RADIO EVAが提案する、エヴァの雰囲気を感じさせるライフスタイルプロダクトを取り揃えたリビングライン『RADIO EVA Tools for Life』のインスタレーション形式での展示イベント、そしてRADIO EVAのポップアップショップが開催決定!

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Can you take a photo of a bridge to create a bridge to jobs?

Last week, lots of people took photos of President Obama as he spoke on the Brent Spence Bridge over the Ohio River. It’s one of the nation’s busiest bridges, but it’s rated unsafe and functionally obsolete.1 And like the president said, it’s hardly the only piece of our infrastructure in desperate need of repair.2 I’m betting (your community) has things that need fixing too, and work that needs doing.

Our vital infrastructure is falling to pieces, but construction workers can’t find jobs. It’s not right. The Contract for the American Dream that we all created together made the solution clear: Congress needs to pass jobs legislation that puts people back to work rebuilding our bridges, roads, schools, and other necessary structures. And with our photos of work that needs doing, we’ll keep the pressure on them to do just that.

Can you take a picture of work that needs doing in (your community)?

Everything you need is right here:

We’ll deliver your photos to Congress and use them to keep the focus on how we can rebuild the American Dream by putting unemployed workers back on the job fixing our communities.

By showing photos of real work that needs doing nationwide, we can make the problem harder for Congress to ignore and build the push for legislation like the president’s jobs plan.

Can you add a photo of failing infrastructure in your community?

Once you’ve uploaded your picture, share this action to help it grow. The more photos we have, the more effective they are.

Thank you for being a part of, and believing in, this movement.

–Natalie, Van, Billy, Jim, Ian, Somer, and the rest of the Rebuild the Dream team

A socialist would have nationalized the banks, not given them essentially free loans. A socialist would have taken over the auto industry, not given automakers loans. A socialist would have proposed liquidating the private insurance companies altogether - in favor of a government-run (“single payer”) approach. To address climate change, a socialist would have used the government’s authority under the EPA to order big polluters to dump less carbon into the atmosphere. Instead, President Obama championed a market-based “cap-and-trade” program, modeled on business-friendly proposals that originated at the conservative Heritage Foundation. A socialist would never have put Wall Street sweethearts like Timothy Geithner or Larry Summers in charge of the economy.
—  Van Jones, in Rebuild the Dream, about how Obama is NOT a socialist.
Some Words from Van Jones about the Fiscal Cliff

Tuesday night was HUGE. Everyday people triumphed over big money. Years of hard work paid off. And best of all, progressives won a contest of ideas: “Together we are stronger” beat “you’re on your own” at the polls.

Let’s take a moment to give ourselves a pat on the back… and then get. right. back. to. work!

And let’s dream big. If we put this same energy into the next four years, we can create jobs for young people, rebuild roads and bridges, spark the clean-energy economy of the future, get our tax code making sense again, and grow communities from the bottom up.

We can do this. We don’t have to trim our vision. But we do have to fight. We can’t repeat the mistakes of 2008 and 2009. Now that we’ve gotten folks elected, we need to make sure they do the job.

The first test starts now. Romney and Ryan ran on cutting Medicare, Social Security, and homefront investments to pay for massive tax cuts for the rich. Their ideas were rejectedBut in Washington, bad ideas never die. They come back in the name of “compromise,” and it’s about to happen:

  • At the end of the December, the Bush tax cuts expire. New budget goals that call for much lower spending also go into effect. There will be a big fight over this. That fight starts now.
  • Washington calls this the “fiscal cliff.” Don’t buy it! They’re trying to scare us into a “grand bargain” that cuts the pillars of the middle class but helps big banks. This isn’t a cliff, it’s a showdown between two ideas for America’s future.
  • If we don’t keep fighting, any “grand bargain” will look more like a “grand swindle” that cuts Medicare, Social Security, education, and pretty much everything that helps guarantee the American Dream!

Let’s not fall for what I call “ham and egg” justice. When it’s time for breakfast, the farmer calls for “shared sacrifice.” But if the hen gives up an egg, and the pig gives up a leg, that’s not balanced. Instead of cutting help for sick kids, why don’t we tax Wall Street speculation? Why not institute a carbon tax that would also save our planet, or end subsidies for big oil and handouts to Halliburton, or close loopholes for tax-dodging corporations… and then put that money to work rebuilding America? 

The President won a hard-fought victory promising to make the wealthiest pay their fair share. Vice President Biden said he could “guarantee” no changes in Social Security. But we’ve learned they can’t create change on their own.

The most important thing is that we don’t rest now. 

America is not broke. America is being robbed. Winning an election is just the first step to stopping it. 

Now it’s up to us,
Van Jones - Rebuild The Dream

Read about fair elections – we can change the system

Rebuild the Dream is a non-profit organization that breathes life into, tells the story of, and acts as a hub for the emerging American Dream Movement. After you sign up to join Rebuild the Dream, we’ll send you an email whenever there’s a way for you to take action to revitalize and restore the American Dream, alongside hundreds of thousands of other members of the movement. In addition, we’ll soon be rolling out new tools that will enable you to organize locally on your own initiative with others in your community. We’ll let you know as soon as they’re ready.

