To kind of extend on the idea of “Action1D as fan rebranding,” can we talk about how badly that’s needed?

Not because 1D fans are inherently dumb, or crazy, or tasteless. We’re not.

But we’re perceived as all that and more, and it’s at a level where a lot of us actually internalize it ourselves. How many of us have had that moment where our friend brings up that we like them in public and we die a little inside?

What better way to wholesale salvage (for lack of a better word) a fanbase’s perception not just in the public eye, but of themselves, than by calling for their engagement on real, mature issues and then showcasing some sterling examples of that engagement?

Everything about that intro video screams maturity: the black and white and lack of background music lending to the solemn air, the topic, the lack of tomfoolery that marks even the shortest of 1D clips. This is a video meant to be taken seriously. To get us to be taken seriously. To get us to take ourselves seriously.

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I lov the underlying message of the new promo pictures, it's One Direction in a recording studio as musicians, not as a boyband. The pictures don't seem to be (visibly) photoshopped, nothing's color-coordinated, no flashy graphics or scribblings, everything's quite clean, raw and straight-forward, just like the new song. This is not aimed at at teen audience, this aimed at adults. The pictures are promoting a new authenticity when it comes to the band, let's hope this amazing trend keeps up!

I LOVE the setting they chose for the photos and i love that the focus is really on them. They’re sitting in a studio! MUSIC! It’s all about them and the music! I think that’s a big step in the right direction. The font is clean and simple. It’s minimalistic and mature. I’m extremely happy about all of this.

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Hi I thought I would share my experience of the 1D audience in Cardiff this weekend because I think whatever you think of their team it seems as though their rebrand is clearly working. I went both Friday (seated) and Saturday(standing). Sat went on sale first and sold out but on Friday there was a lot of empty seats and much more children than on Sat, although there were a lot of 1D dads complete with face paint and 1D t-Shirts. However the vast majority of the audience was over 20 (1/2)

(2/2) and there were a lot of men there, not just men being dragged there by their girl friends but groups of men really enjoying themselves. The queues for the bar were huge. I have been taking my daughter to see 1D for a few years now and It was the first time the atmosphere was like an adult focused concert. it was also clear that some parents were expecting to see foetus 1D and felt uncomfortable in the show, with one dad and his daughter next to me leaving half way through.


This is amazing!

A Very Optimistic Timeline

What with all the craziness the last few days, a few of us (one-d-af, happy1days) were madly brainstorming just how this might all play out if a coming out really is in the works.

This is our best (very optimistic) guess. The factors that we particularly considered are these:

  • If the coming out is being used for album promo, they will want to maximise the media attention, which can best be accomplished by coming out in stages so that there is something new to report every time the media blitz dies down.
  • The interest of the target market - people in their 20s and 30s who will be positively interested in or indifferent to Harry and Louis’ relationship, should be piqued very shortly before and also after the album release.
  • It is important to keep fans around until after the album release, so that they will still buy it. This applies to Elounor, Gryles, and Hazoff people.
  • Het!Harry fans who will leave the fandom when he comes out are not the priority. Sony/Syco are looking at the long term, and they are not a long-term fanbase in any event.

DISCLAIMER - this is 100% speculation. It is very optimistic. Nobody is going to be surprised if it is wrong. We won’t be surprised if nothing happens, if there is major pushback, if Harry is linked to a girl tomorrow.  A few days ago some of us thought we might get an Elounor engagement on the 17th, so we are capable of great pessimism as well. But we had fun talking about it and thought people might enjoy joining in.

So, without further ado, here is one possible schedule of events for the next several weeks:

November 1: Blitz starts

November 3: “Not that important” interview airs

November 4 & 5: “Not that important” coverage ramps up

November 5: Livestream announced

November 6: Ready to Run released. (Note - social media blitz required before the song would be released, so lots of people saw about this. I think that’s why the Facebook requirement was so high)

November 8: Expected Song Release

November 9: Livestream [Harry comes out - having Ben as the interviews creates a “safe” environment for Harry. It’s also a Sunday, and shortly after the blitz has died down.]

November 10 Expected Song Release

November 12: Expected Song Release

November 14: Night Changes song and music video released

November 17: Album release; Universal Performance [expected Eleanor sighting, publicised within the fandom only]

November 23: AMAs [no Eleanor sighting expected. Harry and Louis together. Interaction that fuels Larry speculation in the press (perhaps a hug)]

November 30: [Harry and Louis papped together outside of work commitment, fueling more speculation in the press]

December 7: LARRY COMES OUT. Album sales skyrocket. All is right with the world.


You probabily already seen this, but if you didn’t DO IT.

Don’t make Syco/Modest fool you.

So I was talking with scrufflecake and she brought up an interesting point.

December 1st: Harry Styles has friendly chat with former flings Kendall and Cara

January 15th: Taylor Swift spotted ignoring Harry (interestingly, the article mentions they grabbed a meal together with friends)

February 2nd: Kendall and Cara attend Harry’s birthday

April 21st: Nick Grimshaw confirms he would sleep with Harry (article includes denial they’ve hooked up or ever will hook up)

The three articles about Cara, Kendall, and Taylor, followed by the article about Nick roughly adhere to the three month cycle. Additionally, they all discredit Harry’s exes with the “look they’re still/just friends” narrative. I think we should keep our eyes peeled for a Caroline denial (although it is possible that we will never receive on for her) and I also think this is an indication of late stage seeding. While I haven’t decided if the Gryles denial was done for Harry’s image or Nick’s yet I believe we will know in the next few days depending on if the story is picked up by 1D’s mouthpieces.

So, if this is picked up by the Sun/Daily Mail/etc. I would say we are nearing the end - if not, I’m not sure it indicative of anything at all.

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I just find it quite amazing that on the lls james or 1dhq chose to go with the most blatant way to show the public that they have grown up and that way was by showing a picture of the boy in 2011 and comparing them to now.

It’s been hitting me more just what it meant that he did that.

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"is a management team deliberately keeping them away from media outlets part of this cyclic decline?" Decline is a fact of any life cycle curve, however Management keeping them away from media outlets is accelerating the process. Here is a good article from 2007 talking about a life cycle as it relates to bands. www(.)9giantsteps(.)com/2007/02/26/arcade-fire-explained-by-the-life-cycle-curve/

Thanks! Link

I agree with you.

My personal opinion is that there is a behind the scenes power struggle. Modest knows that their contract is not going to be renewed. So they are trying to set themselves up for the future by devaluing 1D and promoting 5SOS. Part of this strategy included not allowing 1D to do any radio interviews, etc. during the tour. That may be what caused the radio play weirdness we are seeing with SMG.

On the other side, we have 1D, which is nearing the end of the boyband life cycle. If they want to achieve longevity, they will need to rebrand. Part of that rebranding will involve significant changes to their public images. They will therefore need the assistance and cooperation of their management company. Modest will not cooperate with a rebranding, so there is no point in attempting it until after the management transition.

Therefore, Four is not the rebranding album, but is another transitional album. Perhaps they had hoped to use this album for rebranding, which is why we saw the collaborations and the free Fireproof release. But maybe something fell apart behind the scenes that made them realise they had to wait. So the collabs were pulled from the album (hopefully being saved for the next album), and SMG was released as the single.

What I wouldn’t give to know when Modest will be gone.

I was just thinking about how One Direction would know that they have a limited shelf-life with the youth market, that the youth market will inevitably get tired of One Direction and move on to the next big thing. And rather than just accepting their fate, they actually took the step of setting up investor shares in a new band, 5sos, and then encouraging their fanbase to move on to 5sos, a band that they would continue to make money off from, rather than another band that they would not make money off from.