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Do you know any barista au? Thank you!! Love the blog btw ❤️

Hey friends, thanks for asking! Sit down, get cozy, grab a cup of coffee, and get ready for some delicious fluff and amazing writing!

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Coffee Shop AU

#baristalife by fan_nerd, Mature, 9.6k
Victor, proud owner of Muse café and roastery, goes searching for a local bakery to buy sweets for his store. When he does, he finds Yutopia, a quaint little place tucked away in a small part of town. The good news is, he quickly becomes business partners with the lead patissier, Yuuri. This is an amazing fic, must read!

life and love by novocaine_sea, Gen, 12k
Twenty-two year old Yuuri Katsuki travels to Italy to study photography. One day, while going around the city taking photos he gets lost and ends up at a coffee shop, ultimately meeting one Victor Nikiforov who would take him all around Florence, showing him what life and love are really all about. Italian Victor… I mean?? I DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN READING THIS

the view from the top. by realangeleren, Mature, 21k (WIP)
When Viktor gets hurt, he’s forced to take the season off. He ends up in a little town, finding himself very taken with the adorable barista in town. But the closer he gets with the cute little barista, he soon finds he might not be as far away from the ice as he thought. I love this fic so much!

Shoebox of Photographs by Yuzururu, Teen, 20k (WIP)
Unlucky culinary grad student, Katsuki Yuuri, comes to Tokyo in search of a future pursuing his cooking passions. Instead, he finds more adventure than he’s bargained for…in the form of a dog Cafe run by a certain Russian model. SO GOOD OMG

Assuming Makes An Ass Out of You and Me (or how not to find out someone is multi-lingual) by Stories_to_be_read, Gen, 2.6k
Yuuri learns to never assume that the cute guy you have a crush on doesn’t speak Japanese. LOVE!

Walls by pastelprince, Mature, 23k (WIP)
There are many walls in Victor Nikiforov’s life. After his sudden retirement, he has nothing, hears nothing, and is lonely, injured and traumatised. Nothing goes right. Until he meets a cute barista with long black hair and glasses who makes a sweet, sweet latte. Thumbs up!

Cherry Blossoms by HEClementine8, Teen, 7.6k (WIP)
“What would you like today?” A gentle, smooth voice interrupted his reading. Viktor closed his phone and opened his mouth to order as he looked up. The words died in his throat and he felt like he was just punched in the gut when all the air in his lungs suddenly deserted him. There was a goddamn angel in front of him. LOOOVEEE!!!

here’s to the fools by MissSpock, Teen, 3.9k
In which Victor is an actor with a 1000 watt smile and Yuuri is the cute barista of the cafe across the lot from the film company where he works. Highly recommend!

Iced Coffee by luciferwearsprada, Gen, 4.8k (WIP)
In which Yuuri and Phichit work at the Yu-topia coffee shop, Viktor loves Yuuri’s cookies (that’s not a euphemism), Guang Hong is a sweet cinnamon roll, JJ is that one hetero friend, and Otabek terrifies almost everyone. cAN YOU HEAR MY SCREAMS

matcha cookie monstrosity by lunaetude, Gen, 1.6k
Pretty Eyes pulls out an entire can of Monster Energy. ‘Could I get four shots of espresso, two pumps of matcha syrup, and this entire can.’
‘…Are you sure you want that, sir.’ Just read this, it’s so fluffy!

Coffee And Contemplation by TheGabbing, Teen, 15k (WIP)
Yuuri expected to be tired, deal with rude customers every day, and study every second of his free time but what he didn’t expect was his life-long idol to walk through the doors. Definitely recommend!

Just Ask Him Out Viktor by down_into_underland, Teen, 1.6k
Viktor is a business man who has just recently moved to America with his adoptive son, Yuri Plitsetsky. Everything is as normal as it could be for Viktor when he walks into a new coffee shop to see the man of his dreams. Amazing!

sugary sweet by kevincriesblood (The_Messenger_of_Olympus), Explicit, 5.8k (WIP)
Katsuki Yuuri works at a coffee shop. Unfortunately, it is a coffee shop that happens to be his idol’s favorite. He regularly sees the vlogger he has posters of, which he’s not sure if that’s good or bad. Yuuri also has a not safe for work blog that he updates, with a rather sweet, odd anon. Sweet!

