world.

The past few days have mostly been spend on Saeyoung and Saeran’s couch and hugging Elizabeth closely. The white fluffy cat has been giving you alot of comfort when the twins couldn’t.

The front door is opened, so you look up to see Saeran walking into the living room. The look on his face tells you he’s pissed off. He takes a seat next to you, as close as possible. This wasn’t a strange thing. He’s always held a soft spot for you, although he won’t admit it. But when him and his brother found you crying your eyes out in the pouring rain two days ago, he stayed by your side as much as he could. It was really endearing.

You follow his gaze and see that he’s looking at a visitor. He’s looking at Jihyun. You don’t really know what to do, but sit there in silence. You can almost feel his eyes trying to focus on you. It almost burns inside of you.

“Hello, MC,” he says to break the ice.

“Hi, Jihyun,” you softly reply.

A couple more seconds pass in a painful silence. You keep petting Elizabeth’s white fur. It helps you to stay calm. You see Jihyun trying to look for words to say to you. Normally you would know just what he’s trying to say, but right know it feels like you don’t know him at all.

He takes a step closer to you and begins to talk: “MC, I’m… I’m sorry, I shouldn’t-”

“You’re sorry?!” You jump a bit at the cold tone in Saeran’s voice. “You’re fucking sorry? For what? For hurting MC? Or for still loving that blond snake!”

Jihyun puts his hands up as a sign of surrender. “I know that I’ve hurt her, Saeran. But if you would, please, just hear me out-”

“No! Don’t you dare say that you know about how you’ve hurt her! You didn’t see the way she looked when we picked her up,” Saeran’s angry voice says. “You have no idea about how fucking broken she was. The first day she wouldn’t stop crying because of you. It became so bad that when she finally stopped to take a warm shower it almost looked like she was dead inside. You haven’t heard you wake up crying her eyes out because you weren’t in bed with you. Because you were probably with that bi-”

“Saeran, stop!”

You put a hand on his arm. His attention is turned to you. It looks like he’s gonna kill someone. And you don’t really blame him. After all she did to him. If he were to actually kill her, you would probably provide him his alibi.

“It’s alright, Saeran. I can handle this. Why don’t check to see if Saeyoung is still moping around for not being allowed to touch Elizabeth?”

He takes a look at Jihyun before looking back at you again. Then he sighs and gets up to find his 'idiot brother and his stupid Honey Budha Chips’.

You look back at Jihyun and that’s when it hits you. This… wonderful man will never completely love only you. At first it didn’t seem so bad that Rika still occupied a fraction of his heart. But it starts to dawn in on you that it was you who was in that tiny little piece. Maybe the two of you weren’t even meant to be together in the first place. All these thoughts started to run around in your head and to be honest, you didn’t know which one terrified you the most.

His hands are reaching out to make sure he’s walking to the couch, stepping closer to you. “MC, please, I’m so so-”

“No, Jihyun. D-don’t come any clo-closer,” you say between the hiccups. Tears are forming at the brink of your eyes.

He stops instantly. He looks to be taken aback by your words. But that doesn’t stop you from spilling your flood of feelings. “And don’t say that you’re sorry. I should’ve known. I should’ve known that you still love her. She is everything to you and you are her sun. I may not know her before the whole Mint Eye thing, but everyone speaks so highly of her. Even you, the only one who knew about her problems and troubles. Despite everything, you still love her. How could I ever expect you to love me back as much as I love when she’s still there to claim your heart?”

With not even three feet between you two, you can hear him trying to control his breathing. But you don’t know the emotion that’s running through him. Instead, you see him kneel down on both knees. His hands are trying to find you, any part of you to hold on to. You pull your legs closer to your body so he can’t reach you. The white cat in your arms senses your onease and gives you head bumps to make you feel better.

His hands still haven’t found you and you can see him becoming slightly frantic trying to reach out for you when he can’t even see you properly. It breaks another piece of your fragile heart to see him like this. But you don’t if you handle his warm and soft touch on your skin anymore.

With a slight panic in his voice, he talks to you: “MC, p-please… I know what I said. In a way, I guess I thought that I was right. That I still love her. That my place in this world was still to be by her side. But… I know-I know that there aren’t enough words to tell you how deeply sorry I am to have hurt you. To hear your voice break between your words and to see you practially run out of the door to protect yourself. To keep yourself away from the love you thought wasn’t real.”

His words are keeping you in your place. By now you’re crying. Silent tears are running down your cheeks. They fall in sync with Jihyun’s tears. You wanna reach out and wipe them away and whisper encouraging and loving words to him until he would start to smile again. But you couldn’t bring yourself to do it.