Right now the American Dream is under siege. Tens of millions of willing workers can’t find jobs. Millions of homeowners have lost their homes to foreclosure and millions more are underwater. Instead of investing in our shared future, politicians are giving tax breaks to the rich and then slashing vital services families depend on. Rather than expanding protections for the middle class during these difficult economic times, they’re trying to gut workers’ rights.

But a new movement is rising all across America to fight back.

It was born among the teachers, students, firefighters and nurses of Wisconsin who took over their Capitol to stop Governor Walker’s power grab. Now it’s spreading as millions of other Americans–inspired by the events in Madison, Wisconsin–stand up to say “No” to right-wing attacks on the middle class.

PRINCE returns to Chicago at United Center, Sept. 24th!!

Holy Purple Raindrops.  The Almighty Purple One (yes, Prince!) will be returning to perform at Chicago’s United Center on September 24th - and this will be the first time he’s touched down to grace us with the live Prince experience since 2004.  It’s also being touted as a residency, although only one date has been revealed at this time.  He’s known for doing up to 21 date residencies though, and with Live Nation announcing ticket prices ranging between $49.50 and $149.50, anyone will be able to catch at least one of these magnificent shows.

Now I’ve been an obsessive Prince fan since I was in 5th grade (I wish I could track down the 93 page biography I wrote about him a year later, all because I “couldn’t do his career justice with only 5 pages”) and I had the pleasure of seeing him in Moline, IL. back in 1997 during his Love 4 One Another tour when I was only 12 years old.  To this day, it remains my favorite show I’ve ever seen because quite simply, no one puts on a show like Prince.  And he does it all with no theatrics whatsoever - through his funk, personality, and sheer musical prowess, he enraptures his crowd and gives them the closest thing to an “O face” a live show possibly could.  And no two Prince shows are the same, mind you.  So if you’re a huge fan like me, you might want to start thinking about hitting up more than one show.  I was lucky enough to hear my favorite Prince song of all time, “17 Days,” a rare b-side, at that one show back in 1997 … who knows what kind of spectacular setlists this set of Chicago dates will bring?

If you can’t tell, I’m excited that Prince is bringing the funk back to Chicago.  It’s even better that he’s also partnering with Rebuild the Dream, who will be onsite at the shows to provide information about “reforming housing in the face of the mortgage crisis, preventing the student debt bubble from bursting, and getting money out of politics.”  Prince has always been one to lend himself to charitable causes (the previously mentioned Love 4 One Another tour benefited Prince’s non-profit of the same name) so this time around is no different.  Tickets go on sale for the September 24th date on September 6th at 10 am Central time at Live Nation - be sure to get a ticket, because “it’s going to be a beautiful night…” -Neil Miller, Jr.
Exclusive: Van Jones on the American Dream, the American Nightmare and What We Can Learn From the Tea Party

Amy Dean Truthout:

“In late Ju ofne, Van Jones - a former ‘green jobs’ czar in the Obama administration and currently a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress - officially launched a new organization known as Rebuild the Dream.

The group’s first mission is to help spark a new economic justice effort called the American Dream Movement, an alliance focused on economic justice fights across the country.

Shortly after the New York event, I had a conversation with the ever-busy Jones to discuss the vision for the American Dream Movement, what we can learn from the Tea Party and what it will take to change the direction of national politics.”

Read the Article

Prince Announces “Welcome 2 Chicago” And Collaboration With Rebuild The Dream

Prince, one of the most prolific and groundbreaking artists of our time, announces his return to Chicago, at the United Center beginning September 24th and his support of Rebuild the Dream. Rebuild the Dream, founded by Van Jones, is a mobilization of hundreds of thousands of everyday people–from seniors to students, moms, dads, brothers and sisters–who come together to build strong vibrant communities and to fix our economy from the ground up.


 "Contract for the American Dream" created from the ideas of over 125, 000 Americans who gathered online and in their communities. And who better to present those ideas than the people whose future depends on them.

Go to to help save the American Dream for everyone.

Contract for the American Dream (by karinmoveon)


Celebrating Community, Creativity, and Collaboration

You’ll be inspired and amazed as you encounter the world as it could be… in the Rebuild the Dream Village at Prince’s Welcome 2 Chicago Residency on Sept. 24, 25, and 26 at the United Center!

Everyday from 5 pm - 8 pm, join Van Jones, members of the New Power Generation and other celebrities at the Rebuild the Dream Village—a celebration of community, creativity, and collaboration showcasing innovative solutions to our economic problems.

Lift up the voices of your neighbors to build sustainable communities, encounter a sustainable economy grown from the community up, learn about new ways to protect a sustainable planet, find out how sustainable food can feed more people while being good to the land, and be inspired by local art and music, and build a movement based on shared experiences by sharing your story.

Discover local artists, entrepreneurs, and innovators. Get to know local organizations active in your city through dozens of interactive games. Experience—and help build—a more vibrant and sustainable future for Chicago and the world, in the Rebuild the Dream Village. Plus you’ll get a chance to win Purple Circle tickets!