Bitter Coffee by koukkai, Teen, 1k
In which Yuuri works at a coffee shop and Viktor scores a date with the cute barista. Cute!


I wanted to try my hand at comics. This is a scene (?) from this fantastic fic by @vintage-jehan

This took forever, I can’t believe it’s done!

[edit] I literally just realized I had written “sight” instead of “sigh” I hate myself.

Hello friends!! I posted a new fic!! This one is 8.4k of fluffy/cracky goodness, with agender+asexual Cas & out-and-proud bi Dean at a Pride parade. Also at a coffee shop. Also with an office romance. And a horse. Did I mention the horse? It’s purple.

» read Purple Horse in a Coffee Shop on AO3!!

I’m also on patreon if you want to support me making new things always!! (Making art and stories is literally my Full-Time Occupation, so infinite thank yous to the handful of people who are interested making this more viable long-term ♥)

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Could you please do a flower shop fic rec? One where either Harry or Louis work at/own a flower shop! Something like Dance to The Distortion maybe (I live for Manchester Blooms)? Thank you for your time 🌷🌻🌸💕

Sure !!

- Love’s Truest Language , by summerwine:  The first part was meant as a joke. He didn’t really expect Harry to buy anything. It was just Louis’ way of softening the ‘get the fuck out’ blow.  “Where’s your order forms, then?”  “I don’t want your flowers.” Louis chided before directing all of his attention to the arrangement in front of him.  Harry laughed under his breath as he stood to his full height, “Who said anything about them being for you, love?” (48k, E)

- in bloom , by sky_reid : louis delivers flowers. harry is not liam. (he’s also not a florist.) (10k, E)

- Dance to the Distortion , by Lis (domesticharry) :  Louis accidentally breaks Harry’s camera lens and in order to get it fixed, they decide to participate in a romantic couples study. The only issue is that they are not actually couple. Well that and the fact they cannot stand each other. (96k, E)   

- Shape of You , by  zedi : For Prompt: Fic or One shot idea where Harry dances in front of his flat windows and he doesn’t notice Louis in the flat across the alley from his.  (7.5k, E)

- the wonderlands, by stylinsoncity  :   Harry’s daughter, Andy, is signed to Louis’ girl band. Her path to success is marked by competition, chaos, and for Harry, a love affair. (140k so far, 9/10 chapters)

- i know you have a heavy heart (i can feel it when we kiss) by itjustkindahappened  : In which Louis is spending New Year’s alone in France but he’s definitely not running away, and Harry is a french florist with an ever present smile who cares a lot. They meet a cold night in the outskirts of Paris. (14k, NR)

- swimming in a pool of godly medicine, by TroubledPro :  harry’s whole life is his flower stall, but somehow, a boy who cradles a cup of tea everyday slips his way in. (12k, G)

- Make It Everlasting So Nothing’s Incomplete , by supernope : Trying to be conspicuous so he doesn’t startle him, Harry sidles up to Louis and asks, “How’s it going?”“Alright,” Louis muses, turning his head so he can smile at Harry. “I wish there were explanations about what each of the flowers mean on labels or something, though.”A thrill runs up Harry’s spine, and he can’t quite temper the grin that spreads across his face as he asks, “Well, I could tell you, if you’d like?”“Oh, only if you have time, I don’t want to keep you away from your work -”“Louis,” Harry laughs, gesturing around the empty shop. “There is nobody here and, as luck would have it, there is literally nothing I would like more than to talk to you about flowers.” (9k, G)

- Far Afieldby QuickedWeen Harry Styles is a witch who owns the best flower shop in Manchester. Lottie Tomlinson is planning her wedding, and brings her brother along to her first appointment. Both men have been having a bad day and sparks fly. (11k, Witch AU, T)  

- Open Up Your Broken Heart (and Keep on Wanting) , by alistoney : Louis works in a tattoo shop and rides a motorcycleHarry wears flowers in his hair and does yoga in the morningSomehow they fit (49k, M)

- You Are My Sunshine , by hailsatanstyles Harry works at a flower shop and uses his resources to get his classmate, Louis, to fall in love with him. (11k, T)

- you wish i was yours and i hope that you’re mine , by  paladincoolcats  :   the one where the french boy charms the english boy who is afraid to fall in love. (31k, NR)    

- Leave The Lights On , by love_ari : Harry has been diagnosed with OCD and too help him get better his doctors tells him to work at a flower shop. Its all okay, until Louis comes into the shop, and Harry’s worried-filled mind, finally goes quiet and he falls in love. (4k, NR)


Another scene from @vintage-jehan‘s amazing fic The Life and Times of a Sullen Coffee Shop Employee [x]

This is kinda for Les Mis Rare Pairs week~

In case you can’t read my handwriting: “I think… I should be jealous… but I feel like if I knew what he is talking about I would look exactly like that too”

Monday: Coffee Shop AU

2017 Sterek Coffee Shop AUs

★=Fics that could use more kudos, comments, and appreciation.