His hands finally find you and he lets out a choked sigh of relief. His hand goes up your knee and finds your hands still holding Elizabeth the 3rd. The furry cat jumps out of your lap, giving Jihyunfull access to your hands. And you let him hold them in his own. His hands feel so cold. They only feel that way when he hasn’t been sleeping well. It tears you apart inside to know that he’s hurting too.

He takes off his sunglasses to see you a little bit better. The fact that his eyes still look dull pains you. You hold back a sob. With a shaky voice he says: “I didn’t know how wrong I was to not run after you when night time came around. You weren’t there to hold in my arms. Your warmth wasn’t there. Your beautiful hair wasn’t there for me to feel. Your soft… soft voice wasn’t there to ramble a-about wha-whatever movie was on. You… You weren’t there.”

His grip on your hand tightens. He lays his head down on your knees. Between his tears and crying you could hear him say: “You weren’t there. You weren’t there. You were gone. I thought that Rika would be enough since you would properly never forgive me. But when she started to scream at me for trying to get my eyesight back and how it was a token of betrayal… I finally realised how badly I need you. I know it’s selfish of me to ask you this, to ask you for forgiveness, but I am begging, MC. Please forgive me. Please… I-I need you…”

You can’t take it anymore. It’s too much. You can’t handle it anymore!

Your hands cup his cheeks, bring his face up so you can lean your forhead against his own. The only emotion on his face is one of fear that you will push him away. That he has really lost you.

“I’ll need you so much more than you’ll ever realise. You’ll never realise what I’d do for you, my love. How much I love you and how afraid I am that I won’t be good enough for you. But when I wake up next to you or hold your hand or just watch you take your photographs, I’ll always know that the world doesn’t matter to me as long as my reason for existence still looks at me like I am his reason for existence,” you whisper to him.

Slowly, you press your lips against his. For both of you the source of oxygen is cut off, but for the first time in two days, you two can finally breathe again. The kiss is soft and slow. Loving and gentle. It’s everything you feel for him and he feels for you.

When you finally pull back, you swear you’ve never seen someone so at peace before in your life. He looks relieved. Life will finally not be a burden just for him to bear at times, because you’ll be right by his side. You’ll be right by his side. The man who was your whole solar system, the man you could make you see stars and bring you all the way up to heaven.

Your lips connect with him again. You can feel his smile in your own lips. When you pull back again, you say: “When Jumin comes to pick up Elizabeth the 3rd in ten minutes, I’ll ask him to give us a ride to the hospital for your surgery. I love you so much, Jihyun.”

He smiles with tears of joy this time. He brings your hand up to his lips and kisses it. “Thank you,” he says, “Thank you for loving me. I love you too, my love.”

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Don’t laugh. Do. Not. Laugh. This is not funny.

James grunted when Thomas tugged on his arm as soon as the bell rung, dragging him down the hallway and avoiding the flow of students. His grasp was that of an angry man’s, and James started wracking his brain for any wrong-doing. Had he said something offensive at lunch, was it because he rolled his eyes at Thomas’ joke, or that he offered him advice on his essay when he asked him to proofread it? James’ heart was racing, he felt like a dead man, he thought that Thomas would turn around and punch him in the face-

A gasp escaped him when Thomas pressed him into the wall, his hand firm on his chest. He gulped, fingers wrapping around Thomas’ wrist. “T-Thomas, please-” He was so ready to apologize, to make sure he never wronged Thomas again, to never utter a phrase that would ever piss him off-

He was surprised when Thomas kissed him, everything suddenly becoming soft and gentle. James closed his eyes, his hand finding the back of Thomas’ neck to deepen the kiss. Thomas moaned, having to lean down to reach James’ height. They pulled apart with a gasp, neither wanting to break the kiss but both needing to breathe. Thomas sighed, resting his head on James’ shoulder. James rubbed his back.

“God, I thought you were going to kill me,” James breathed with a nervous laugh.

“Sorry,” Thomas muttered. “I was just frustrated. God, I’ve wanted to kiss you all week, but we never had the chance and I didn’t even know if you wanted to-” James shushed him and wrapped his arms around him, awkwardly cradling him given their height difference. He knew exactly how Thomas felt; craving affection but not being allowed to give or receive it. They had started dating at the beginning of the school year and made a rule not to show any public displays of affection given Thomas’ situation. Nobody suspected a thing, everything was going according to plan, but of course it was only a matter of time until one or both of them broke.

“You don’t have to ask to kiss me,” James assured, pressing their noses together. He had to stand on his tiptoes just to reach Thomas’ face.

