goals in 2017:
- keep a journal (so your head and your heart can be organized)
- drink more water
- stop being so afraid of people and smile
- take more pictures with friends to save the memories
- be more considerate of other people
- keep your room clean (you will be happier)
- open the windows more, let the fresh air in
- be there for your friends and family
- remember how to have fun every once in a while
- start using other peoples success as motivation rather than discouragement


Emily Kinney Appreciation Week
Day 6: Favourite on-screen Partner: Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead

“She’s such an amazing girl and such a great actress and what her character meant to our characters was a big deal, so to lose that was a very emotional day for everyone. It felt like you actually lost a friend.”


“Καταβάθος την βρίσκω με την μοναξιά
απλά είναι που έχω καιρό να σε δω
κι έχω φορτιστεί λιγάκι
Ξέχνα τα όλα και κράτα μόνο την φράση:
«Είμαι κι εγώ εδώ.»
Αυτό ήθελα να πω
απλά είπα να το κάνω λίγο πιο δραματικό
Αύριο υπόσχομαι να ‘χω όρεξη….”