I tell you, the more I see of Harry, the more I like him. He does have a Lennon (actually maybe more George Harrison) way of saying things in boring interviews. He seems to be absolutely nothing like the image front pages of gossip mags like to portray - which is all I’ve ever seen. I don’t even bother reading them, I just see the covers as I walk past! Then again, that’s nothing new. See Bono interviewed and you’ll realise he is nothing like the image portrayed of him. He’s actually self-aware, funny, silly, is constantly taking the piss, yet people have this idea of him as ultra-serious and won’t let go of it.

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I don't think they'd do it that way either, but I think it'd thing were simpler, they'd be able to. Especially if they were on Ellen or Fallon, and asked. It could be headed off with "What's a question you guys are asked a lot?" So the boys list some things, and the "who would you date" one is one. So of course then Ellen or Jimmy would ask it "jokingly", and after slipping in that they're together, Ellen or Jimmy would pretend to be surprised and focus on that for a bit. Ask what they 1/2

2/2 meant by saying they’re already together, so Harry would be like “Yeah, we’ve been together for a while, I just forget sometimes.” To keep in theme with them “joking”, only for one of the other boys to be like “We can’t forget! They’re attached at the hip, these two!” I just always picture them not making it a huge deal, because that to me transfers over easier. Starting with a ‘rip the bandaid’ approach one night, and letting it spread as “breaking news” throughout the next day.

Listen I can talk about coming out until the cows come home and I love cute headcanons! BUT THESE WON’T WORK. If it were simpler these cute playful ways would work, but it’s not simple AT ALL.  

Louis can literally say ‘WE’RE BLAZING UP SMOKING WEED MARIJUANA LOL THIS IS ILLEGAL WE’RE IN PERU SMOKING WEED I LOVE WEED CHICKEN IN CHILE WEED WEED WEED’ and people still reach so fucking hard to say ‘I don’t think it’s really weed.’  The denial game in that crowd is strong. The guys will have a sense of humor about it, like everything else, but their coming out is going to be strong and clear as day and unfuckingquestionable out of sheer necessity.

Their relationship is SERIOUS, and they’re obviously proud of it, and a coming out is serious, and if they don’t treat it as such I’ll really be surprised.  They’re easing us in but when it happens it’s going to be everywhere, ‘WE’RE HERE WE’VE BEEN HERE WE’VE BEEN QUEER WE’RE STILL QUEER VERY QUEER DEFINITELY FUCKING VERY SERIOUS COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP MARRIAGE AND BABIES AND QUEER GAY GAY GAY HOMOSEXUAL WE’RE VERSATILE WE SAID IT 4 FUCKING YEARS AGO QUIT FIGHTING OVER WHO TOPS/BOTTOMS IT DOESN’T FUCKING MATTER WE BOTH LOVE TO BE FUCKED.’

There will be interviews and tons of print articles.  People are going to be in denial, and they will be shown the images and the videos and read the media until it sinks in and they can reach their acceptance stage of grieving.

TL;DR: They absolutely can’t fuck around with these turds, it’s going to be clearly, firmly, and proudly stated.


Sooo. I don’t know if this is interesting, but I thought I could share. I’m at Marco Polo Airport (Venice) and this book caught my eye. It’s the Italian translation of “Niall Horan: The Unauthorized Biography,” by Danny White (who also wrote unauthorized biographies of Johnny Depp and Rihanna). The Italian title reads, “Niall Horan: find out more about the best-beloved from One Direction,” and then the back cover: “Find out EVERYTHING about the life, the loves and the passions of the gorgeous Irish heartthrob who stole the heart of millions of fans.”
I checked the original edition. It was first published in November 2013, but the following edition was published on April 1st, 2014 (so 24 days before the WWA tour started). Danny White also wrote a collective biography of the band, but Niall is the only one that has a solo book.

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This (i61*tinypic*com/2rz3tae*jpg) is a flyer at my local library for a free music download service that they offer. I did a double take months ago when they put it out because I'm so used to seeing Harry featured. After yesterday it just seems hilarious.

Seems pretty timely indeed anon!


Nike Designer Rebrands Game Of Thrones

While most designers tend to distance their professional projects with their geek side projects, Darrin Crescenzi figured this wouldn’t hinder his reputation in the slightest.

“The sigils really do act as branding, in that they give each character formal distinctions—Lannister’s use of crimson and gold, for example, sets that family apart from the rest on a purely visual level. But they also serve to give a vague indication of the values and psychology of the wearer. That same crimson and gold alludes to power and wealth and vitality, and when combined with the symbol of a rearing lion, tells a holistic story about the prominence of that family and their importance within the narrative,”

View it here.

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I'm just confused, sorry... So on the one hand you're saying they'll rebrand and have to find an audience that won't care as much if the front man is gay or straight, but on the other hand it's best to go with the safe choice of white, straight, loveable Niall - whose popularity overall is mainly based on having no scandals and appealing to the very young crowd...?! By making him more of a ladies' man and moving away from the young fans?

I’m not saying I agree with it, I’m saying that’s what appears to be happening.

The audience I suspect they’re reaching for with a rebrand has far less issue with gay people than the youth/parents market they’ve traditionally catered to, but there are still millions of horrifically biased people out there. Taking the focus off Harry and giving it to Niall who basically nobody finds offensive is just really smart business. Because Niall is essentially scandal-free, they can build him up into anyone they want him to be. 

All that aside, I’ve also heard some behind the scenes gossip that Harry is REALLY tired of the attention and invasion of privacy that comes with being the frontman, so it’s no surprise at all that he’s taking a step back and someone else is getting pushed forward. 

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