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And time.

Well, probably not time for some people. Some people probably need a little bit of extra time to tweak their and make a few last-minute changes.
Regardless, now we’re entering the next phase. I’m going to take a couple days to compile the build, put everything together, have the hub connect to everything, make a final boss battle, and then release a test build for everyone to play with. Everyone should be willing to give it a run, run through several levels, and write down their thoughts and feedback. Obviously, I don’t expect everyone to play through all 46 fucking maps, but even just a couple lines of “I liked this and this” or “I didn’t like this or this” would be fantastic.

If you haven’t submitted yet and are still working, don’t panic.
I’ve said before I’m not really a stickler for time; the emphasis on this project is to JUST DO IT, rather than adhering to a specific schedule. Compiling a test build together is going to take a bit of time, after all.
If you need a couple more hours to polish things up, sure, go right ahead. If you need a couple more days, well, all right, just don’t go overboard. If you’re gonna need a week, yeah, no, that ain’t happening.

But congratulations to all 46 contributors and mappers who have come together to make DUMP 2 a reality. Community projects are a bit of a crapshoot in that only a fraction of people who say they’re going to do things will actually do anything, but DUMP 2 blew this out of the water–almost 2/3rds of the sign-ups have submitted their maps! Bloody hell!

Congratulations to everyone.
As a personal hall of fame, here is going to be the maplist, along with the name of the and the authors.

MAP01 “Hub - Agaures”
MAP02 “Tennis Ball Assault - ThreeChainLinks”
MAP03 “UAC Outpost Delta - VBob”
MAP04 “Blood Lake Rec. Facility - bioshockfan90”
MAP05 “Hell Infested Mine - Simpleton”
MAP06 “Valley of Saturn - Haze Bandicoot”
MAP08 “Untitled - TheMightyHeracross”
MAP09 “Lewd. - Kinsie”
MAP10 “Untitled - Devianteist”
MAP11 “Defecation Foundation - Dr. Stein”
MAP12 “UAC Fucked Up Again - Project_ILE”
MAP13 “The Shores of Heck - TerminusEst13”
MAP14 “Dark and Dreary - The Gay Agenda”
MAP15 “Sky Guardian - Eidolon”
MAP16 “The Goverment Tech Base - Luigi2600”
MAP17 “The Tag Labs - UndeadRyker”
MAP18 “RNG Land A.K.A. 'gimmick that most people will miss’ - Jukem”
MAP19 “Lack of Depth Perception - Dukka”
MAP20 “Cryogenetics Lab - Rifle Marine”
MAP21 “Under the Island - Wivicer”
MAP22 “DOPADUMP - Anonymous”
MAP23 “Scareware - Sgt. Shivers”
MAP24 “Untitled - comet1338”
MAP25 “Welcome to Hoppishi Temple! - Kurashiki”
MAP26 “Untitled - Cpn. Chookum!”
MAP27 “Crimson Evening - Thanuris”
MAP28 “The Volcanic Oasis - ShadowHog”
MAP29 “Untitled - Hellser”
MAP30 “Valley - Guardsoul”
MAP31 “this rocks HAHA GET IT - abbuw”
MAP32 “Throughfare - Eevee”
MAP33 “Rad-II - Derprandal”
MAP34 “Spikes on the Point - CactusHege”
MAP35 “For All Kings - SoundofDoomDoors”
MAP36 “Dead On Arrival - Anonymous”
MAP37 “Towers of Fault - Kribbulous”
MAP38 “The Sky Tower - Untitled”
MAP40 “wat. - Dansco”
MAP41 “Fountain of Filth - Action Max”
MAP42 “Mostly red and brown - Worm318”
MAP43 “PinchyTech Enterprises - Pinchy”
MAP44 “Dump Rocky Circuit - Espeon”

MAPFINAL “iD Offices - Sgt. Shivers”
MAP77 “Fuck Everything, Bring Explosions - Marrub”
SECRET1 “slowmapping - soosiya_san”

If you have any quote you want to display on the opening of your map, a la DUMP 1, now’s the time to say it. Otherwise I’ll make something up.

sneakybirdu  asked:

What are your opinions on plus sized cosplayers? I've wanted to do a whole bunch of cosplays lately, but in my eyes, when I'm wearing them, they don't seem to be at the best of their potential, mainly because of my weight. I've tried literally everything to lose weight, but it just doesn't work. I've even quit cosplaying before because of it, but I still want to have fun in my outfits that I worked hard to make.

I definitely think anyone can cosplay and should try out cosplay if they are interested! Including plus sized cosplayers. When you get to a con just about everyone is having a good time with it and are excited to see their favorite characters cosplayed! 

I consider myself a plus sized cosplayer to some degree and so I can understand the feeling, it can be tough to get motivated to cosplay and even tough to look at pictures after a con. That said I still cosplay and still have a great time. I love making costumes and getting dressed up, and I love getting compliments and getting recognized. People still take my picture and tell me I did a great job (Thanks to those that do!) So a lot of it is just me just stressing out. 

That said I would love to offer some suggestions to help you out with your concerns. Little things can make a big difference in your appearance and how you feel about yourself. Build that confidence so you can enjoy rocking your costumes at the convention…

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