Celestial Navigation by @alocalband (1/1 | 12,492 | Mature)

A year after the death of his sister, while struggling with social anxiety and writer’s block, Derek decides to start over somewhere new.


Soft Derek, Warm Stiles, No One is a Little Ball of Fur by @tiedtogetherwithadagger (1/1 | 3,639 | Gen.)

Stiles is wiping down the counters and humming California Gurls to himself when the bell above the door chimes and Derek walks in. The next notes of the song get stuck in his throat and he freezes. Stiles shouldn’t be surprised, really. The rest of the pack have already been by to visit him, even Jackson. Of course, Scott was the only person Stiles ended up giving a free drink to, much to their disappointment.

Derek swaggers up to the counter Stiles is stationed behind, because that’s the only way Derek apparently knows how to walk. He’s wearing a maroon knitted sweater today that looks unfairly cozy. Stiles slaps his own hand down from reaching out and touching the fabric because that would be weird. Although slapping yourself might be weirder. Oh well.

Awkwarddd but so cute!: 

★today could have been worse by tash_xo (1/1 | 1,138 | Teen)

Stiles is having a bad day. Super bad. He broke his alarm, was late to work, and managed to have coffee spilled on him twice in one day. To make matters worse, the handsome guy who play lacrosse with his best friend happens to watch it happen the second time. Why can’t Stiles catch a break?


★dat ass by PrincezzShell101 (1/1 | 490 | Gen.)

Stiles is standing in the annoyingly ever-so-slow line at the coffee shop when a literal Greek Adonis walks in and takes the spot in line directly behind him. Stiles lets out a quiet, strangled sound when Hello-My-Name-Is-Sex-God nods at him in silent acknowledgement. He ends up spinning back around on his heels to face the person in front of him, breathing intensely.

Remain calm, he tells himself. It’s not like he’s standing right behind you. Not at all. Nope.

Sweet, sweet, sweet:

Oops by Little Spoon / @always-the-little-spoon (1/1 | 2,852 | Teen)

Derek was the one that brought Stiles dinner when he knew Stiles had forgotten, and Derek was the one that massaged Stiles’ feet when he was stressed. When they watched a movie, Stiles snuggled up against him, and Stiles trusted Derek enough to fall asleep on his shoulder. When Stiles woke up in the middle of the night screaming, Derek was the one that held until he fell back asleep, and in return, Stiles would help him count his fingers when Derek wasn’t sure if he was awake.

Derek and Stiles were just friends. Oops?

Left me with the biggest smile: 

★Won’t You Macchiato My Day? by laughing_unintentionally (1/1 | 984 | Gen.)

Derek writes his best work inside of coffee shops, and he just found his new muse.


The One With the Food Thing by mikkimouse / @mad-madam-m (1/1 | 574 | Gen.)

Someone shook his shoulder. “Hey, man, you okay?”

Derek jerked his head up to see Sexy Barista–better known as Stiles–standing next to him and looking adorably concerned.

I know like no one asked me to make this post but I just don’t get why this shop doesn’t have more sales, because I’m constantly checking its stock.

I LOVE this shop. It’s cheap, has detailed descriptions of what you can use the products for in witchcraft, and it’s constantly coming out with new stuff. It has spell jars, candles, rune sets, divination, jewelry–a ton of stuff. They ship fast too.

You know that mjolnir necklace that I’m always taking pictures with on Insta? Yeah I got it from here. It’s HANDMADE and only cost $15. I’m not even sponsored to make this post. I paid for this stuff with my own money.

The tumblr is @intothecavecreations and the link to the shop is here:

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do you have any klance coffee shop au fics? completed is preferred! thank you, you guys work so hard!

