…Okay, yes, there is that. But the Castiel they’re talking about isn’t the Castiel of myth and lore. He shares… about a name and nothing else. Entirely different world, different mythos, different history, voice, powers, limitations. He’s a fictional character loosely based on a mythological figure. I think as long as you acknowledge that, you’re pretty okay.

rebutle replied to your post: I assumed you were a dude. Like, actually. I was…

I assumed the same thing, to be quite frank.

youarethebracestomynerd replied to your post: I assumed you were a dude. Like, actually. I was…

I think it was your icon, combined with your url :) (Hasn’t read TFIOS, but loves John Green so nods approvingly)

Huh. Yeah, I guess I have a tendency to basically associate people with their icon, and therefore tend to imagine someone with a photo of someone I know is a dude to be a dude. Idk. I’ve even started imagine someone I know IRL as her icon (which made it more confusing when she changed it).

Also, yes. John Green is très bien. Also go read TFiOS now gogogogo you’ll love it so much.

darkersolstice  asked:

Make this as bad as possible for me: Abigail's actually going home to see her parents. She intends to tell them everything.

So Abigail, a changeling fae who has magical powers and a whole new set of gods or god-like beings, is going to go home to see her parents, who are fairly traditional (I think) people living in a very Christian country. She plans to tell these people, who are presumably, y’know, pretty Christian, that in addition to all of the above she also has one brother who’s a werewolf and a sister who’s a banshee. Basically tell them in so many words that they’re all creatures of darkness and the night.

I’m thinking exorcism. Violent, screaming, painful exorcism attempts over and over for as long as it takes for Abigail to flee the scene.

ETA: And then I’m thinking one of her sibs finds out too late and gets caught and more exorcism.

So out of curiosity I went and took stock of who I follow, since try as I might I can’t seem to get it below 50 anymore. Here’s the final count:

4 blogs that are host to a specific work of fiction
2 Teen Wolf actresses
11 pagan or witchy blogs or personal blogs with a large amount of pagan or witchy content, that I follow for said pagan or witchy content
17 personal blogs
2 of my own side blogs
3 Teen Wolf fan blogs
8 RP blogs
1 Matthew Swift fan blog
3 resource blogs

And the people I follow multiple blogs of are:

Jay (3 blogs)
Raiona (3 blogs)
Ang (2 blogs)
Lizzy (2 blogs)

rebutle replied to your post: Like, you know the “give me a fish/teach me to…

Ever cook things in tin-foil packets? It’s a fairly all-purpose method of cooking. One tip for doing it with salmon? Layer slices of lemon above and below each salmon filet. Also, when cooking fish? Start skin-side-down so it has time to get crispy.

I have not. And that one tip just made me way less afraid to cook fish.

For the tin-foil packets, what method would you use to cook it? Oven/grill/doesn’t matter?

anonymous asked:

What ever is going on, you got this. i believe in you!

Thank you, but that’s kinda so very not the cheerleading I need right now, I’m afraid. It is, in fact, the assumption that I am reliable (and, from one party, the conjoined assumption that I am sane) that is gnawing at me.

I know I’m off-kilter. I know I’m trying to get better, but I acknowledge…I may not got this. I definitely don’t got this alone, right now–that’s why I’m seeing a psychologist and a psychiatrist. That’s why I’m leaning hard on my friends. That’s why I’m taking medication.

Because I know I cannot rely on myself to ‘got this’.

That’s not me downtalking myself. I’m not fishing for sympathy. Instead, I’m expressing frustration with the assumptions made about me.