“I know, but-” Thomas’ eyes were glassy, and James felt his heart clench painfully. “James, I’m so sick of hiding, but I have to. I want to show you that I love you, I want to scream it to the whole world, but I can’t. God, I’m such a coward-”

James pulled him down by the collar of his letterman and smashed their lips together, far more aggressive and passionate than the first. He wanted Thomas to know how he felt, any time they were together, whenever their hands would accidentally brush or their eyes would meet for half a second. His heart was beating so fast he thought it might explode, but for some reason the adrenaline rush only excited him and he was pressing so hard into the kiss he thought they would merge together.

Thomas breathed shakily, their foreheads pressed together. His eyes were closed, his mind collecting and processing what had just happened. James Madison had kissed him. James Madison loved him. Love. He whimpered when he felt James caress his cheek, realizing that he had been crying. He opened his eyes, his vision blurry with tears, but he could still make out James’ face. James, full of adoration and longing. His James. He exhaled, trailing a finger on James’ cheek. “James, I-”

“I know,” James interjected, pressing a gentle kiss to his lips. He knew it hurt to say it, it still hurt to accept it, but James was willing to wait. Love took time and James was patient. “I love you, too.”

“Oh my God.”

James and Thomas snapped their heads towards the harsh whisper, eyes widening when they met a gaping Hamilton. They quickly glanced at each other, arms still entwined, then back at Hamilton who had finally shut his mouth. James was the first to snap, “Don’t laugh. Do. Not. Laugh. This is not funny.”

“I’m not laughing,” Hamilton insisted, before bursting into gleeful yet nervous giggles. “Oh my God, I just… I never would have guessed. I knew you two were good friends, but this? No, I never would have-” He shook his head, still chuckling. “Does anyone else know?”

“No,” Thomas muttered through clenched teeth. James massaged his shoulder blades in an attempt to calm him. “And you’d better not tell anyone.” There was a threat in his tone, but in his eyes there was something else, something that Alex instantly recognized: Fear. That same fear in John’s eyes when he had came out to his friends and begged them not to tell anyone else, because if his father overheard he’d surely disown him. Alex didn’t know much about Thomas’ life at home, but if he was that scared, it mustn’t have been a very supportive one.

The smile dropped from Alex’s face to a look of pity, quickly replaced by an annoyed scowl as he crossed his arms. “Why would I do that? It’s not like I’ll get any benefit out of it,” he scoffed. “I only ask that you two keep this private. Honestly, just seeing you clinging onto each other is making my stomach churn.” There was a bit of a playful jab behind his request.

Thomas couldn’t help but smirk, gently tilting James’ chin up. “I wonder how this will make you feel?” He kissed James, surprisingly feeling safe and trusting that Alex really wouldn’t blow his mouth off.

Alex gagged, turning away and shielding his eyes. “That is disgusting. Absolutely appalling.” He began to walk away, checking over his shoulder. They were still kissing. He rolled his eyes. “Undeniably repulsive!” Thomas flicked him off in a friendly gesture, never breaking his kiss with James. Sure, it still wasn’t completely normal, but he knew there would eventually come a day where he would feel comfortable enough to kiss James in broad daylight in front of a crowd.

Imagine taking Chris to meet Tom Brady.

A/N: I do not know anything about football, Tom Brady, or The Patriots. I’m just making it all up for pure enjoyment so…Please don’t inbox me telling me how wrong I am because I already know I’m very wrong about everything.

“This way, babe.” You led Chris down the bustling hallway while he looked around like a schoolboy in an out of bounds area. “Hey,” you chuckled at his nervous expression. “We’re allowed to be here, we’ve got these pass things.”

“Yeah, about that-” He narrowed his eyes at the VIP pass hanging around his neck and yours. “How did you get these? They would’ve been sold out minutes after they went online. Did you get a scout or something?”

“Or something,” you responded vaguely then released his hand as you walked towards the locker room. Frank, the bouncer, recognized you and smiled; you returned one and whispered so only you and he could hear. “Is Tommy in there?”

“Y/N,” Chris hissed from a distance, too scared to approach. “What are you doing?! These passes aren’t good for locker room stuff, no one is allowed in there!” You giggled and ignored him, rolling your eyes at Frank while beckoning at Chris; Frank chuckled in response.

“Yeah, he is.” Frank nodded. “He’s been bragging about his little sister all day.” You chuckled softly; you weren’t actually related to Tom, he was just very good friends with your older brother. “He’s very excited to see you, though…” He glanced over your shoulder at Chris. “I can’t say he’ll be excited to see that you’ve got a boyfriend.”

