reborn garden

KHR Aesthetics- Chrome Dokuro

“Lambo-san, toujou!”

My Lambo cosplay from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! for Sakura Matsuri 2015 at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Ino Yamanaka didn’t happen but that’s okay, i drew this hooded leotard concept a while back and the process of bringing it to life was fun. Costume made and modeled by me, wig from eBay, and shoes from Rainbows. ^^


The original link was taken down, but Tara has re-uploaded it. Sorry about that!

There’s also another one!

Found this article on The Path in TV Guide.  It’s the most in-depth one I’ve read so far.  Full transcription under the cut.

The Path Premieres Wednesday, March 30, Hulu

“Religious fervor goes under the microscope in The Path, Hulu’s “faith thriller” from the executive producers Jessica Goldberg and Jason Katims, who previously worked together on NBC’s critically adored Parenthood.

When the series opens, Sarah Cleary (True Detective’s Michelle Monaghan) is absolutely passionate about her marriage to the devoted Eddie (Aaron Paul, in his first series role since Breaking Bad) and just as passionate about the Path, the seemingly benevolent, New Agey cult she was born into.

Created in he 1970s by disaffected Army shrink Stephan Meyer (Keir Dullea, of 2001: A Space Odyssey fame), the sect is a redolent stew of drug-fueled mysticism and contemporary End Days prophecies of climate change and terrorism.

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