- Vallie

coffee shop tag

I Like You A Latte by crimsondragonn (1/1 | 5,019 | Teen and Up)

Keith is a barista at a coffee shop with an attitude problem, always causing fights with any customers who gets on his nerves. In walks Lance, the customer who always seems to get under his skin and sneaks his way into his heart.

name tags by yaoikawa (1/1 | 3,129 | Not Rated)

Keith is an art student who, like many others, is struggling to find his place in the world.

Until he meets the prettiest boy who’s got oceans for eyes at the local coffeeshop down the street. That’s when his life gets turned upside down in a matter of seconds.

The worst thing? He doesn’t even know the boy’s name.

Coffee Days by Snoop_Kat (1/1 | 4,158 | General)

Keith goes to the cafe everyday for two reasons 1) Because the coffee is surprisingly good and 2) The barista.

In other words Keith is a pinning mess and doesn’t think he has a chance.


I decided we needed more Coffee Shop AUs

There really wasn’t anything too special about the coffee shop on Rosewood Boulevard, but Stiles always found himself coming back. It was small and a little dingy, dusty in some corners and maybe a little odd. But the coffee was good for the price and they offered free, fast wifi and Stiles couldn’t really ask for more as a broke college student. It was also the most convenient place to be when being sexiled from his dorm by his roommate (not having your own car really limited how far you could go to escape that).

Now here he was, working on yet another paper, as the due date steadily approached. But, you see, he couldn’t quite get into his usual groove. No, that just wasn’t happening. Why, you may ask? Because he felt wrong. The day was just wrong. He got there during an unexpected rush hour and his drink was too sweet and he his table had been taken by a greek god. 

Yes, today everything felt off center and Stiles really wasn’t appreciating it.

So, yeah, today wasn’t running as smoothly as Stiles had hoped but there was nothing he could do about it so he just had to suck it up. And that had been working, for a solid two hours and he was proud of himself for buckling down and getting shit done. But his brave face just about shattered into ugly tears when his screen dimmed and a small notification in the bottom right hand corner popped up to tell him he was at 10% battery life. 

This was so not what he needed right now. He needed three more shots of espresso, maybe a shot or two of whiskey and for his laptop not to die in the middle of a very important paper. Seriously, his Medieval Folklore professor was probably real tired of his bullshit and inability to not ask questions every two minutes, this paper was suppose to make up for that. 

He looks up from his spot and eyes immediately land on his usual table. He gazes at it longingly. It was a lovely little table with the perfect dent in it to hold his pen and keep it from rolling away and a window to his side that allowed him to not feel so claustrophobic and a power outlet. There’s a cough and some movement in the corner of his eye and, wow he really didn’t think this day could get much worse at this point. But of course the world found ways to surprise him.

He hadn’t remembered until just then that there was a reason he wasn’t at his usual table. That reason happened to be six feet of hot chocolate sipping hotness that was coughing into his hand and looking mildly uncomfortable. Way to go, Stiles, just looking like a freaking creeper why don’t ya?

Sighing heavily he drops his head into his hands and takes a moment to mourn his complete lack of social awareness and gathers what’s left of his shattered determination from earlier. There was only one way to solve this issue without having to write another two pages on the witchcraft practices of the 12th century with a live porno soundtrack. 

He gathers his laptop, bag and half finished latte and makes the trek over to his usual table.

“Hi.” Stiles wants to slap himself, but his hands are full of caffeine and his computer so that’s a no go.

“Uh, hi,” the man replies. God, he’s even prettier up close with eyes that must have made eye color hard to define at the DMV for his driver’s license and cheekbones that could win awards.

“So, I am super sorry for totally freaking you out by staring, I promise I wasn’t creeping on you or anything. It’s just this is my usual spot on Thursdays but today was an emergency because I was sexiled by my roommate and I have a four age paper due tonight and it’s only half done but my laptop is at ten percent and you are sitting in front of the only outlet and it would be really cool if I could just like sit on the floor right here and plug in so I can finish this and not fail my class and like not graduate and therefore fail college and ruin my life.” Stiles takes a deep breath and waits, realizing too late that that was likely considered “over-sharing” and if Adonis wasn’t freaked out already he was probably sufficiently scared now.

“You could just sit across from me?” Stiles refuses to call it blanching, but he will admit to his eyes going a little wide. The man looks down at his cup a little shyly before continuing, “I would just give you the seat but it’s right under the heater and I’m freezing right now.”

