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She laughed, bright and thrilling, bounding ahead of him across the grass. His eyes opened. The aurora shimmered overhead, light casting strange shadows over the uneven grass. She was halfway to the hill, and he followed slowly. Every step hurt, every step made his bones protest as if they were giving out beneath him. He plodded, watching her get further and further away.

Hundreds, thousands of fireflies swirled up from the twisted tree as she crested the rise, her figure a dark blot against the glory of the sky.

for Somnium by @anachromystic

I LOVE this super interesting, modern au fic! 

= me almost every chapter from the angsty fluffiness


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‘pawnee goddesses’ parks and recreation-inspired button

this one’s for you, sincerelyave!! <3

Process Post / Rec - EK Success Button Boy Hand Held Punch

Right.  So. I plan on making a few tutorial and process posts on this Tumblr–specifically to recount my adventures in printing, selling and shipping over 400 zines domestically and internationally, but also for my eventual foray into crowd-funding.

For anyone who is in the business of making buttons, I might recommend this wonderful product. The EK Success Button Boy Hand Held Punch is hands-down (har har) the easiest method of making cutouts for circular buttons that I have ever used. Not only are other options more expensive (rotary cutters can be frustrating and those giant punches with handles can cause serious strain on the hands), the Hand Held punch is just easy. And fast. And you can get one for less than $30 if you know where to look. I got mine on Ebay from ButtonBoy; They sell wholesale Terce button products that I also use for all of my merchandise.

I’ve only had my Hand Held Punch for 2 months and it has caused me like, negative strife. Other than the occasional ragged edges that might come from the dulling of the blade (keep in mind that in that time I’ve punched over 500 buttons), I have been pretty psyched about this tool. So if you’re looking to getting into the button business, get your hands on this hand held punch.

“Bloody little buttons,” Harry snarled in frustration.

Draco pushed Harry’s hands away. “I’ll do it,” he said. “You get out of your own clothes.”

Harry was grateful for the suggestion. He removed his glasses and set them on the side table, then pulled his shirt off over his head. Harry tossed the garment aside, not caring where it landed. He slid from the bed and kicked off his shoes and socks. Harry unzipped his trousers and shoved them down, along with his pants. He clambered back onto the bed, in time to catch Draco’s cast-off shirt.

“How are you not naked yet?!” cried Harry, dropping Draco’s shirt on the floor.

“I had buttons!” Draco protested.
—  Once a Malfoy by enchanted_jae

This is the sort of thing that happens over on twitter. Which, incidentally, is exactly how I ended up writing my first Sterek fic. *shakes a half-hearted fist at twitter and budding story ideas*