“He already knows about the boyfriend, but this will be the first time they’re meeting. Chris is a huge fan so I’ve been holding off,” you told him and he nodded understandingly. “When I say huge, Frank, I mean he’s going to pass out when he finds out I know Tom.”

“If you need someone to carry him out, you know where to find me.” He said in an overtly serious tone then laughed when you did. “Go on in, sweetheart,” he opened the door for you and you glanced over you shoulder at Chris, beckoning him to follow you. “You too, Cap.” It was only when he addressed Chris that Chris dared to follow you into the locker room.

“What did you say to that guy to get us in here?” Chris whispered into your ear when he joined your side, taking your hand into his sweaty one; the football players eyeing the two of you made him incredibly nervous. “Y/N, they’re staring at us.”

“It’s okay.” You chuckled because you knew it was just an act. You had texted Tom before you took Chris to the back, and he had promise to give his team a heads up as well as a job to freak Chris out a little bit. “We’re allowed to be here, they’re just stunned that a superhero is in their locker room.”

“Why?” Chris chuckled softly. “They see Tom Brady everyday.”

“That’s very sweet of you to say, Cap.” You heard Tom say and felt Chris’ body tensed.

You turned to look at Chris and bit back your smile when you saw his expression, he had no idea how to act or whether or not to turn in Tom’s direction. You squeezed Chris’ hand and he turned to you, eyes wide. You beckoned your head at Tom- who stood behind the two of you- and mouthed, “say something, you dork.”

“Uh-” Chris spun around and held his breath when he came face to face with Tom. “Mr. Brady, I am a huge fan.” He stuck out his hand awkwardly then wince, no doubt mentally slapping himself. “You are one of the best quarterbacks to have blessed The Patriots and I am so happy to be finally meeting you.”

“Why, thank you.” Tom smiled and shook Chris’ hand, causing him to let out an unmanly whimper filled with excitement. You chewed on the inside of you cheek, trying hard not to laugh. “I’m very glad to finally meet you in person, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“You have?” Chris’ eyes lit up.

“Yeah,” Tom nodded, meeting your gaze.

“Oh my God,” he let out another breathy whimper.

“Oh my God,” you finally burst out laughing; Chris turned to you with his hand still in Tom’s, raising an eyebrow. “Can you be any more of a fan girl?” You teased him and he chuckled softly, blushing deeply. “Tommy,” you caught Tom’s attention, “he is usually a lot cooler than this.”

“I’m sure,” Tom chuckled. “Can I uh- Can I have my hand back now?” He asked and Chris’ eyes widened and he quickly dropped his hand. “It’s okay, Cap. I can’t say that I’m not freaking out in your presence, I’m a huge Marvel fan.”

“Really?” Chris grinned then shook his head with narrowed eyes. “Wait- Y/N, did you just call him Tommy?” He asked you and you nodded. “You know him?” His eyes narrowed, his voice filled with shock and slight betrayal. “We’ve been dating a year and you never once thought to mention that you knew Tom Brady?”

“You’ve been dating a year and you never once thought to introduce me?” Tom added with the same expression, in the same tone. “What, are you embarrassed of me or something?” You rolled your eyes. “Don’t roll your eyes at me, kid.”

“I’ll do what I want.” You stuck your tongue out at him and he chuckled; after twenty years, he was used to your childishness by now. “I’m sorry, Chris.” You turned to your frowning boyfriend. “I just thought it’d be a good surprise for our anniversary, didn’t you have a great time today?”

“Yeah but-” Chris stopped himself. “You know what, you’re right. This was a fantastic surprise,” he nodded with a smile. “I really appreciate it, Y/N. Though I would much rather have been friends with Tom Brady from the start, it’s not too late to start now.”

“No it’s not,” Tom agreed with a light chuckle. “We can hang out whenever you want, man. Just give me a call, Y/N has my number.”

“Don’t tell him that,” you slapped Tom’s arm. “He’s never going to spend any time with me when he’s got you to hang out with,” you hissed and the two guys laughed. “You can hang out with Tommy,” you told Chris, “just- in moderation. I’d still like to see you around,” you giggled.

“I don’t want to offend, Mr. Brady,” Chris began and grabbed your hand, pulling you towards him. “But I would much rather spend time with the love of my life.” He told you and you smiled, feeling heat rise in your cheeks at his confession.

“See-” You bit back your smile as you teased him. “I wish I knew who you were talking about.” He shot you a deadpan expression causing both you and Tom to laugh. “I love you,” you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“I love you too,” he smiled and kissed you.