“Uh, yeah, of course, dude. No problemo, could you plug me in though?” It takes them a few minutes but they eventually get situated in a way that works with Stiles needing stuff on the table and not taking up all the table space while the man adjusts so that their knees don’t knock under the table. Although Stiles doesn’t particularly mind that. 

“Thanks, man. You’re a real life saver,” Stiles smiles once their settled.



“My name. It’s Derek.” Stiles smiles brightly.

“My name is Stiles,” He laughs as Derek’s nose scrunches adorably in confusion before explaining, “A nickname. My legal name is a Polish monstrosity on English tongues, so I try to avoid it.” Derek nods and that’s where it begins - companionable silence and gentle tapping on a keyboard while the warm air from the heater cloaks over them.

Stiles isn’t sure how long it’s been when Derek seems to magically come back to their table out of no where. He hadn’t even noticed he left. He looks up at Derek in confusion when he sets down a new cup.

“You picked up your empty cup about three times to take a sip, thought you could use another,” he shrugs sheepishly. Warm creeps up Stiles’ neck making his thanks stutter slightly as he hides his smiles behind his new latte. It isn’t too much (well, as far as Stiles can tell) before Derek is rewrapping a scarf and getting up.

“Where are you going?” Stiles pouts, watching as Derek readjusts his coat.

“Oh, uh, my ride is here, I need to go.” Derek points a thumb over his shoulder to where the exit is. Stiles frowns some more before realizing this is probably a little crazy but he might never run in to Derek again.

“Can I have your number?” Stiles tugs Derek’s sleeve as he turns to leave, almost desperate to draw him back. He feels like he’s wasted time. Sure, he wrote nearly all of his paper with the exception of his conclusion, but he’s barely said a word to his table partner. His heart pounds but something warm blooms in his chest when Derek cheeks go pink. 

“I think I already covered that for you,” the man tells him quietly, gesturing to Stiles’ cup. He looks and sure enough there is a neat little row of ten digits.

“I could have accidentally thrown it away!” Stiles says in equal amounts horror and bashfulness, obviously not sure if he should be elated that he has Derek’s number or terrified that he could has possibly, literally thrown away his chance to talk to him. 

“Well, I really hope you don’t.”

“Me, too. I would really like a better shot at this whole coffee date thing.”

“A date?”

“Yeah, a date.” 

“Cool. So, text me?” Stiles smiles with a nod, watching his eyes crinkle in the corners as his own lips lift. That’s just seconds before Derek seems to swoop in and give him the sweetest, most chaste peck on the cheek and walk away with cheeks so red they could be harboring tomatoes.

It takes Stiles significantly longer to write his conclusion than normal when he can’t help the way his mind wander to warm lips and hot chocolate drinking sweethearts.

Thank you to 900 (now 938 ‘cause this is soooo late) followers!!! You lovelies make me so happy and I’m so happy you’re here. I hope you enjoy what you find as we fantasize over these two assholes in love :)

Tuesday: Tattoos/ Tattoo Shops

2016 Tattoo AUs

★=Fics that could use more kudos, comments, and appreciation.

In Love!!: 

Functional Adults by @eeyore9990 (1/1 | 1,541 | Teen)

It’s been a few years since Stiles last saw Derek with his shirt off. Apparently, a lot has changed.

A thing of beauty!: 

Stopgap by calrissian18 / @wellhalesbells  (1/1 | 6,000 | Explicit) 

Since the change in status—since putting Peter down like the wild dog he’d become—some of his finer, lycanthropic abilities have been… off. Hence this dubious trip into a remote patch of woods on the edge of town.

Cute as a button!: 

Tattooing Your Way To My Heart by cloudyskiesandcurlyfries / @dylanlovesthemets (1/1 | 1,064 | Gen.)

Stiles is getting his first tattoo and can’t stop nervously babbling to his hot tattoo artist.

Can’t wait for more!: 

★Tattoo’s and Soulmates Series by Miss_Webb (WIP | 11/? | 18,985 | Teen.)

In a world where you find your soul mate by suddenly becoming obsessed with something that is important to their identity. Or a mark/scar on their body.

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fics where clarke and or bellamy run their own buisness?? x

Florist Bellamy

Florist Clarke

Bellamy runs a tea shop: Not an Average (Cup of) Joe

Bellamy runs a coffee shop: One of those days

Clarke runs a coffee shop

Bellarke run competing bars/clubs: waiting game

+ tattoo artist clarke & tattoo artist bellamy tags!

