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Ok, but now I'm picturing fibro!Tsuna like, just nonchalantly burrowing into uncursed Reborn's jackets and sweaters. All. The. Time. Like, middle of a negotiation with another Boss, he just get's up and burrows under Reborn's sweater. While never breaking eye connect with the other Boss. Everyone sweats in fear. Reborn just readjusts Tsuna and he just keeps on with the meeting.

i do think he’d, well, not do it when in company of another boss. maybe in front of dino or like, xanxus, or other crazy people he’s not opposed to unnerving. that’s got to a really roomy sweater reborn’s got there though……..

Seriousness is really a virtue for me, one of the few which [I] accept existentially and will emotionally. I love being gay and forgetful, but this only has meaning against the background imperative of seriousness.
—  Susan Sontag, Reborn: Journals and Notebooks 1947-1963 (p. 182–3)
You have to stop putting yourself in the place other people want you to be. Stop accepting someone manipulating you or harming you any way because you feel like you deserve it. You don’t. Put yourself in the place YOU want to be. It doesn’t matter what your motives were, ‘what would others think?’ or ‘I’m not that good, I deserve pain’. No, okay? You deserve being in the place you feel the happiest in, just because this is your life. You deserve being happy and eliminating toxic people. Do it. Control your own life and place.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #18 (@teenxie)
Whoever invented marriage was an ingenious tormentor. It is an institution committed to the dulling of the feelings. The whole point of marriage is repetition. The best it aims for is the creation of strong, mutual dependencies.
—  Susan Sontag, Reborn: Journals and Notebooks 1947-1963 (p. 83)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn x Boku no Hero Academia crossover AU

I think this crossover has lots of potential! It’s going to be a crazy and funny thing. Here are some more ideas I could think of at the moment:

Tsuna got in through recommendation (Reborn’s).

Tsuna’s other Guardians could have quirks too based on their abilities other than Flames. For example:

Gokudera Hayato

Quirk: Smoking Bomb - Can produce explosives from his body!
Cons: Has to light them all up manually.
“Where do you think the dynamites come from, Jyuudaime?”

Yamamoto Takeshi

Quirk: Natural Born Hitman - Has 100% accuracy with everything he throws! His power extends to objects he touches.
Weapon of choice: Baseball bat / ball (blunt); Sword (sharp)
Cons: His power is useless without objects.

Reborn could also become a teacher in Yuuei Academy. (A Math teacher because he has a PhD)

Tsuna’s “real” quirk is his Hyper Intuition.

Enma and Ochako could be gravity buddies or something.

I’m really fond of this crossover so it’s highly likely I’m going to post more ideas in the future! Which will all be tagged under khr x bnha.


Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration Launching on PlayStation 4 October 11

As part of ongoing #TombRaider20 celebrations hosted by Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix, Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration launches on PlayStation 4 October 11. Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration will include the award-winning Rise of the Tomb Raider, a new story chapter called “Blood Ties,” co-op play for “Endurance Mode”, all previously released DLC, and more. The Artbook Edition will also feature a 28 page book filled with official concept art and community contributions.  

“Blood Ties” is new premium DLC, and will allow players to explore Croft Manor in the main story mode, then defend it against a zombie invasion in “Lara’s Nightmare”. When Lara’s uncle contests ownership of the Manor, Lara must explore the estate to find proof that she is the rightful heir, or lose her birthright and father’s secrets for good. Players can then test their zombie-killing skills in the replayable “Lara’s Nightmare” mode: a haunted Croft Manor where players have new challenges and must rid the Manor of an evil presence.

In addition, for the first time in a Tomb Raider game, a new online co-op expansion to “Endurance Mode” lets fans raid tombs in a brutal wilderness together. Two players must team up to survive the harsh elements by day, as well as lethal threats from enemies by night. Fire takes fuel, food restores health, and every resource must be hunted, collected, or crafted. Battle to the top of the leaderboards, as others try to beat your longest survival run.

“The studio is celebrating with all Tomb Raider fans, thanking them for being on Lara’s 20 year journey with us,” said Scot Amos, co-Head of Studio at Crystal Dynamics. “The team has packed in surprises, new story, and the top requested special features into this 20 Year Celebration edition.”

Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration (PS4) includes:

  • Award-winning Rise of the Tomb Raider
  • Brutal new “Extreme Survivor” difficulty mode (no checkpoints)
  • “Blood Ties” & “Lara’s Nightmare” premium DLC
  • Co-op support for “Endurance Mode”, challenging players to survive extreme conditions with a friend
  • Re-envisioned cold-weather outfit and weapon for Lara inspired by Tomb Raider III
  • Classic Lara card pack which will allow fans to play “Expedition Modes” using one of several classic Lara models
  • All existing DLC including “Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch” and “Cold Darkness Awakened”, 12 outfits, 7 weapons, 35 Expedition Cards, and more 
  • Support for PlayStation VR that challenges players to unlock the mysteries of Croft Manor in first person

“This year we celebrate 20 years of the iconic Lara Croft,” said Ron Rosenberg, co-Head of Studio at Crystal Dynamics. “This provided the perfect opportunity for us to deliver a new Tomb Raider experience. With the addition of PlayStation VR support, you can play the world through Lara’s eyes for the first time in franchise history.”

Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration is the most comprehensive edition to date and will be available for the PlayStation 4 on October 11 worldwide. Existing Season Pass holders on Xbox One and PC will receive the “Blood Ties” upgrade for free. Check out our FAQ on the official forums for additional information.

Pre-order Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration on PlayStation 4 today at BuyROTTR.com.

Healers are spiritual warriors who have found the courage to defeat the darkness of their souls. Awakening and rising from the depths of their deepest fears, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. Reborn with a wisdom and strength that creates a light that shines bright enough to help, encourage, and inspire others out of their own darkness.
—  Melanie Koulouris