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10 Reasons to watch Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

1) It features an amazing collection of female characters, who pass the Bechtel test while actively supporting and encouraging each other.

There’s Bart, who manages to be the most terrifying badass to ever grace the screen while still somehow retaining her child-like wonder and innocence.

There’s Farah, who isn’t afraid to step up and fight for the people she loves, all while battling acute anxiety and the biggest inferiority complex I have ever seen.

And then there’s Amanda, who is utterly fearless despite a near crippling disease that restricts both her freedom and her independence.

2. None of the above women are ever sexualized/objectified. At no point are they raped. At no point does anyone threaten them with rape. Even when they are placed in scenarios where we would expect rape, the threat never arises. In a world where sexual violence against women is commonplace and used extensively in media, this is both refreshing and strangely uplifting.

3. The male characters are almost completely useless and yet utterly charming.

There’s Dirk, who reluctantly allows the universe to chart his course, this despite the obvious trauma of his childhood and his unbearable loneliness.

There’s Todd, who so thoroughly hates himself he can barely stand to let another call him a friend.

And then there’s Ken, who overcomes overwhelming terror to find his place in the universe.

4. Two of the six main characters are characters of colour. And not only are they well-written, they are also central to the plot.

5. All of the bad guys are idiots. Literally. This isn’t a show where the above heroes need to outwit impossibly smart supervillains. It’s a show where the bad guys have no clue what’s going on and can’t even begin to figure out how they got themselves into this situation. This both simplifies the narrative and provides tons of comedic relief.

6. Pacing. Plot. Continuity.

If you’re looking for a show that holds together start to finish, where every little nuanced scene connects to the bigger picture, then this is the show for you. Try watching it through a second time. It’s seamless.

7. Time Travel.

I just love time travel, okay. Especially when it’s done well.

8. It’s weirdly hilarious. I love a show that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I love a show that throws convention and commonality out the window. I love a show that isn’t afraid to be weird. Especially when they’re adapting Douglas Adams.

9. It’s filmed in Vancouver! Wondering why there are so many SPN extras? That would be why. But more importantly, Vancouver is stunning. As a result, so is the show. BC is the perfect backdrop for the show’s vibrant use of colours. It’s really quite lovely to watch.

10. Finally, there are a plethora of ships.

There’s Dirk/Todd, who are utterly adorable in those moments when they do connect. Dirk is the loneliest, neediest person on the planet. Todd is filled with self-loathing. Dirk makes Todd feel worthy of love. Todd offers Dirk a connection. It’s a match made in some weird vortex of time and space.

There’s Bart/Ken, who somehow fit together in ways you’d never anticipate. Bart gives Ken’s life meaning. Ken helps Bart navigate the world outside of killing. They dig on each other like crazy.

There’s Farah/Amanda, who nicely counterbalance each other. Let’s face it, Farah’s a mess, but she’s protective as fuck and Amanda, who actually has her head together, often needs protecting. These two complement each other like crazy.

And then there’s Amanda/Rowdy 3 (yes there are 4 of them), who seem so well matched you’d think they were one soul inside 5 bodies. Plus, these boys would protect her with their lives and yet never once seem to see her as a sexual object.

Don’t like any of the above? How about Amanda/Dirk? Or Todd/Farah? Or Dirk/Farah? Or Dirk/Todd/Farah? Honestly, it’s an open universe, with so much potential and so many possibilities. Heck, I’m even shipping Rapunzel/Shark-Kitten.

But see, you don’t need ten reasons to watch it. You just need one. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency is a ton of fun, and it’s available on Netflix. There is literally nothing standing in your way.

If Sweet/Vicious gets cancelled I’m gonna blame tumblr like ffs it’s everything tumblr wants in a show??

you got a rape survivor and a bi girl as the two main characters who both became vigilantes to fight rapists on campus, a woc and moc as two more badass characters, awesome fights, great humor (it’s not a heavy show!!) and you got female show writers taking shit seriously and portraying it all accurately for once and showing how the system is messed up, and who also promised a female love interest for the main character in s2 if they get it?? like wyd?? go watch it

for everyone else disappointed in the media and tv this week for yet again killing off a mentally ill black character for shock value, and feel like they want to try and new show with actual good writing of race, religion, and sexuality, I suggest you try out Class, the new doctor who spin-off available in its entirety on BBC iplayer, which features:

- no straight white males in the main cast

- equal gender divide in the main cast

- a non-white sikh boy who talks about his religion and how he faces prejudice because of it, whilst also being the popular jock character who’s actually really smart, and a physically disabled amputee

- who also has the best familial relationship on the show with his dad

- a non-sexualised teenage black girl who is canonically the smartest person in the main cast and gets to be angry and nerdy and young and be a human instead of a walking stereotype

- a gay couple as the first romance on the show, one of whom being a polish immigrated man living with his boyfriend after his family kicked him out, who speaks with a heavy accent and talks about how he adapted to moving to another country 

- a girl who suffered parental abuse and came out of it as kind but also wanting not to be seen as fragile, who acts as a young carer to her disabled mom

- a diverse cast which doesn’t feel like it’s a diverse cast so it can make a point of it, but because that’s what the average London class looks like now and the writer understand teens and has always written inclusively (Patrick Ness, whose YA books I recommend above all others, his writing is amazing)

some iffy points:

- slight ableism in the disabled mom being magically cured by alien technology, as is Ram’s amputated leg, but he struggles with his prosthetic more

- the two alien members of the main cast are forcibly together, as Charlie has a piece of technology in Miss Quill’s head which means she has to obey and protect him, or she will die. they actively have debates as to whether this is punishment for her ‘war crimes’ or slavery, and I feel this will be a major plot point and absolutely shown as fundamentally wrong in the show, but just a minor warning that personal control does happen in the early episodes

all in all, this show has started really strongly and only got better, the most recent episode easily being the best by far, and I think it’s only going to go from strength to strength, so please please give it a chance and support it!