Friday I’m in Love

It has a pattern, Harry has noticed.
It’s not that he has been observing the guy who regularly comes to the coffee shop for the past few weeks; but he totally has.
It’s also not Harry’s fault that he’s infatuated with the guy who apparently follows a very repetitive schedule.

Or the one where Harry works at a coffee shop and Louis goes there almost every day and Harry is head over heels for him, making his love life look like a The Cure song.

Inspired by Friday I’m in Love by The Cure (obviously).

Word count: 29.5k

Whatever Our Souls Are Made Of by Lissadiane

Rating: Not Rated

Word Count: 14953

It’s a cold, snowy night and Stiles is halfway through his shift at the campus coffee shop when a tall, dark and handsome stranger walks in, one who seems unaware that he’s being haunted by a wolf.

In which Stiles Stilinski sees the ghosts of animals with unfinished business, and Derek Hale is unaware that his dearly departed sister left a few things unfinished.

Don't judge a fuckboy by his cover

Author: RandomCupcake

Length: Work In Progress

Rated: Explicit 

Read on Ao3

Story Summary:

When college sweetheart Park Jimin gets dragged to a party by his friends one Friday night, being popular with both boys and girls, he’s not surprised at the attempts to pick him up. Of course none of them succeed because Jimin doesn’t sleep around, no matter what you hear about him. One guy, though, this confident, straightforward, almost aggressive guy has him stuttering and blushing like an idiot and he couldn’t tell you why to save his life.

Imagine his shock when he later finds out that this was, in fact, infamous playboy Min Yoongi and Jimin made a complete fool of himself in front of him. Cue annoying nosy friends and weird coincidences messing with Jimin’s emotions when what he really needs to be worrying about is his dance final.

And no matter what Hoseok tells you, Min Yoongi /is not/ Jimin’s type at all!

anonymous asked:

Any coffeshop au's? Thaankssss 💕

- Fall Into Some Velvet Morning , by @twinkylourry​ : Louis shrieks loudly as his body collides with the other boy’s, face smashing into said boy’s back which, of course, made him topple from his weird yoga pose. They lay sprawled on the ground, Louis on top of the weird kid who does fucking yoga in a park. Yoga Boy lifts his head out of the grass and mumbles in a gravely voice, “You ruined my vibes there, mate.”Louis groans as he sits up and rolls off of Yoga Boy’s back. “Yea, well, you ruined my skateboard, mate. Think we’re quite even.”or au where harry does yoga in parks and louis may or may not want to get into his yoga pants. (6k, also the best wall sex ever)

- Shy Eyes , by @isthatyoularry​ : Coffee Shop AU where Harry is 21 and famous and he has been in love since the moment he saw those cerulean blue eyes. (2k, no smut)

- pour some sugar on me  by @bottomlinsons​: Harry’s a bit clueless, and Louis’ a barista with clever hands. (here meaning: Harry’s very clueless, and Louis draws dicks in coffee foam.) (2k, cuuute)

Hiding Out in the Kitchen, by LittleMousling  : Harry’s in an internationally famous boyband with his three best mates, he gets laid on a pretty regular basis, and he’s headed to Australia in a week. He doesn’t need anything else, and he certainly doesn’t need a boyfriend. If this nice guy he met in a coffeeshop wants to date him, great—but that’s all it is. Right? (23k, famous!Harry)

- It’s hard to look at you, baby , by @laddybropals​ :Coffee Shop AU where Louis is going through a dry spell, Zayn wants to be a good friend and help Louis find someone, and Harry ends up finding him instead.[or the one where louis is ‘hella fucking gay and desperately single’ and harry wants to change that last part.] (14k, my fav)

- A Cuppa Courage , by @juliusschmidt​: Liam kicks Harry’s shin, picking up another cup to fill. “He seems like he’d be a good catch, if you liked guys, I mean.” I do like guys, Harry does not say, even though he’d like to shout it at the top of his lungs. I DO LIKE GUYS. [a fluffy lil’ fall coffee shop coming out au.] (3.2k, no smut)

- falling for your hallelujah , by whiskeyinthejar : here’s a homeless boy who’s made his new place outside Louis’s work. Louis, in unexpected generosity, offers him a cup of coffee and a sprinkle doughnut. No one really expected it to become a Thing.-(In which Louis works in a cafe, Harry has no home, and it’s freezing cold but no one cares). (19k)

 - i think that possibly maybe i’m falling for you by  littledarling:  Louis never expected himself to fall in love again, especially at a coffeeshop of all places.   (11k, a bit angsty)  

Update : (last update April 4th 2017)

- I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop I love so much (All of the while I never knew, all of the while it was you) by being_a_fangirl :   Based off of the tumblr post where Harry is a coffee shop barista and Louis is the boy who never gives the same name. Cute, wonderful, all-encompassing fluff ensues. (2.4k)

- Don’t say I love you, ‘cause I might believe you , by @misteryzouis: One day a cute stranger enters Harry’s cafeteria with a hesitant question and a nice accent. Harry doesn’t know if he wants him to ever leave. (47k)

- even with our oath , by @hirlalmighty​ : Though Harry is glad Liam cares about him, he also really hates that Liam cares about him. Liam’s coworker Louis really isn’t Harry’s type - he probably even listens to commercial radio, for God’s sake.In which Harry and Louis go to great lengths to appease Liam, Louis’s taste in music broadens dramatically, and Harry stops pretending to be a Huge Pretentious Douche all the time. (20k)

- And this old world is a new world , by @ifidoitsyou : Louis works in a little coffee shop although he hates coffee but what can you do when you’re pretty much living day by day trying to ignore that dream of yours you’re too scared to pursue. And then Harry enters the scene, or more precisely the coffee shop. He’s beautiful and kind and funny and also famous and not in town for very, very long. But that doesn’t keep Louis from maybe falling for him a bit and his friends from randomly inviting him along to go golfing.(44k)

- blend into my favourite colour , by anonymous : Harry often wonders if they’ll ever meet in real life. And if Harry will recognize Tommo the instant they see each other, like somehow their souls will just know. Or maybe Harry’s soul is shouting “Louis!” too loudly for any other signals to go through.Harry is a barista with a secret Werewolf High fan blog, a desperate crush on a customer named Louis, and a best friend on Tumblr who always makes him laugh. Louis can’t figure out why the barista at his favorite coffee shop keeps creepily staring at him, and to make matters worse, he may be slightly in love with a friend he met online.A love square involving two boys, one TV fandom, and one food fight. (19k)

- It Was Really Nothing, by @greyish-sky : (8:10) You shouldn’t assume things / (8:10) I’m the one who makes your day a lot sunnier and brighter / (8:12) Pretentious, you said? / (8:12) You’re just fishing compliments.    Or, Harry texts the wrong number.  (14k)

- Dreaming of you , by Velvetoscar : The Begrudging Starbucks AU. The world is winter and steamed milk and creamy espresso shots. The world is a never ending queue. The world is a Starbucks logo and a pink-cheeked smile from Niall and a bored scowl from Zayn and the world is Louis watching his best mate, Liam, fall in love with their newest customer, Harry. Who may or may not be in love with Louis. The world is cruel. (74k)

- Down For The Count And I’m Drowning And I’m Helpless , by @doncasterkitten   : Harry Styles is an international pop star who suffers from insomnia, and Louis is the sassy little barista in fox ears and tail that won’t get out of Harry’s head. And the sexting is pretty damn great, too.  (5k)

- From My Heart Flow : Louis’ a poet, Harry’s failing Econ, and sometimes all it takes is one poorly timed boner to ruin everything. (8k)

- Four Letters, Seven Points : Louis was pretty sure that a nerd who plays Scrabble as a hobby could only be boredom personified. Harry proved him utterly wrong. (20k)

- Café Noir : Harry Styles is secretly a world famous writer of bodice rippers. He is struck by writer’s block and he craves late night coffee. Luckily, there is a little café that provides both inspiration and a delicious caramel macchiato. While pretending to write his next story, Harry finds a new muse and winds up falling for one of the baristas: bright, cheerful Louis Tomlinson. (4k)

There’s a cup with his name on it by hellodickspeight

Rating: Teen and Up

Word Count: 5288

The sight before him is breathtaking. Wide opened whiskey eyes searching above his head, pink lips slightly parted, tongue wetting them as he considers his choice, messy brown hair sticking in every direction, moles dotting a pale skin, Derek can’t wait to ask for his name.

A soulmate AU where people have the first name of their soulmates written on their body.